CNN: The Sea World Culture and Arts Center opens in Shekou supported by V&A Museum

CNN, published an in depth article about the finished 200 million dollar collaboration with the V&A Museum and China Merchants sitting on the sea in Shekou, Sea World. Just hop on the Shekou Ferry from Hong Kong and it is a short cab ride away.

Shenzhen is fusing design, art and technology in unprecedented ways.

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2016 Hotelier Awards Shenzhen Nominees and Winner

In working with the Shenzhen hotels extensively for the Shenzhen Wine and Cheese Club, I have seen the tremendous amount of effort that the hotel staff all the way up to the General Manager put into our event. The amount of behind the scenes work to pull together a quality menu and get the space ready for the event is enormous.

Now for the third year in a row, there is an awards ceremony that honors the hard work of the staff from the top to the bottom in the five star hotels works with as well as throughout Asia.

I attended the BMW Hotelier Awards organized by Riviera Events to cheer for the Shenzhen nominees. I know they have been working their butts off to make a great experience for their hotel guests and events.

Co-Founder, Stephane de Montgros, noted on the night that “The platform has developed tremendously over the past three years, from celebrating brilliance amongst the hoteliers in Greater China, to now recognising a wider audience, by including the ASEAN region and with a mission to start developing the younger generation. We are thrilled with the way The BMW Hotelier Awards has been received in ASEAN, and tonight shows how wonderful it is to be able to spread the word and highlight these outstanding individuals.”

This was one classy event held at the brand new The Parisian Macao casino on the Cotai strip of Macau. This hotel has just opened and it was a perfect chance to see the ornately decorated hotel and of course the replica Eiffel tower.

Night Shot of the Eiffel tower replica in The Parisian Macao
Night Shot of the Eiffel tower replica in The Parisian Macao

About 400 guests showed up in black tie attire for the event. Riviera Events arranged a classy event paying attending to all the necessary details that would impress a 5 star hotel staff member. They had the right champagne, Moet and Perrier Jouet, excellent food presentation, and the right live entertainment in between the faced paced award announcements.

Out of the full list of potential Shenzhen winners there was one winner from Shenzhen and that was Norma Yan Manping from the Marco Polo Hotel Shenzhen for Owner Representative of the Year.

Winner of Owner representative of the year, Norma Yan Manping from the Marco Polo Hotel
Winner of Owner representative of the year, Norma Yan Manping from the Marco Polo Hotel

The full list of winners is on the BMW Hotelier Awards website.

Shenzhen Nominees

Below is a full list of the the contenders for the various award categories based in Shenzhen.

Nicholas Tse
General Manager
JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Bao’an

John Burger
Cluster General Manager
Hilton and Double Tree by Hilton Hotels, Shenzhen Area

Christine Zhao Rui
Director of Human Resources
The Langham Shenzhen

Shirley Zhou
Director of Human Resources
Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai

Linda Li
Online Manager
Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai Information Technology Hotelier of the Year

Lawrence Lee
Director for Information Technology
Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen

Auric Li
Owner Representative
Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai

Doris Deng
Owner Representative
JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Bao’an

Norma Yan Manping (Winner of Owner Representative of the Year Award)
Deputy General Manager and Owner Representative
Marco Polo Shenzhen

Book Review: Essential Shenzhen: The must have pocket guide for visiting and living in Shenzhen, China

Add another Shenzhen book to your Kindle book shelf written Rodney L’Huillier. If you are looking for some practical information as to how to get around the city, the new book_ “Essential Shenzhen: The must have pocket guide for visiting and living in Shenzhen, China”_can get you started moving around shopping areas like Luohu Commercial City, Huaqiangbei, and Dongmen.

The book introduces you to tourist destinations and a bit to Shenzhen night life options and restaurant optionsincluding what areas are hot like Coco Park. Much of the basic guide book info is contained in this small guide including hospitals and SIM card options.

Towards the end of the guide it covers getting around Shenzhen from various transportation options including the extensive subwayas well as high speed trains out of Shenzhen.

Chinese character addresses are in the back of the book for most of the places mentioned giving you a tool to show to the taxi driver.

The book itself does not contain any photographs, diagrams or maps but does link to the resources on a corresponding website.

At the time of writing this article writing the book is around $6USD available only on Amazon Kindle at around 132 pages.

Purchase For Amazon Kindle

Other Books About Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen: The Book— Avoid mistakes made by Shenzhen newbies and visitors by purchasing this 364 page book of original content not published anywhere on the Internet. Written by China experts and published by the number one site about Shenzhen.

The Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen — This book is your printed companion for sourcing components in the SEG electronics market near Huaqiangbei. Great for Shenzhen makers.

Submitting Great Résumés to Companies on Jobs Section


When you are interested in a job at one of the multinational companies posting jobs on the most popular Shenzhen English job board, keep the following advice in mind when submitting your résumé to companies that maybe hiring.

What to Include

Attention to detail goes a long way in landing that next job. Here are some points that will help single to recruiters that you are a job seeker who should be considered.


Add an Executive Summary

The “résumé Objective” is out and the “Executive Summary” is in. Ditch the objective line and get a nice looking header on your résumé that describes you and add some keywords that also describe you. This is your 2 second elevator pitch to someone reading your résumé.

Include Months and Years you worked

Your work history and education history should be accounted for completely. Gaps in time on your CV raise red flags. Make sure you account for the time. Note that it is typical for Chinese to jump around frequently from job to job. This does not look well in a western managed company’s eyes so it is best if you have a solid explanation as to why you changed so frequently.


Double the number of ‘%’ and ‘¥’ signs

Be sure to show potential employers that the work you did contributed to the bottom or top line in dollar value terms or percentage terms. Your job should have KPIs and you should be able to write on your résumé how you directly affected those KPIs. The best situation is that every line item on your résumé shows by how much you moved the needle.

Expand Abbreviations

Companies use a lot of jargon and it is best to include full word and the acronym in your CV. The abbreviation may not be the same from company to company or industry to industry and since recruiters put your résumé in a candidate database you want to cover your bases on which search terms might be used to search for your CV.


Customize your résumé towards the job description

For each job you submit your résumé to you should customize your résumé to the job description of that job. Sending a generic résumé will decrease your chances of landing the job.

Use the same terminology

Use the keywords that are used in the job description. This is the terminology human resources will be using to search their database for candidates and if you use the same terminology they are likely to recognize that you paid attention to the résumé.

Customize your accomplishments towards the job

Go line by line through the job description and make sure that to the best extent possible your job description has points which complement the job description and requirements. Take out unnecessary points that do not relate to the job description. Remember less is more.



Put some interests at the bottom of your résumé but try to put interests where you accomplished something such as “organized running club in my school”

Spelling & Grammar

Correct spelling is of utmost importance. Make sure you use spellcheck and grammar check in the English version of Word this function is invaluable.

Use past tense for your job experience and accomplishments.



Make sure you do proper English punctuation. In Chinese punctuation does not have spaces after it. In English spaces are required and if I see a résumé where the candidate has not put spaces after punctuation I am unlikely to hire them because their English skills are probably not up to snuff and they don’t have an attention to detail.

You can use our language exchange section to find someone to practice your English with and even maybe get someone to proofread your résumé.

Files formats

Your résumé should be submitted in the following formats
– PDF (.pdf)
– Word (.doc or .docx the later lets the employer know you are using the latest version of Office)

Do not submit your résumé as an Excel document. This lets the employer know you are using an online Chinese résumé portal and are not customizing your résumé for the specific job. Your résumé will not stand out and I have never seen a résumé that does not have punctuation and spelling errors when submitted in Excel.


Additional resources

Happy Shenzhen job hunting.



Calling the courier with the SF Express App to deliver your documents

If you want to send packages or documents in Hong Kong to Shenzhen, China one of the most effective package delivery companies is SF Express. I was looking to send some company documents from Hong Kong to my Shenzhen office.

There must be an app for that so I searched the iTunes app store and downloaded the FLEXISHIP SF Express app.

Upon downloading and launching the iPhone app I was presented with a screen to select my location:

Choose your location. (this app is not for within China)
Choose your location. (this app is not for within China)

After Choosing Hong Kong you will need to register an account this was not the smoothest for me because when I tried to send a text message to my phone number to get the verification code it took a while to come so the count down clock in the app expired twice. Luckily I finally go the message and registration was complete.

After a welcome screen you are plopped on the home screen where I selected “New Order”:

Main Screen of SF Express App
Main Screen of SF Express App

On the next screen fill out the shipper info which means creating a new address entry in the apps address book. I set this as my default address since I plan to use it frequently.

New Shipment Screen
New Shipment Screen

Some of the other fields I wasn’t so clear on what to fill out as I rarely send items these days but I put in for Shipment content “documents” and the value I chose seems to be a minimum of USD$1.00 same with the weight I could not go lower than 1 kg.

For the destination you must choose the country such as “China” the full address will have to be put on the shipping label. As this was my first time ordering I didn’t have any shipping labels so the courier gave me extra envelopes and labels.

Here is how I fille dout the fields.
Here is how I fille dout the fields.

When you have all the fields in you can schedule the pickup for today or the next day.

Notice the little tool icon int he upper right corner of the “New Order” screen? It allows you to get rates so you have an idea of how much the shipment will cost. Here is an example Shipment from Hong Kong to Shenzhen:

Shipments from HK to Shenzhen can cost around HKD$53
Shipments from HK to Shenzhen can cost around HKD$53

Once your order is placed you can check on the status in the “My SF” tab of the app where it has your open orders and a handy service number which you can call.

The app also shows you a list of nearby stores that offer SF Express pickup which include 7-11s.

This app can help when you are doing business in Shenzhen by making it easier to send documents to your Shenzhen lawyer or accountant.

Malaysian and Thai food in the middle of Shuiwei village (Cheap Eats)

Cheap but good Malaysian and Thai food can be found in the village of Shuiwei in the southern part of Futian. The prices are so reasonable that it is worth the trek from the nearest Fumin metro station to come hear for the food and experience. The name of the place is Redang Island Asia Cafe. 

Thai Mango Fish with rice is only 28RMB. This isn’t boneless fish perfect for the expat that prefers their fish without bones 


Mango and fish
Thai Mango Fish with Rice 28RMB
Wash that down with a fresh coconut. 

Coconut Juice
Fresh Coconut Juice 16RMB

The night we ate there recently they were playing French jazz music so though the environment is nothing to write home about but for the price it is comfortable and clean. 

The owner Alex is from Malaysia and be sure to say hello to him and his wife Ping who speaks great English and can take good care of you. 

While you are in the area you might want to try a massage