A New Class Of Airport Hospitality At Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport

Allow me to paint what I suspect is a familiar picture for a number of our readers. You’ve just spent the better part of a day traveling from across the world to arrive at Shenzhen Airport. It’s already late, and first thing in the morning you are scheduled to start a long tour of factories. All you wish to do is get a good night’s sleep.

The problem, however, is that if you wish to stay at a five-star hotel that offers quality service and luxury accommodation, then you would need to go to Nanshan or further still to Futian or Shekou. All of which are 45 minutes or more drive’s away from the airport. With the opening of the Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport, that is all set to change.

Ever since it opened the doors of its first hotel in 1957 in Los Angeles, the Hyatt group has become synonymous with sleekly designed hotels, impeccable service, and luxury accommodation. With over 700 properties all over the world, the Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport marks the group’s latest endeavor in hospitality excellence.

So, the next time you arrive at Shenzhen Airport, tired after a long flight, take the short five-minute stroll from the arrival/departure hall via an indoor pathway.

Offering 335 comfortable and contemporary guestrooms, guests can rest assured they can find what they are looking for with spacious rooms ranging from 40 to 245 square meters. All rooms come equipped with complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi and a study desk, so you can carry on with work if needed. While they also boast floor-to-ceiling windows with sound insulation and separate bathtub and shower, so you can relax and get a good night’s sleep.

If after checking in, you are still looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat, then why not try one of Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport’s four restaurant and bars. The Lobby Lounge presents guests with a relaxing environment where they can savor a light meal, gather with colleagues for afternoon tea, or enjoy a cocktail in the evening. Located on the 2nd floor, is the Market Café, where guests can come for breakfast, lunch and dinner from the three unique cooking stations of Asian Da Pai Dang, The Italian Grill, and The Deli & Bakery. The hotel is also home to Xiangyue, which showcases the finest in local Cantonese cuisine along with some favorite delicacies of Northern China and Sichuan.After a deep and recuperative sleep, there is time in the morning to make the most of the Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport’s 24-hour gym. The state-of-the-art fitness center offers the latest Matrix cardio equipment, weight machines, and free weights to give an invigorating workout to start the day. Afterwards, feel free to do a few laps of the 25-meter indoor swimming pool or allow yourself to be pampered in the luxurious Flo Spa.

Following a work out in the gym and breakfast at the Market Café, it’s time to head into the city. Conveniently, the extensive Shenzhen Metro is located beneath the airport and the hotel. From there, guests can take the high-speed Line 11 to Houhai, which connects to Line 2 leading down to the popular Shekou area, and to Futian, which is home to the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

So next time you are flying through Shenzhen, treat yourself to a new class of airport hospitality with the Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport.


The only international five-star hotel within Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport lies just 500 meters from the Terminal Hall. The city center is 30 minutes by car or Metro Line 11 (station directly beneath the terminal). Shenzhen Bay Port, Huanggang Port and Luohu Port are between 30-40 minutes’ drive away and Shenzhen High-Speed North Railway Station is approximately 40 minutes from the hotel.


  • Shenzhen Happy Valley
  • Window of the World at East Overseas Chinese Town
  • Safari Park
  • Dapeng Peninsula Geopark
  • Dafen Oil Painting Village
  • Lantau Peak
  • China UK Street


  • Coastal City
  • COCO Park
  • Central Walk
  • Wongtee Plaza
  • Yitian Holiday Plaza
  • The Mixc

Place Name: Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport 深圳机场凯悦酒店
Phone Number: +86 755 2345 1234
Place Address: Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport,Baoan District, Shenzhen 深圳宝安国际机场西侧
Website: https://shenzhenairport.regency.hyatt.com

What should I have for dinner tonight in Futian?

Our friend asked us for dining recommendations in Futian district for dinner tonight. Here are some suggestions we came up with.
 Butao Ramen  – Popular Ramen chain from Japan that just opened in the Ping’an building.
 Mambo  – Mexican fare in the Shuiwei village area
 Braceria Pugliese  – Italian food from a real Italian owner always keeping the quality very high.
 Kitchen Rouge  – Mauritian Chef with a fusion mix of cusines.
Have a glance at more Shenzhen restaurants in our restaurant listings.

Hong Kong Visas & Immigrations with Stephen Barnes

Listen to the podcast here: https://www.globalfromasia.com/hong-kong-visa-immigration/

Today we sit down with Stephen Barnes from Hong Kong Visa Centre and discuss how business owners should consider the visa and immigration process in Hong Kong. Is it right for them? Will they be registering a HK Limited and planning to remain in Hong Kong, or working “offshore”?

Its a rather complex topic, and we’re lucky to have the “Hong Kong Visa Geezer” break it down piece by piece to help get our heads around it and deal with it properly!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Brief introduction of Stephen Barnes and his Hong Kong Visa Service company
  • Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and out of Hong Kong, thought process of considering a Hong Kong visa
  • Investment Visa, what it is and who its for.
  • Comparing an Investment visa to an Employment visa to a Student visa, and a Tourist visa. Putting it all together, which one is for who, and why.
  • Those Hong Kong companies in Mainland China (Like me) or in Southeast Asia or other countries, how they are treated
  • Diving Deeper into the Investment visa for entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses
  • Newbie tip for a Foreigner in USA or Europe looking to make the move to Hong Kong to startup.

People / Companies Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length: 21:44

Podcast Transcription

Below we had this podcast converted to text, as it is a top listened episode, enjoy!

Introduction: Welcome to the Global From Asia podcast, where the daunting process of running an international business from Hong Kong is broken down into straight up actionable advice and now your host, Michael Michelini.

Mike: Okay. Thank you everyone for tuning in to Global from Asia episode 4. I’m here with Steve Barnes from Hong Kong visa center. Thank you for coming, Steve.

Steve: Mike, it’s my pleasure entirely.

Mike: Okay. Great! So let’s just jump right in. Maybe you could introduce yourself and your company to our listeners today.

Steve: Steve Barnes, been in Hong Kong for 27 years, started immigration practice in Hong Kong 20 yrs ago. I’ve been practicing ever since.

Mike: Okay, great! Yeah, I met you actually at a seminar where you were sharing your knowledge and appreciate you being on podcast for everybody today. It’s a hot topic, visa and immigration…

Steve: Yeah.

Mike: For expats here in Hong Kong. So I think a lot of our listeners are sometimes in Asia where they are coming through Hong Kong, doing their either startup or their entrepreneurial endeavors as a small business or medium sized business. What do you kinda advice them for immigration or visas in Asia or in Hong Kong specifically?

Steve: Well, I’m just telling that my expertise is Hong Kong. I’m gonna limit my comments to Honey Kong, it is an immigration opportunity for anybody who want to established a joint business here but effectively, if you’re a foreign national and you want to reside in Hong Kong to promote, pursue your business activity, you need to make an application for an investment visa, which is an employment visa a credit cases on you undertaking an active investment in Hong Kong and probability test. Together this institution show that you are in a position to make a substantial contribution to the economy of Hong Kong. Now, in many ways, everyone asking how long is visa strings, right? But there are certain things that run a bit advice around every investment visa application that goes on to get approved. The things that you need to show through your planning and through your, through early months of your operation that you are in a position to create local employment opportunities. Don’t get any local jobs on day 1. If you have a business plan that you put into immigration department for investment visa application and there is no opportunity to locally create a local employment, then you’re going to travel together and the second thing that the immigration department are looking for, a suitable business premises and there is a premises that kind of vibe for who you are and implementation direct going to time of your plan. You can kick off with a mere virtual office, which you borrow to cheap place, but the expectation is, then your course, sooner or later, once your business plan arrived at point where you’re hiring your first employee. That first employee will have some more sensible to report, to work to each day, because you can’t expect this person to going that, fulfill their employment duties where employee from your kitchen table or a spare bedroom so no matter how economically to have any kind of bring some quality time, place for your employees to work, you need time to spare and prepare the pre-requisite for a proper engine course. The 3rd leg of approvability still is actually divided into two parts, the first is cash and the second is resources. Cash million dollar question everybody asked me is literally how much cash you need. It all depends on the circumstances. in my experience, if you have less, less than 500,000 Hong Kong dollars, you may find that your application could be compromised, so deem to be weak especially with the other aspect than your plan is a little bit marginal but if you got a half a million or more, it’s reasonable to achieve that you can go on, to expect the consideration of the immigration positively approved rather than negatively think if you haven’t enough cash. So half a million can do it but I’ve seen in application they approved less cash as well but it’s not hard and fast. The trick is to understand that you shouldn’t be really thinking that the immigration department gonna buy into your startup laying type activity which is fine without at least having some cash because you know, laying doesn’t mean cashless, laying means having a money and spending the right kind of money so that’s an important consideration. The max and the more have the issue, it is swiping very smartly got to eye level funding so that’s always good. So that deals with cash and the other element is resources, Now resources are usually all the kind of things that are driving you to make a decision to pursue investment will come in the first place. So if you got a bit of code and you already developed, you wanna use new investment in Hong Kong to be able to build on that. The fact you’ve got a basic version of your product written already. It’s a resource for first of your application if you’re coming to Hong Kong and youre general trading, and you’ve got some kind of clientele that are already in place, that’s all good. Any other resource will allow the immigration department to objectively conclude that your business, if you use those resources together with the cash that you’ve got will eventually go on to results in a solidly and commercial enterprise, that’s the challenge.

Mike: Okay, got it. Thank you so much, Steve. So I just like to recap. He mentioned 3 points. That you’re going to employ local Hong Kong residence or Hong Kong people in the business.

Steve: Anybody in Hong Kong includes lawful employable but without further promiscuous of the immigration department

Mike: Lawfully employable.

Steve: Those people are account as well for persons for the purposes of local employment

Mike: Okay, got it. And that was not to be immediate but yeah to have convincible, clear playing that you will do that. I mean what time of year, 1 year?

Steve: That’s what your plans is, right? I always say to clients, “dont think about structuring your business around immigration, think about structuring your business and ask yourself actually what does this business works for immigration purposes and you will find that there is a quite close-call relation doing business that you will expect to be successful`and those businesses which immigration department approved.”

Mike: Got it. Okay. And then second point is the office, for when you’re employing the workers that is suitable location.

Steve: Suitable environment for them to work. That’s correct, yes.

Mike: And the 3rd is the cash and the resources. I think I just like to kinda some like convert to dollars when we talk, so he’s saying, of course it is always hard, I knew everyone asking how much money.

Steve: Let’s say $75000 – $80000 US dollars into Hong Kong business bank account. Interesting there is you don’t actually need to have all the money in the business bank account. You can have enough money in the Hong Kong business bank account to finance first 6 months of cash flow, and the rest of the funds is you can attest in your personal account anywhere in the world. So you can show you’ve got the money ready to deployment into the business. You need loan those funds by the way then efficiently through at least 2 years it means before you make out a purchase so the best part would good confident proof that you are not just borrowed money and shot fine it back which is always just the perks of visa application. They all know the tricks. They’ve done it.

Mike: Yeah, I can imagine. Okay. So those are the 3 main points. I kinda a lil bit follow up the resources, so code, I mean your degree, or like education…

Steve: Yeah, your service, yourself is also a resource, your background, what you bring into, you got to have a good track record and business in the past, if it becomes successful, they come through all those types of businesses. All that stuff.

Mike: Okay. So then I think some people used a trick of employment visa even though maybe they are not familiar or for a small business. I know you don’t that more greyer.

Steve: This is an old guess not. People think that you can somehow separate ownership from your business vehicle and become a third party and also an employee, You can’t. So during the currency of the application if its a new business situation, you’ve come to this interaction, that the existing composed interaction they’ll going to look to say who the owners and director of the channel is are. i would say that you putting yourself as an employee but you’re actually own the company and director of the company. You expected on how you dresses up. They are going to comply the investment visa probability test here. that’s the hard to test of substantial contribution to the economy rather than the lesser test which is do you personally possess special skills and and expected knowledge that are not already available in hong kong . So your personal skills in the contacts of business that your shares it will be seeing merely as a resource and they will apply an investment visa approval test on you but if you’re making the application for an employment visa, and you don’t have an interest in the business and then address you will just apply special skills and obviously, experience to anyone move so much to the ability of the business to substantial contributions to the economy of Hong Kong.

Mike: Got it. So there’s a 3rd option I heard of, student visa?

Steve: Well, student visa will get you on ground of Hong Kong but you not lawfully employable, you can’t join a business of your own based on Hong Kong, you can only study and thats it.

Mike: Okay, okay. Thank you for that. Lets, so we talked about, this is kinda recap, I think there’s a three even four I mean, technically there’s a tourist visa, to make on your passport. I am on my US passport holder. I have 90 days stay.

Steve: Yeah.

Mike: So I actually never legally work in Hong Kong. I’m an offshore Hong Kong company.

Steve: RIght.

Mike: So, I sometimes visit Hong Kong, sometimes working up a coworking space, gather some meetings. I’m okay, right?

Steve: Well, they say, it’s all about residing. So if you, as I know you are living in China but you spent most of your time in Hong Kong and pursue some business you establish here and your status is visitor, if your intentions to reside, it’s crystallize, then visiting days are just actually suitable in various before, because you’re effectively directing, controlling, employees of your company and visiting is not what it intend to do. the visitation is supposedly to come, interaction with Hong kong as a regular visitor and you gonna depart again. So, when you end up spending a great deal of time in your visiting days status instead in reality your intention is to reside is crystallized then you need to change your status from visitor to investment that you’re running in Hong Kong.

Mike: I understand. So, yeah. I mean, it’s actually complicated for me, so we talked about it, i think the correct way is, I, as entrepreneur and I wanna reside in Hong Kong as an investment visa.

Steve: Absolutely. You need to incorporate a company, get a business registration, you need to have a really good business plan which doesn’t actually need to be reflective in form of document cause in many ways immigration department normal one want to register their business plan that you might have write to an ipad. So if you’re self funding your business, there’s no formal need of business plan that might be a good practice to crystallize your thoughts and the immigration department will look at your stories as whole. They need to see that you got all the resources that you just discussed. They need to be satisfied that there is no security objection to you being granted decision to reside in Hong Kong to employ your business plan. When you have a good story, you carry can the arguments, you can tickle the bosses and you got the right level of money and there’s no security reason for you not being granted a permission you’re looking for, there’s no reason to expect, the immigration department will give you what you need.

Mike: Okay ,time frame normally?

Steve: 6 – 8 months.

Mike: 6 – 8.

Steve: 4 – 6 months, I’m sorry.

Mike: 4 -6 months.

Steve: If you’re not a resident in Hong Kong, you live somewhere else like, you do, when you want to make an application it’s going to take 4 – 6 months. If you presently reside in Hong Kong and you’re actually working for another employer and you want to stop working for another employer and start up for yourself, you still need to pass in investment visa probability test. Thus an existing residents that application dealt with different section of immigration department. It applies the same criteria but it’s a different team that handles the work. And because you’re an existing residents, that thing will finalize your application 6-8 weeks not 4 -6 months.

Mike: Okay, got it.

Steve: Make sense?

Mike: Yes. Thank you so much. So yeah, to kinda recap. Even if, so if you are working for a company in Hong Kong and you’re a resident of Hong Kong, when you wanna start your own business, apply for an investment visa, it’s a little bit shorter a month, two month and a half, still have to the money in your control.

Steve: Yep.

Mike: Either a company account or personal accounts.

Steve: Yep.

Mike: But if you’re doing it offshore or like me on China or others in Southeast Asia or West or as a visitor, so then if I came on 90 days stay and i’m staying in a hotel.

Steve: You can apply for guest status while you’re here but the immigration department dont allow the fact that you have a pending investment visa application to somehow advantages you in relation to 90 days of your stay. You have to leave before the 90 days are up and make a re-entrance some station if you want to comeback as a visitor before the immigration department approve your investment visa application.

Mike: Got it and really, really viable information, Steve. So again, I like to always ask on this talks. One kind of tip for newbie listener. I think a lot maybe don’t have the 500,000 Hong Kong Dollar but they are educated hustler entrepreneur. What kind of information would you give them?

Steve: Well, bear in mind that the visa class by definition called for active investment. So the fact that you may be a viable entrepreneur and you can you know, duck, dive and wave above by the best of it, that’s all well and good but you gotta understand that immigration department applies to the security of you that are mandate to make sure that they don’t approve foreigners who set up business here that have access to red label broker credit terms that you can find in Hong Kong and basically you know spend your way to disaster, trail of Hong Kong creditors on your way so even though you may have,maybe you made a license peripheral stuff to crack on with it, with very little capital using all year, argument and natural skills the immigration department don’t actually do not place a great deal creations on that. You still have to have a body of cash behind you to support yourself while doing this.

Mike: Got it. It kinda gives me a followup question. So if I answer investment visa issued, do I have more advantages on business?

Steve: Well, once you get investment visa, the immigration will approve you initially for 12 months to undertake the work you’re planning to do to promote that business as reflected in your business planning that you’ve told the immigration department is going to do on how you gonna spending your time in the context of that company and that company so you can get approval but just to do that business nothing else. Now, if opportunity put the things developed that perhaps you need to private half way through you often do something else because 1st activity is not working, that’s okay. Bear in mind that some point you even have to report that to the immigration but you won’t have to report that, the point where you privative but if, as they usually do this type of start up scenario, they grant you an approval subject to business reviews at the end of the first 12 months, so then the first 12 months immigration department will going to lift up the full and everything you’re doing in the business so if you privative in the meantime you have to explain to them. The more importantly they’re looking to see that through the lackluster performance that you have in fact been engaged in the activities that they can objectively conclude, willing to you to make a substantial contribution to the economy of Hong Kong. So you get the approval to performance, saying ok, we like your story, we believe you, see to it at 12 months mark, 80% of new business situations do not very well capitalized, tend to get approve subject to business reviews 12 months will lift up. If they do not subject to business reviews, if they really like your story from get go, then you will get what I call a freeing clear approval which means that the 12 months mark, the process to get your first extension is really just manage to get bags and you can expect that you’ll can go on to get 3 limits of stays and then you go and get numbers 1- 2, 2 -3 years pass which gives you a potential full 8 years in Hong Kong, to managing, directing, control that business. At the seventh or most people do taking constant history in temporary residents here, they want to application for permanent residency and up there absorbs same responsibility to have keep working in that business because this is a permanent residency and actually you can employ or engage your own business without further reference in the immigration department.

Mike: Got it. Wow! That’s a lot of information. So just to recap, after you get an investment visa, even if you passed, another 12 months later you’re gonna have to fly, go back,

Steve: There’s an 80% chance that they will subject your initial approval to business review.

Mike: Okay and then if you passed that usually, you have 2 years.

Steve: And if marginally, strike through that 12 months then you’d expect to business review, if you have created local jobs if you don’t have much cash in the tank. If you have been able to meet your revenue projection whatever it is, you know, just be in reasonable milestone in the first 12 months. If you have achieved that, you may find immigration department really extends you up to 2 years but then they can give you 12 months and that is subject to business approval again at the end first 12 months. But if you have a good story and slippy on the text phase and halfway supply of cash there’s no reason to expect that they respond and they will say no based in my experience.

Mike: Great! Okay. Lastly, there’s a lot of listeners that wanted to contact you. We’ll put your website upon the website too but what’s your…

Steve: Oh! We have a number of websites. We have a website which is called the HongKongVisahandbook.com and that’s basically our foundation content. It’s a DIY definitive guide to Hong Kong process. No singing, No Dancing completely free of charge, no registration required and textbook if you will, although it got videos, screencast, podcast, templates, the whole shooting match, all completely free of charge, hongkongvisahandbook.com. Tthen I do daily immigration content of the site blog called hongkongvisageeza.com and I post on that 4, 5 actually on my mind 7 times a week i don’t usually plan this so that feeds you sorts of updates of information, all completely free charge.

Mike: Great! Yes, it’s really great and we will linked that on golbalfromasia.com/episode4.

Steve: I have a, I’m gonna be Shenzhen, a week on Friday, you might put on your show notes at the boathouse. I think.

Mike: Oh, yeah.

Steve: I’m giving a talk. Oh! Not Friday, Thursday it is.

Mike: Okay.

Steve:At the boathouse, yeah.

Mike: Yeah.

Steve: So perhaps if you put the link in your show, the people listening to me, I’ll talk about my favorite subject live.

Mike: Okay. You’re very passionate and you’re also good Internet Marketer. Your blog and your content and your handbooks, you also know a lot of listeners are Internet Marketers too. So we like the, you are also up in the game.

Steve: Our marketing was built in by design and our product is driven from marketing of inspector.

Mike: Great! That’s definitely the right way to do it. So alright. I guess if there is any last points right before we end here.

Steve: Right. I wanna, just so basically, carries anyone that is thinking about Hong Kong to understand that Hong Kong is very open. W are set and very welcoming and what might have been your early experience from the immigration agency if been to either Thailand or China, don’t expect that you’ll have that kind of experience in Hong Kong. We have very rule of law, incorruptible public service at the immigration department. We have a customer service mandate, very open, accessible and friendly but there’s a lot of stuffs that you can have access to because the immigration department play the role of gamekeeper and coucher at the same time at their website is designed to inform and not give you advice and the immigration department shows to inform and decide not to advice. So a lot of people look at Hong Kong immigration department website, they look at investment visa category and they say “Oh just get to put these document, fill this forms and i’m home and hopes.” It doesn’t work like that. There’s a 4 -6 months interrogative process where you have to show that you can make that substantial contribution to the economy of Hong Kong and if you can do it, clean and honest enough, you got the money, you got the will, you made a right entrepreneurial stuff, you have 95% chance of getting what you’re looking for and that’s how it works.

Mike: Great! Okay. Thank you so much. I’m sure we, I enjoyed you talk a lot. Thanks, thanks a lot.

To get more info about running a business via Hong Kong please visit our website at www.globalfromasia.com that’s www.globalfromasia.com. Also be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in.

Shenzhen American International School Middle School Scholarship Program

Shenzhen American International School Middle School Scholarship Program

SAIS(Shenzhen American International School) is the first and finest project-based learning school in Shenzhen.  SAIS students not only show strong growth on standardized tests such as the MAP test; they also learn creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking through in-depth project-based learning.  SAIS is now providing scholarships to newly enrolled students who show strong academic performance in English and Mathematics.

Application Requirements

  • Students not currently enrolled at SAIS, nor enrolled at SAIS for the previous academic year
  • Students entering grades 6 through 8
  • Students holding a foreign passport or ID
  • Students with high English proficiency  

Award Amount

  • 40% tuition discount for an exceptional application (see selection criteria)
  • 25% tuition discount for a strong application (see selection criteria)
  • The award is for tuition only.  Other fees, such as the application fee, capital fund fee, and optional transportation fee apply in full.  

Application Instructions

  • Submit the following documents to the SAIS admissions office:
    • A letter of introduction in English, no more than 2 pages, explaining why you want to attend SAIS and how you will be a positive addition to our school.
    • 2 years of school records in English
    • 1 letter of recommendation from an English or Mathematics teacher
    • Copies of the student and parent passports or residency permits
    • The standard SAIS application form, completed in English
      • Available at the admissions office or at http://www.szsais.org/index.php/admiss/show/id/20.html.
      • The school is located at 80 Gongyuan Road in Shekou, just north of Gongye 7 Road.
      • (fees will not apply until the student decides to enroll)
      • Email the above documents to admissions@szsais.org, or deliver them to the admissions office in person.
      • Finalists will be contacted to visit SAIS to interview with the admissions director and sit for the MAP tests with the principal.

 Important Dates 

  • March 12-April 30 – applications accepted at the SAIS admissions office
  • May 9 (evening), May 12 (afternoon), or by special appointment – students visit SAIS for interview and testing
  • On or before May 18 – candidates will be notified about the status of their scholarship application
  • On or before June 1 – students enroll at SAIS

Selection Criteria 

SAIS is offering this scholarship to provide financial assistance to new middle school students with strong skills in English, Mathematics, and social character.  All elements of the process will be considered, including the school records, teacher recommendation, on-campus interview, and MAP test scores.  Students must test above grade level on the MAP test to be considered.  The number of scholarships will vary, depending on available seats and the number of qualified students.  Students who do not receive a scholarship are still welcome to enroll at SAIS for full tuition.  The scholarship decision is final and may not be appealed.

Length of Scholarship 

The scholarship extends through the 8th grade year.  Therefore, a 6th grade student would have 3 years of scholarship, a 7th grade student would have 2 years of scholarship, and an 8th grade student would have 1 year of scholarship.

The scholarship must begin the following school year.  Families may not defer the scholarship.

Loss of Scholarship

A student may lose their scholarship for the following years for academic or behavior problems.  Students who are not maintaining a high academic standard, or who are having behavior problems, will be notified and put on probation.  Failure to improve academics or behavior could result in loss of scholarship for the following years.

If a student withdraws from SAIS, the scholarship is immediately forfeit, and no cash refund is available for the remaining value of the scholarship.

Chinese Name: 


Place Address: 

Shenzhen American International School, No.80, Shekou, Nanshan district, Shenzhen

Place Phone:  

+86 (755) 86316699

General Manager Appointment of Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre


InterContinental Hotels Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Diana Zhu as the General Manager of Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre.

As a professional hotelier with 20 years’ experience, worked with several hotel groups including IHG, Shangri-la and Kempinski, Ms. Zhu brings a wealth of experience with a solid background in sales & marketing, revenue management and hotel operations to her new role.

Before joining in Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre, Ms. Zhu worked in Hualuxe Haikou Sea View as EAM. With her keen market insight, implementation of the brand service concept and excellent leadership, Ms. Zhu led the brand new hotel a renowned accommodation choice for tourists in Haikou within 6 months. Her enduring efforts also earn the hotel the IHG Gold Dragon Awards and Silver Dragon Awards for two consecutive years, highly recognized by IHG Group for the hotel’s outstanding performance.

Starting her new journey at Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre, Ms. Zhu will lead a highly motivated team with the philosophy of “Harmony” for the “great hotels guest love”.



朱凌女士拥有二十年的酒店工作经验,曾任职于洲际集团,香格里拉集团和凯宾斯基集团旗下多个国际品牌酒店。 丰富的国际品牌从业经验为其职业生涯奠定了坚实的基础, 在市场战略、收益管理和酒店运营上都有独特的见解和丰富的实践经验。

在加入深圳龙岗皇冠假日酒店之前, 朱凌女士任海口华彩华邑酒店助理行政经理一职。作为酒店的开业管理团队成员之一,朱凌女士以精准的市场战略定位、独特的中国文化宣传,成功将洲际集团旗下的新品牌“华邑”推向本地市场,在酒店开业的首月实现盈利,并且仅用了不到半年的时间,将海口华彩华邑酒店打造成海口的知名国际品牌酒店,开业以来连续两年获得洲际集团为杰出表现酒店颁发的金龙奖和银龙奖。 



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Hotels to Stay in Shenzhen for Your Business Trip

This article is originally found here: https://www.globalfromasia.com/shenzhenhotels/

Looking for a hotel to stay in Shenzhen?

I remember those first trips over to Shenzhen, China all the way from America and I had no idea where to stay. Lucky for me I had some friends in Hong Kong who had contacts in Shenzhen (I mis-spelt it Schenzen back in 2007!) and they helped arrange a hotel for me.

They also warned me not to answer the door at night! I was so scared.

Shenzhen has improved so much and there are top notch hotels to choose from in the city – a bit overwhelming.

So today, I’m writing this guide for someone like me – on their first trip to China and having no idea which kind of hotel to stay in!

This post first started for our Cross Border Summit as attendees asked for hotels near the venue, and that is how it will start. We will add more hotels as we go along, so check up on this same post in the future!

And as always, if you have recommendations or feedback on certain hotels, please leave a comment at the end of this post!

Now let’s go through some hotel options, go!

Hotels Near Shekou IT Torch Park (Netvalley)

These hotels were near our first Cross Border Summit conference in Netvalley. These next few hotels are within a block or two from our summit, and will “take care of ya”. Mention Cross Border Summit and you’ll receive a discount as well.

Here’s a list of the names, then you can scroll down to find the details for each of these.

If it’s not on this list, then it is a bit further (taxi ride) away, which may or may not be an issue for you.

Cross Border Summit 2018 Hotels

These are the 2 closest hotels to this year’s Cross Border Summit 2018

Day Hello Hotel

This is a private hotel, but a well decorated and right in the middle of the Netvalley complex.

Located at No. 1059 Nanhai Road, Nan Shan, Shenzhen
Tel.: 0755-26800000
Fax: 0755-26890999

Self-booking Pricing:

Room Type Rack Rate(RMB) Global From Asia Rate
Buffet Breakfast

Superior Room
608 (normal)
438 (GFA rate)
One Breakfast ticket

Deluxe Room
708 (normal)
538 (GFA ratE)
One Breakfast

Executive Room
808 (normal)
638 (GFA rate)
One Breakfast

Address: No.1059 Nanhai Road, NanShan District, Shenzhen China
Tel: 0755-26800000

Ino-Le Inn (i-Noble Inn)

This is a new hotel I’m not familiar with, but exactly across the street from the venue. Its its own building, and the management has been pretty friendly with us as we discuss hotel rooms with them. The pricing is:

Self-booking Discounted Pricing:

Room Type /Rack Rate(RMB) /Global From Asia Rate / Buffet Breakfast

Superior Room 608 / 388 One Breakfast
Deluxe Room 708 / 458 One Breakfast

Address: No.6 Industry 6st Road, NanShan District, Shenzhen China
Tel: 0755-26766833

Website: bemytour.com/sz226

7 Days Inn

This is a big chain throughout China. Some friends even have VIP member cards. Its a budget hotel for business travels. Rates currently range around 200 to 300 Chinese Yuan (about 50 to 65 USD) per night.General Membership Pricing:

Regular Twin Bed 229 RMB (without breakfast)
Business Twin Bed 282 RMB (without breakfast)

The closest one to our summit would be at the Crossing line of Nanhai Avenue and Industry Seventh Road, (gong ye 7 road)
Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518054, China

There are a couple of these near the venue, and plenty throughout Shenzhen (currently 19 in this city alone) and the rest of China!

Hilton Shekou

A top of the line hotel, my friend and podcast guest Steve Marsh says this should be a 6 star hotel if there was a rating! Right in the heart of Seaward in Shekou, top of the line rooms, pool, etc.If you are good at searching for deals the price can be as low as $150 USD a night.This is about a 5 minute taxi ride from our venue, and will be by far one of the highest class there is in town!You can find details and bookings can on their website.

Motel 168

This one feels like the equivalent of Motel 6 in America. I feel like there should be a sign “we’ll leave the light on for ya”. When I first came to China, the 168 meant that there was always a hotel in there that cost 168 RMB. This is back in 2007, that was about $25usd at a 7.4 exchange rate. And the more premium hotel in this chain called Motel 268, meaning rooms started at the 268 rate. Pretty easy to remember and clear before entering.

The number 168 also represents “work” in Chinese. So this chain is also targeting the business traveller.

Nowadays this has turned into just a number in their brand. Tates have increased about the 168 rate and people are still filling the place up! I’d say it is fine to stay in, but will have the simple essentials.

Hanting Hotel

Another big chain throughout China. Like 7 Days Inn and Motel 168, it is for the busy business traveler who is on a budget. Rooms pretty straightforward and basic. They have locations across Shenzhen and other parts of China. I do have friends who have VIP cards and get deals at these places.

They don’t seem to have an English website that I can find.

Hostel in OCT (Overseas Chinese Town)

This one is popular with a lot of entrepreneurs I have known who are passing through.

OCT is a pretty artistic (can we call it hipster?) area in Shenzhen, and will allow you to
You can find their website can at http://www.yhachina.com/ls.php?

Residence G Shenzhen

The latest lifestyle Serviced Apartment and Hotel – Residence G Shenzhen has debut in Shenzhen on 25 March 2017. The property is complete with a two-floor dynamic community hub; G Club. Part restaurant, part community centre; G Club is the first space of its kind in a hotel or residence in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District. Residence G Shenzhen will cater to the needs of business travelers as well as families looking for a modern hotel or fully equipped serviced apartment with ideal location. The complex will host 178 stylish rooms and serviced apartments ranging from studios to 3-bedroom residences. The rooms and apartments feature modern European design, range from 32 to 174 square metres and combine functionality with high-tech style including complimentary high speed WiFi and user-friendly Internet Protocol televisions with E-readers.
Address: 4078 Dongbin Road, Shenzhen 518054, China
Tel: (86) 755 8663 7888
Mobile: (86) 180 7884 6665Website: residencegshenzhen.com

Check Shenzhen Party’s hotel Listings

And of course, our friend and ally, Shenzhen Party is another good source for English information. They have the latest hotels in Shenzhen, China. So if this short list doesn’t help you out, I’d suggest you hop on over to their website and browse around. They work hard to add all the hotels as they come (and go)

Plenty of Local Choices

The tricky part is – if you’re on a real budget, where to stay can get complicated. There are a lot of great deals, but they don’t have English websites, and you can’t book in advance – at least not overseas.

What I did was I had my Chinese assistant book for me before I flew over. She searched for hotels near the factories and venues I was looking to stay, and reserved. Many times the hotels won’t need money up front, and will hold your reservation for most of the evening.

Though it was a funny story: one of my earlier trips (think my second trip to China) I had a delay with my flight and finally got to the hotel at about midnight. They didn’t hold my reservation! They didn’t think I was showing up – I think they waited until about 9pm, then released it for other guests. So just find out the terms and conditions of the reservation and how long they will hold it for you. Especially if you’re flying in from overseas – flights are often delayed. Plus you can get a bit lost finding the place, so have a back up at least or a local Chinese assistant to help you out.

Your Favorite Shenzhen Hotel? Any Tips?

Now it’s your turn! Have you stayed over in Shenzhen before? Where did you stay? Was it a good deal, good price? Helpful staff. I’d love to hear all your feedback and ideas. We will work to add good hotels to this list and help new travelers to this unique and growing city called Shenzhen

To our mutual international business success!

[Review] The Lantern Festival Event

As the first important festival after Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival is celebrated throughout China. Last Saturday, we also held an event to celebrate this lovely festival. Many students and friends joined our event. They learned how to make the sweet dumplings (tāng yuán) from our teachers. Sweet dumpling is one kind of very traditional food, which is normally hand-made. We experienced the whole process of making sweet dumplings and everyone enjoyed it very much!


We will have more new events coming up. Welcome to join us next time!!


Know more about us:


Place Name:  Hanlin Language Center 汉林
Place Address:  706, 7F, Building A, Li’an Business Tower, Wanghai Road, Shekou (Dongjiao tou station Exit A)
Place Phone: 0755 21616006
Email:  hanlinmandarin@163.com

Major League Baseball to open flagship store in Hong Kong

Just saw that in Hong Kong’s Central area, Major League Baseball (“MLB”) will be opening a flagship store. Guess this is to complement their baseball academies in China. In our quick search we could not find any details about the opening online. Will it actually sees baseball sports equipment or just team fashion?

Where to play baseball in Shenzhen?

KOOZA of Cirque Du Soleil Debuts

KOOZA, one of the most classic shows of Cirque Du Soleil, will unveil its mystery tonight at the public square of Longgang Radio and Television Center, Shenzhen Media Group. 

The media were invited to visit the Big Top of the Cirque Du Soleil on March 1st and witnessed the preparation of the whole team.


KOOZA has embarked on a tour of six cities in China and Shenzhen is the first station of its 2018’s tour in the country.The show in Shenzhen will last from March 1st to April 1st.  Cirque Du Soleil, from Montreal, has performed in 450 cities in 60 countries.Get ticket now! 

拨开黄蓝色的大帐篷,恍如穿越到一个奇幻世界。KOOZA秀的圆形舞台一览无余,提供了260度的绝佳视野,在灯光效果的作用下,简单的圆形舞台也似乎“动”起来了。 关于太阳马戏和《KOOZA》秀太阳马戏于1984年在加拿大创立,KOOZA是太阳马戏巡演类剧目中最原汁原味的特色表演之一。演出把马戏艺术与街头娱乐戏剧性组合,将音乐、灯光、舞蹈、即兴喜剧等艺术形式融为一体,创造出专属于太阳马戏的表演模式。

《KOOZA》秀是太阳马戏回归经典之作,再现了马戏表演的两大精髓:人体特技和小丑艺术。本剧表现了在人生不同阶段的不同欲望,通过绚丽多彩的混合表演,为观众呈现出一场大胆,诙谐的舞台幽默剧。“《KOOZA》秀表现的是人与人之间的交流,世界的双面性—好与坏,黑与白。但是它要做到以一种有趣和直白的方式去呈现,而并非严肃,更多的是想法的传递。故事的线索在于探索,探索恐惧,身份,赞誉和权力”《KOOZA》秀的剧作家及监制David Shiner如是说。

KOOZA 演出的环球帐篷占地面积约 1.7万平米,所有的帆布和整体支架轨道重达 11500磅,帐篷高达 19 米,直径为51米。现场搭建的几十名技术人员,将地面上的100多根柱子手动撑起,瞬间“黄蓝相间的巨大城堡”在城市中一跃而起,是中国罕见的帐篷剧场。