T’ang Court at The Langham, Shenzhen Named “Restaurant of the Year’’ by Restaurant Review

Spring is a season of colours and celebration. In April 2018, T’ang Court at The Langham, Shenzhen was named “Restaurant of the Year” by Restaurant Review as part of the magazine’s “2017-2018 Chinese Restaurant Award”.

                                                           “Restaurant of the Year”   

As China’s first dedicated restaurant review magazine, Restaurant Review is widely regarded as an authoritative and objective guide that provides readers with useful and interesting reviews and information. The “2017-2018 Chinese Restaurant Award” started in the second half of 2017 and after eight months of voting, the award winners were announced.

As the sibling restaurant of the Michelin 3-Star restaurants in Hong Kong and Shanghai, T’ang Court at The Langham, Shenzhen is known for its perfect interpretation of Cantonese cuisine, delivering a refined dining experience with masterful cooking skills, the freshest ingredients and wonderful service.

                                                                            T’ang Court

T’ang Court’s Executive Chinese Chef, Mr. Tsang Chiu King, a celebrity in the culinary scene in mainland China and Hong Kong, is the soul behind the Michelin starred restaurant. By combining the essence of traditional Cantonese cuisine with unique culinary ideas, Chef Tsang and his team tantalised many taste buds with their ingenious creations. Classics such as Baked Crab Stuffed with Cheese, Stir Fried Shrimps with Egg White and Fried Rice with Silkie Chicken won over the palate of many food enthusiasts.

                                                             Chef Tsang Chiu King    

It was no surprise then that T’ang Court at The Langham, Shenzhen was awarded as the “Restaurant of the Year” by Restaurant Review during the “2017-2018 Chinese Restaurant Award”.

Located on the 3rd floor of The Langham, Shenzhen, T’ang Court integrates traditional architectural elements with modern, luxurious furnishings to create a tranquil, peaceful retreat for diners. The experienced chef team offers a wide selection of lunch and dinner menus. Those looking for a more private space for a business dinner, romantic getaway or family gathering can book one of the six well-decorated rooms, each named after a famous poet.

                                                  Stir Fried Shrimps with Egg White 

About Langham Hospitality Group 

As the wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Eagle Holdings, Langham Hospitality Group encompasses a family of distinctive hotels under the Langham Hotels and Resorts and Cordis Hotels brands with more than 50 projects currently either confirmed or in a developed stage of negotiation from Asia, Europe and North America to the Middle East. The Group takes its name from the legendary Langham in London which was widely recognized as Europe’s first Grand Hotel. For 150 years, this flagship hotel has represented sophisticated and gracious hospitality, a philosophy that reflects elegance in design, innovation in hospitality, genuine service and captivation of the senses across all properties. For more information, please access the website at www.langhamhospitalitygroup.com.

Place Address: Level 3, The Langham, Shenzhen, 7888 Shennan Boulevard, Futian District, Shenzhen 518040
深圳市福田区深南大道7888号, 深圳东海朗廷酒店, 3层
Place Phone:  86 (755) 8828 9888 ext.8923

Social at The St. Regis Shenzhen – World-Class View, Five-Star Cuisine

From my table on the 95th floor of the KK100, I can just about see all of Shenzhen. I understand now why people say that Social has the best dining view in the city. Yet there is plenty more to enjoy about the all-day dining restaurant at The St. Regis Shenzhen in Luohu.

That evening we had come to sample The St. Regis’ Russian Gourmet Festival. The hotel had invited three of the top chefs in Moscow to showcase the finest that Russian cuisine had to offer. Coming all the way from The St. Regis Moscow were Executive Sous Chef Alexey Smakhtalin, Junior Pastry Sous Chef Alexander Soin, and Sous Chef Dmitriy Golubev.

Together they provided Shenzhen with a unique opportunity to sample a cuisine that is rarely available in the city. From cured and pickled meats to delicate and delectable pastries, the guest chefs promised to indulge guests with their modern interpretation of Russian cuisine whilst staying loyal to the core principles of the time-honored classics.

Throughout the meal, we were treated to a sumptuous cross-section of Russian cuisine by the three chefs. No showcase of Russian cuisine could be said to be quite complete without the presence of Chicken Kiev. With tender chicken and delicate breadcrumbs, the breaded chicken fillet has rarely tasted this exquisite. Just when I thought I had sampled all that was on offer, I was presented with a Pork Stuffed Pig Bread. This playful little pastry comes in the guise of a little pig including a little snout and pair of ears. This Russian specialty is every bit delicious as it is cute.

Yet to say the evening was solely about the Russian dishes would be to do Social a great disservice. In fact, the food festival made up but a small portion of the culinary delights on offer.

While Social offers a DIY salad bar to appease even the most discerning healthy eaters, you would be forgiven to skip it altogether once you spied the sushi and sashimi on offer. Boasting the freshest cuts from the sea, it is one of the most popular food stations at Social and, having sampled the salmon and tuna, it is understandably so.

Next waiting for you is a real culinary treat in the form of Social’s renowned seafood bazaar. The station is truly a shellfish lover’s dream complete with Australian oysters on ice, steamed prawns, crab, and Alaskan king crab leg. You will find them perfectly paired with enough sauces to satisfy the most discerning of palates.

Next is a little something that I can’t say I’ve seen elsewhere in the city’s illustrious hotel restaurants. Social has a spinning Shawarma machine where you can enjoy pita wraps dripping with delicious meats and vegetable fillings. The vertical spit is a particular highlight in an already stellar buffet experience.

It’s not only the Shawarma machine that catches the eye. In the corner of the buffet, diners can find a traditional oven where Beijing Peking Duck is prepared. Cooked live in front of guests, the duck is then wrapped in a freshly steamed pancake with scallions, cucumber, and homemade Tian Mian sauce.

The Beijing Duck Rolls are just one of many authentically recreated traditional Chinese dishes. Diners can also enjoy Ma La Tang, the iconic hot pot broth. With a choice between the fiery Sichuan style and the more savory Guangdong broth, there is something for everyone’s tastes. Once you’ve chosen your soup base, you can then customize your hot pot from a choice of over 20 different meats, fish, shellfish, and vegetables.

If by some miracle you’ve managed to resist temptation and save some room for dessert, then you will be richly rewarded. Diners can choose from a selection of chocolate and cheesecakes to a wide array of flavors of Movenpick ice cream.

The choices on offer are quite simply overwhelming in the best, most mouthwatering way possible.

Yet what really makes Social stand out as a dining experience is the details. From the Beijing Duck Oven to the attentive staff there to refill your glass.From the Shawarma Stand to the charming and helpful Restaurant & Bar manager hailing from Ireland.

Social at St. Regis is a truly unmissable dining experience in Shenzhen. Come for the panoramic view. Stay for the world-class cuisine.

Buffet Lunch: Weekday: RMB418 +10% +6%, Weekend: RMB508 +10% +6%

Buffet Dinner: Weekday: RMB558 +10% +6%, Weekend: RMB628 +10% +6%

Address: 95TH Floor, The St. Regis Shenzhen, No. 5016, Shennan Road East,Luohu District, Shenzhen (深圳市罗湖区深南东路5016号深圳瑞吉酒)

Tel: +86 (755) 830 88888

Mr. 吾Five Bites – Don’t Judge A Hotdog Restaurant By It’s Entrance

Written by Eddy

Nothing beats a good hotdog. There are those who talk about ribeye steaks from Australia or the freshest oysters from France, but give me a New York style hotdog any day of the week over them.

The challenge in China, however, can be finding one. The photos on a menu can often be very different from what arrives on your plate and even when your order looks like what you expect it to, it can still taste like something entirely different.

I had actually passed Mr. 吾Five Bites at Coastal City a few times before I finally went in. The restaurant was busy with local customers and the hotdogs they were eating looked like the real deal, but I had been hurt before and I didn’t want to give myself false hope. I needn’t have had any doubts.

It’s clear from the restaurant that there is a deep love of hotdogs at play here, from the traditional hot dog stand to the extensive menu of different hot dogs. Mr. Five Bites is also a clear ode to the city of New York, which can be seen in the pop art wallpaper and the bright color signage. The bustling young crowd sat outside only serve to add to The Big Apple vibe. It didn’t surprise me one bit when I later discover the owner used to live in New York.

Passing an eye over the menu, however, you quickly realize this is no place merely looking to imitate the classics. There is plenty of fusion and creativity going on here. Check out Tokyo Hot, mixing sole fish tempura, wasabi mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce with a hotdog. You can also give Crawfish Dog a whirl with its spicy crawfish and scallion, or the alluringly named Miss Hong Kong, which boasts scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, and a cheeky sprinkling of corn cereal.

The tastes are always rotating and I’m told that Mr. Five Bites have showcased over 80 signature dogs over the years. This relentless reinvention can be accredited to their Food Director, Sky. Sky cut his culinary teeth as a chef on The Bund in Shanghai before later coming to Shenzhen to work at Shark. He uses his experience to cram in as much originality into each hotdog bun as he can.

Sky’s abilities, however, are not limited to just hotdogs. Mr. 吾Five Bites serves plenty of other dishes too. There is the hearty Five Bites All Day Breakfast, a selection of pastas including Spaghetti Arrabiata, and six types of French fries.

But in the end, I have to admit that I’m a sucker for a classic. Sowhen the time comes, I order the classic New York style Five Bites hotdog along with a nice, cold bottle of Corona. After my first bite and a swig of my beer, I’m in no doubt that these guys are the real deal. And it’s while I am sitting back to enjoy my snack and beverage that something catches my eye.

A waiter approaches the door to go inside the staff-only area of the restaurant. He takes a quick look around to check if anyone is looking and then enters a code into the keypad. The door opens and the waiter quickly enters before the door shuts behind. Unbeknownst to him, this eagle-eyed writer was watching. I quickly follow behind and enter the same code. The door opens…

In one moment I am sat outside at a hotdog restaurant, the next I am transported to a speakeasy bar. The lighting is dark, but a video that stretches across three walls offers enough illumination to see the lounge seating surrounding glass tables loaded with vintage whiskeys, and the long bar stocked with enough spirits to make all manner of cocktails.

The bar is lively. Young couples huddle together at the corner tables while in the middle of the bar are groups of people in suits who look like they’ve come from a business dinner.

The soundtrack for the evening is hip-hop, the West Coast variety. While the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Tyler The Creator keep the night moving along, I take up a seat at the bar. I’m greeted by the bartender, Jean, and when I ask what’s good, a mischievous smile creeps on to her face.

There are plenty of endlessly inventive cocktails including the aptly named Cloudy Day In Shenzhen, made from osmanthus-infused tequila, blue cuarcao, lemon juice, homemade raisin-nut syrup, and even some cotton candy. If you are feeling like a walk on the wild side, why not try Kiss By The Green Devil. This deceptively potent concoction mixes absinthe with lavender syrup, lemon juice, and egg white. For something a little different, there is always the Breakfast Martini, which combines bacon-infused bourbon whiskey with olive juice, white vermouth, and original bitter.

The night goes by nice and slow. Just the way it ought to. No moment outstays it’s welcome. Every conversation is savored. I enjoy some cocktails, some solid beats, and most of all, good company. Not too bad of a night considering all I came in for was a hotdog…

If you are interested to know the secret code at Mr.吾 Five Bites,  just mention Shenzhen Party for the latest password.

Meanwhile, the top 20 Wechat reposters can enjoy a special promotional voucher that gives the holder 2 free beers at Mr. 吾Five Bites only if share this post at your Wechat moment. We will also randomly pick 2 lucky winners to win a cash coupon to the value of RMB300

Scan our Wechat QR to join the contest now!


Average Spending per Head:


Bar: 100rmb

Business Hours:10am-2am

Address: No. 288, 2/F, Coastal City, Nanshan, Shenzhen (深圳市南山区海岸城购物中心2楼天台广场288)

Tel: 0755-86559701

Additional Resources

Congrats to Mambo on their 1 year anniversary serving Mexican food

Just stopped at Mambo and noticed they made it through a full year. Congrats to them on serving great Mexican cuisine with creative flair. It is a difficult feat for most Shenzhen restaurants.

Tacos at Mambo
Tacos at Mambo

Located in Shuiwei it is a fun place to meet some friends and nibble on their 7 kinds of tacos. Reasonably priced wine by the glass and other creative cocktails are on the drink menu.

Fajitas at Mambo
Fajitas at Mambo

Now that Trafalgar has opened across the street it is a good destination area with Evil Duck and Braceria Pugliese on the parallel street.

Chicken Skewer
Chicken Skewer

Original Review of Mambo Mexican restaurant

Magpie where food meets art in the Oct Loft art area

Written by Mark
Revised by Brent Deverman

OCT Loft is known for creativity and art galleries. What if that art was applied to the food there? If an artist combined two cuisines together would he/she think to choose Chinese Northeastern (Dongbei) flavors and western food? Let’s face it, Shenzhen has so many places to eat, picking one can drive the sanest person crazy – but when I heard about the opening night of this new trendy artsy restaurant – Magpie – we had to check it out.

The team behind the concept

Tucked away in the beautiful surroundings of OCT LOFT, the Magpie restaurant – brainchild of head chef Cadence Gao – is ideally situated, serving traditional Dong Bei food styled with a contemporary western edge – the perfect escape from the hectic city lifestyle.

Cadence Gao Chef & Artist
Cadence Gao Chef & Artist
The team behind Magpie: Eric-Cadence-Amir (from left to right)
The team behind Magpie: Eric-Cadence-Amir (from left to right) (Photo from Magpie’s official Wechat)

We heard about the team creating a restaurant something like 3 years ago so it is great to see that it has finally come together and that their skills all compliment each other to build a concept that is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

The decoration and ambiance

The first thing that grabs your attention is the relaxing ambiance and modern decoration which gel together perfectly. The staff were genuine and friendly and even though busy, were tentative and helpful.

Communal tables make Magpie a great place for dinner with friends.
Communal tables make Magpie a great place for dinner with friends.  (Photo from Magpie’s official Wechat)
Grey and blue title make for a nice clean look.
Clean grey and blue title make for a nice clean look.
Attention to detail is taken seriously at Magpie
Attention to detail is taken seriously at Magpie (Photo from Magpie’s official Wechat)
Best to make a reservation as word of mouth is getting around.
Best to make a reservation as word of mouth is getting around.

Drinks and cocktails

The menu offers something for everyone, beautifully presented and skillfully written, complimented with a collection alcoholic beverages including some of the finest cocktails, carefully chosen and sculpted by talented mixologists.

Sit at the bar and order a cocktail.
Sit at the bar and order a cocktail. (Photo from Magpie’s official Wechat)
Mixologists create cocktails specially concocted for Magpai.

Best Selling Cocktails:

Cotton Candy Cocktail – RMB 85 (made up of fresh lemon juice, vermouth, and homemade Limonchelo) Flavor: Sweet, fruity, sour
Volcanic White Wine – RMB 85 (made up of white wine, citrus peels) Flavor: sweet, fruity

Bartender’s Favourite:

Bartender's Favourite:
Burning Pine – RMB 85(made up of roasted pine nuts, burnt rosemary, Moscatel and a bit of rum) Flavor: sweet, aromatic

Wine by the bottle is also reasonably priced with a bottle of Artero Tempranillo going for 185RMB.

Biting into a painting

The food was succulent and juicy, each dish freshly prepared and cooked to perfection. – My favourite dishes included “Who killed my duck?” – “Belly full of Scallops” and “The Obligatory Steak” but to name a few.

The menu is seasonal and may not be the same when you visit as they were just finishing their winter menu.

Who Killed My Duck – fowl murdered on your plate – 85RMB
Catch if the day scallops
Catch of the day scallops – 125RMB

Maybe it was the attention to detail, the mouth-watering food or the delicious candyfloss cocktails that made my visit so memorable – whatever it was, the entire dining experience at the Magpie restaurant was exquisite and I look forward to visiting again soon.

Starters to share

Food for thought - Fried pigs brains
Food for thought – Fried pigs brains – 35RMB
Rabbit food (not on the menu)
Rabbit food (not on the menu)
A poached egg
A poached egg – 25RMB

Main dishes:

Venison Bolognese
Venison Bolognese – 75RMB
Pasta with whatever
Pasta with whatever – 60RMB
Coal Oil Tartare - 75RMB
Coal Oil Tartare – 75RMB

Dessert Art

Moss and Soil - 50RMB
Yuan Xiao – 50RMB
Orange Creamsicle - 50RMB
Orange Creamsicle – 50RMB

Restaurant Name: Magpie 喜鹊派

Place Address: Oct B Loft A5 125 深圳华侨城创意园北区A5125(旧天堂书店背面)

Place Phone: +86755-86528782(14:00-02:00)

Business Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 17:00-02:00

Map to Magpie

Additional Resources

What should I have for dinner tonight in Futian?

Our friend asked us for dining recommendations in Futian district for dinner tonight. Here are some suggestions we came up with.
 Butao Ramen  – Popular Ramen chain from Japan that just opened in the Ping’an building.
 Mambo  – Mexican fare in the Shuiwei village area
 Braceria Pugliese  – Italian food from a real Italian owner always keeping the quality very high.
 Kitchen Rouge  – Mauritian Chef with a fusion mix of cusines.
Have a glance at more Shenzhen restaurants in our restaurant listings.

Try Something New For Lunch Every Day At Marco Polo’s Deli Grab & Go

There is a certain satisfaction in finding somewhere you can go to regularly for a late breakfast or work lunch. Whether it’s a place you know you can grab a late breakfast and it will hit the spot or it’s a restaurant that has that meal you always end up grabbing during lunch at work.

The thing is, even your favorite snack or your go-to lunch spot can begin to lose its appeal if you are ordering the same thing, day in and day out. You find that where you used to scoff down that muffin, you now end up leaving half on the plate. That smoothie milkshake that you used to rave about is starting to taste a bit bland.

With the opening of Deli Grab & Go in the Marco Polo Shenzhen, a fresh new concept is being introduced that promises a constantly changing and evolving menu that will keep customers coming back time after time. This corner of the Lobby area offers both sit-down and take-out options, as well as cuts or scoops.

The concept is the brainchild of Michael Loh. Having worked under Michelin star winning chef Richard Ekkebus in Amber restaurant in The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, he has brought his wealth of ideas and experience to Deli Grab & Go.

At Deli Grab & Go, the menu is never the same two days in a row. Customers can still choose from a selection of sandwiches, salads, cakes, and other baked goods, while there are coffee, smoothies, and milkshakes on offer to drink. Rather than provide set menu items, however, what is on offer each day will depend on the ingredients they choose and the new concepts they wish to introduce.

Each day, the staff selects what the ingredients will be and using what they have, conjure up some creative and new specials for customers to enjoy. It’s an approach that Michael believes reaps the best results. “I love to encourage staff creativity, where they can make what they love and enjoy what they are doing with food rather than following instruction and doing the same thing every day.”

The menu promises to continue to evolve, but for now, Michael has recommended three signature items of Deli Grab & Go. There is the Apple Pouch, which is an apple pie with a twist. In Chinese, apple pouch can mean a bag of lucky money, which this sweet baked good also resembles in appearance.

Continuing the trend of playful designs is the aptly named Chocolate Hat. On a base of cookie crunch, sits a peanut butter and coffee mousse, which is finished off with a charming little top hat consisting of white marshmallow.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Tiramisu Cup. This jar of sweetness is not just for those with a sweet tooth, but also perfect for those looking for an afternoon boost of energy.

What can be assured is that no matter what ingredients are available that day and what specials are on offer, customers will get the same high quality, day in and day out. As Michael puts it, “The most important thing for the staff is to show love of the product. For Deli Grab & Go, this is more than a business. It’s a labor of love.”

So if you are in the area of Futian looking for somewhere to get lunch or grab a quick drink, why not give Deli Grab & Go at Marco Polo Shenzhen a try? Who knows for sure what will be on the menu, but then again, isn’t that just what makes a normal day that bit more interesting?

Address: 28 Fuhua 1st Road, Futian CBD, Shenzhen, China 518048

(深圳市福田中心区 福华一路28 邮编: 518048 )

Tel: (0755) 8298-9888

Trafalgar New Menu

We serve a delicious range of fine, traditional British food in our pub restaurant, such as Fish & Chips, Yorkshire Pudding and a range of other authentic fare. Our carefully crafted drinks list includes a great selection of premium beers and ales.

SW Food Menu

炸薯皮    35
Potato Skin
(如需菇素,请告知我们) (For vegetarian, please inform our staff to exclude bacon)

酥炸洋葱圈 35
Onion Rings

墨西哥玉米片 62
(另加¥25配辣牛肉酱 )  ( Add chili con carne ¥25 )

英式芝士薯条 45
Engilsh Chunky Chips with Melted Cheese

炸薯角 35
Potato Wedges

蒜蓉包 28
Garlic Bread

迷你汉堡(3个) 58
Mini Burgers

手指鱼条 45
Fish Fingers

香炸鸡柳 45
Chicken Fingers

原只德国咸猪手 108
Pork Knuckle

鸡翅(5只) 45
Chicken Wings (5pcs)

Buffalo, Spicy garlic, Honey mustard


凯撒沙拉 48
Caesar Salad
(另加¥25可加配牛肉, 鸡肉或烟三文鱼) Add grilled beef or grilled chicken or smoked salmon for only ¥25

厨师沙拉 68
Chef Salad

烟三文鱼沙拉 58
Smoked Salmon Salad


是日例汤 45
Soup of the Day

Please refer to our staff

蘑菇浓汤 45
Wild Mushroom Soup


Served with Chips or Mashed Potato

招牌汉堡 118
The Trafalgar Burger


Beef patty, with sautéed mushrooms,  bacon, cheddar cheese, pineapple and egg, served with chips … it’s BIG!

牛肉大虾汉堡 88
Beef & Shrimp Burger

早餐汉堡 78
Bistro Breakfast Burger

辣牛肉芝士蘑菇汉堡 88
Spicy Beef with Mushroom & Swiss Cheese

肉食者汉堡 98
Meat Lover

经典芝士汉堡 78
Classic Cheese Burger

双层芝士汉堡 118
Double Cheese Burger

烤鸡汉堡 68
Grilled Chicken Burger


牛扒三明治 88
Steak Sandwich

火腿芝士三明治 72
Ham and Cheese Sandwich

烤鸡肉三明治 72
Grilled Chicken Sandwich

俱乐部三明治 88
Club Sandwich

牛肉法棍 88
Beef Dip

培根生菜番茄三明治 72 BLT Sandwich


俱乐部肉卷 82
Club Wrap

鸡肉法基塔卷 75
Chicken Fajita Wrap

虾肉卷 88
Shrimp Wrap

炸鱼塔可卷 78
Fish Taco Wrap


Seafood Risotto卡邦尼意粉 72
Spaghetti Carbonara

茄汁肉酱意粉 65
Spaghetti Bolognaise

蕃茄酱海鲜扁意粉 108
Linguine Seafood Marinara

奶油牛肉牛肝菌宽粉 118
Fettuccine in Cream Sauce with Beef and Bolete

鸡肉蔬菜长通粉     72

Chicken & Vegetable Pasta with Cream
or Tomato Sauce

海鲜烩意大利饭 88
Wild Mushroom Risotto

牛肝菌意大利饭 88
Wild Mushroom Risotto


炸鱼薯条 78

Fish & Chips

美式酱烧排骨 118

Finger-Licking BBQ Ribs

香肠土豆泥 88

Bangers and Mash

招牌全日早餐 98
Trafalgar All-day Breakfast

Sausage, egg, bacon, hash brown, mushroom, toast, grilled tomato and baked beans

招牌煎蛋卷 78
Trafalgar Omelette

墨西哥鸡肉薄饼 72
Half Moon Chicken Quesadilla

墨西哥蔬菜薄饼 72
Half Moon Veggie Quesadilla

什锦德国烤香肠 108
German Mixed Sausages

英式牧羊派 88
Cottage Pie


玛格丽特披萨 88
Margherita Pizza

辣肉肠披萨 88
Pepperoni Pizza

鸡肉披萨 88
Chicken & Jalapeño

菠菜飞达芝士披萨 88
Spinach & Feta

芝士四重奏披萨 88
Four Cheeses

肉食者披萨 88
Meat Lover

海鲜披萨 88

芝麻菜帕马火腿披萨 88
Rocket & Parma Ham


Served with Chips or Mashed Potato

新西兰肉眼牛排 138
New Zealand Rib Eye Steak

美国上等肉眼扒 238
U.S Prime Rib Eye

新西兰战斧扒 588
New Zealand Tomahawk

需提早一天预约  One day appointment

三文鱼扒 118
Salmon Fillet

龙俐鱼扒 98
Sole Fillet


澳式烩海鲜 188
Mixed Seafood Gambas

香辣茄汁烩蛤蜊 88
Clam in Spicy Tomato Sauce

白酒烩青口 78
Mussels in White Wine

奶油培根烩青口 78
Mussels in Cream Sauce with Bacon

意式番茄酱烩青口  78
Mussels Marinara


自制巧克力布朗尼配雪糕 38
Homemade Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream

石板街 38
Rocky Road

SW Drink Menu


HH: before 9pm,欢乐时光: 九点前


HH         NH

黄金猎犬皮尔森啤酒        28       33
Golden Mushroom Pilsner 4.9%


伯爵野兔艾尔           35         40
Badger Hopping Hare 4.4%

伯爵鼬鼠琥珀           35       40
Badger Fursty Ferret 4.4%

伯爵金色荣誉艾尔       35       40
Badger Golden Glory 4.5%

桑布鲁克沙俄帝国世涛黑啤 40       46
Sambrook’s Imperial Stout 10.4%

桑布鲁克伦敦艾尔        40       46
Sambrook’s Pale Ale 4.5%

沃德沃思6X艾尔            35       40
Wadworth 6X 4.5%

查尔斯•威尔斯拉格啤酒    35       40
Charlie Wells Dry Hopped Lager 4.7%

查尔斯•威尔斯印度淡艾尔    35       40
Charlie Wells Triple Hopped IPA 5.2%

兰卡斯特金色艾尔         35       40
Lancaster Blonde 4.0%

Theakston Old Peculier 5.6%     38        43

Sambrook’s IPA 6.2%           40        46


兄弟焦糖苹果味酒         38      43
Brothers Toffe Apple Premium
Cider 4.0%

瓶装啤酒· Bottled Beer
HH: before 9pm,欢乐时光: 九点前

伯爵狐狸艾尔 (橙花)         35      40
Badger Firkin Fox 4.6%

伯爵来电者棕艾尔 (橙味)     35      40
Badger First Call 4.0%

伯爵侵略者棕艾尔 (梨香)     35      40
Badger Poachers Choice 5.7%

扑克牌系列 梅花10黑色啤酒 40      46
Belgisch Speciaalbier KlevereTien Zwart & Straf (10)  10.0%

扑克牌系列 黑桃J三料啤酒  40      46
Belgisch Speciaalbier Schuppen Tripel (J) 8.0%

扑克牌系列 紅桃K苦酿啤酒 40      46
Belgisch Speciaalbier HertenHeer Blond & Bitter (K) 6.5%

扑克牌系列 黑桃1琥珀啤酒 40   46
Belgisch Speciaalbier Schuppen Aas (A)  9.0%

洛克星夜琥珀啤酒          40      46
Nuit Etoilee Amber 9.0%

德朗克 XX苦酿啤酒          40      46
Br. Deranke XX Bitter 6.0%

伯汀汉斯三料啤酒          40       46
Bertinchamps Triple Hops 8.0%

伯汀汉斯金啤酒               40   46
Bertinchamps Blonde 6.2%

伯汀汉斯棕啤酒               40   46
Bertinchamps Brune 7.0%

洛克修道院金啤酒           40   46
Abbage des Rocs Blonde (330ml) 7.0%

堪培斯之火三料啤酒           40   46
Kempich Buur Triple 7.5%

堪培斯之火三重料啤酒       40   46
Kempich Buur 3-Double 7.5%

堪培斯之火哈弗世都啤酒       40   46
Kempich Buur Haver Stout 6.5%

罗蔓汉伯森啤酒               40   46
Gentse Strop 6.9%

罗蔓艾纳娒金啤酒           40   46
Ename 6.5%

兰卡斯特琥珀艾尔啤酒       35   40
Lancaster Amber 3.6%

兰卡斯特金色艾尔啤酒       35   40
Lancaster Blonde 4.0%

兰卡斯特黑色世涛啤酒       35      40
Lancaster Black 4.5%

兰卡斯特红色艾尔啤酒       35   40
Lancaster Red 4.8%

维尔斯香蕉面包艾尔啤酒       35   40
Wells Banana Bread Beer 5.2%

阳斯双重巧克力黑啤           35   40
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout 5.2%

HH: before 9pm,欢乐时光: 九点前

兄弟苹果味酒             28     33
Brothers Apple Cider

兄弟草莓味酒             28     33
Brothers Strawberry Cider

兄弟野果味酒             28     33
Brothers Wild Fruit Cider

兄弟焦糖苹果味酒         28     33
Brothers Toffee Apple Cider

艾斯卡柠檬姜味酒         38     43
Alska Lemon & Ginger Cider

艾斯卡梨荔枝味酒         38     43

艾斯卡水蜜桃树莓味酒     38     43
Alska Peach & Raspberry Cider

艾斯卡草莓青柠味酒         38     43
Alska Strawberry & Lime Cider

艾斯卡北欧莓果味酒         38     43
Alska Nordic Berry Cider

国王苹果味酒            28     33
Kings Apple Cider

国王野果味酒            28     33
Kings Wild Berry Cider


Add ¥10,serve with soft drinks 搭配软饮加¥10

HH: before 9pm,欢乐时光: 九点前


独家威士忌           35    40

百富12年           45    51
The Balrenie 12yrs

Glenfiddich 12yrs        38       43


独家波本           35   40
House Bourbon

杰克丹尼田纳西州   40   46
Jack Daniel’s

占边肯塔基纯正       40      46
Jim Beam

美格威              51   58
Maker’s Mark


独家伏特加          35       40
House Vodka

俄罗斯雪树         45       51


独家金酒         35      40
House Gin

孟买蓝宝石         43      49
Bombay Sapphire

哥顿            43      49
Gordon’s Gin

伦敦干味         43      49
Tanqueray London Dry

Hendrick’s Scotch Gin   43    49


Captain Morgan        40       46

独家朗姆          35       40
House Rum

百加得白朗姆      38       43


独家龙舌兰         35        40
House Tequila

Agavales Blanco        40         46

独家白兰地          35         40

House Brandy

万事好              35         40
Raynal & Cie V.S.O.P

必得利              35         40
Bardinet V.S.O.P


百利               35     40
Bailey’s Irish Cream

君度力娇酒           43     49

甘露咖啡力娇       43     49
Kahlua Coffee

马天尼-白威末/干威末/红威末 43 49
Martini – Bianco/ Extra Dry/ Rosso

波士力娇           35      43
Bols Liqueurs

Cocktail 鸡尾酒

HH: before 9pm,欢乐时光: 九点前

杏仁酸酒          35        40
Amaretto SourA

篮球              35        45

恐布玛莉         39        45
Bloody Mary

蓝色拉贡         39        45
Blue Lagoon

蓝色夏威尔         39        45
Blue Hawaiil

黑俄罗斯人         39         45
Black Russian

自由者             39        45

大中国之蓝         39        45
China Blue

台克利             39        45

(with Frozen & Fresh Fruit +15 RMB : strawberry/ blueberry/ pineapple)

冰和鮮: 草莓/蓝莓/菠芕 + 15元

(only Frozen Fruit +$10 RMB) 冰加 10元

冷金酒            39        45
Fizz, Gin

小型侦察机        39        45
Flying Grasshopper

黄金梦            39       45
Golden Dream

蚂蚱            39        45

夏薇华饼屋        39        45
Harvey Wallbanger

热托蒂            39        45
Hot Toddy

爱尔兰咖啡        45       51
Irish Coffee

Irish Car Bomb       51         58

咖啡牛奶        39       45
Kahlua Milk

卡玛卡西        39       45

吉珥            39       45

Kir Royal           45         39

蓝宝坚尼       81      93

长岛冰茶       71      81
Long Island Iced Tea

马丁尼伏特加   41      47
Martini, Vodka

干马丁尼      41        47
Martini, Dry

薄荷宾治      35        45
Mint Punch

迈泰          39        45
Mai Tai

曼哈顿          39        45

玛格烈特      39        45

(with Frozen & Fresh Fruit +12 RMB : strawberry/ blueberry/ pineapple)

冰和鮮 草莓 蓝莓 菠萝 + 12元

莫吉托          39        45

马里布菠萝汁  39         45
Malibu Pineapple

古典热潮       39     45
Old Fashioned

英式开胃酒      39         45
Primm’s No.1

椰汁酒          39         45
Pina Colada

锈钉          39         45
Rusty Nail

雪球          35         45

香格利亚      39         45

醉司机           39     45
Screw Driver

性爱海滩         39     45
Sex on the Beach

性爱小岛滩       39     45
Sex on Long Island Beach

新加坡司令       39     45
Singapore Sling

Sea Breeze         39        45

龙舌兰日出       39     45
Tequila Sunrise

激情           39     45

青柠伏特加       39     45
Vodka Lime

白俄罗斯人       39      45
White Russian

黄雀           39     45
Yellow Bird

僵尸           39     45

Shooters 子弹酒

HH: before 9pm,欢乐时光: 九点前

八点后          35       40

After 8

宝马          35       40

口交          35       40
Blow Job

军炸机          35    40

大脑出血      35     40
Brain Haemorrhage

牛仔煮很烂      35     40
Cocksucking Cowboy

呆傻子       35     40

彩虹         35      40


HH: before 9pm,欢乐时光: 九点前

咖啡 (热/冻)     30     34
Coffee (hot/ iced)

泡沫咖啡     35     40

单一浓缩咖啡 22    25
Single Espresso

双重浓缩     25    29
Double Espresso

拿铁        35   40
Latte (hot/ Iced)

焦糖咖啡    41   47
Caffè Mocha

红茶 (热/冻)      28     32
Tea (hot/ iced)

柠檬茶 (热/冻) 28    32
Lemon Tea (hot/ iced)

英式早茶     36     50
English Breakfast Tea

伯爵茶        36     50
Earl Grey Tea

薄荷茶         36     50
Peppermint Tea

茉梨花         36     50
Jasmine Tea

绿茶         35     40
Green Tea

果汁        30     34
Fruit Juice

(orange 橙汁/ cranberry 紅莓汁/ pineapple 菠萝汁/ tomato 蕃茄汁)

矿泉水        25     29
Mineral Water

(still 无汽/ sparkling有汽)

苏打水       28    32
Soda Water

姜水      28       32
Ginger Ale

可乐      28       32

可乐低糖  28       32
Coke Light

七喜     28      32

汤力  28     32
Tonic Water

红牛 35     40
Red Bull


HH: before 9pm,欢乐时光: 九点前


HH          NH          BOTTLE

独家白葡萄酒                        35         40         218
House White Wine

品塔格拉白葡萄酒(葡萄牙)                                      218
Pinta Negra White Wine (Portugal)

迪腾庄园赛美容长相思白葡萄酒(澳大利亚)                     218
Dee Vine Estate Semillon Sauvignon Blanc(Australia)


独家红葡萄酒                       35         40         218
House Red Wine

品塔格拉红葡萄酒(葡萄牙)                              218
Pinta Negra Red Wine (Portugal)

迪腾庄园设拉子红葡萄酒 (澳大利亚)                             218
Dee Vine Estate Shiraz(Australia)

迪腾庄园赤霞珠红葡萄酒(澳大利亚)                           218
Dee Vine Estate Cabernet Sauvignon(Australia)

黄袋鼠设拉子红葡萄酒(澳大利亚)                             218
Yellow Tail Shiraz(Australia)

黄袋鼠赤霞珠红葡萄酒(澳大利亚)                             218
Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon (Australia)

黄袋鼠梅洛红葡萄酒(澳大利亚)                               218
Yellow Tail Merlot (Australia)

香槟&气泡酒Champagne & Sparkling Wine

独家气泡酒                             46       53        278
House Sparkling Wine

Place Name: The Trafalgar Brewing Company 广场餐厅
Place Address: 97, Shui Wei Qi Jie, Futian District, Shenzhen 深圳市福田区 水围7街97号
Place Phone: +86 (755) 23603770


PACF mall restaurants in Ping An Finance Centre

Dining options are now available in the new PACF shopping mall located at the base of Ping An Finance Centre. The tallest building in Shenzhen is now lit-up and welcoming customers for dinner and lunch. It is just across the street from the mall so popular even cab drivers can say the English name: Coco Park Shopping Mall.

Four of the new restaurants opening have been Michelin-starred restaurants in other cities.

Notable eateries come from Chicago, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Din Tai Fung

This Taiwanese restaurant that is often mentioned on CNN Travel including one of the 20 best franchises for travelers.


This classic Chicago steak house makes its first appearance in Shenzhen. It adds to the many steak house options such as Grange Grill

Butao Ramen

In year 2013, Butao Ramen has won “ The Best Japanese Restaurant Rewards” of OpenRice for three consecutive years; besides, the Causeway Bay shop has also been awarded “The Best Restaurant in Causeway Bay” two times in a row. In the same year, Butao Ramen received “U Favorite Food Awards” three years in a row from U Magazine, and got his maiden “100 Cuisine | The best food in Hong Kong” award. Meanwhile, Butao first time received the recognitation of  “The Best Ever Dining Award – Japanese Ramen 2015” of Weekend Weekly Magazine in 2015. Now finally, we have the first Butao Ramen in Shenzhen!

Paulaner Brauhaus

German Beer will be brewing here.

Opening soon by the looks of the photo. Paulaner Brauhaus crosses the city from Shekou to brew up some German beer in PACF mall.

The Butcher’s Club

Hong Kong burger specialists The Butcher’s Club announced they will be opening their first outlet in Shenzhen. Since the announcement says late 2017 looks like they are behind schedule but this is normal for these openings. The Butcher’s Club has procured a 1967 Citroen H Van all the way from France and will park it on the terrace of the restaurant used as a bar to serve drinks. No doubt the Shenzhen club will love it for their WeChat moments.

When I’m craving for a burger in Futian I will have to think thrice among Baia Burger, Mash and Butcher’s Club to find the best burger in Futian.

La Maison D’Éléphant

Looking up from base of tower

Looking up at the Ping An Finance Centre

The Ping An Finance tower will be a beautiful site to sit under drinking cocktails this summer as these outlets open up.

More about Ping An Finance Centre

Chomping on Xinjiang Yangrouchuan’r in Shenzhen

Every couple months I have to go to get lamb BBQ (羊肉串) at my preferred Xinjiang restaurant. Yidigudeqing Restaurant is located in the Honey Lake holiday village restaurant area. The restaurant has a variety of lamb dishes and key being the lamb skewers. The restaurant is organized into yurts. One main public one and other private dining rooms.

Lamb dumplings great with vinegar
Fried bread and Lamb

The main dining room is usually a good choice even on the weekends you don’t have to wait for a table. The place is easiest to find if you get the taxi driver to drop you off at the back of Honey Lake holiday village. Of course you can take the metro too and walk all he way through to the back.

Address Details from Dianping:
More details

Muji Launches First Ever Hotel in Shenzhen

Japanese retailer Muji have built a global reputation for their minimalistic designs with no-logo policy and for an emphasis on recycling and avoiding waste in both production and packaging. It is a corporate approach that has made them a market leader and given them a style that is instantly recognizable.

Until recently, Muji had focused on the retail market, but this month they caught the attention of the world when they announced they would be taking their first steps into the hospitality industry with the launch of their first ever MUJI hotel in Shenzhen. Reports from The Guardian were followed by coverage from CNN, as details emerged about the hotel that opened on the 18th January in Futian district.

The first ever Muji hotel is faithful and true to the aesthetics and style associated with all Muji products. The hotel “seeks to provide a space supporting both body and mind while away from home” and “a physical experience of the Muji philosophy through the sensation of towels, the placement of outlets and light switches, restaurants and menus, spaces, and more”. In short, the ethos of the hotel is summed up as, “anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap”.

The hotel consists of 79 rooms and there are five different room types to choose from. In line with Muji’s minimalistic and no-logo approach, the room types are simply designated as Type A, B, C, D, and E. For those wishing to have an idea of what each room is equivalent to in a more traditional hotel, the sizes of the rooms increase with A being the smallest to E being the largest. All rooms are furnished with Muji products that are available to purchase through the brand’s main store. Room rates are currently available from around RMB950.

Guests will also be able to enjoy the classic hallmarks of the Muji brand through the facilities and amenities available in the hotel. Located on the 3rd floor is the Muji Diner, where visitors can enjoy freshly prepared nutritious and delicious meals inspired by home cooking from all over the world. The restaurant is open Sunday to Thursday from 06:30 to 23:00 and 06:30 to 24:00 on Fridays and Saturday.

No Muji establishment could be complete without a Muji store, and the Muji hotel in Shenzhen is no different. With a floor space of 1,726 square meters spread over the 2nd and 3rd floors, the store at the hotel is one of the brand’s largest across all of China.

On the 3rd floor, there is also a small-scale gym offering running machines and aero-bikes while there are also three meeting rooms on the same floor that are available for booking. Another way that the Muji hotel sets itself apart from traditional hotels is with its Library. Muji Books can be found in the public space on the 3rd floor and is open 24 hours. Guests are sure to find something to read amongst the 650 volumes available to borrow.

By choosing Shenzhen as the location for their first ever hotel, Muji has underlined the importance and relevance of the city on the world stage. Be one of the first to experience this unique hotel experience today.

Photo Gallery: MUJI Hotel Shenzhen

Address: Upper Hills, 5001 Huanggang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, People’s Republic of China (中国广东省深圳市福田区皇岗路5001号深业上城(UpperHills)内)

Tel: +86 755 83212281

Booking: https://hotel.muji.com/shenzhen/en/

El Toro Comes Charging Into Houhai With Authentic Spanish Cuisine

Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly version

These days, Shenzhen has so many different restaurants offering all kinds of cuisine from all over the world. You can find almost anything you desire from the more popular Italian and French restaurants to the up and coming styles from the Middle East and also South America.

One cuisine that has been conspicuous by its absence in Shenzhen, however, is Spanish food. For all the Italian pastas and Indian curries you can try, the city has been criminally short of places offering pinchos or paella. That is all about to change with the arrival of El Toro in Houhai.

Opening in the bustling hub of Houhai, El Toro is situated just beneath Coastal City. The restaurant façade stands out from the other shops with its silhouette of a stampeding bull.

Inside, the tables are decked out with dinner mats made from the red and yellow of the national flag of Spain. The bar is reminiscent of some cantina in a small town in the countryside, with a couple of plates of omelet tortilla left out to be washed down with beer from one of the three taps of draft.

Above the bar are a row of photos showcasing El Toro’s signature dishes, while the Rojigualda flags on the table double as menus. They reveal an extensive list of authentic Spanish dishes that hail from all over the country from the greenery of Galicia, through the heart of Catalonia, to the sleepy seaside towns of Valencia.

Salim, one of the restaurant’s owners, is on hand to introduce the menu. Raised in Madrid, but with family from Barcelona, there were always arguments when El Clasico was being played. Yet it also meant that Salim grew up enjoying food from both the Castile and Catalonia regions, which later saw him develop a passion for the cuisines from all over the Iberian Peninsula.

Working alongside Salim is his chef, Alejandro. With Basque roots, Alejandro arrives at El Toro having spent years working as a chef in Spanish restaurants across the world. Time spent in restaurant kitchens across Central America was followed by two years at a restaurant in Tokyo, before Salim brought him to Shenzhen to help him realize his vision.

A selection of dishes are ordered based on the recommendations from Salim, and while Alejandro prepares the meal, a jug of homemade Sangria is brought to the table and shared. The punch drink, made of wine, mixed fruits, sprite, and no small amount of vodka, is enjoyed all over the Iberian Peninsula whether it is day or night. This pitcher, prepared by Salim personally, goes down deceptively easily.

As another round of Sangria is poured, the dishes begun to arrive. The first to be presented is the Mix Salad and Garlic Shrimp. Garlic Shrimp is a favorite of the Andalusia region and is authentically and lovingly recreated here, while the Mix Salad consists of tuna resting on a bed of the freshest tomato and crispest lettuce.

Next served is the Omelet Tortilla, a true staple of Spanish cuisine. The famous Tortilla Espanola is served cold just like it would be found if you walked into any local cantina back in Spain.

Not long after, Salim returns from the kitchen with one of El Toro’s signature dishes and what would be described by many as the national dish of Spain. It is of course, the rice dish of paella. The Chicken & Rabbit Paella is served, but there are five varieties in total to try on the menu from including the Spicy Shellfish, the Black Rice with Squid, Chicken, Pork & Shellfish, and the iconic Valencian Fiduea.

After much food and conversation, the plates are cleared away and stories are shared about time spent in Barcelona over another cup of Sangria. Just when it seems not possible to eat anymore, three delectable looking desserts are brought out and quite miraculously everyone has rediscovered their appetite. The Catalan Cream is perfectly sweet, and although the Bread Pudding and the Tarta Santiago prove popular too, there is no beating the crème brulee from Catalonia.

El Toro is the Spanish restaurant that Shenzhen has long been crying out for. With an owner from Madrid and a chef from the Basque country serving up dishes from Galicia to Catalonia, you are unlikely to find a more authentic Spanish dining experience in the city.

Average Spend per Head: 80RMB

Address: Room 122-123 East Block, Coast Building, 3rd Haide Avenue, Nanshan (深圳市南山区海德三道海岸大厦东座一楼122—123)
 +86 13302312550

Say Hello To The Newest Members of The Terrace’s Live Music Family

There are few better feelings than walking into a bar when the band is in the middle of their set. The guitarist screeching out a solo and the frontman singing like it’s his last time. The crowd up on their feet and dancing along.

It’s the same feeling you get when you watch the band at The Terrace. It’s a group of musicians that are very much a family, and this month the family just welcomed three exciting new members. Shenzhen Party went along one night to say hello to singers Monica Cuenco and Kris Astor, and drummer Mark Jasper.

That night, the first musician to take the stage is drummer, Mark Jasper.  He’s arrived early to check the instruments and to talk with the technicians. It’s clear he’s the kind of meticulous musician who wants everything in its right place.

Considering his background, his attention to detail is no surprise. He later explains. “I started out as a drummer in the Philippines back in 2004. I’ve recorded and played for recording artists like Zelle, Gloc-9, Ney, Jay-R, and international artists like Taylor Dayne.”

Taylor Dayne was a pop superstar from the eighties with classics such as Tell It To My Heart, while rapper Gloc-9 and R&B artist Jay-R are award winning, platinum certified stars in the Philippines.

The set begins without their new female singers, but the band here are a versatile family of musicians. They ease into the evening with a funk laden cover of Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You. Guitarist, Douglas, then turns singer for a cover of Cake By The Ocean, and although there may not be any cake on hand, the crowd are already having a great time at Seaworld. The band throws in some crowd favorites from Bruno Mars’ covers to a raucous rendition of  Smells Like Teen Spirit.

The one constant through all the wild improvisations and guitar solos is Jasper on drums. Like all the great drummers, he keeps them all in line and ties it altogether. Just like his idol, Vinnie Colaiuta, the legendary session drummer who worked across heavy metal, jazz, and country, with artists such as Frank Zappa, Sting, and Joni Mitchell.

Yet Jasper still wants to grow more as a musician. It was one of the reasons that brought him to The Terrace. “When I saw some videos of their bands performing here, I knew that I would learn and grow a lot as a musician from being under the supervision of the musical director, Leon.”

They say good things come to those who wait, and half way through the first set Monica and Kris are brought up and welcomed to the family. Kris bursts into a belter of a rendition of Sia’s Cheap Thrills, and Monica swoons on backing vocals.

As Kris struts around the stage with a wide smile and singing, “Baby, I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight”, you better believe she means it. As she says later, “I am more into R&B and soul, but when it comes to party then it’s all about rock! Expect that I will be giving my best every night!”

It’s an attitude that she’s carried with her ever since she started out as a singer. “I joined singing competitions as a training ground. That brought me to become a finalist of Pinoy Pop Superstar, a singing competition on GMA 7. They signed me as an artist and I became a part of a concert TV show every Sunday. I sang with famous singers like Jaya, Ogie, Alcasid, Janno, and Kyla.”

The highlight of her career was the chance to perform with her hero. “My proudest moment was singing on stage with my idol, Ms. Regine Velasquez. She has been my inspiration since I was kid. So performing with her is like a dream come true for me.”

Regine Velasquez would no doubt approve if she could see Kris now as she gets the crowd bouncing along to her electrifying cover of  Nena’s 99 Luftballoons.

Next, it’s Monica’s time to step up, but the singer is no stranger to the spotlight. She may still be young, but she has already grabbed headlines and won competitions across Asia.

In 2011, she was a runner up on Star Power, the search for the next female pop star, on Philippines channel ABS CBN. From there she landed a role as Dorina Pineda in a theater adaptation of the show Bituing Walang Ningning and starred in the South Korean reality program K-Pop Star. Her performances have seen her win Best New Female Artist award at the ALIW awards in 2016 and Best Pop Recording and Best Song Arrangement at this year’s AWIT awards.

Monica lists Beyonce as one of her idols, and when she moves across the stage during a cover of Starving with all eyes in the bar on her, it’s impossible to deny she does not have the same gravitational pull as the former Destiny Child’s singer. When she sings the chorus, “I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you”, the crowd sing along in agreement.

Her biggest role model comes from her home of the Philippines. “The artist that influenced me a lot is Lea Salonga, a theatre actress. She’s really good when it comes to vocal techniques.”

The band finishes their set, but come back for a second later. They play some classic hard rock along with modern EDM and everything in between, leaving the band and the crowd breathless at the end. As the band hug and leave the stage to a cheering crowd, it’s clear to see that Monica, Kris and Jasper are already part of the family at The Terrace.

Contact Info:

Address: Seaworld Square, Shekou (Above Starbucks) / 深圳市南山区蛇口海上世界广场(星巴克二楼)

Tel: (0755) 2682-9105

Find Your Taste With Les 5 Chef’s Miznon Gourmet Street Food

In the time since Les 5 Chef’s opened its doors in Shekou, the fine dining restaurant has built up a reputation for its high quality cuisine at reasonable prices. So when they announced the opening of their new restaurant called Les 5 Chef’s Miznon, naturally it caught the curiosity of many a food lover in the city. Shenzhen Party went to check out the latest culinary endeavor.

At first glance, Les 5 Chef’s Miznon is probably not what most people would have been expecting from the people behind the original Les 5 Chef’s. The interior consists of exposed foundations with bright graffiti and blackboards of food specials. From the Hong Kong style open style bar, hip music plays onto the streets where there are the neighboring hole in the wall restaurants and stores.

One of the restaurant’s partners is Harry, who spent 35 years opening restaurants, hotels and cruise liners before embarking on Les 5 Chef’s. For him, Les 5 Chef’s Miznon has a very clear and distinct concept. “Les 5 Chef’s is international fine dining. Here, at Les 5 Chef’s Miznon, we make gourmet street food. It’s Middle East style. We serve roasted vegetables, chicken, stuffed pita. Its high quality ingredients, high quality taste, for a reasonable price.”

The idea for Miznon came about when Harry kept receiving requests from customers at Les 5 Chef’s. “We have a lot of Israeli customers and they came to me many times, ‘Harry, we love your food, but can you do our food.’ I was many times before in Israel and I know how to make their food so I said, ‘Yes, but we will make a completely different concept to the 5 Chef’s.”

“It took time to find the flavor. Israeli taste is very specific so we adapt the food so that everybody likes it. For example, for the Chinese taste, we will give a little bit of spiciness inside, so the customer can order it spicy if they want to have spicy or not.”

In fact, it is from the restaurant’s Israeli origins that the restaurant takes its name Miznon, which means ‘Canteen’ in Hebrew. Although to refer to Miznon simply as a canteen would be to do a disservice to its extensive and exciting food menu.

Customers can choose from twenty four different pitas including meat, seafood, and vegetable fillings. The Roasted Chicken is one of the stand-out items on the menu, which goes well with any of the ten roasted vegetables dishes. That is all without mentioning any of the soups, salads or noodle dishes.

Harry is asked to pick out some of the most popular dishes. “For me, it is the Lamb Chili Onion Pita. We use only the Lamb Tenderloin so it is very soft. The next one is the Falafel Pita, because we have lots of options for vegan people and vegetarians coming here. There is also the Roasted Cauliflower. First it is cooked, then roasted. We use only Greek or Australian olive oil to roast it. It is one of the best sellers.”

While picking the roasted tomatoes straight from the vine and as you try the roasted cauliflower and ask yourself if cauliflower has always tasted this good, one thing starts to become clear; Les 5  Chef’s Miznon uses only the finest, freshest and healthiest ingredients. “Our beef is coming from Australia. Our vegetables we pick up every two days from a farm four hours from here by driving. The hummus, every day we make fresh three times. We peel the chickpeas. It’s a lot of work, but it’s much smoother this way.”

Another element of the concept at Les 5 Chef’s Miznon is the complimentary sauce station, which customers are encouraged to take advantage of. “We have here 8 sauces. We have for European tastes and Chinese tastes. We give the recommendations, but I really have to say that they find their own taste,” explained Harry.

Yet to say Les 5 Chef’s Miznon is somewhere only to come to enjoy a meal would be only part of the story. It’s as much a place to meet friends to chat over some drinks. The restaurant boasts draft craft beer all the way from Ingolstadt, in the heart of Bavaria. Herrnbrau is available in four different beers and cannot be found anywhere else in China, let alone Shenzhen. At RMB20 for 300ml, it’s most likely the best value you will find around too.

The spirits menu is equally generously priced and well stocked. When you can get yourself a rum or gin for RMB25, it’s no wonder then that many customers end up staying at Les 5 Chef’s Miznon long after they have finished their meal. As Harry says, “What we do is we close when the last customer has left. So sometimes we are open till three or four o’clock.”

Place Name: Les 5 Chef’s Miznon

Place Address: N0.143 Shekou old street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen深圳南山蛇口老街143号

Place Phone: +86 135 2889 0561

See below for more information on Les 5 Chef’s Fondue Festival, which runs from 21st December 2017 to 21st January 2018. There are also some fantastic  lunch specials and drinks offers available at Les 5 Chef’s Miznon.


Giving you one more reason to buy some of the finest Italian wine as chosen by SteSoph


Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 3.44.05 PM.png

This fabulous Castellano wine from the Colli Ripani winery in Central Italy is truly one of the most sought after items in our collection and comes highly recommended.

Promoted by SteSoph’s Italian platform, located in Shenzhen, you are not only buying one of the finest wines from the Colli Ripani winery, but you are also taking part in a worthy cause to support the Marche region recover after the 2016 earthquake, via the crowd funding project on the Suning platform.

Visit the website at https://zc.suning.com/project/detail.htm?projectId=18138


This is truly one of those rare opportunities to take advantage of an unbelievable offer on the Suning platform, where a whole host of fantastic packages are available including the finest wine from the Colli Ripani winery.

Some amazing offers are up for grabs including an once-in-a-lifetime chance to fly to Italy and visit the beautiful Marche region where the Castellano wine originates from.


The breathtaking view from the Vinery Dei Colli Ripani.

After the earthquake that shook Central Italy in 2016, it became part of Stesoph’s mission to support one of their partner and help restore the Marche region, where the winery is located, which was badly damaged by the tragic events.


The Colli Ripani Winery before and after the devastating earthquake.

As the areas rebuilds after the disaster, it is a unique opportunity for true wine lovers to enjoy some of the finest wines at very reasonable prices. While enjoying the Castellano wine, customers can also be in the knowledge that when they buy, they are helping one of the great winemaking regions of Central Italy.

The Castellano wine is the perfect union between the Montepulciano and the Sangiovese grapes, which are lovingly handpicked from the Vinery Dei Colli Ripani. Next follows the long and careful process of macerating the grapes with skins for twenty to twenty five days, the soft pressing, the storage of the barrels, before the all important filtering. The wine spends eighteen months in the big barrel, followed by six months in the smaller barrique, and finally a minimum of six months in the bottle, which allows it to become the most extraordinary of wines and stand apart from its competitors.

WechatIMG55.jpegBottaia (Wine Cellar) of Colli Ripani winery.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 3.49.33 PM.png

Gymnast Yuri Chechi (‘The Lord of the Rings’), Olympic Gold Medallist and 5 time World Champion, is a supporter of the Colli Ripani winery.

Christmas and New Year are just around the corner so take advantage of this amazing opportunity on the Suning platform to purchase some fantastic packages, which include the multi-award winning Castellano wine.

To become involved in this project, go to https://zc.suning.com/project/detail.htm?projectId=18138 or simply scan the QR code.


Besides the Suning platform, you may also purchase wine through Stesoph’s public WeChat account by scanning the QR code or directly in Stesoph office as usual.


For more information, please contact Richard at 13823289472, Steven (Stesoph) at 15989878786, or if you prefer, you can contact Shenzhen Party directly.

It is our pleasure to share this rare opportunity to enjoy some of the finest wines from Italy.

Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen Forecasts Fun with Exclusive Budweiser Storm Music Festival Package


Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen Forecasts Fun with Exclusive Budweiser Storm Music Festival


2017年12月5日,中国深圳 – 深圳硬石酒店欣然宣布携手中国最大的电子音乐节之一 – 2017年度百威风暴电音节 – 推出独家住宿套餐,为宾客呈献原汁原味的音乐热情和周到贴心的优质服务。观众除了欣赏激情四射的视听表演之外,更可享受硬石酒店的热情款待和绝佳音乐体验。Shenzhen, China, December 5, 2017 – Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen is pleased to announce its collaboration with Budweiser Storm Music Festival 2017 with an exclusive accommodation package. One of the biggest electronic dance music festivals in China will take place on December 16 and 17 in Shenzhen, and festival-goers can now upgrade their electrifying experience with the stellar hospitality of Hard Rock Hotel.


The music festival package allows visitors to experience Hard Rock Shenzhen’s spirit and superior service. Available for reservations from November 27 to December 14, 2017, and priced at RMB 1,688, the package includes the following privileges for music and lifestyle connoisseurs alike:

  • 两张深圳百威风暴电音节门票
  • 12月16日或17日一晚豪华客房住宿体验,含自助早餐
  • Hard Rock硬石餐厅百威汉堡双人套餐
  • 活动节场地往返接送服务
  • 免费停车、高速无线网络连接,及使用先进的Body Rock健身中心
  • Two tickets to the Budweiser Storm Music Festival Shenzhen
  • One night-stay for two in a Deluxe Room with buffet breakfast on December 16 or 17
  • BudBurger set menu for two at the signature Hard Rock Cafe
  • Round trip transportation to the festival venue
  • Complimentary parking, high-speed WIFI and access to the state-of-the-art Body Rock Fitness Center

Hard Rock Cafe Shenzhen 深圳硬石餐厅 3.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 4.03.07 PM.png

为庆祝百威风暴电音节,深圳Hard Rock硬石餐厅特别推出正宗美式百威汉堡。美味酷炫的汉堡搭配秘制百威烧烤酱,汁鲜味满,一经推出便广受追捧。2017年11月27日至2018年1月26日,深圳Hard Rock硬石餐厅将紧随上海和杭州两地硬石餐厅的步伐,推出百威汉堡套餐,含一个汉堡一杯生啤,售价为人民币138元,需另加15%服务费(含6%增值税)。

In honor of the Budweiser Storm Music Festival, Hard Rock Cafe Shenzhen presents a new creation, the all-American BudBurger. This sensational burger topped with Budweiser barbecue sauce is full of tangy flavors, and caused a storm of buzz at Hard Rock Cafes in Shanghai and Hangzhou. It will be available at the Hard Rock Cafe Shenzhen between November 27, 2017 and January 26, 2018 in a set of one BudBurger and one Budweiser draft beer for RMB138, prices are subject to 15% service charge (including 6% VAT).

12月16至17日深圳百威风暴电音节期间,满载Hard Rock硬石餐厅招牌食物和饮料的特色餐车将惊艳亮相深圳龙岗体育场,与在场观众一起欢庆这场电音盛典。

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 4.34.20 PM.png

An eye-catching food truck serving signature food and beverages from Hard Rock Cafe will also be available during the Budweiser Storm Music Festival on December 16-17 at Longgang Stadium.

深圳硬石酒店坐落于著名的观澜湖国际休闲旅游度假区内,拥有258间装潢豪华的客房和套房、BodyRock®健身中心、Rock Shop®摇滚商店、专为摇滚小明星打造的Hard Rock Roxity Kids Club儿童俱乐部、1000多平方米的会议活动空间,以及包括Sessions 全日制餐厅、MC Frida池畔酒吧、蛋糕店、格林尼治大堂吧和招牌Hard Rock硬石餐厅等在内的多间现代餐厅,注定将成为广东地区的新地标。

Located in the famed Mission Hills Centreville, Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen is destined to become a new landmark in the Guangdong region, and features 258 luxurious rooms and suites, a Body Rock® fitness center, Rock Shop® selling collectible Hard Rock merchandise, Hard Rock Roxity Kids Club™for budding little rockstars, over 1,000 square-meters of event and meeting facilities, and a collection of contemporary dining destinations, namely Sessions all-day dining restaurant, M.C. Frida rooftop pool bar, The Cake Shop, GMT+8 Lobby Lounge and of course, its own signature Hard Rock Cafe.

深圳硬石酒店位于深圳市龙华新区观澜高尔夫大道9号 。预定电话+86 755 3395 2888或访问http://www.hardrockhotels.cn/shenzhen/

Hard Rock hotel Shenzhen is located at 9 Mission Hills Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China. For reservations or more information, call +86 (0)755 3395 2888; or visit http://www.hardrockhotels.cn/shenzhen/.

关于Hard Rock International

Hard Rock International是全球最知名的公司之一,在73个国家拥有179家餐厅和24家酒店。从埃里克·克莱普顿 (Eric Clapton) 的一把吉他开始,Hard Rock硬石现拥有全球最珍贵的音乐珍藏品,陈列于世界各地的Hard Rock 硬石餐厅、Hard Rock 硬石现场演出场地和Hard Rock硬石酒店。Hard Rock硬石同时也以其极具收藏价值的时尚音乐商品、现场音乐演出会及其得奖公司网站而著称。Hard Rock International拥有所有Hard Rock硬石品牌的全球化注册商标。公司在很多标志性城市拥有并经营(或特许经营)餐厅,包括伦敦、纽约、旧金山、悉尼和迪拜。Hard Rock International在全球还拥有并经营着许多酒店。旗下度假产业还包括位于佛罗里达州坦帕和好莱坞的两家最为成功的酒店,目前由母公司 The Seminole Tribe of Florida经营。此外,在巴厘岛、芝加哥、坎昆、伊比沙岛、拉斯维加斯和圣迭戈也分别设有酒店。即将开业的Hard Rock 硬石餐厅将位于马那瓜、开罗、弗罗茨瓦夫和成都。而最新的Hard Rock 硬石酒店选址将包括亚特兰大、大西洋城、柏林、布达佩斯、伦敦、洛斯卡沃斯、马尔代夫、纽约、达沃斯、渥太华以及中国大连和海口。了解Hard Rock International更多信息,请访问www.hardrock.com。

Hard Rock International

With venues in 73 countries, including 179 cafes, 24 hotels and 11 casinos, Hard Rock International (HRI) is one of the most globally recognized companies. Beginning with an Eric Clapton guitar, Hard Rock owns the world’s greatest collection of music memorabilia, which is displayed at its locations around the globe. Hard Rock is also known for its collectible fashion and music-related merchandise, Hard Rock Live performance venues and an award-winning website. HRI owns the global trademark for all Hard Rock brands. The company owns, operates and franchises Cafes in iconic cities including London, New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Dubai. HRI also owns, licenses and/or manages hotel/casino properties worldwide. Destinations include the company’s two most successful Hotel and Casino properties in Tampa and Hollywood, Fl., both owned and operated by HRI parent company The Seminole Tribe of Florida, as well as other exciting locations including Bali, Chicago, Cancun, Ibiza, Las Vegas, and San Diego. Upcoming new Hard Rock Cafe locations include Managua, Cairo, Wroclaw and Chengdu. New Hard Rock hotel, casino or hotel-casino projects include Atlanta, Atlantic City, Berlin, Budapest, London, Los Cabos, Maldives, New York City, Davos, Ottawa, Dalian and Haikou in China. For more information on Hard Rock International, visit www.hardrock.com.

Holiday Celebrations at Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen

[Shenzhen, China, November, 2017] 

The joyful vibe of the holiday season is just around corner – so make plans for your festive celebrations! Spend a splendid Christmas and welcome the New Year at Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen.HKG_1352.jpgFOO

On December 24 and 31, diners can indulge in a sumptuous buffet with a wide array of festive specialties for lunch and dinner. Give your taste buds a treat with an all premium seafood catch of the day and sumptuous festive delicacies from our live cooking stations.


Inspired by the holidays, Yi Bar introduces a Christmas Afternoon Tea. Delectable sweets include gingerbread and classic Almond Stollens with the “Winter Warmers” drinks featured at cocktails.


Get your skin glowing in time for the festive celebrations. Our Yue Spa offers a wonderful selection of relaxing or invigorating treatments – just the way you like it. Spa gift sets are also available to purchase.

Christmas Dining at Four SeasonsSZH_274.jpgSZH_279.jpgDec 24

Christmas Eve Buffet: (complimentary glass of sparkling wine, free flow of wine & soft drinks)

Lunch: *RMB 888/ per person

Dinner: *RMB 1088/ per person

Dec 24 – Dec 25

Yi Bar Christmas Afternoon Tea

*RMB 208/ per person

*RMB 288/ two persons

Dec 31

New Year’s Eve Dinner Buffet (complimentary glass of champagne, free flow of wine & soft drinks)

Dinner: *RMB 888/ per person

  • Prices are subject to 15 service charge (applicable government taxes included).

For more information or reservation, please dial +86 (755) 8826-8888.

Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen

The Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen is ideally located in the heart of the commercial district of Futian, across the Shenzhen Conference & Exhibition Center and a short walk from the Civic Center which houses the city’s Municipal Hall and Museum as well as near the famed Shenzhen Concert Hall and Library. The Hotel is surrounded by 3 modern shopping malls and is a few steps away from the subway metro station and 10-minute drive to 2 Hong Kong borders of Huanggang and Futian. Built along contemporary lines, the Hotel features 265 rooms inclusive of 32 suites, a Club Lounge, Business Centre, 3 food and beverage outlets, and a grand ballroom with 5 other function venues plus a unique outdoor multilevel Terraces.

Place Name:  深圳四季酒店 Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen

Place Address: 138 Fuhua Third Road, Futian District, Shenzhen 518048 China深圳市福田区福华三路138 号

Website:  Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen’s Website

Place Phone: 

+86 (755) 8826 8888


Who Won What at the That’s Shenzhen Food & Drink Awards 2017

The results are in, the votes tallied and the plaques polished – meaning it’s now time to announce our big winners in the 2017 That’s Shenzhen Food & Drink Awards.

A big thanks to everyone who voted in this year’s competition, and a major hat tip to our fantastic sponsors: Hard Rock Hotel ShenzhenAsia Miles, Fiji WaterSummergateVedettLiefmans and Firestone Walker.

But first! Some photos from last night’s award ceremony at Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen:

See a full photo gallery of the event here.

And without further ado, here’s a full list of this year’s lucky winners…

Readers’ Choice

Live Music of the Year
The Terrace

New Restaurant of the Year
Bus Grill Turkish Steakhouse

New Bar of the Year

Italian Restaurant of the Year

German Restaurant of the Year
Paulaner Brauhaus Shenzhen Shekou

Brewery/Craft Beer Bar of the Year
Taps Brewpub

Southeast Asian Restaurant of the Year
The Terrace

Pizza of the Year
La Pizza… And More

Latin Restaurant of the Year
Latina Shenzhen Seaworld

Burger of the Year
Baia Burger Concept

Contemporary Restaurant of the Year
Shark Wine Lounge & Restaurant

Cocktail Bar of the Year

Japanese Restaurant of the Year
Kyoku Japanese Cuisine Restaurant

Chef of the Year
Antonio Scordo

Personality of the Year
Shady Monkey Hip Hop

Event/Party of the Year
SZUMMER Pride 2017

French Restaurant of the Year
La Maison

Cafe/Bakery of the Year
HH Gourmet

BBQ/Grill Restaurant of the Year
George & Dragon British Pub

Chill Out Venue of the Year
The Brew

Indian Restaurant of the Year
Kabir’s Indian Restaurant

Healthy Dining of the Year
Panini Station

Outstanding Club of the Year
Pepper Club

Outstanding Bar of the Year
The Terrace

Outstanding Restaurant of the Year
Baia Restaurant. Bar. Grill.

Editor’s Choice

Rooftop Japanese Cuisine of the Year
Malt Oysters and Sushi Bar – The St. Regis Shenzhen

Date Night Restaurant of the Year
Grange Grill – The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan

International Dining of the Year
Golden Bay Kitchen – Shenzhen Marriott Golden Bay

Lounge Bar of the Year
The Lounge – Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan

Organic Restaurant of the Year
The 7th Day

Themed Buffet of the Year
Cafe Marco – Marco Polo Shenzhen

All-Day Dining of the Year
The Shenzhen Kitchen – JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Bao’an

Signature Dish of the Year
Pork Knuckle (Haxnbauer German Restaurant and Bar)

Sky-View Restaurant of the Year
Social All Day Dining Restaurant – The St. Regis Shenzhen

Variety Cuisine Selection of the Year
Cafe Zen – Futian Shangri-La Shenzhen

Al Fresco Bar of the Year
Perch – The Langham, Shenzhen

Contemporary Grill of the Year
Belle-Vue Grill – Grand Hyatt Shenzhen

Seafood Cuisine of the Year
Blue Italian Seafood & Grill – The Venice Raytour Hotel Shenzhen

Restaurant Ambience of the Year
Kitchencraft – Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai

Premier Performance Club of the Year
Dazzle Club

Italian Fine Dining of the Year
Paletto – The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen

Unique Event Space of the Year
Galleon Salon Fiesta – InterContinental Shenzhen

Time-Honored German Cuisine of the Year
Haxnbauer German Restaurant and Bar

Most-Anticipated Opening of the Year
Hard Rock Hotel Shenzhen

Chinese Fusion Cuisine of the Year
Duck de Chine

Shanghainese Fine Cuisine of the Year
Yuyuan Shanghai Restaurant

That’s it for this year – join us next time for the 2018 edition.

Past Awards:

2016 Shenzhen Food & Drink Award Winners: The Full List

Review: That’s PRD 2015 Shenzhen Food & Drink Awards

Winners of That’s PRD – Shenzhen Food & Drink Awards (2014)

Keepoo Cafe cupcake specialist in Xiamihu 1979 mall

Cupcakes in Shenzhen

Starting in Guangzhou Keepo 1979 opened in the new Xiamihu mall called 1979.

Now you can order cupcakes in Shenzhen for birthday parties, company parties and special occasions.

They offered me some coffee made of coffee beans from Kenya with a slight tomato taste.

coffee at keepoo cafe
Kenyan coffee beans at keepoo cafe

I opted for the Strawberry cupcake which said it used Japanese milk.

Shenzhen Cupcakes
One of many flavors of cupcakes

Normally 25RMB they gave me a 20% discount which was generous and appropriate when I am eating cupcakes I am comparing them to the gold standard Sift in Hong Kong. Those are really the best cupcakes in Hong Kong and I regularly smuggle them over the border for friends and staff. This strawberry cupcake was filled with a a strawberry flavored filling and so gave me the feeling I was eating strawberry shortcake. Overall the taste was good but I am still partial to the Hong Kong cupcakes and the list price in HK is 25HKD and the list price in Shenzhen is 25RMB. Something doesn’t seem right here.

Filling in Cupcake
Cream Filling in Strawberry Cupcake

Keepoo is a good destination if you have a car or want to take a taxi you can sit outside looking over the Honey lake and abandoned Scooby Doo like haunted amusement park.

I saw a familiar face on their wall former long time Shenzhen resident Jesse Warren was sporting a cupcake filled grin.

Photagraphy in Shenzhen by Jesse Warren
Shenzhen Photographer Jesse Warren
Inside of Keepo Cupcake Shop
Inside of Keepo Cupcake Shop
Keepoo Address Details in Xiamihu Shenzhen
Keepoo Address Details in Xiamihu Shenzhen
20RMB cupcake discount
20RMB cupcake discount