WordPress Professional Certification

WordPress. Installing and configuring a website.

Discover an easy and quick way to create a website with WordPress. Widely known among website developers, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to create a beautiful website, as around 28 % of all internet websites were built on WordPress software. Developers made it easy to install and even easier to use (for beginners as well as for the pros). If you’re looking to create a personal webpage, a blog, an app or just an attractive website to let the world know about your products and services, WordPress is perfect for you.

Sign up for the course “Create a website on WordPress” now and you will be able to bring all your ideas to life by creating a stunning website from scratch. 

The course is intended to be a kick off for the beginners in website development, content managers, administrators and for everyone who wants to quickly create a website for their needs. 

During the course you will learn:

  • how to install WordPress on the local server;
  • what settings are necessary for the proper operation of the web site;
  • how to implement WordPress themes;
  • how to transfer created website to hosting;
  • how to use WordPress’ SEO-tools;
  • and so much more.

Apparently, you will not only learn the possibilities of WordPress – you will gradually develop and run your own website. You will create a structure and headings of the website, choose the design, add all the necessary widgets and plugins, transfer the website to hosting, implement web analytics and SEO-promotion tools of the platform to make your site visible. As a result of our course you will get a ready-to-use website.

Course benefits:

  • Your own website as a result
  • Short period of study – 10 hours
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Individual classes with each student

The only WordPress training held in Shenzhen in English by certified professionals from GetGoogleSeo.

Do you want to create your own website within several hours? Then what are you waiting for?! Sign up now! 

About GetGoogleSeo

Marketing Agency in Shenzhen GetGoogleSeo is a company you can fully rely on. We will satisfy your needs from the beginning to the end. We are quite a mature company and exist since 2006. GetGoogleSeo is an innovative company, our main aim – your best result.  Our experience is proved by professional companies, such as Google, Yandex Direct, Bing and Baidu (China). Our company is officially certified by Yandex, Bing, Baidu and Google Adwords. Marketing Agency in Shenzhen GetGoogleSeo uses effective marketing techniques to put your brand on the top and to make it shine online. Our company is always one step forward our competitors, because we know how to implement new tactics and to breath in modern strategies. Location in Pearl River Delta region made it possible for us to represent our marketing agency in Macau as well. GetGoogleSeo has a lot of clients from China, Europe, USA and Australia.

National SEO campaign

National SEO vs. Local SEO

National SEO is driving website traffic on a national level. National SEO focuses more on brands, not location or service. When you don’t have any geographical borders and you are eager to present your business worldwide, National SEO campaign is a good approach. If your company is ready to take an international online challenge, so you can choose National SEO campaign, offered by GetGoogleSeo experts.

As you create and expand your online business, you need to figure out exactly the difference between local and National SEO, in order to decide which strategy to implement. Our highly educated SEO team will do our best to provide full information to you and to take care about all difficulties you will face. Here are some key points that will help you to define which one to choose – local or National SEO.

  • Severe competition. If you want to expand nationally, you must take into consideration, that a struggle in gaining more customers will be serious. Your company must be prepared to compete with national brands. GetGoogleSeo can cope with every challenge and help your business to develop both nationally and locally.
  • National brands. Surfing the Internet you can find a lot of famous brands on the top of SERP. Because they are internationally-recognized, people can rely on their products and services. A smart approach and logically built chain of National SEO campaign is exactly you need to be on one level and even one step ahead your strong competitors. We are here to manage it in a best way.
  • More complicated and in-depth marketing servicesAppearing in the National SEO market your campaign automatically becomes a part of a robust marketing campaign. This level of campaign includes a content strategy and paid advertising, also Local strategies like local citations and map listings. Be ready that it will take both time and money.
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Why to choose GetGoogleSeo?

First create a smart content

SEO is an on-going process and a smart content is an important component. When Google introduced it’s Hummingbird Algorithm update, there has come changes in the targeting keywords and content generation. Optimization of content and authoritative linking strategies are the main components that we use to keep your website up to date and to push it to the top of the results page.

The importance of quality

GetGoogleSeo is the company, that focuses on achieving the highest results in the National SEO market. That is the reason of effective link building and it’s adjustment to the ever-growing changes of search engine algorithms.

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