Notice| New SZ PSB Website and New Places of Police Registration

PSB New Website 深圳公安局新网址

Have you noticed the official website of Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau couldn’t be found recently? Then you start to search other websites to check if there is anything wrong with your internet…


Don’t worry! Nothing is wrong with your internet. It’s just because the official website of Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau is changed. The original one is out of service now.


If you need to do foreigner affairs such as online appointment for visa application in Shenzhen, application for reporting loss of passport, application for registration of new born child in China, overseas personnel temporary residence registration and so on, please go to the new website.

New site:

And thereupon the QR code of the webpage for online temporary residence registration is changed.


The official account in WeChat 深圳公安

(input szga-110 to search it) remains the same.

New places of  registration

Since some places for expatriate temporary residence registration are also moved, some expats, especially who live in Shekou Sub-district, Zhaoshang Sub-district and Shenzhen Bay Community, may need to go to the new places for registration.

Below are addresses and consultation hotline of temporary residence registration in Nanshan District.



蛇口所 Shekou Police Station


Shekou Management and Service Center for Expats


Address: The intersection of Nanshui Street and Shiyun Road

咨询电话Tel: 2667 8381

深圳湾所 Shenzhen Bay Police Station


Shenzhen Bay Management and Service Center for Expats


Address:No.1, Shenzhen Bay Anwan Six Street

咨询电话 Tel: 19925385642, 8667 9901

招商所 Zhaoshang Police Station

1.招商所Zhaoshang Police Station


Address: No.23, Gongyuan Road

咨询电话Tel: 2683 7005


Shekou Net Valley Management and Service Center for Expats


Address: 1F, Block B, 2# Technology Building, Shekou Net Valley, Gongye 6th Road

咨询电话Tel: 2161 9120

南头所 Nantou Police Station


Address: No.3888, Nanshan Boulevard

南山所 Nanshan Police Station


Address: No. 1124, Nanshan Boulevard

咨询电话Tel: 2643 3317

沙河所 Shahe Police Station


Address: 1F, No. 12, Shizhou North Road

咨询电话 Tel: 2675 4207

粤海所 Yuehai Police Station


Address: No. 95, Xuefu Road

咨询电话 Tel: 2655 5685

西丽所 Xili Police Station


Address: Xinli Police Station, No.8, Xili South Road

咨询电话 Tel: 2662 2257

高新所 Gaoxin Police Station


Eco-Technology Park Service station of Management and Service  Center for Expats


Address: 1st Floor, Bldg 9-B, Shenzhen Bay Eco-Technology Park, #3609 Baishi Road

咨询电话 Tel: 2693 9004

塘朗所 Tanglang Police Station


Address: Fuguang Police Affair Room, building A, Chongwen Garden, Taoyuan street

咨询电话 Tel: 2640 1405

Exit and Entry Administration Law of the PRC

We are offering free law consulting service now!!!

Hello Shekou,Hello World

Two types of regular home visit by government officers

How to do the registration of temporary residence online

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Dapeng Fort, A Trip Back in Time

As covered in one of my previous articles about Chiwan, there is history in Shenzhen if you know where to go.  It is well known that most of Shenzhen itself is a new modern mega city that has almost sprung up overnight, but there are remnants of it’s ancient past still dotted around.  Another one of these that is most certainly worth visiting is Dapeng Fortress.

Located around 60km from the city centre this requires some toil on your part to get there, but it is most certainly worth it. First built in 1394, these are some of the oldest structures in Shenzhen. Originally built for defense against Japanese pirates, with thick granite walls covering a huge area, this is an iconic landmark of Shenzhen.  As far as historical sites go, this is extremely well preserved, that’s another hint to its almost revered like status, the locals have often contributed large sums of money to maintain and rebuild this towering cultural icon.  It will seem like you’ve stepping into a time machine and have gone back to Ming Dynasty, except for the fact there are hundreds ( if not more) of modern day residents living there.  Dapeng Fortress is both an open tourist spot and a local community.

If you’ve been to these sorts of ‘walled villages’ before then this sort of layout will be familiar to you, if you haven’t then this will be a good change to release your inner explorer.  There are numerous little alleyways and side streets all of which link back to the main street, so if you go walking and exploring down these lanes (and I suggest you do) you’ll end up back where you started eventually.  Along these lanes there are ‘generals houses’, these were the former homes of notable generals from the past, each one has  a plaque with bilingual information for you to read should you wish. 

Want to go?

Futian bus station take bus E26 or H92 to Dapeng then change to M471 to DapengSuocheng.

From Yinghu bus station take bus E11 to Dapeng then change to M471 to DapengSuocheng.

From Longgang bus station take bus 818 Dapeng then change to M471 to DapengSuocheng.

Suggested time 6-8 hours (including travel)

For history lovers, local foodies, architecture buffs.

Please follow my blog at  for more about Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Lobsters: Meet Shenzhen’s Top Volleyball Team

Shenzhen Lobsters are a group of amateur volleyball players that hail from all over the world and gather twice a week to play in Shenzhen. We are organized into two groups based on ability and experience. We have practice in the QSI gym and sometimes at other courts in Shekou. Those who attend on Wednesday are both men and women and play at an intermediate level. On Sundays, those who attend are mostly men, who play at a higher, more advanced level.

Don’t feel intimidated by the different skill levels. We only split the players to make sure everyone has the most fun possible. What matters most is the team spirit and sense of community. The Lobsters are a cultural melting pot of volleyball players living and working in Shenzhen. We have players from Italy, USA, Russia, Thailand, France, Philippines, Spain, Brazil, Germany, and of course, China. The Lobsters can be summed up by our motto, “Playing sports and making new friends”.

The Lobsters were founded in 2014 by a group of expats and, in particular, Clement Coletto. Clement took care of the intermediate group and he was very supportive and helpful to everyone in the team. Without Clement, the Lobsters would not have existed.

Although there is no amateur volleyball league in Shenzhen as of yet, we have a large network of local teams that we regularly play friendlies with and take part in tournaments in Shenzhen, Foshan, and Guangzhou. We also attend the annual beach volleyball tournament in Dameisha every July. The team like to socialize and hang out too. We usually organize a dinner once a month to Baia restaurant in Seaworld and sometimes go for a quick snack or drink after training on Wednesdays.

For more information, contact us through our Facebook page, where we will be happy to answer any questions and add you to our WeChat group.



On 20th of March every year, World Oral Health Day is celebrated around the world to highlight the importance of oral health for a healthy body and to motivate people to take charge and protect their dental and oral health.

World Oral Health Day helps spread messages about good oral hygiene practices to adults and children alike and demonstrates the importance of optimal oral health in maintaining general health and well-being.

You can’t be healthy without good oral health – it’s one of the main pillars of general health and well-being. Oral health is multi-faceted and includes the ability to speak, smile, smell, taste, chew, swallow and can communicate a range of emotions through facial expressions with confidence and without pain or discomfort.

Each year, World Oral Health Day focuses on a specific theme and reaches out to the public, oral health professionals, and policymakers, who all have a role to play in helping reduce the burden of oral disease. Oral diseases include tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. These are the most common and preventable noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) afflicting humankind.

Staggeringly, more than half of the world’s population (3.5 billion people) suffer from untreated oral diseases. Worryingly, untreated oral diseases have increased by 40% since 1990 and with no improvement over the last 29 years, they will continue to rise unless individuals and policymakers take action now.

Non-communicable diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases are closely linked to oral diseases and share modifiable risk (i.e. lifestyle) factors. These common lifestyle factors include unhealthy and high-sugar diets, tobacco use and alcohol consumption, as well as the same social determinants. The social determinants of health are the environments in the places where people live, learn, work, play and worship that affect a wide range of health risks and health outcomes. The social determinants of oral health include social, economic and physical conditions.

Sugar consumption is fuelling the obesity epidemic and is also the primary cause of tooth decay, particularly among children and adolescents. Out of all human diseases, tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease that affects up to 90% of school-age children worldwide. This is particularly disturbing because tooth decay is largely preventable. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that adults limit their sugar intake to 6 teaspoons and children to 3 teaspoons per day.

A regular 330 ml soft drink/soda contains almost 9 teaspoons of sugar, equivalent to 1.5x or 150% of the adult daily sugar allowance and 3 times the daily sugar allowance for children. According to the WHO, taxing sugar-sweetened beverages can lower consumption and reduce obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay. The WHO also states that a tax on sugary drinks that leads to at least a 20% increase in the retail price of sugary drinks can result In an equal reduction in the consumption of sugary drinks. Also avoid consuming excessive amounts of sugar from snacks, processed food (this excludes sugars naturally present in whole fruits and milk). To encourage this recommendation, we can all work together with schools to implement ‘water-only’ policies for drinks, ban unhealthy snacks and ensure healthy food is available on school grounds. Food labelling with easy to understand sugar icons and restricting the marketing and availability of sugar-rich foods and sugary drinks will also assist in the reduction of processed sugar consumption.

We now know that oral diseases, such as tooth decay and gum disease, are widespread and yet preventable.  Through proper self-care, regular dental check-ups and managing risk factors, good oral health and general health can be secured.

Brush your teeth for two minutes twice daily with a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to help reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Brush in a circular motion with either a SOFT manual or SOFT electric toothbrush.

Don’t use tobacco and limit your alcohol consumption. Tobacco and alcohol put your mouth at an increased risk for gum disease and oral cancer. Tobacco can also cause teeth staining, bad breath, premature tooth loss, and loss of taste and smell. Excessive alcohol drinking can lead to injury, 
often to the mouth and teeth, and can cause dental decay due to the acidity and high sugar content of many alcoholic drinks.

To protect your teeth and mouth whenever you play a sport that involves physical contact, moving objects or regular falls and blows wear a professionally-made mouthguard. A mouthguard is a rubber-like cover which fits exactly over the teeth and gums, cushioning and protecting them from fracture, displacement or loss. Speak to your dentist or primary healthcare provider for guidance on whether you need a mouthguard depending on the sport you play.

Visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings. They can also advise on how regularly you need to book an appointment, depending on your specific needs.  Just like other major diseases, prevention, early detection and treatment are key to ensuring the best outcomes and reducing the risk for oral diseases and associated health complications.

This years World Oral Health Day theme is ACT ON MOUTH HEALTH. As there can be no health without oral health, that means if you Act on Mouth Health it will protect your mouth and it will also have a positive impact on your general health and well-being.

For more information contact Australian Dentist in South China Dr Zac Morse at Dental Bauhinia, Shenzhen
✆ Shekou 88270822  Futian 83711696

2019-2020 International School of Nanshan Shenzhen Leadership Team

With the 2019 year already underway, we are excited to announce the International School of Nanshan Shenzhen (ISNS) Leadership Team for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Returning Leadership Team Members: 

Head of School

David Swanson 

David Swanson
David Swanson

Mr. David Swanson will be continuing his role as Head of School for the fourth consecutive year. He looks forward to building upon the strong foundation of academic excellence and continuing to foster a caring environment throughout ISNS.

Director of Operations and Finance

Plato Leung  

Plato Leung
Plato Leung

Mr. Plato Leung continues in his role to keep ISNS operating at its finest. He and his team look forward to maximizing their behind-the-scenes role and helping greater things happen at ISNS.

Diploma Programme Principal

Patrick Boekhoud 

Patrick Boekhoud
Patrick Boekhoud

Mr. Patrick Boekhoud will be entering his seventh year in leadership and ninth year at ISNS. He will be adjusting to a new role as the DP Principal for Grades 10 to 12. He will be focused on strengthening the ISNS Diploma Programme.

Lower Primary Principal

Wayne Russell 

Wayne Russell
Wayne Russell

Mr. Wayne Russell is continuing his role as Lower Primary Principal for grades K4 to Grade 2. Wayne is looking forward to guiding his team in making a great impact upon the learning and growing that happens each day at ISNS.

IB Director

Addie Loy 

Addie Loy
Addie Loy

Mrs. Addie Loy will be entering her ninth year in leadership at ISNS and directs her focus towards school improvement and procedures development. She is excited to continue to support the coordinators through upcoming accreditations and self-study initiatives.

Upper PYP Coordinator

Purti Singh 

Purti Singh
Purti Singh

Mrs. Purti Singh will continue her leadership role as PYP Coordinator with a more focused role working with Grades 3 to 5. Purti is excited for how this focused attention will impact learning in each classroom.

MYP Coordinator

Ernald Boyd 

Ernald Boyd
Ernald Boyd

Mr. Ernald Boyd will continue his leadership role as MYP Coordinator for Grades 6 to 10. He is excited to deepen the programme and guide ISNS students in becoming compassionate young people who are active and inquiring learners.

Diploma Programme Coordinator Brian Kelley

Brian Kelley
Brian Kelley

After two successful years in charge of the Diploma Programme, Mr. Brian Kelley will continue his role as coordinator for Grades 11 to 12 and look to take the DP to new heights. The DP Programme at ISNS continually strives to enhance student learning within an international context and empower students to make important decisions about their future.

New Leadership Team Members: 

Upper Primary Principal

Ashley Simpson 

Ashley Simpson 
Ashley Simpson

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Ms. Ashley Simpson to Upper Primary Principal for Grades 3 to 5. Ashley has been with ISNS for over four years, during which time she has been a homeroom teacher and involved in many other aspects of the school. Ashley is well respected in the ISNS community and brings with her energy and enthusiasm that will be an inspiration to her division. Her effectiveness as a teacher and her dedication to students, both inside and outside the classroom, has led to her career success. Ashley is a kind, caring and capable individual which makes her an ideal leader. ISNS is excited to have Ashley join the leadereship team.

MYP Principal

Chris Irvin

Chris Irvin
Chris Irvin

In response to the rapid growth in the ISNS MYP division, we are excited to announce that the position of MYP Principal for Grades 6 to 9 has been added to the ISNS school leadership team and will be filled by Mr. Chris Irvin. Chris will join ISNS from Venezuela where he is currently serving as a Principal at the International School of Monagas (ISM). With over 20 years of leadership experience, Chris is a Canadian at heart but has been working with excellence in the international school community for many years. His background in leadership and education gives him an outstanding understanding of how to bring best practices into the classroom, and his ability to motivate others has led to his success. Chris and his family will be joining ISNS in the fall of 2019.

Lower PYP Coordinator

Blessy Monica 

Blessy Monica 
Blessy Monica

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Ms. Blessy Monica to Lower PYP Coordinator for grades K4 to Grade 2. She will be working alongside Mr. Wayne Russell as they lead their division. Blessy joined ISNS two years ago and has shown great dedication and commitment to not only the growth of her students and team members but to the overall ISNS community. Blessy brings a wealth of experience to PYP, and ISNS is excited about her new role.

More About The ISNS Leadership Team 

The ISNS Leadership Team aims to provide ISNS students with the best that education can offer. We challenge our students by providing a level of academic rigor that will prepare them for any future endeavor they wish to undertake. We desire to create a familial atmosphere at ISNS and for our community to experience and exemplify the caring and compassionate spirit of the school. We yearn for our students to aspire to great heights, creating new ideas and seeking to transform the world they live in so that it will be a better place for all humanity. We are building an academic program that seeks to inspire the good in our students in addition to producing confident scholars. We believe in the power of human relationships and invest a great deal in building strong connections that will foster happiness and success. The ISNS Leadership Team is here to serve the students of ISNS and to support them on their path to achieving their goals.

Name: International School of Nanshan Shenzhen 深圳南山国际学校
Address: 11 Longyuan Road, Taoyuan Sub-District, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518055
Place Phone: +86 (755) 26661000

Baishilong Music Park: Making Music in Longhua

As you may already know, Shenzhen is a green city.  There are a plethora of parks for one to choose from. These vary from the gigantic, to the quaint, from the old to the new, there is a pbark for everyone.  Recently yet another new park opened in Longhua, this one is the first of it’s kind in the city, a music themed park.

Located in the sub-district of Minzhi, it is a medium sized park (by Shenzhen standards) covering 116,000 square metres and it’s become a hub of culture and sports facilities for the area.  As with most new parks that have been opened in Shenzhen over the last 2 years, such as Honey Park or Talent Park, this is impeccably green, clean and well maintained.  There are several entrances, but I suggest starting from the main gate and then walking in whichever direction you feel like.

The park plays music from hidden speakers dotted around in the foliage, this adds a relaxing ambience to your walk, the music is classical in nature with piano being the main theme.  This fits in with the huge bust of Beethoven that takes prominence. There are other music themed sculptures dotted around such as a saxophone player and a giant gramophone.  Most definitely a unique Shenzhen experience.   There is also a nice viewpoint to be had, if you ascend the 196 stairs to the viewing platform you’ll be met with a sweeping panorama of the park and the developing area below you.

Want to go?

Baishilong metro station (line 4)  exit C, Baishilong Music Park, Minzhi Subdistrict, Longhua District. 龙华区民治街道白石龙音乐公园白石龙站

Suggested time 1  hour

For music lovers, nature fans and culture vultures

Shekou Hash House Harriers – A drinking club with a running problem

We are the Shekou kennel of the Hash House Harriers (SH3), a worldwide ‘Drinking Club with a running problem’.  SH3 was founded in 1984 thus we’ll have our 35 years anniversary this year.

We meet every Saturday 12:45 at the Snake Pit Seaworld, our bus departs 13:30 for a trail run or walk in the mountains near Shenzhen.  Our runs are between 7-11 km long and occasionally up to 700m of combined ascent. The walk is shorter compared to the run trail, typically about half of it.


The trail to follow is marked with flour or chalk and there are ‘false’ trails, one will have to find the right trail or even better stay with the pack.  This is based on the paper chase game ‘Hare and Hounds’ and pretty much followed by all hash kennels around the world.

On average we have 35 ‘Hasher’ every Saturday sometimes up 80. We tend to come back to Shekou between 18:30 and 20:00 pending traffic condition. To pay for buses, water, soda and most importantly beer we charge our hashers 30/60/80 RMB kids/girls/guys per run. We are not exactly a family hash but we are family friendly with some ‘adult’ language as it is common in all hash kennels. Some hasher bring there dogs along, just we can’t guarantee that dogs are allowed on all parts of the trail since we sometimes run through parks. After we are back arrange for dinner somewhere in Shekou, cost for that is extra.



Place Address: Shekou Sea World, District C, Shop 117  (Seaworld subway station exit A) 蛇口海上世界C区117号铺

The Story of SIAFL: Shenzhen’s Top Football League For Foreigners

Football is an important part of many foreigners lives and that doesn’t change for them when they move to cities like Shenzhen. Luckily, for those who want to continue to enjoy their passion there is the Shenzhen International Amateur Football League (known as SIAFL for short). 

With the 2018 league drawing to a close on Monday 19th November, Shenzhen Party thought it was the perfect time to sit down with the league’s chairman, Johan Liden, to discuss the story of SIAFL.

Tigers take on Dragons back in SIAFL 2016

Shenzhen Party (SZP­): What is the history of SIAFL? How did it all start?

Johan Liden (JL): A group of smart Shenzhen based football enthusiasts decided to organize an expats league in 2012. The group was already involved in several teams and communities around Shenzhen and came together to create a serious league around a common set of rules.

Nick Thompson was the driving force and was chairman from the first season in 2013 all the way to last year. Nick still contributes significantly to SIAFL as part of SIAFL’s executive committee with myself and Ryan Tang. From the guys that were involved already from the beginning, Tansel Oender is still a major contributor with Inter Shenzhen, Kim Lee manager of Lunatics, and Pedro Pinto as manager of Tigers F.C. – the top three teams this season.

Devils, SIAFL 2018

SZP: What is your own personal history with the league? How did you first become involved as a player? How did your role grow from there?

JL: I came in contact with SIAFL sometime midseason 2015 when I had made friends with the guys in Tigers F.C. and started playing football with them. Then I met Nick Thompson, the SIAFL founder and chairman at that time, and we connected from day one. From there, I helped Nick out with the league in 2016 and 2017 as much as I could.

When Nick announced at the conclusion of the 2017 season that he would be busy in 2018 with work and travel and wanted to step down, the managers of the teams in SIAFL appointed myself and Ryan Tang, manager of Lions F.C., to take over the reins, so to speak. Ryan and I developed a plan for 2018 that was later confirmed at a team managers’ meeting and I took over as chairman before the 2018 season started.

Dragons, SIAFL 2018

SZP: Is there much diversity in the league in terms of ethnicity and nationality?

JL: Yes. Very much so. We have 10 teams now in SIAFL and more than 285 players have been playing in the league at different times during the season. This year, players from 52 countries have represented SIAFL teams. Football is truly global and SIAFL definitely proves that football can unite people from all over the world.

Los Turcos, SIAFL 2018

SZP: How would you describe the competitiveness of the league? What is the balance between players going to have a good time and teams looking to win?

JL: I am proud to say that SIAFL 2018 has been displaying an almost perfect mix of competitiveness and community features.

And for sure, it gets heated sometimes, that comes with the level of competitiveness. The top teams in SIAFL are very, very good for amateur football level. There are a lot of football coaches in Shenzhen and most of them play for SIAFL teams. We have several ex-professional players in SIAFL as well as guys that just like to come down once a week to try to win a game with their friends. So, diversity is there too.

This year five teams were in the fight to win the league with four to five games left. With only one game left of the season, Inter and Tigers F.C. were neck to neck at 43 points each and with two tough games remaining to be played.

In the end, Shenzhen Tigers F.C. were the SIAFL 2018 Champions after winning their last game Monday night against East Side 5-1. When title rival Inter lost to a strong Dragons side by 2-5m the Tigers secured the title 3 points clear at the top of the table.

With the league season completed, we play two knockout competitions, the Cup and the Plate. The top teams play the Cup and the team’s placed on lower league positions play the Plate. This gives teams that didn’t get good enough results during the full season, and therefore are out of contention of winning the league, to still have the opportunity to win a trophy at the end of the season.

Tigers, SIAFL 2018

SZP: Currently there are no Chinese teams in the league. Are there any plans for that change?

JL: We are looking into that. We had one Chinese team under consideration for joining SIAFL in 2018. In the end that didn’t happen. Let’s see next year. The possibility of expanding our community and league by building a bridge to the Chinese football community in Shenzhen is something that we are very keen on exploring.

Lions, SIAFL 2018

SZP: Does SIAFL arrange events on the social side of things too?

JL: We have an opening party and a closing party every season. This year we are hosted an additional, separate party to celebrate the completion of the league season and the league champion on Monday 19th November. The party started at the pitches during the games for the fans and continued after the games at our SIAFL head sponsor Xpats Bar & Grill at Central Walk in Futian.

The SIAFL 2018 season ending party will be hosted on Saturday 8th December, which also is the night when we have the Cup and Plate finals. All of this is possible thanks to the tremendous support that SIAFL receives from Xpats Bar & Grill and the owner Phenix.

Wolves (wearing green) battle for victory in SIAFL 2018

SZP: What are the future plans for SIAFL?

JL: Major changes or additions to league format and rules are decided at team managers’ meetings between seasons. We have been discussing to have a first and second division to be able to offer even more focus on competitiveness for the top division and yet offer a second division with more focus on community and having a laugh.

The format and rules of SIAFL were very smartly stipulated from the beginning and have carefully been updated and amended for six years so they work well under the specific circumstances of running an expats amateur football league in the city of Shenzhen. In short, we want to improve and add features but will do so carefully.

Pests, SIAFL 2016

SZP: What do you think makes SIAFL such an important part of the expat community in Shenzhen?

JL: First, football is the best sports ever invented in human history. Football unites and is global. Second, the structure of SIAFL is very smartly designed.

Those two factors are a great foundation. But at the end of the day, the people in SIAFL must be my answer. There were some very special and awesome people that not only founded SIAFL in the right way, they also took care of SIAFL and constantly improved our league over the years. These special guys are still a huge part of SIAFL. And of course, fantastic people attract more fantastic people. The people in SIAFL are a crazy (the good type of crazy!) and amazing group that I am very proud to be part of.

The Tigers celebrate winning SIAFL 2018

SZP: If someone wishes to join a team in the league, what is the best way to get in touch?

JL: is a good start. Register a profile there and you get access to contacting managers of the SIAFL teams.

Another way is just to come down to our games. We play most Mondays from April to December with a summer break in July and August. You find all info on our website. I also think that there is great chance to meet SIAFL people all around the city that can bring you to a football session. Any interested football fans out there can also send me a message so that I can help out pointing them in the right direction.

If I may, here at the end of this interview, I want to take the chance to express my deepest appreciation and thanks to our league head sponsor Xpats Bar & Grill and owner Phenix, and to Nick Thompson, Ryan Tang, Dmitry Antonov, and Cindy Liu for their fundamental support to SIAFL and of course to all the teams, managers, players, and fans. Together we all make it all happen.

The Final League Table for SIAFL 2018

Shenzhen Celts Gaelic Football Club – The Finest GAA & Social Club in South China!

Shenzhen Celts Gaelic Football Club – The Finest GAA & Social Club in South China!


Formed in 2004, the Shenzhen Celts have been a mainstay of the Asian Gaelic Football scene, competing in and winning many Chinese and Asian competitions. The club has both a Men’s and Women’s team, who regularly compete against our South China neighbors in Hong Kong. We are a friendly and diverse bunch that welcomes all comers, regardless of age, ability, or experience. Hon the Celts!


Outside of our dedication to the game we all love, the Celts also have a social side with events being held around the city on a regular basis. These events range from seasonal brunches to casual weekend beers, so feel free to come along and join us at any of them! Irish culture is an important part of the club, and so St. Patrick’s Day is always a bit special.


As Guangdong’s premier Gaelic Football club, we aim to create an atmosphere that promotes open-mindedness, fitness, fun, respect, and commitment. Our doors are open to all regardless of age, gender, experience, or fitness levels. If you’re interested then we hope to see you down at the pitch with us on a Friday evening soon!

Contact Details

WeChat: danlyons2905


Training Time: Fridays, 20:30

Training Location: Yunding School, Fumin, Huanggang Park, Genting Seventh Street, Futian District, Shenzhen (深圳市福田区深圳云顶学校黄冈公园第七街)

No loss of Face, at SuperFace

Shenzhen has no shortage big and beautiful night clubs… with lavish decorations, intense lighting and sound.

2019 has brought a new face to this great city… SuperFace club.

This place is no joke… hands down one of the largest most visually stunning clubs we’ve ever seen.

Unparalleled lighting, and a sound system to match.  3 story high ceiling, with a main video screen filling most of that space.

As wilth all the big Chinese style clubs, you can expect lots of EDM, big name guest DJs, loud music, heavy bass, and loads of partiers.

Lots of sofa seating around the club, along with a standup bar.  VIP,  VVIP Sofas, and private SkyBox seating.

Weekdays is at minimum per bottle to book a table depending on location. Prime areas can range from 2000-5000 & up minimum spending.

Please note that menu prices may differ on special guest DJ nights. But on regular Mon-Sun non guest DJ nights, they’re following this list
No entry fee except for special guest DJ nights

Open 7 days a week from 10pm till late (Usually 5.30 or up to 6.30am depending on the nights)

Place Address: Superface
Place Address: Dong Bin Lu Nan You Culture Plaza, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City 深圳市南山区东滨路南油文化广场
For any customer enquiries (in English): Fakim @ 13049844329
Official wechat: 时刻关注Superface最新动态
Place Phone: 0755 – 26690669

Color Snow: A Place To Ski & Snowboard Plus More

It’s not much fun being in Shenzhen if you love to ski or snowboard. After all, we are unlikely to ever get frost, let alone some snow. A new indoor venue that has opened in Nanshan, however, offers snow sports enthusiasts a much needed place to go.

Before getting carried away, we should clarify this is no Alps or Aspen, but there is a mid-sized indoor dry ski slope as well as 3D alpine ski simulators, with expert instructors available. There are only four 3D simulators of their kind in the whole of China and are used to train the national ski team. Meanwhile, the indoor ski slope is made of a high-tech composite that allows for the tilt angle and speed of the slope to be adjusted.

It’s a safe environment available all-year round for novices to learn the basics before they go out on the slopes or for seasoned skiers to get the rust off those skies before they hit the snow again.

Color Snow also has a small trampoline park too, with one-on-one teachers and group classes available, as well as rock-climbing walls for the young wannabe Alex Honnold out there.

This gem of an indoor sports complex is hidden away in an industrial park, located a little away from Daxin metro station. If you plan to check it out, it’s recommended to take a taxi or drive.

Address: 顽雪ColorSnow滑雪基地(北环大道10020)

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 13:30 to 21:30; Saturday to Sunday, 09:30 to 21:30

Tel: +86 2199 2199

Official WeChat Account: 顽雪世界

Artistry Adventures at The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan

The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan unveiled strategic partnership with renowned artwork company WEGALLERY. Starting from today, guest will be immersed in more than unsurpassed luxury, inspiring and pampering with abundant masterpieces from worldwide, interesting activities and adorable accessories.

At Westin, we are dedicated to empowering well-being for our guests, associates and the community. The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan debuts its first collaboration with WEGALLERY to define hotel as an aesthetic world of refinement and creativity, showcasing the combination of the stunning artworks from global artisans and six pillars of wellbeing at Westin Hotels &Resorts worldwide.

Together with WEGALLERY, The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan will launch a sequence of diverting hand-made activities featuring artisanry and the essence of artistry. Explore more and start your artistry adventures with WEGALLERY and The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan today.


Founded in 2010 by Mr. Simon Cheng, WEGALLERY is dedicated to promote the contemporary art and the communication between eastern and western cultures. The gallery has always been highly involved in global art fairs and actively cooperate with culture and art institutions of various countries. In addition, our WE YOUNG PROJECT identifies and embraces new ideas and development of emerging young artists.

About Westin Hotels & Resorts

Westin Hotels & Resorts, a leader in wellness and hospitality for more than a decade, lives its philosophy “For a Better You™” through the brand’s six pillars of well-being: Feel Well, Work Well, Move Well, Eat Well, Sleep Well and Play Well. At more than 200 hotels and resorts in nearly 40 countries and territories, guests can experience offerings that include the iconic Heavenly® Bed, RunWESTIN™ and Westin Gear Lending with New Balance®, delicious and nutritious SuperFoodsRx™, the innovative workspace Tangent, Westin Weekend signature experiences, and Heavenly Bath and Heavenly Spa. Westin is proud to offer Starwood Preferred Guest®, the industry’s leading loyalty program. To learn more, visit Stay connected to Westin: @westin on Twitter and Instagram and

Place Name: The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan  深圳益田威斯汀酒店
Place Address: 9028-2 Shennan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区深南大道9028-2号深圳益田威斯汀酒店
Place Phone:  0755 2698-8888

FlowLife: Time to Go Flowboarding at New Indoor Center

Want to try something new this weekend? Fancy a break from the same old routine? Then Shenzhen Party might have found the place for you. FlowLife flowboarding center in Chiwan.

Located in PW Sport Town – one of the most interesting new areas of Shenzhen – FlowLife is arguably the most eye-catching of the cool places that have opened there.

The center has an open lobby, warm-up and warm-down rooms, as well as modern changing rooms. But it’s in the flowboarding area where everything is happening; machines blast out waves constantly as seasoned pros perfect their skills alongside newbies learning the ropes with coaches. The area is well-heated and the sound system pounds with EDM to get the surfers pumped up. It really is a very, very cool atmosphere.

FlowLife offers 90-minute sessions. They start with a 20-minute warm-up and lesson, followed by 60 minutes of flowboarding with one of the coaches, and wrapped up with a 10-minute warm-down session.

I’m not going to lie. I was expecting it all to be pricey after seeing the place, but one session only costs RMB268. You can also purchase VIP cards. Top up RMB3,000 and get RMB500 extra, add RMB5,000 and get an additional RMB1,500, or go all out and top up RMB10,000 and receive a further RMB5,000.

It’s also great for parties or team building, and they have a function room upstairs with catering available on request.

So, what you waiting for? It’s time to catch some waves at FlowLife.

Address: Building A, PW Sport Town, Haiwan Road,  Zhaoshang Street, Shekou 深圳市南山区招商街道蛇口海湾路湄南河体育小镇A栋

Tel: 0755-86628876

WeChat: FlowLife拓极滑板冲浪

Ticketing Link: Click here

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 13:00-20:00, Saturday-Sunday 10:00-21:00

Review:HIBC – Laws and Policies of Foreign Investment in China

HIBC – Laws and Policies of Foreign Investment in China

As China’s economy continues to grow, more and more people are looking towards this industrious country to take advantage of its investment prospects.

Entrepreneurs and investors alike are crowding to park their wealth here and get in on the high growth opportunity. Hosting this event seemed to us like the perfect opportunity to help interested parties learn more about how to make this desire a reality.

Thank you to all the business professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs who took advantage of the valuable information provided by Anita Wang and her team of highly skilled legal consultants. Much was learned from the hour long presentation on legal policies foreigners must recognize prior to business set up in China, business cards were exchanged while new alliances were created during the networking session, and those questions that have been keeping you up at night were finally answered during the Q&A segment. Some key takeaways from this event include; best practices for setting up WFOE, labor laws and tax considerations.

Our guest speaker, legal expert Anita Wang, is a Senior Partner Lawyer at P.C. Woo and Zhonglun W.D. LLP. She graduated with a Masters in Law and is a Certified Tax Agent practicing in Guang Dong Province. The insights she provided during this event were extremely relevant to anyone serious about setting up business in China. The following points are just a summary of the information received during the event. If you have any questions about how this information relates to your business; more detailed information can be received by reaching out to our supportive team here at HIBC. Our door is always open!

What type of business entity is usually best for foreign investment? Well… a WFOE of course! With the right guidance, WFOE setup can be easy as there is currently no capital requirement for setting up this type of business, except in  some special fields like banking or insurance industries relating with finance.  We suggest having a minimum of 100 – 150 thousand RMB available for your business endeavor to give yourself adequate room to operate, but you do not need to have these funds in your Chinese business bank account all at once. One common misunderstanding of the WFOE is that a Chinese partner is required for incorporation, which is untrue as a WFOE can be set up without a Chinese national. But maybe you do have a Chinese friend you know would make an excellent business partner… Great! The other common type of business structure that many foreigners also undertake and with a Chinese person is a Joint-Venture. Now that you have your business structure set up, it’s time to think about hiring the right people for the job.

Another major area touched on by Anita was labor law, where she raised some interesting points one must acknowledge. A commonly overlooked requirement of a Chinese labor agreement is that an employer must provide social security insurance for all employees. Anita noted that if you want to end a labor arrangement, you are responsible for paying the employee a severance of [n+1 (n= years)]. For example, if an employee works for the company for 3 years, to legally terminate the employment contract, you must pay the employee a severance of 4 months wages (3+1). Anyways, the severance is up to 13 months wages (12+1).   So now you have your business structure in place AND you have a team behind you BUT are you operating within policies set in place by the government?

The final key point Anita discussed with the group was tax considerations. As she points out, the majority of businesses are taxed at an Enterprise Income Tax rate of 25%, unless operating as a Micro business enterprise or certifited Hi-tech enterprise. Other major taxes to consider are the Value Added tax and the Withholding tax. Failure to comply with appropriate tax obligations can result in some severe punishments, such as lifelong imprisonment and enormous fines. HIBC can help set up and operate your business legally to ensure proper tax obligations are met so that you can focus on what you do best, expanding your business and brand.

The Q&A session was particularly constructive as attendees raised their concerns with Anita and Cassie (Founder of HIBC). The duo took turns filling the audience in on their areas of expertise, and often the whole group converged on a topic together. These are some of the questions that were answered during this productive session.

Digant Lakhani (Manager at Kiran Gems) asked:  “When can we inform employees if we want let them go before their contract ends?”HIBC: The employee can be fired anytime during probation, if they breach the rules of the contract such as: they are found to be doing another job that seriously impacts their formal work as a consequence or they commit a crime. Due diligence must be performed to make sure the employee cannot perform the job as specified. 
Pavel Drbalek  (Purchase Manager at Evrazio Center) asked: “Is it okay to register a WFOE with a virtual office?”HIBC: If the virtual office space can provide a leasing certificate (known as Red Book), as proof that business is operating within governmental jurisdiction. At HIBC, we provide the leasing certificate to purchasers of our virtual office space, giving your business a legitimate registered address from which to operate from. 
Mathew (Founder at Pandora Parties) asked: “Can my business be registered in Qian Hai Free Trade Zone but my office location be in another area?”HIBC: Yes, this is legal for companies registered in the Qian Hai Free Trade Zone as registration in this particular area provides special allowances. Setting up business in districts such as Luohu or Futian is perfectly legal despite the business being registered in Qian Hai.
Pax (Office Manager at BM1 Trading) asked: “Why do you need a Fapiao?”HIBC: A Fapiao is proof that a transaction took place and the tax has been paid. Unlike a regular receipt that anyone can write up, a fapiao contains the official seal of the government and registers that transaction within the tax system.
Yogev (Vice-general manager at Yuan Quan Hui) : “Why have I been advised that I should first register my company in Hong Kong and then use that company as the investor company to open a WFOE in China?”HIBC: Setting up a company in Hong Kong provides many benefits which include ease of startup, proximity to mainland China, a business-friendly tax system and the ability to easily receive payments from overseas. HIBC provides business setup services for both Hong Kong and mainland China. 

Remember that laws and policies in China are constantly changing, so be sure to stay up to date when new information is available or hire qualified professionals that will keep your business in compliance so that you can focus on what you do best. At HIBC, we strive to provide our customers with a work space tailored to fit their needs and provide the best possible resources to promote and grow their business. We are happy to provide our members with exclusive events that integrate with global business trends and client interests. We hope to see more of you entrepreneurs with exceptional motivation to succeed at one of our upcoming events. Stay posted for information regarding our upcoming events by following our official WeChat account.

At HIBC, we aim to create an inclusive ecosystem that acts as a catalyst for your business. With people from diverse backgrounds and sectors all under one roof, special ideas turn into special projects. We are proud to host unique events for our members that dive deep into the latest social, cultural, technological, and business developments. That way, our community constantly stays informed and at the front of the pack as well as becoming connected with new friends and partners that attendWe hold your start-up’s hand every step of the way and supply all the tools necessary for it to grow; from company set up,  tax accounting, IP rights and strategic partnerships.

    What we do:

– Co-working space/ Serviced Office/ Co-living space

– Relocation service

-Company Registration ( WOFE & HK company)

-Accounting and Tax

-HR Service

-Law Advice

Please scan the QR code to contact us!





Weibo/ 微博:弘夏国际HIBC


Room 3807~3809/1601, Block A, Xintian CBC building, Fumin Road, Futian,


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Come here, you can make friends with people from different industries all over the world. We will hold an international business event regularly to make you work and networking together.

√ Futian CBD location, 1 min to 2metro lines, close to coco park

√ Large window, bright light, amazing view

√ Brand new western decoration,fully furnished

√ Free coffee, tea, High-speed Wifi support

√ 24/7 access

√ Flexible lease term, all fees included

√ One-stop expat business services: registration, administration, finance and tax, translation services.

Craft Head: Favorite of Craft Beer Scene Returns Better Than Ever

Craft Head has long been a stalwart of the craft beer scene in Shenzhen. They are very much a craft brewer’s brewer, and their old location in Shuiwei holds a special place in the hearts of many craft beer lovers. So when the brewer Nick and his wife Penny returned with new partners Sean and Chrissy to open a new tap house, the news was met with no small amount of excitement.

What impresses first is the new location. Transported a couple of neighborhoods away from Shuiwei to Xinzhou, the new Craft Head is located on the corner of a bustling intersection of the charming area. Situated over the second and third floors of a converted home, the views and atmosphere on their terrace is poised to become the envy of most pubs in the city.

Over the years, they have become synonymous with cider and you can still find their classics Apple, Berry, and my personal favorite, Kiwifruit. It’s perhaps their Exit Plan IPA that makes the strongest impression. Nick also uses his extensive network in the craft beer scene to bring a lively mix of guest taps too. With 16 taps on offer, you are going to want to come back time and time again to try the latest beers.

When it comes to food, the owners are principled about what they do and don’t serve. You won’t find any beef at Craft Head, and Chrissy mentioned that there is an upcoming emphasis on offering more quality vegetarian dishes too. Which is great for us, because it’s led to one of the most creative and freshest brewpub food menus around.

In place of your burgers, you have their Roujams, where they take that Chinese hamburger you find served by street vendors and give it a twist with some new mouthwatering fillings. Of the five varieties, Lamb Jam was the one that left me licking my fingers the most.

And that same fun sense of experimentation and fusion can be found all over the menu. From the criminally good Goat Cheese Wonton, to the Chef’s Meishan Special potato wedges seasoned with Sichuan spices, to the Chef’s Jian Special noodles, recipe for which comes all the way from Chrissy’s Mother’s kitchen in Jiangxi.

The new Craft Head is an absolute must try. Come for the cider and beer. Stay for the food and terrace view.

Address: Xinzhou 2nd Street and 7th Street, Line 7, Near Shawei Station (深圳市福田区新洲中心村78栋二楼(新洲二街与七街交叉口))

Tel: +86 18666297694

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 17:00-02:00, Sat-Sun 16:00-02:00

Photo Credit: SuperMonsterC of Craft Head


Nadagogo Japanese Restaurant at Wyndham Grand Shenzhen

The moment you step inside Nadagogo restaurant, it feels like stepping into Japan itself; from the elegant elm wood decoration to the warm yellow lighting to the refreshing and floral aroma of sake. These elements flow together to give a sense of quiet and of peace that transports you a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city outside. Nadagogo Japanese restaurant in Wyndham Grand Shenzhen feeds the soul as much as anything else.

“Nadagogo” takes its name from the renowned group of five sake breweries in Kobe and Nishinomiya. In honor of its namesake, the restaurant specializes in various kinds of sake. Nadagogo is separated into five areas including, Kaiseki-Ryori, Teppanyaki, Robatayaki, Tempura, and Yakitori. When you enter the restaurant, the bouquet of sake aromas will naturally lure you to the Yakitori area, which boasts of a selection of hundreds of the finest sake.

Choose any sake you wish with the “Nadagogo Sake Card”. The card allows you to sample any of the nine self-service sake machines available in the Yakitori area. Sake is divided into four categories: floral, refreshing, mellow, and aged. The staff – who are well versed in the nuances of sake – are at your service to recommend a sake that suits your tastes. With a 30 ml cup, you can spend the evening sampling many different kinds of sake and expand your palette for the Japanese rice wine. Yakitori has five private dining rooms, named after the five villages of Nadagogo: Nishi-go, Mikage-go, Uozaki-go, Nishinomiya-go, and Imazu-go. Each private dining room also has its own self-service sake machine.

Along with sake, Tempura and Robatayaki are the main specialties of a Nadagogo. Using ingredients from Japan, Tempura is cooked using a traditional technique called “Edomae”. With a thin and crispy coating, the seafood inside is sweet and succulent.

Meanhile, Robatayaki dates back to ancient Japan from when fishermen caught seafood, and they would sit around the stove with their family to share the grilled seafood together. Nadagogo maintains this warm and welcoming tradition with the layout of Robatayaki. With the chef cooking in front of you, you can see how the fresh ingredients are prepared by watching the masters’ cutting and cooking, while also chatting with the chefs themselves and enjoying a cup of sake.

Furthermore, Nadagogo has Teppanyaki and Kaiseki-ryori on a seasonal basis. Kaiseki-ryori includes eight to ten dishes such as appetizers, soup, sashimi, yakimono, nimono, agemono, and a dessert, to name but a few.

The authentic and exquisite Japanese cuisine is prepared by the six-star team of chefs at Nadagogo. The chefs hail from Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and possess many years of experience in five-star hotels and Michelin star restaurants.

Chief among them is Sho Ota. Having collected awards everywhere he has gone during his career of more than ten years, Ota’s mission is to bring unique Japanese cuisine to the food connoisseurs of Shenzhen.

Guided by the principle of “cooking fresh ingredients with heart”, Nadagogo aspires to bring guests not only a taste of authentic and beautifully realized Japanese cuisine, but also the tranquility and peace of the county’s culture.

For more information, please call Nadagogo Japanese restaurant directly via 0755-88398330.

Place Name: Nadagogo
Place Address: Wyndham Grand Shenzhen 3F, 2009 Caitian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen 深圳市福田区彩田路2009号深圳温德姆至尊酒店三楼
Place Phone: 0755-88398330 or 0755-82998888 ext. 8606

ICC Badminton Club – Shenzhen: A Sports Team On The Rise

ICC Badminton Club – Shenzhen was founded in 2016 as part of the ICC Sports Club under the management of Indian Curry Café Restaurant. Since then, the club has participated in all major badminton tournaments happening in and around Shenzhen. The ICC Chunks and ICC Devils are two different men’s doubles team representing ICC Badminton Club in all major tournaments. The club runs in close connection with the ICC Chunks Cricket Club, one of Shenzhen’s top cricket teams, also established in the same year. 

The club took part in the Shenzhen Badminton League 1 in 2017. It was a tough first year, but the team learned from their mistakes. The players worked on their approach and with support from Indian Curry Café, the team has been going from strength to strength since.

In 2018 in the Shenzhen Badminton League 2, the club contested as two separate teams, ICC Chunks & ICC Devils. Both teams showed great team spirit and their true potential, winning the championship and finishing as runners up respectively. In January 2019, the club added one more title to their collection by winning the badminton championship organized by Guangzhou GMC. 

Behind the success story of the club are a number of passionate people. John, the Manager of ICC Sports Club, is at the heart of everything the club does. Chris Michael, the captain of the ICC Cricket Club, tours with the badminton teams as well as helping prepare and motivate them for their tournaments. Of course, there are the players too. Nixon Antony (NIXI) and Labeeb Muhammed (LABI) represent the ICC Chunks, while Prayag Praveen (RAY) and Collin Raymond (COLLIN) represent the ICC Devils. Not forgetting Aadi, who played for the ICC Chunks during the 2018 season.  

Indian Curry Café is famous for their authentic Indian taste, particularly in South China, and especially in Shenzhen. Now, they are adding more flavors to their name through sports.

For more information, call John on 13424313585 or add him on WeChat at “JohnPriyanka0755”.  

Place Address: 

Century plaza hotel, 3rd floor, chunfeng rd, luohu, SZ(near renmin south station, C exit 9line)

Place Phone: 


Shenzhen Games: The Largest Video Game and Console Retailer in South China

Get the latest releases

Shenzhen Games offers the latest in video games, accessories, and consoles like Playstation 4, Playstation VR, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, both new and second hand.

Sell or trade your old games and consoles 

At Shenzhen Games, we will buy the old games and consoles you no longer want or you can trade them for new ones. Whichever you prefer, we will handle the shipping and costs.

Region-free consoles

We understand how important it is to have a region-free console. That’s why we only sell region-free US or Hong Kong consoles, rather than region-locked Chinese consoles.

Free delivery that is fast and secure

Shenzhen Games offers free delivery on regular orders of consoles and games and we pride ourselves on making sure you receive your orders as soon as possible. Deliveries are sent via SF Express and will arrive the next day or the day after, depending on where you live.

All deliveries are secure and we will give you your tracking number so you can track your order via the SF Express website and see exactly where your order is, when it will arrive, and the mobile number of the courier in case you need to get in contact.

One-year warranty

All consoles and accessories, whether new or second hand, come with a one year warranty.

A company you can trust

Shenzhen Games have been active for four years now. During which time, we have sold hundreds of consoles and thousands of games. For that, we would like to share our gratitude with all our friends across China for supporting Shenzhen Games and thank you for choosing us as your number one games and console provider.

Contact us today

For more information, please add us on WeChat at “shenzhengames”.

Place Address:


Place Phone:


We Are Offering Free Law Consulting Service Now!

Free Law Consulting Service
What should an expat do when having labor dispute with the employer?Or when having disputes with the landlord or the agent?Or when wanting to start a business in China? Don’t worry! Free law services for expatriates are coming soon!



Shekou Management and Service Center for Expats will officially launch the Free Law Consulting Services for Expats on March 1st, 2019. An agreement was signed with lawyer Xiong Daikun and her team members from the Guanghe Law Firm that they will provide law consulting supports. The launching of free law services aims at fully implementing the rule of law, promoting opening-up, ensuring expats’ legal rights in China and maintaining the harmony of community.

Case sharing from Ms. Xiong

Ms. Xiong holds an LLM in International Business Law from the University of Wales, UK, and has both practiced law overseas as well as working as an in-house lawyer in a Fortune 500 company, accumulating rich experience in both litigation and non-litigation areas through more than 20 years of practice. Currently Ms. Xiong is the head of the International Business Committee of Guanghe Law Firm. She is also a Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Guangdong Lawyers Association as well as a Council Member of the Qianhai Belt & Road Legal Services Federation. In 2018, she was selected as the National Top 1000 Foreign-related Lawyers by the Ministry of Justice.

Lawyer Ms. Xiong

Ms. Xiong has successfully cooperated with MSCE for several times, offering professional consulting services for many expats. This cooperation will be a good chance for both to make more expats have convenient law consultation.熊律师曾与中心成功展开多次密切合作,为许多外籍人士提供了专业的法律咨询,希望这次签约合作能为更多境外人士提供便利,解答疑惑。

Ms. Xiong is sharing IIT law with expats.

Consultation services are kicking off on March 1st, 2019 and will be offered from 9am to 12pm every Friday at MSCE. Appointments are required and the deadline for appointment is 12pm of every Thursday. The consulting time for each person is within 30 minutes.
Scan the QR code below to make an appointment
We are Shekou Management Service Center for Expats. All the services we provide are to make your life in Shekou easier and more convenient.
Subscribe us for more information

Place Name: Management and Service Center for Expats 蛇口境外人员管理服务中心
Place Address: The intersection of Nanshui Street and Shiyun Road, Shekou Street, Nanshan District MTR: Dongjiaotou D exit; Bus: Shekou theater
蛇口街道南水步行街海洋博物馆 地铁:东角头D出口;公交站:蛇口戏院
Place Phone:  0755-26678381