HYPOXI Introduces Effective Weight Loss Spa at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Luohu

In a big city like Shenzhen, it is noticeable that many fads come and go rather like in the food, shared bike or even hotel industry. Some trends stay for good, whilst the next best thing is slowly replacing others. One trend, however, that seems to be developing very well in Shenzhen is the fitness trend. With a growing awareness of staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle in such a work driven city like Shenzhen, sometimes the biggest frustration can be the lack of time to really focus on a dedicated daily routine.

For professionals, staying fit is definitely something that’s needed but not always a possibility due to time constraints. Furthermore, if your really trying to exercise and see fast results – it takes even more dedication than usual to get the figure you’re trying to achieve which many don’t have the time to give. This is because normal exercise will typically burn fat that the body can easily access, not necessarily fat that you want to focus on removing. For this reason, many people will diet and/or exercise and find that the weight they are losing is coming off other areas of their body such as their arms but not the areas that count such as their stomach or hips. I know for me personally, this was an issue I had quite a bit when I was trying to lose weight myself. I didn’t have a lot of time to focus on exercise but the time I did put into exercise didn’t seem to do much for the areas I was wanting to target.

Fortunately, a company has arrived in the Shenzhen that’s answering these issues by offering gym equipment that focuses on specific problematic areas while offering a light workout that doesn’t take an exaggerated amount of dedication. This company is HYPOXI and their Spa is located at the Grand Hyatt in Luohu. HYPOXI’s exercise equipment focuses on targeting stubborn fat deposits, reducing cellulite, tightening/toning the skin and improved complexion.


When talking about stubborn fat deposits, fat burns more readily in areas where there is good circulation. This is why many people find it difficult to eliminate cellulite and fat in certain areas. A good test is to touch your skin around the legs, buttocks, hips, and stomach after a 30-minute exercise. The areas that are still hot have good circulation while the cold areas have very bad circulation.  The cooler the surface of the skin – the less circulation it has. This is what makes the HYPOXI machines so effective.  By using a unique technology known as the “HYPOXI-Method,” they are able to create a fat burning exercise that uses vacuum and compression therapy to maximize fat and cellulite loss in the right areas.

The vacuum therapy used in HYPOXI stimulates targeted areas of the body through a unique combination of alternating pressure therapy and moderate fat burning activity. This saves you a lot of time and energy that would otherwise be spent on non-effective methods to lose fat and firm the skin. For example, one thirty-minute workout using the HYPOXI bike is equal to three workouts on a regular bike and targets the right areas. Because of this, the gyms and spas that supply the HYPOXI-Method offer an effective exercise as opposed to a hard workout and will give you faster results.


At the Grand Hyatt in Luohu, guests have the option to enjoy effective workouts using the HYPOXI-Method. My colleague and I were lucky enough to give this method a try on our last visit and fell in love with using this technology in our workout.  The first machine used was the HYPOXI Trainer S120. This machine focuses on the lower body by providing a light workout of biking to help activate blood flow in your lower body area. During this exercise, the lower half of your body is enclosed in a tight vacuum alternating pressure chamber.

This pressurizes the right areas while you are working out and helps to stimulate circulation in the problem areas. I could definitely feel the difference during the workout as my lower body became extremely hot. Also, I noticed the pressure around my stomach and waist would alternate and give those areas quite a workout while I was biking. After a session was over, I noticed the lower part of my body had sweated a lot more than the upper part and could feel like I just did a rigorous workout – even though that was definitely not the case.

Later on, I went to the gym wearing the HYPOXI Vacunaut. This suit targets pressure around the stomach and waist giving the result of a flat stomach without the use of sit-ups.   It only takes a simple workout such as walking or jogging and really enhances the experience by providing alternating high and low pressure to the stomach; thus, giving more than just a cardio exercise. Trying this out, I could definitely feel the pressure and knew that it was doing its job well. After only half a session, I was definitely feeling the heat as the pressure suit applied pressure to my waist and stomach area. This made a workout that usually would be simple for me quite difficult and it showed in the amount of sweat that my body was producing while just doing a light jog. If you are looking at losing fat in the stomach or hip region, you definitely need to give this technology a try.


My college Wendy gave the HYPOXI Dermology a try and loved the therapeutic feeling it gave. In order to remain elastic and smooth your skin also needs to be exercised. This technology does just that by using integrated chambers within a pressure suit (HD-Pressure Suit) to apply high and low pressure to the skin around problem areas. There are many bubble-like indentions in this suit that seem to massage you while the low and high pressure circulates. This gently stretches and compresses the skin tissue in a similar way that muscles are trained. Wendy loved the feeling and found it to be very relaxing. It’s comforting to know that you can reduce cellulite and enhance your complexion in just a relaxing twenty-minute session.

Shenzhen is lucky to have an HYPOXI Spa located at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Luohu. Here an extensively trained HYPOXI coach who all has a wealth of knowledge in fields such as sports training and nutrition will closely supervise you. With HYPOXI, only two to three short sessions per week are more than enough to have fast visible results. Currently, at the Grand Hyatt there is a special opening price with 30% off the regular rate of HYPOXI Spa treatments. 

For more information be sure to check out their website at WWW.HYPOXI-CHINA.COM

Marketing Consulting and Training in China

SEO Consulting & Training in China

The company GetGoogleSeo provides SEO/SEM promotion services and consulting services in China (Shenzhen, Foshan, Guangzhou, Beijing)

Marketing consulting in Internet business in China

By ordering consulting for your website and business you can get:

  • Detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the site, evaluation of obstacles preventing its active promotion;
  • A set of clear step-by-step instructions for improving the performance of your site, advertising activity and business;
  • Independent evaluation of the actions of employees or contractor companies responsible for the promotion of your site;
  • Transparent, convenient and understandable scheme for planning and reporting on the promotion of the project;
  • Development of the site development strategy and its implementation with full support.

Why is Internet marketing consulting highly effective?

  • The market for Internet advertising services and website promotion is oversaturated with scammers who speculate fake portfolios and reviews that deceive customers who do not understand the specifics of website promotion.
  • The business owner often does not know the segmentation of the target audience of the business, and does not know how to present the goods to their customers in the best possible light.
  • Each business has unique conditions that should be taken into account – target audiences, product quality, region of distribution, goals and ambitions of owners, availability of resources, competitive advantages.
  • There are a lot of different tools of Internet advertising. For each business it is necessary to form, test and determine its own set of methods for attracting customers.
  • Placing on the site of certain information and functionality leads to an increase in the number of calls and orders, without additional investment.
  • A competently designed website brings the best result in the promotion process, because it is user-friendly, like users, easily solves problems and answers customer questions.

Webpage audit

The analysis of the web-resource should contain an assessment of the convenience and marketing properties of the site (usability, design, content), SEO site history (search for problems), technical analysis (search for code errors). To work on site audit can attract: marketer, SEO specialist, programmer, copywriter, designer, analyst. The result of the work will be a list of problems found and recommended ways to eliminate them, as well as a list of recommendations for the development of the site and its promotion. The cost of site audit from 1,300 yuan, depends on the volume and complexity of the work. The cost of implementing changes based on the audit results is estimated additionally, at the request of the customer.

Independent audit of advertising activities

You can order our expert opinion – an assessment of the actions of an employee, freelancer or advertising agency to promote your site. The object of audit can be:

  • Advertising campaigns in Yandex Direct and Google Adwords
  • History SEO website promotion in the search for given keywords
  • Quality of traffic (stream of visitors) of the site – as far as it’s targeted clients or simply threaded bots, analysis of the link mass of the site
  • Advertising campaigns in social networks
  • Efficiency of alternative ways to attract customers to the site

We will study the reports of the performers, compare the declared and actually achieved results, find the mistakes made by the performers, which led to the negative phenomena, we note the positive results. Also our report will contain a list of recommendations for correcting erroneous actions and improving the settings of advertising, adjusting the promotion strategy.

Individual consultations by WeChat

If you have specific questions on the promotion of your site, or you simply do not know where to start, then we can discuss these issues with a personal meeting on WeChat.  The cost of an individual consultation is 550 yuan / hour *

If you need a series of consultations, discounts are discussed individually.

Individual consultations by Skype

If you have specific questions on the promotion of your site, or you simply do not know where to start, then we can discuss these issues by a personal meeting on Skype. We will do our best to answer the question fully, however we might need additional research or discussion with the team of specialists. Therefore, we recommend that you pre-form the list of questions in writing and send them to us by the mail. Also, if some questions remain unanswered during the consultation, we will find a qualified answer to them later, and we will send it to you by mail or Skype. The cost of an individual consultation is 600 yuan / hour *

If you need a series of consultations, discounts are discussed individually.Development of an individual strategy for the development of the site, online store.

If you have already launched a ready-made commercial Internet project, and you plan to start its promotion or are already promoting in on your own or outsourcing, we will help increase the efficiency of investments in the site. Based on the experience of our team, and, if necessary, involving relevant specialists in related areas, we will develop a clear step-by-step strategy for your business.

More: Here

General Tax Benefits for a Hong Kong company

General Tax Benefits for a Hong Kong company

This article is originally found here: https://www.globalfromasia.com/hkcompanytaxbenefits/

While I have been talking tons about all the business benefits of doing business in Hong Kong for your Asia business. Again and again people want to know about taxes!

Yes, corporate taxes – such a fun and juicy topic to discuss.

Today, grab a strong cup of coffee and let’s dig into some of the tax benefits of using a Hong Kong business. This post today will be a general overview for all kinds of business owners, from Americans to Nigerians, and Amazon Sellers to Language Coaches.

Don’t Worry, You Can Still Sell on Amazon USA Markets 

Some of you may worry, if I move my company to Hong Kong from USA, Europe, or Australia, can I still tap into the gigantic American consumer market?

No problem! Using Amazon with the Payoneer option, you can have your sales proceeds sent direct to your Hong Kong bank account! When you configure your Amazon Seller Central, make sure that you put down Hong Kong and opt in for the Payoneer payout option.

Boom, now you’re all set with this, move on to the next step.

Corporate Tax is 16.5% Flat, To Start

So right off the bat the corporate tax is lower than most first world countries around the world. We’re talking 16.5% taxes.

This is for companies who have customers in Hong Kong, an office here in HK, or leveraging other services here such as a warehouse or doing business deals.

If you’re not doing any of that, then you can file for the offshore elect.

Can File for 0% Offshore Elect 

So we’ve talked about this offshore in the past. If you want to build up your case to the IRD (Hong Kong’s tax department is the Internal Revenue Department) you can prove to them you’re doing business completely offshore and get out of the already low 16.5% tax rate.

This will be a longer process though, and be ready to get scrutinized by the tax department at least a little bit. If you want to read about the details, we have a full guide here and if you just want to skip and pay us to handle your offshore filing, our sales offer is here.

Still Operate in USD

You can still operate in USD. If you’re main market is USA or most clients are paying you in US dollars, you can still keep the proceeds and inward remittances in dollars without needing to convert.

You can operate in USD if you like. You may have some fees in local Hong Kong dollars, and if you get a Hong Kong credit card most likely that you will pay in HKD.

Heck, you can operate in Euros if you like. And when working with us, we can accommodate the currency of your preference too!

For Americans, You Can Defer Your Personal Taxes 


Americans, yes, we’re a special breed. There are 2 main types of Americans as far as taxes goes – those who live in USA most of the time, and those who are living abroad most of the time. I’m not a USA tax expert but as an American, I know you need to be “living outside of USA”. This is outside of the border 330 days out of the 365 days. Or I can be a resident elsewhere. I’m currently a resident in Mainland China, but I’m also outside of the USA more than 330 days in a year too.

If you qualify for that, then you don’t need to pay taxes on your salary for about 100,000 USD.

But that still is for a USA company or a company “offshore” from USA, such as Hong Kong.

So what’s the reasoning behind HK then? Well, having money in a foreign corporation, a US person could defer paying the taxes until they take the profits out. So if you draw the salary or the dividends out, you’ll pay your personal taxes (unless you have the exemptions for being outside of USA for the 330 days a year). You can also live off your personal savings and not draw any money from the business. You can re-invest that cash back into buying inventory from Chinese suppliers so you can grow your Amazon business, for example.

Then later, when you are ready, you can cash out of the business and take out a ton of profits. This will be when you need to deal with the taxes on it. Make sense? But please, speak to an established American tax attorney and don’t take my free guide post here as professional tax advice on your specific situation, it’s a complex one!

Use Hong Kong and Travel The World 

Another one for me at least, is the HK banks don’t think its weird that I am logging in from another country. They don’t think its weird that I have money coming to my bank account from Finland. Because it’s such a small territory, they know almost all the business owners need to do business with other countries.

Contrast that with larger countries, and the banks may think it is weird that you are doing business with other countries. Or traveling. They may flag your credit card or ATM card. But in Hong Kong, they know you’ll be traveling around and buying and selling in all kinds of currencies.

A place that is open to international business and doesn’t flag you as strange for doing business around the world. Wow, beautiful if you ask me!

Legitimate Reason To Set Up in Hong Kong 

You may wonder if there are other places in the world to set up shop – sure! All countries have different pros and cons for setting up there.

Doing business with China? For example buying from factories for your Amazon business or other e-commerce related activities? Then it is 100% legitimate to explain to the “world” that you need a Hong Kong company. But if you’re setting up a BVI or other offshore island company, it’s pretty clear there is 1 reason, and 1 reason only you are going there – that is tax evasion.

I’m not sure who is proud putting “I avoid paying taxes and use a BVI company” on the contact page or about us page of their corporate websites. Most of these people are hiding in the shadows afraid to tell anyone their business exists.

You can be proud to say you have a legitimate business in Hong Kong, and at the same time enjoy great tax savings!

Leverage the Power of Hong Kong, Taxes + Global 

Sure, today we talked about the tax benefits. It’s my least favorite reason to tell someone to establish their business in Hong Kong or anywhere. Those reasons may change, maybe another country will be better one day. Or laws may change.

I like to say Hong Kong is a great place because its international. So close to Mainland China, yet a great legal system and English language in all the government agencies. And they will be with you for all your international business needs.

But ya, they’re already great for taxes, and maybe that is all you care about!

I’d love to work with you on your Hong Kong company setup. Already have a HK company? You can also transfer over your company upkeep with us – please consider talking to us and we’d love to see if we can cooperate!


[Winner Announcement] 2017/18 Shenzhen New Year’s Midi Festival

ShenzhenParty.com is very proud to hold a contest for [Ticket Giveaway] 2017/18 Shenzhen New Year’s Midi Festival ticket giveaway. We are pleased to announce that the winner of the contest is as below. Congratulations!!





Cindy Choquet 

Congratulations to the winners above!! :) Also thanks to everyone who attended the contest. We look forward to seeing you all at our next contest in the future. Be prepared, you just might be the next winner!!

Shenzhen Dragons Rugby Club MMVIII


Welcome to the Shenzhen Dragons Rugby Club – the finest rugby & social club in South China!

Formed in 2008, the Shenzhen Dragons have been a mainstay of the Pearl River Delta rugby circuit and beyond ever since. The club has both a men’s and women’s team who play in full contact matches throughout the year, including regular and spirited derbies with our local rival, the Guangzhou Rams. The club also travels to tournaments in other areas, including Macau and Hong Kong. This friendly, lively, yet competitive bunch welcomes all comers, regardless of age, ability or experience.

Club Structure

Our club is grassroots level, in that all the club’s support services and logistics are provided by club members. The club has a standing committee that is formed of and voted for by the club’s members at the start of each season.

The support we have seen from local sponsors, volunteers, private donors, and the dedicated work of club members who help to elevate and develop the club in their free time has truly been phenomenal, and it has allowed our club to become a mainstay of the Chinese rugby community.

Social Club

Outside of our dedication to the game of rugby, the Dragons also have a social club which hosts events around the city on a regular basis. These events range from adult-only nights at a local watering hole, to family-fun events like the Craft Beer Fest which offers not only beer, but live music, food, and games for the family. Rugby is a culture as well as a sport, and we do our best to foster the social aspect of that with both playing and non-playing members alike.


As southern China’s premier rugby club, we aim to create an atmosphere that fosters open-mindedness, fitness, understanding, fun, respect and dedication. Our doors are open to all regardless of age, gender, experience, fitness levels, religious or sexual orientation; and we hope to see anyone and everyone who is interested down at the pitch with us!


The Shenzhen Dragons men’s and women’s teams train together twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 20:30 to 22:30. We mix up our training sessions by working on various rugby aspects ranging from general fitness conditioning to full contact training. All training sessions are 50RMB and FREE for first timers to the club.

Thursday night sessions are also followed up by after-training drinks at MASH Gastropub. MASH kindly provide a FREE first beer for all training participants and presents the club a great environment in which to relax and socialize after a tough training session.

If you are interested or curious in rugby, feel free to come and join us. To find out more about training sessions, please feel free to contact a member of the club by clicking ‘contact us.’ 







Please email shenzhendragonsrugby@yahoo.com or add andrew1509 on wechat for more information!


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15 YEARS STRONG: The International School of Nanshan Shenzhen Celebrates Milestone Education

The perfect synergy: A pioneer in education combining the best of the International Baccalaureate and New Brunswick curricula. 

Founded in 2002, through the foresight and partnership among the Government of Canada, the Province of New Brunswick and the founding father, Dr. Francis Pang, the International School of Nanshan Shenzhen (ISNS) successfully marks its 15-year milestone as a leading international school.

In commemoration of the occasion, ISNS held a formal ceremony on December 13, 2017 welcoming founding family members Dr. Francis Pang and Ms. Joyce Pang, Chinese government officials, V.I.P. guests, and families of the School.

The event repertoire included speeches by Vice Director of Education Bureau of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Mr. Zhou Xin Sen, Francis Pang, Joyce Pang and Mr. David Swanson, Head of School, Ms. Isabel Grimsel, Parents’ Association Activity Director, a special performance by the School choir, and a declaration of the first official ISNS time capsule.

ISNS set out to establish a globally recognized institution offering students the opportunity to achieve excellence in academics, personal growth and success beyond the classroom. Like the Phoenix, ISNS rose to the challenge and brilliantly shines as a top international school in Shenzhen, China and the world.

“I remember 15 years ago we were asked to bring the best of international education to Shenzhen,” says Ms. Joyce Pang, ISNS Executive Director. “From there, we started with the support from the Nanshan District, the Shenzhen and Guangdong Government, the Canadian government, and with the trusts of our parents. The school opened its door to a handful of students on its first day with a very clear vision and a determined team.”

The goal: to foster a diverse student body through exceptional education. Today, ISNS boasts 43 different nationalities across K3 through Grade 12 and provides students with global opportunities, the spirit of multiculturalism and the power of academic choice.

In 2016, ISNS achieved the prestigious standing of first IB World School in Shenzhen, China authorized across all three IB Programmes: Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Porgramme (DP).

Additionally, ISNS succeeded accreditation by the Department of Education, New Brunswick Canada. Scholars from ISNS graduate with both an IB and New Brunswick diploma propelling students into life after ISNS with a global passport and endless possibilities.

“We want to bring the best in education to our students, to ensure we equip our students with the knowledge and know-how to become global citizens and to contribute to society,” says Ms. Pang.

Dr. Francis Pang, ISNS Chairman continues, “we have successfully introduced the Canadian curriculum into Shenzhen and most recently introduced all three programmes of the IB curriculum. It is with our common vision and lead in education, that the future holds boundless possibilities for growth and for the development of our students.”

The philosophy of ISNS focuses on developing a culture within the school that reflects the importance of community engagement, technology integration and service learning.

At the foundation of ISNS’s success, is its dedicated and caring community. Together, parents, students, faculty and staff forged a safe and nurturing environment where teachers instil in students a love of learning and inspire them to pursue their dreams.

“One of the most important aspects of ISNS is how we have really grown as a community. It is with the dedication of our education team, operations team, parents and students along with the continued support from the government bodies that we have branded together to be a true community, supporting and respecting each other,” proudly states Ms. Pang.

Through community initiatives each year, the ISNS Cultural Fair, Charity Month in November, Anti-Bullying week and seasonal celebrations, the School prides itself on fostering a welcoming, supportive and active family. “Successful growth of a school is not the work of one individual but truly the hard work of a community,” adds Ms. Pang.

ISNS explores and pioneers new ideas and approaches to learning to meet the needs of all children in the demands of our ever-changing global environment. ISNS recognizes technology as a fundamental vehicle for learning and strives to engage students through technology integration in the classroom. ISNS’s Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) program is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. VR/AR can be used across different subject areas to bring real-world learning experiences into the classroom. With this platform of the future, students are able to experience ancient societies, go on virtual fieldtrips to other countries and planets, travel through the human body from the size of a single blood cell, and create entire life-sized worlds from their imagination that others can walk through.

True to the IB, ISNS promotes international mindedness and independent thinking. The School encourages students to share their different perspectives and experiences while providing them with the opportunity to learn through a variety of cultural exchanges both locally and abroad. Special to ISNS is the Week Without Walls program. Learning has no boundaries and with that ISNS students travel to cities within South East Asia to learn about the culturally rich and diverse communities of Cambodia, Thailand, Mainland China and Indonesia. Students build homes for families who have suffered misfortune, learn about world religions, cook local cuisine, hike through the natural wonders of Asia and meet the most memorable individuals sharing stories of culture, struggle and success.

“As we celebrate our 15th anniversary this year, we look to draw upon our experience from the past to propel us forward to even greater success,” says Mr. David Swanson, ISNS’ Head of School. “ISNS aims to be an international school of world-class caliber, offering students the best preparation for life that a school can offer.”

Chinese Name: 深圳南山国际学校
Place Address: International School of Nanshan Shenzhen -11 Longyuan Road, Taoyuan Sub-District, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518055
Place Phone: +86 (755) 26661000

Shenzhen Third Annual Craft Beer Festival

-Rae Johnstone 

For a beer festival which is only in its third year, Shenzhen Craft Beer Festival presented by Bionic Brew gave the distinct impression of experience and longevity. 

This year the Shenzhen Craft Beer Festival was held at a new venue – HALO shopping mall and leisure square which is on the border of Futian and Luohu. As you walked into the entrance of the festival you were greeted by friendly volunteers. In exchange for the entrance fee of RMB 80.00 in advance or RMB 100.00 at the door you got a token for one free drink, a beer festival glass to sample your drinks in and keep as a memento, and an exclusive Shenzhen Craft Beer Festival bandana.

Eighteen different craft breweries from all over China, as well as Shenzhen home brewers, gathered in Shenzhen on Friday 10th November and Saturday 11th November, giving residents of and visitors to Shenzhen alike the opportunity to try unique craft beers and ciders. People from all over China, as well as other parts of the world, joined together to create a fantastic atmosphere over a common interest.

Imagine the scene. A pedestrian area usually empty of anything except a few people hurrying through. Tall buildings either side and in the distance; a water sculpture just in front of you. To your left is a row of craft beer stalls, each one welcoming and unique, hailing from not only Shenzhen but also from Guangdong, Dongguan, Wuhan, Kunming, Hong Kong and Beijing. To your right are tables, chairs and benches aplenty for everyone to use whilst enjoying their food and drinks. The aroma of craft beers and ciders mingles with the scent of freshly cooked food and is complimented by the beat of the music from the DJ booth at the end. An eclectic mix of people surrounds you; chatting, laughing, adding to the ambience. The only difficulty is deciding which beer or cider to sample first.

As well as beer, of course, there was also a good selection of food to accompany the drinks. Such delights as pizza bagels, salads, hot dogs, bacon sarnies and a variety of burgers could all be enjoyed for a reasonable price. The only downside was that you had to get there quickly for food as one stall had sold out by 8 PM on the Saturday. Testament to how good the burgers were!

With any great event music plays a key role, and Shenzhen Craft Beer Festival was no exception. Dimitry, one of the DJs at the festival, said that the location was great, the people were amazing and the whole event was perfect. Everyone who was interviewed voiced similar opinions, whether it was their first beer festival or they were an experienced veteran. The music was enjoyed by guests of every age, with young children dancing alongside adults and the festival mascot.

Kendall from Liberty Brewing Co. in Dongguan explained that this was their first time at Shenzhen Craft Beer Festival as a brewery, although they had been before as guests. Liberty is an active part of the brewing community, which Kendall described as fantastic. One of the highlights of coming to an event like this is the opportunity to take home beer from other breweries to serve as guest taps, which make up almost half their 20 draught beers on tap in their brew pub. Kendall said that Joe from Bionic Brew does a fantastic job of organizing the event, and they will definitely be back next year. This year they brought a bus with 54 people from Dongguan; next year they’re hoping even more will join them.

Darragh Hudson, another active member of the brewing community based in Shenzhen, also had a few things to say about the festival. “This is what the craft beer community in Shenzhen is all about – not about competing but about building a community of brewers, customers and suppliers. The festival has a great atmosphere with everyone coming together and enjoying being a part of it. Last year the festival was good, this year it’s amazing; different but in all the right ways. I can’t wait for next year.”

Many visitors also expressed their overwhelmingly delighted opinions of both the festival and the beverages, with one saying there was a ‘cornucopia of beers’ and another saying, “Love it! Especially the berry cider as it came with blueberries!” A range of beers and ciders appeared to be favorites, including Crafthead’s Berry Cider and Ginger Ninja, Devils’ Imperial IPA, Bionic’s range of ales, PEKO’s Fruit Punch cider and Arrow Factory’s Red Rye.

Shenzhen Third Annual Craft Beer Festival was definitely an enjoyable experience and one that exceeded all expectations. Next year’s festival can only be bigger and better. Put the date in your diary now! 

Past Events:

2nd Annual Shenzhen Craft Beer Festival 第二届年度深圳精酿啤酒节

1st Shenzhen Craft Beer Festival

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Former Governor of Vermont Inspires Shekou International School Students

The former three term governor of Vermont visited with Shekou International School (SIS) students recently. Urging students to “use their voice to make a difference,” former Governor Peter Shumlin recounted his story of how he entered politics to make change at the local level. Finding that he was effective, Shumlin ran for state governor and soon found himself working with world leaders such as former President Barack Obama, President Xi Jinping and Vice President Mike Pence. During his three terms of service, former Governor Shumlin transformed Vermont into the leading solar state in the United States and moved Vermont’s electric grid to 100% renewable energy.

“You can make a difference just looking around and figuring out what needs to change and then raising your voice,” encouraged former Governor Shumlin. “That’s what so great about this school (SIS). They ask you to give back. In fact, it is required.”

Firmly set in his belief that his term of service should only be three terms, former Governor Shumlin is now back at Putney Student Travel, the company his parents founded that provides programs for middle and high school students. Similar to SIS’s Week Without Walls, the Putney programs provide opportunities for students to learn how to make a difference. Students take on responsibilities that matter to the communities with whom they live while on Putney programs. From helping to build a school in Costa Rica to teaching English in Africa, students explore the world around them and are taught to ask how they can make a difference for other people.

While at SIS, former Governor Shumlin spent time with the senior DP Economics class to discuss his experiences implementing macroeconomic policy at the state level. Students had an opportunity to hear first hand how policies are formulated and enacted. He emphasized to all students the importance of recognizing a sense of responsibility bigger than going to a great college. He encouraged the students to explore how they can make a difference for other people.

Former Governor Shumlin’s discussion inspired many SIS students and before departing he met with Robert Stearns, Head of School at SIS and Dale Cox, Vice President Asia-Pacific, International School Services to discuss a partnership that could provide SIS students with even broader opportunities for service learning across the world. Students had many positive comments about the opportunity to interact with a world leader and are motivated to apply his advice to their own service learning.

Chinese Name: 蛇口国际学校
Place Address: Jing Shan Villas, Nan Hai Road, Shekou, Shenzhen
Place Phone: +86 755-26693669
Past Events of Shekou International School (SIS):
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Who Won What at the That’s Shenzhen Food & Drink Awards 2017

The results are in, the votes tallied and the plaques polished – meaning it’s now time to announce our big winners in the 2017 That’s Shenzhen Food & Drink Awards.

A big thanks to everyone who voted in this year’s competition, and a major hat tip to our fantastic sponsors: Hard Rock Hotel ShenzhenAsia Miles, Fiji WaterSummergateVedettLiefmans and Firestone Walker.

But first! Some photos from last night’s award ceremony at Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen:

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And without further ado, here’s a full list of this year’s lucky winners…

Readers’ Choice

Live Music of the Year
The Terrace

New Restaurant of the Year
Bus Grill Turkish Steakhouse

New Bar of the Year

Italian Restaurant of the Year

German Restaurant of the Year
Paulaner Brauhaus Shenzhen Shekou

Brewery/Craft Beer Bar of the Year
Taps Brewpub

Southeast Asian Restaurant of the Year
The Terrace

Pizza of the Year
La Pizza… And More

Latin Restaurant of the Year
Latina Shenzhen Seaworld

Burger of the Year
Baia Burger Concept

Contemporary Restaurant of the Year
Shark Wine Lounge & Restaurant

Cocktail Bar of the Year

Japanese Restaurant of the Year
Kyoku Japanese Cuisine Restaurant

Chef of the Year
Antonio Scordo

Personality of the Year
Shady Monkey Hip Hop

Event/Party of the Year
SZUMMER Pride 2017

French Restaurant of the Year
La Maison

Cafe/Bakery of the Year
HH Gourmet

BBQ/Grill Restaurant of the Year
George & Dragon British Pub

Chill Out Venue of the Year
The Brew

Indian Restaurant of the Year
Kabir’s Indian Restaurant

Healthy Dining of the Year
Panini Station

Outstanding Club of the Year
Pepper Club

Outstanding Bar of the Year
The Terrace

Outstanding Restaurant of the Year
Baia Restaurant. Bar. Grill.

Editor’s Choice

Rooftop Japanese Cuisine of the Year
Malt Oysters and Sushi Bar – The St. Regis Shenzhen

Date Night Restaurant of the Year
Grange Grill – The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan

International Dining of the Year
Golden Bay Kitchen – Shenzhen Marriott Golden Bay

Lounge Bar of the Year
The Lounge – Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan

Organic Restaurant of the Year
The 7th Day

Themed Buffet of the Year
Cafe Marco – Marco Polo Shenzhen

All-Day Dining of the Year
The Shenzhen Kitchen – JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Bao’an

Signature Dish of the Year
Pork Knuckle (Haxnbauer German Restaurant and Bar)

Sky-View Restaurant of the Year
Social All Day Dining Restaurant – The St. Regis Shenzhen

Variety Cuisine Selection of the Year
Cafe Zen – Futian Shangri-La Shenzhen

Al Fresco Bar of the Year
Perch – The Langham, Shenzhen

Contemporary Grill of the Year
Belle-Vue Grill – Grand Hyatt Shenzhen

Seafood Cuisine of the Year
Blue Italian Seafood & Grill – The Venice Raytour Hotel Shenzhen

Restaurant Ambience of the Year
Kitchencraft – Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai

Premier Performance Club of the Year
Dazzle Club

Italian Fine Dining of the Year
Paletto – The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen

Unique Event Space of the Year
Galleon Salon Fiesta – InterContinental Shenzhen

Time-Honored German Cuisine of the Year
Haxnbauer German Restaurant and Bar

Most-Anticipated Opening of the Year
Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen

Chinese Fusion Cuisine of the Year
Duck de Chine

Shanghainese Fine Cuisine of the Year
Yuyuan Shanghai Restaurant

That’s it for this year – join us next time for the 2018 edition.

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Shen Wai International School (SWIS) Choir Performed with Vienna Boys Choir

On Saturday October 28th, 2017, Shen Wai International School’s Primary (Grade 2 – 3 ) Choir, alongside the Dongguan Sunshine Central Primary School choir, sang with the world-famous Vienna Boys’ Choir from Austria. The Vienna Boys’ Choir were on their 2017 Asia Tour and held their gala concert at the Star Theater of the Dongguan Public Arts Centre.

This marks the second year in which Shen Wai International School (SWIS) has been invited to sing with the Vienna Boys’ Choir. SWIS is the only school in Shenzhen to be afforded this honor.

This year the SWIS Primary Choir sang two songs with the Vienna Boys’ Choir: “Due Pupille Amabili” by W.A. Mozart and “Coming together to sing: Singing for a better future” by Gerald Wirth. The audience was thrilled with the children’s performance and applauded enthusiastically. Afterwards, the SWIS children were able to listen to the heavenly voices of the Vienna Boys’ Choir as the boys performed their tour program. The children will always remember this extraordinary performance.

A heartfelt thank you is extended to the parents, staff and students of Shen Wai International School who worked collaboratively to provide this unforgettable experience for the children. Well done everyone!

Chinese and Pinyin Name: 深圳外国语学校国际部(SWIS)
Place Address: Shen Wai international School, No. 29, Baishi 3rd Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China 518053 中国深圳市南山区白石三道29号, 深圳外国语学校国际部 邮编:518053
Place Phone: 86 (755) 86541981/86541963
Past Events of Shen Wai international School: