Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai & Dive For Love to Run Family Day CSR Activities in Shenzhen


The Corporate Social Responsibility activity “No Plastic, Dive4Love” family day, organized by Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai and NGO Dive4Love, involves almost 30 family volunteers from online recruitment and targeted invitation of VIP customers. All the family volunteers had acknowledged the information on whale protection, harms from plastic product to ocean, as well as the profound importance and meaning for us to protect the ocean.


In the diving training, the professional diving trainers had taught kids on warm up exercise, how to wear dive equipment, diving skills, as well as simulation of watching corals in the water. On the other hand, an invited fisherman was teaching kids on how to re-make a used fishing net into useful net, to make it sustainable and green for the environment.

Hilton Group advocates all the Hilton hotels to take part in “No Plastic” initiative all over the world, hotel representative explained, we believe that through partnerships like Dive4Love, we can achieve significant social impact. We thank both companies for getting involved, and we will definitely invite more people to join us in the future.

Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai

Ideally located in the core area of Shenzhen’s western coastal city belt, the Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai hotel faces Shenzhen Bay on the west, takes only 5 minutes to reach Shekou Ferry Terminal metro station and 15 minutes’ drive to Shekou Cruise Centre, offering easy access to Hong Kong International Airport in 30 minutes. Guest can also easily reach Hong Kong Central, Macau and Zhuhai via one hour ferry transfers. Locates in an established, expatriate-friendly international community near many shopping and leisure options, guests could go to V&A museum, historical attractions for leisure and relaxation.


Dive4Love is a coral conservation NGO that initiated by Duyouhike, under the support of Dapeng New District Administration Committee, who concentrates on promoting coral reef ecosystem recovery around Dapeng Bay and Daya Bay. With underwater practices, science educations as well as advertising and demonstration to the public, we are also trying to promote cross-border cooperation between the general public, enterprises, government and different social organizations, which eventually will prevent the society from excessive exploitation of the ocean and provide an appropriate environment for coral reef ecosystem.

After 7 years’ explorations and practices, taking “Planting Coral, Inspiring People” as slogan, we have set up two major charity campaigns: Dive4Love Coral Conservation and Dive4Love Lectures. By doing so, we’re aiming to achieve one of the world renowned coral conservation platforms in 2022.




浮潜培训活动中,专业的浮潜教练向小朋友传授如何进行浮潜前的热身运动、如何穿着浮潜装备、浮潜的基本技巧、并模拟在水中观看珊瑚作业的情形; 同时,在另外一侧酒店草坪区域,一位特邀的专业渔民叔叔正在教小朋友们如何将废弃的渔网编制成网兜,使之可以再次利用,变废为宝。







Place Name: Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai 深圳蛇口希尔顿南海酒店
Place Address: 1177 Wanghai Rd, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区望海路1177号
Place Phone: 0755 2162 8888

Difference Between an Accountant and a Bookkeeper


This article is originally found here: https://www.globalfromasia.com/accountingandbookkeeping/

All too often we can’t wait to get our Hong Kong limited open.

You’ve been enjoying the Global From Asia podcast and blogs here on the site. Now you are looking into what are the ongoing costs.

We had a popular post for the Upkeep for HK company, today we are going to focus specifically on:

What is the difference between an accountant and an auditor?

Drink so coffee (or tea) and don’t sleep on me here. Yes, this stuff can get dry – but the more we understand it, the better business owners we can be!

Accountant Definition

What is an accountant?

Think there are 2 cases.

Case one is the accountant as a bookkeeper. He or she will receive all your financial statements, either by paper or online access. They will setup your books and chart of accountants. You will then watch in awe as they classify your transactions in different income and expense accounts.

Bookkeeping should be upkept throughout the year. Ideally real time. Of course there are many of us with not tons of activity on a daily basis and we can’t afford to have a full time accountant. So I recommend weekly.

It’s not just for the work, but also for you as a business owner. To look at the numbers, the reports, the summary and see your business as a dashboard.

So this type of accountant is a bookkeeper.

The second option is the accountant as a tax form filing specialist. They specialize in a certain geography / government. Let’s say for here its Hong Kong. They know what all the different tax forms are, how to fill them out. Also, if they have experience, they will be able to tell you how to best keep the forms filled out. How to optimize your tax strategy.

This type of accountant is I believe what most of us think of when we hear a tax accountant. Having a good grasp of that government’s tax law and advising clients how to file for their personal and/or businesses.

Auditor Definition

Auditor, for many Americans (myself included) will cringe. We all hear about an IRS tax audit. The mental picture I get is a group of government officials in suits pounding on your office door to do a sudden check on your books. The business owner rushing to shred all the documents before they break the door down.

Do you get such a dramatic mental picture as that?

Well, that isn’t what we’re doing here – at least in the Global From Asia – Hong Kong tax sense. An audit here is one you pay a Hong Kong CPA (certified professional accountant) to check your books.

This auditor is the same as those who are rummaging through your shredded documents but this time you pay them to do it. Or at least you’re required by the Hong Kong Internal Revenue Department (IRD) to do so.

They will not enter your transactions into an accounting system or excel. That you should have done already. What they will do is check over your financial statements such as your profit and loss statement and balance sheet. They’ll see if it makes sense. Such things as your margins, your expense account sizes in comparison to your revenue numbers. Are you hiding something.

They are to snoop around in your financial statements, and your transaction history looking for things that may not add up.

This is their job. And they are using their expertise – AND LICENSE – to do it.

You may ask yourself, why would they dig into it if I’m the one paying them. Wouldn’t they want to keep me as the paying client happy?

You would think so – but the Hong Kong government gives them a license. Their job is on the line. If they don’t do their job and the IRD checks it later and feels the CPA was negligible, they jeopardize their license.

Make sense?

An Accountant Can Also Be An Auditor

You can use the same person to do both of these tasks. They will accept it, because it means more money for them!

It may make sense too. They will understand the books as they have been working with you on entering the transactions and speaking to you throughout the year on questions you have. You should have a good regular communication flow with your accountant. Alert them of new products, services, and other financial related changes in your business. Taking a new business loan? Might be a good time to alert your accountant, so they can add that as a new account in your bookkeeping system.

Will You Save Money If You Use An Accountant As Your Auditor?

I’m sure you’re wondering, will you save money if you combine your accountant and auditor? I would say yes. There are a few ways you can say it will save you money:

1) They can give you a lower bundle price than separating the services.
2) They can save time in the audit as they know the books already.
3) You will spend less of your own time re-explaining the situation 2 times.

But, you also need to remember, for a Hong Kong company audit, you need a Hong Kong local accredited CPA. Hong Kong, as we have found out from these blogs in the past, is not the cheapest. Check out cost of living in Hong Kong article for examples. So of course those costs will reflected in your pricing.

You can use an accountant anywhere in the world. you may save money on the accounting side if you outsource or have your own staff do it. Then you only use a local Hong Kong CPA to check over the books and submit the auditor’s report.

Doing that may save money as a total bundle price – but dollar for dollar – the coordination and back and forth of your own time may drag you down a bit.

It comes down to how well organized you can be.

What To Look For In An Accountant for your Hong Kong Books

So we discussed the differences, now what should you look for in an accountant. I’ve seen some people I have worked with who use an American based accountant to do it.

You can use an accountant based anywhere in the world.

While we can provide this service and would love to work with you on your case. Yet to be clear, your accountant can be someone you find on Upwork. You pay to have someone do your transactions entry in Xero or Quickbooks. Also we’re a Certified Quickbooks Advisor in Hong Kong, so look for that from others you may hire.

Some tips in looking for your accountant:

  • Multi-currency experience.

    The beauty of Hong Kong for your global business is the multi-currency accounts. But for accountants, that is an added complexity. Ask your accountant if he or she has ever done bookkeeping for someone who has a wide range of currencies, and multi-currency bank accounts.

  • Do you have multiple entities in other countries?

    Do you also have a USA company or mainland Chinese company? Maybe you have an outsourcing center in Philippines. Who is doing the accounting there? What is the relationship of those companies to this company? Will you have those books done by this same accountant, or will you have a separate bookkeeper for that country? This is something the accountant you are looking to hire will need to know.

  • Do you have a lot of transactions?

    Are you an online based business with a lot of Paypal and merchant account transactions? Especially in B2C, you will have a lot of small purchases. Do you expect your accountant to have experience with these e-commerce payment systems? Many accountants are not familiar with this and you should keep on top of this before it gets out of hand.

  • Do you expect them to be “online” based or “offline” based?

    As mentioned in point 3, many accountants still haven’t fully embraced the internet and computers. Don’t laugh! At least in Hong Kong, many still are getting a grasp of keeping on top of their email inbox! In your communication with the potential accountant, see what types of communication methods they prefer.

  • Can they work direct with your online banking systems?

    When doing the transaction entry, can they work direct with your online banking systems? Again, technology. I imagine if you’re reading this blog post – then you are tech savvy. More than many of the accountants you may find out there! I am not trying to make a jab. Spoken from experience, do you expect the accountant to be able to login to your online banking with their own logins? Will you be OK with sending them a bunch of PDFs? Heck, maybe some will even want you to mail them the physical paper statements!

This is just a small list. Of course you have to trust them! And you have to agree with the way to communicate. Don’t get into the deal to only get frustrated with them later on when they are slow to respond to your emails. The only way I can reach a lot of accountants is to call them and schedule an appointment at their office in Hong Kong!

The Traditional Flow of Accountant And Auditor in HK

So let’s put this into context. You have a new Hong Kong limited company, and it’s B2B import export trading. You opened the company and then got approved for an HSBC Hong Kong bank account.

Your agency got you to sign up for their bookkeeping service, and you may send them your bank statements. You don’t have too many transactions, so you just send it to them monthly when you get the statements.

They enter the transactions into their accounting software. Many of them do not use online based accounting software and it will be locally stored on their computers in their office. A lot of times it isn’t even on a computer but instead written down on paper! Yes, this blog post is being written in the year 2016!

After about a year, you fly into Hong Kong to do some banking updates, maybe go to a trade show or 2, and check in with your accountant. You hand them a stack of receipts and your paper statements that the bank has been sending you. If you elect to pay the extra fee for the paper statements rather than e-statements, or you can print them out.

They prepare the books, and the accountant may have a few questions about some transactions in your business. You also want to make sure that your accountant understands all parts of your business, and also any kind of shareholder loans or special cash accounts, etc. If they are good, they will give you some ideas on how to better maximize your tax preparation, and other tips to optimize your company financials.

The first year you have a few extra months to file your audit, so let’s say you wait until the 18 months past. The accountant can also act as the auditor (If they are an accredited HK CPA) and they will prepare the auditor report and profit tax return. They will present it to you and show you your tax liability. You’ll then accept it by signing off, and then submitting everything to the Hong Kong IRD (Internal Revenue Department)

Then you go about your normal business life for the next 12 months, until you need to repeat the process above.

Moving to More Online Based Accounting Flow

So, we’re all lovers of the internet age. We are reading this guide online, off our mobile phone, listening to a podcast while in an airport in Dubai.

The internet is good.

So we work with an accountant who is more online based. We find one online, not based in Hong Kong, and work out a monthly payment plan. Maybe they offer packages. You signup, and get a renewing credit card transaction agreement going.

Talking to an account rep on email, they tell you to pick an online accounting software of your choice. Xero, Quickbooks, or the many others. You will also need to get a plan that works with multiple currencies, so they are normally a bit more than the basic software. You’ll get setup and link your online banking (HSBC HK supports Quickbooks), Paypal, and other systems. This can be tricky, and hopefully the accounting agency can work with you to make sure it all syncs up.

Once the initial setup is going, you have them enter the transactions manually that may not come from Paypal and online merchant accounts, such things as petty cash. You’ll also probably have times you need to explain certain transactions so they are classified correctly.

The year goes by, and you need to prepare for your HK audit.

Your Hong Kong company secretary will email you that you received a profit tax return from the HK IRD. You’ll have a few months to prepare your books and prepare the auditor’s report. This can be done with the referral of the company secretary, or you can use another accountant, CPA – auditor. Up to you.

The auditor will check the books, and ensure that you have properly accounted for revenues and outflows and he/she is willing to sign off that the books are legitimate. This is the risk of their certification and relationship with the HKICPA – Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. If later the books seem “Cooked” – I’m sure the HK tax department will question the auditor on why they didn’t find this issue at the audit step.

Once you agree with all the books, the auditor report, you’ll need to sign and submit the profit and tax return. Write the check, and you’re done.

How Much Does This Cost? Comparison

So let’s think about how this all comes together. There are a few different things you need (recommended to get)

  • Accounting software.

    In today’s online world, and the fact that you’re reading this blog post off your computer monitor instead of a printed newspaper, you need software to balance things. Most choose Xero or Quickbooks. Maybe also better to ask your bookkeeper what they are familiar with. Cost – 20 to 40 US dollars a month. If you have an international business, you’ll need the more expensive multi-currency account options.

  • Bookkeeper.

    You can outsource this, with a HK accounting firm, with your own staff, or you can do it yourself! It is best to have someone on call in case there are questions or issues that arise later. Plus when there is a transaction you are not sure how to classify, the bookkeeper and accounting specialist is there to help out.Cost. Depends on how much activity you have. Let’s say from the $150 USD to $400 USD a month. Again, you can always opt to do your own bookkeeping, or have someone in your organization do it.

  • Audit.

    Yes, this is where people wonder how much will it cost. And online you won’t find anywhere that has a standard table of prices for a Hong Kong auditor’s report. Price depends on the amount of transactions, how many revenue streams, how good your books are kept, and how familiar the auditor is with your type of business.Cost – Depends on how many transactions, how active, etc etc. But I know you want a range. Low is 900 US dollars and high is up to $2,500 USD. The higher range is when you’re in the millions of dollars in revenue and it shouldn’t be as big of a cost as a percent of your profits. The lower range I have found is harder for the smaller businesses still finding their traction.

  • Signing and mailing the profit tax return

    This will need to be filled out and signed by you, or one of the directors.Cost. The courier fees from Hong Kong and back. This needs to be mailed to your Hong Kong address, and if you’re living and working overseas, it will need to be signed by you. Or you can always take a trip to Hong Kong for this process. I always recommend meeting your company secretary, accountant and auditor yearly. Make sure you are comfortable with everything. Check in with the year in the past, talk about the future year.

Remember – Accountant Can Be Anywhere, CPA For Audit Must Be in Hong Kong

So we have drove this topic home for you. You can do your bookkeeping and accounting data entry from anywhere in the world. This person should have experience balancing company books, general ledgers, and online accounting software.

You, as the overachiever entrepreneur, may want to learn to do this yourself. I respect that. Heck, I remember learning it on Sunday afternoons back in 2004 with my first e-commerce business! Taking a Quickbooks training seminar in NYC and trying my best to classify everything. It is a good skill to have, to understand the inflows and outflows of your business.

Yet I can imagine it may not be your favorite task to do. Find someone in your company, or a trusted accounting firm to take care of it for you.

But, as skilled and knowledgeable about this as you are – you cannot do your own audit. A Hong Kong licensed CPA must do it. And, I know it is frustrating – the price is not black and white. Budget around $1,500 USD for it, a bit more if you’re in the multi-millions in US dollar revenue.

Have the books as “Clean” and prepared as possible for the auditor. The price will be lower than if it is just a big pile of financial statements.

How About Your Experience?

How has your experience been dealing with accountants and auditors? Of course I’m more focused on Hong Kong today, but even if its in America or other places- any tips for dealing with these consultants?

I’d love to hear it, as well as other readers – so please leave your comments below!

Also, our company offers bookkeeping services and audit reports – we’d love to work with you!

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge To Open Next Tuesday

Video from:South China Morning Post 

It’s set to become the world’s longest sea crossing, completely revolutionize the way people travel between Macau and Hong Kong, and be a giant step forward in the government’s Greater Bay area project, but the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HKZMB) has been a long time coming. Despite some delays and controversy, the bridge is set to open next Tuesday. Shenzhen Party went to work to discover the details about the seemingly imminent unveiling.

What is the bridge?

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, or HKZMB for short, is a sea crossing that links the Mainland China via Zhuhai with Macau and Hong Kong. The bridge stretches a whopping 55 kilometers (34 miles), making it the longest sea crossing in the world.

The HKZMB has been plagued by its fair share of issues over the years. It was originally meant to be opened by 2016, but a series of controversies involving accidents on the bridge, overspending of budgets, and investigations into corruption has caused it to be delayed until now. But when looking past the setbacks, it’s exciting to see the new opportunities the bridge will bring to the region.

Previously, travelers had to take the ferry to travel directly between Hong Kong and Zhuhai or Macau, or travel indirectly by vehicle north through Shenzhen, across the Pearl River Delta, and south again. Now, with the opening of the HKZMB, travelers can travel directly by car, taxi, or bus. The impact of this cannot be overstated.

Travel times are about to be reduced massively. While before it would take 3 to 4 hours to travel by car from Macau or Zhuhai to Hong Kong, with the HKZMB it will only take 30 minutes.

Also, the HKZMB is open 24 hours. Unlike a number of the other borders between Hong Kong and Mainland China, travelers are free to cross whenever they need.

Interestingly, and perhaps most importantly, the bridge is cheaper than taking a ferry. Speaking of which…

How much does it cost?

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Authority recently released information on the toll prices for the sea crossing. More information is inspected once the bridge is officially opened and it should be noted that the information is still subject to change.

Vehicle type Cost (per vehicle)
Shuttle Bus RMB300
Cross-Border Coach RMB200
Car/Taxi RMB150
Cargo Truck RMB115
Ordinary Truck RMB60

When is it opening?

Now, that has been the million (Hong Kong) dollar question for the past couple of years.

The bridge was meant to open back in 2016, but there have been several setbacks that have seen the project delayed until now. We’ve heard rough dates for the opening before, only to be disappointed later.

But this time seems to be different, with the government confirming a set opening date of Tuesday October 23rd. Check back regularly with Shenzhen Party for more news when the bridge opens and also tips on how to use the bridge.

All Photos from: http://www.hzmb.org; http://www.hzmb.hk/ 

[Winner Announcement] Clockenflap: Hong Kong’s Music & Arts Festival 2018

ShenzhenParty.com is very proud to hold a contest for Clockenflap: Hong Kong’s Music & Arts Festival 2018. We are pleased to announce that the winner of the contest is as below. Congratulations!!

Clockenflap: Hong Kong’s Music & Arts Festival 2018 Winners: 

Zena Wong  

Ryan Esser   

James david   

Congratulations to the winners above!! :) Also thanks to everyone who attended the contest. We look forward to seeing you all at our next contest in the future. Be prepared, you just might be the next winner!!

My Shenzhen Mission: Bringing ‘Tech’ to ‘non-Technicals’

Hi, I am Markey Tan and this is my story of how I came to start a coding bootcamp in Shenzhen.

It started just like how it starts for so many others out there. I went to university to study the subjects of my choosing; political science and international relations, all the while increasingly getting conscious of the problems around me and constantly coming up with the ideas to solve them.

By the time I graduated, I was all stoked and couldn’t wait to entrepreneur the crap out of my ideas. Only to realize that ideas, no matter how good and enthusiasm can only take you so far and what I needed was business skills. So, I did what every fresh out of the university, aspiring entrepreneur does: I went to business school.

I chose to do my masters in business management at the Peking University in Shenzhen. I couldn’t have chosen a better city to study in.

Shenzhen was a dream come true for my entrepreneurial mind that by now was brimming with ideas. Plus, it comes to the era that all devices can be connected with the Internet. Then Shenzhen must be the place!

With its ever-growing international community, a strong spirit of entrepreneurship and all sort of resources available at my fingertips, I was sure to be able to launch my project in no time but even though I had a clear business plan and knew all that I needed to know or so I thought, I still found myself on the outside of things looking in.

My year 2017 would be spent working as a co-founder of China Channel. In the process, I really had a blast setting up large-scale events related to China Digital Marketing. I was using Tencent WeChat to its full extent every day for growth, management, and communications.

It was there, among some of the most brilliant entrepreneurial and business minds that I realized what I had been missing in my arsenal: technical skills.

Too often, I had an idea for a product or a service. I had done my research and it was most definitely needed. I had a business model, I had a marketing plan, I had projections, and everything else, except a way to talk to my tech team. They spoke a language, I didn’t understand and I couldn’t clearly relay what I was looking for. Even though I had complete confidence in their capabilities, I felt alienated throughout the design process. I was once again on the outside of things. How could I call it my product when I didn’t know anything about its inner workings?

CHina CHat is the largest international Chinese Digital Marketing conference in the World

It was now clear to me why so many genius ideas remain just that, Ideas. The lack of technical know-how in the business minds keeps them from realizing their dream projects.

I decided to tackle this technical difficulty head-on by going back to school to learn to code, as if the universe was waiting for me to make this decision; I meet Thibault of Le Wagon China.

He told me what he does, I told him what all I wanted to do, long story short, instead of spending what could possibly have been years, I am on way to a 9-weeks coding bootcamp.

Le Wagon batch #151 in Chengdu, West China

Why did I or should anyone else join the Le Wagon coding bootcamp?

First of all, isn’t it better to test the waters by joining a 9-weeks program before plunging headfirst into what can be at the least a year-long course, only to realize it is not something for you and dropping out mid-semester?

Second and I know this through experience, Le Wagon coding bootcamps are not designed to beat the coding into you but to ease you into the world of computer languages and programming so that after the camp, you can choose whether you want to continue learning or if you’ve learned all that you needed.

Third, and this was the reason that I joined the bootcamp, wouldn’t it be nice if you can be more involved in the actual realization of your brain-child and be able to understand what your technical team is talking about at your next staff meeting? It’s not for no reason that Bill Gates dropped out of pre-law and chose computer science. Also to myself, I always came up with the idea. Then this is perfect for me to just make it come true with Le Wagon tools that I’ve learned within 9 weeks.

And last but not the least, you will be learning in a friendly, non-classroom environment from highly skilled, seasoned, coders who won’t only give you theoretical knowledge but teach you how to implement it.

Back to my story. We fast forward to 9 weeks later. I am done with the Le Wagon bootcamp and was I glad that I went. Not only did I learn a programming language, albeit basic (hey, it was a big deal for someone with a non-technical background like me), my fear of all things programming related is gone! Now, I can continue learning on my own with the help of the books that didn’t even dare look at the cover of.

And, the cherry on top of this awesome sundae is that now I am more involved in my projects and can understand when my developers tell me that there is a ‘technical problem’ and not just stare him blankly in the face as they go on explaining it.

Who should attend Le Wagon coding bootcamp?

Everyone! In this day and age when programming is fast becoming the most widely spoken language of the world, it doesn’t matter whether you are a student, entrepreneur, salesman, marketing specialist, financial consultant or English teacher… You got to know the what, how and why of those dozens of applications and smart gadgets you are using. Especially if you are living in China.

Now that you are all excited to give it a try, where can you attend a Le Wagon bootcamp?

Le Wagon is currently present in 29 cities across the globe and as I couldn’t keep the benefit of this mind-blowing program to myself, I have decided to bring Le Wagon to Shenzhen!

Why Shenzhen?

If not here then where? Shenzhen boasts and for no small reasons, its new-found status of being the tech and gadget capital of China. It is home to some of the biggest tech giants like Tencent, Huawei, DJI, BYD and ZTE of our time.

In just 40 years, what was a fisherman’s village has gone from being the hardware manufacturing city to now quickly becoming the tech capital of the country.

With its strategically superior location in Greater Bay Area, manufacturing facilities, diverse international culture, Shenzhen is where the startup dreams come true.

Despite attracting a vast entrepreneurial crowd, there is one major problem.

The talent pool in Shenzhen is divided into two groups, one with genius ideas and the other with technical skills to turn it into reality.

Because of the communication gap, one can’t explain to the other what it is that they want in their product or if it is at all possible.

So even when the two are able to come together, the outcome is most of the times, less than satisfactory or not all what they initially hoped and planned for. As a result, most startups don’t even get to see the light of day and die out during the execution and, the ones that do get launched, their life is short lived.

With Le Wagon coding bootcamp, I wish to bridge that gap in knowledge and communication in tech in Shenzhen.

So, if you are someone who has a business idea but don’t know how to go about executing it, a young professional who wants to get a taste of programming or a senior executive in a tech company. Le Wagon Shenzhen is now here for you.

The Mission in Shenzhen

We are really excited about working with the young business minds, seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs of Shenzhen to bridge the gap between techs and non-techs. Our passionate programming teachers are eager to share their knowledge with anyone and everyone willing to make a step to help themselves.

A community empowered with knowledge will make for a better, stronger Shenzhen.

If you are in Shenzhen and would like to know more about our mission, contact me!

👉 markey@lewagon.org

For more: https://medium.com/le-wagon/shenzhen-mission-bringing-tech-to-non-technicals-d5aceb497925

Marriott International Held 2018 ‘Run to Give’ Charity Run in Greater China Region

2018 ‘Run to Give’ 万豪国际集团大中华区慈善跑华南区深圳及惠州分会

筹善款逾人民币14万元 支持微笑行动救助中国唇腭裂患儿

Marriott International held 2018 ‘Run to Give’ in Greater China region

Shenzhen & Huizhou sub council raising RMB 141,007.43

for Operation Smile to support Chinese children with cleft conditions

万豪国际集团大中华区2018 ‘Run to Give’ 慈善跑于9月16日圆满落幕, 超过7,450名万豪员工加入跑步行列,为唇腭裂患儿“跑出微笑”。此次慈善跑由290间万豪旗下酒店在全国60个城市同时举行。活动共筹得善款逾人民币120万元,将全部捐赠予微笑行动 (Operation Smile),用于救助中国唇腭裂患儿。

Marriott International held 2018 ‘Run to Give’ charity run in Greater China region on 16th September and has raised over 1.2 million RMB for Operation Smile, all proceeds generated from the event will be used to support safe and quality surgeries for the children with cleft lip and cleft palate in China. 290 Marriott hotels in 60 cities jointly supported this meaningful charity event with the attendance of more than 7,450 associates.

深圳及惠州区2018 ‘Run to Give’ 慈善跑于10月13日圆满落幕, 超过777名深圳及惠州区万豪员工及客人加入跑步行列,为唇腭裂患儿“跑出微笑”。此次慈善跑由20间万豪旗下酒店在深圳大梅沙京基喜来登酒店举行。活动共筹得善款人民币141,007.43元,将全部捐赠予微笑行动 (Operation Smile),用于救助中国唇腭裂患儿。活动期间,由商委会工程、市场销售、房务及青年商务委员会等根据自身独特特征所打造的创意集市更为本次活动增添了无限乐趣。活动参与者不仅选购到了自己喜欢的物品,更为此次活动捐赠了无限的爱心。

Marriott International held 2018 ‘Run to Give’ charity run in Shenzhen and Huizhou on 13th October and has raised over RMB 141,007.43 for Operation Smile, all proceeds generated from the event will be used to support safe and quality surgeries for the children with cleft lip and cleft palate in China. 20 Marriott hotels in Shenzhen and Huizhou jointly supported this meaningful charity event with the attendance of more than 777 associates.

万豪国际集团大中华区商委会主席潘小莺表示,“万豪国际集团作为全球最大的酒店集团,在127个国家与地区拥有超过6500家酒店,我们服务理念的根基是传承了90年的万豪文化—‘以人为本’。2017年,万豪国际启动全新平台 Serve 360: Doing Good in Every Direction(善行360度)并以此作为可持续发展与社会影响力行动指南。秉承善行原则之一 ‘改善社区并为需要的儿童提供救助与支持’, 万豪大中华区商委会发起 2018‘Run to Give’ 慈善跑,我们感谢各地万豪酒店与员工团队为此付出的努力,更相信通过大家的支持,微笑行动可以为中国唇腭裂患儿开展更多义诊。”

“As the largest hotel group in the world, Marriott International has more than 6,500 properties across 127 countries and territories, the foundation of our service philosophy is Marriott Culture that was perpetuated for 90 years — ‘Put People First’. In 2017, Marriott International launched a new platform Serve 360: Doing Good in Every Direction as our social impact and sustainability development guideline. Align with ‘Nurture Our World’ , one of the principles in Serve 360, we initiated 2018 ‘Run to Give’ to support Operation Smile to carry out more missions for Chinese children with cleft conditions. It is delighted to see our associates make big efforts on this with great passion and believe that together we can improve our community and deliver aid to children in times of need.” said Angela Pan, the Guidance Team Member of Marriott Worldwide Business Councils, Greater China.


Marriott International has been supporting Operation Smile since 2008 and till now, more than 1,000 Marriott volunteers have been involved in the missions Operation Smile executed across China, meanwhile,  Marriott hotels in Greater China region also provide complimentary accommodation for international medical volunteers from all over the world.

国际微笑行动大中华区总裁王晓卫表示,“国际微笑行动在中国开展义诊活动27年以来,累计救助的唇腭裂患者超过3万名,成功的义诊与每个帮助我们的人分不开。感谢万豪集团十年来对微笑行动一如既往的支持和帮助,也非常感谢万豪志愿者为义诊服务的热情。今年的 ‘Run to Give’ 慈善跑让我很受启发,这种充满活力的方式让更多人加入了我们的行列,宣传健康的同时做一件好事,去帮助贫困唇腭裂患儿重获美丽的微笑。 希望将来我们还会一起奔跑下去,用关爱的力量去帮助更多需要我们的人。”

Dr. Wang Xiao Wei, the President of Operation Smile Greater China expressed “Operation Smile conducted the first mission in China 27 years ago and over the years we have treated over 30,000 cleft lip and palate patients, this achievement is a joint effort from all of our individual and corporate supporters. We are very grateful to the continuous support from Marriott Group. And for more than 10 years, the passions and professionalism demonstrated by the Marriott volunteers who participated at our medical mission has extended tremendous help for the smooth delivery of our mission. I am very much inspired by the innovative ideas Marriott has put together in this ‘Run to Give’ campaign in promoting the importance of health and to do a good deed at the same time. I hope through this campaign, we can create more awareness to the current cleft problems we face around the world and ultimately the causes we serve. ”


万豪国际(纳斯达克股票代码:MAR)集团总部位于美国马里兰州贝塞斯达,在127个国家和地区拥有超过6,500家酒店,包括直接经营酒店、特许经营酒店和授权分时度假酒店,并拥有30个酒店品牌。万豪国际集团还运营备受赞誉的三项客户忠诚计划:包括丽思卡尔顿礼赏(The Ritz-Carlton Rewards®)在内的万豪礼赏(Marriott Rewards®)及SPG俱乐部(Starwood Preferred Guest®)。垂询更多信息,请访问官网www.marriott.com。如需随时掌握万豪国际最新动态,可访问网上新闻中心www.marriottnewscenter.com,或在社交媒体上关注@MarriottIntl。

About Marriott International

Marriott International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAR) is based in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, and encompasses a portfolio of more than 6,500 properties in 30 leading hotel brands spanning 127 countries and territories. Marriott operates and franchises hotels and licenses vacation ownership resorts all around the world. The company also operates award-winning loyalty programs: Marriott Rewards®, which includes The Ritz-Carlton Rewards®, and Starwood Preferred Guest®. For more information, please visit our website at www.marriott.com, and for the latest company news, visit www.marriottnewscenter.com. In addition, connect with us on Facebook and @MarriottIntl on Twitter and Instagram.


万豪国际集团在全球拥有98个商务委员会。在特定的市场或区域内,商委会由总经理和部分员工组成, 他们覆盖了万豪旗下的所有品牌酒店和业务职能。大中华区共设立四个商委会(其中包括13个分会),分别为中国东区商委会,中国南区商委会,中国北区商委会及中国中西区商委会。大中华区商委会贯穿大中华区82个城市,代表万豪旗下16个酒店品牌与300家酒店。“在万豪,我们相信经营之道与经营之业同等重要”,大中华区商委会联合在一起,旨在传承万豪文化,领导跨品牌市场活动,共同迎接挑战并发挥集体影响力。

About Marriott Greater China Business Councils

Marriott International has 98 Business Councils worldwide, Business Councils are made up of General Managers and associates across all brands and business functions in a specific market or region. In Greater China region, there are 4 Marriott Business Councils (include 13 sub-councils ) throughout the country and represent more than 300 properties and 17 brands across 82 cities, they are East China Business Council, South China Business Council, North China Business Council and Central West China Business Councils.  “At Marriott we believe how we do business is as important as the business we do”, banding together, the Councils perpetuate Marriott culture, lead cross-brand market driven initiatives, work on common challenges that they can collectively address for a stronger impact.


国际微笑行动(Operation Smile Inc)是⼀个以医疗和非医疗志愿者为主体、致⼒于为全球偏远地区患有唇腭裂及其他面部畸形的贫困患⼉提供安全、及时、高质量的免费手术和相关治疗的⾮营利性公益机构。国际微笑⾏动成⽴于 1982 年,36 多年来在全球已经为超过 27 万名患者提供了免费⼿术,并为更多患者提供了全面的医疗评估。⾃1991 年进⼊中国开展义诊活动以来,已有近 27年的公益项⽬执⾏经验,累计救助超过30,000名唇腭裂患者。

About Operation Smile

Operation Smile Inc. (“OSI”) is an international medical charity which performs safe, effective cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries, and delivers postoperative and ongoing medical therapies to children in low and middle-income countries. Operation Smile was founded in 1982 and has provided free surgeries for more than 270,000 children and young adults around the world. Since conducting its first medical mission to China in 1991, Operation Smile has had 27 years of experience in serving the underprivileged children and families and provided free and life-changing surgeries for more than 30,000 patients with cleft lip and palate in China.




WOYAOPAO APP developed by Shanghai Mupao Information Technology Co., Ltd., , APP can get through online and offline, employees and customers, internal activities and brand marketing activities, APP has the functions of recording running track, event information release and registration management, and Achieve sharing information to third-party social platforms, as well as targeting people and delivering promotional information.

An Essential Guide To The Top French Restaurants In Shenzhen

There are few cuisines that are more celebrated or held in such regard as French cuisine. At the same time, connoisseurs have high expectations of what they expect from a French restaurant. To truly be considered a French restaurant, let alone, a top one, the establishment is held to a standard like few other restaurants. Shenzhen Party spoke with decorated French chef, Sebastien Bourgeois, about the very top French restaurants in Shenzhen.

  1. Visit the French Culinary Institution that is La Maison

I have been living in Shenzhen for more than 10 years and as a Disciples Escoffier, I am always looking for new places to try French cuisine. As an epicure, I have taken great interest in La Maison because it’s a fantastic place to spend time with friends and family.

La Maison is the oldest French restaurant in Shenzhen and has remained in the same location since its opening. It is unquestionably a wonderful location and its new design has made the restaurant more spacious, perfect for small events or group gatherings. At night, one can enjoy the terrace in comfort with the fans providing a cool and refreshing breeze.

Not only is the ambiance wonderful, but the food has made a great impression on me also. My friend and I had the chance to enjoy the pâté and a finger food tray. The pâté is fresh and delicious – exactly how the French like it – and the portion size is suitable for two to three people. The finger food boasts a creative Mediterranean style and offers a varied aroma and taste. The marriage of complimentary flavors offers a delightful insight into French cuisine.

My friend ordered the meal of the day for the main dish. That day it was quiche as the starter and poulet basquaise as the main dish. The quiche came as a generous portion and the thin crust, soft texture, and well-beaten eggs made it perfectly light. I highly recommend this flavorful and delightful dish. The poulet basquaise was very tender and boneless. The boiled potatoes in this dish were a little spicy, which may be of interest to Chinese who like a bit of spice. Furthermore, if you do not find the dish to be spicy enough, you can ask for more spice to be added.

My main dish was an original crepe, where instead of the ingredients being inside of the dough, I was pleased to find they were placed on top. This allows for the taste of the entire crepe to remain as natural as possible. Like pizza and sushi, the crepe is a traditionally inexpensive dish that has become famous all around the world. In this case, my crepe contained salmon, lettuce, arugula, and cabbage.

For dessert, we ordered the crème brûlée, which has always been my favorite dessert. I was very satisfied with this dish and my only regret was that I did not ask for a bigger portion!

The overall service at La Maison was very efficient and engaging. The waiters followed the Western standard of bringing everyone’s food at the same time and taking away the empty dishes at the same time. The young staff are friendly and the French chef, Jean Baptiste Louis, is always on hand to give recommendations according to the patron’s desired flavors.

We went during lunchtime and the wait for our meal was short. Prices are in the mid-range and very affordable when compared to some of the other restaurants in Seaworld. La Maison is a great family place. It also has a long bar, where you will find foreigners meeting like the French do in a brasserie.

La Maison has recently undergone renovations and to celebrate the new look they will be hosting an Opening Party on Friday October 19th. The theme of the party will be “Back to the 80s” and will start at 6 PM. There will be free flow on selected drinks and canapés. Additionally, there will be free flow on selected drinks and canapes and from 8 PM their chef Jean will be preparing some special delicacies for everyone to enjoy. The night will be full of surprises with games, live music, and a DJ to keep you dancing until late into the night.

Address: Shop 108, Nanhai Rose Garden, Bldg. 29-32, No. 91 Wanghai Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen (深圳市南山区望海路912932栋南海玫瑰花园108)

Tel: +86 755 2865 7030


  1. Take a Bite of France at l’étoile

In the nearly 1,000 square meter restaurant of l’étoile, tables are draped with cream linen table clothes and romantically lit by candles. Be it for lunch or dinner, dining here with a loved one is an experience you will not soon forget.

If you prefer some privacy, l’étoile offers you private themed rooms gently lit by chandeliers and decorated with hand-painted walls and ceilings of three of the most well-known landmarks in Paris; the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and the Palace of Versailles. The food served at l’étoile matches the exquisiteness, the beauty, and the quintessential Frenchness of these iconic places in France.

The kitchen team is led by Christian Tetedoie, who holds a resume with which few can compare. He is the President of the Master Chefs in France, recipient of a Michelin star in 2000, and knighted in the Legion of Honour in 2006. Unlike many other chefs, Tetedoie wears no hat. Instead, he’s decorated with a medal with ribbons in the tricolor of France. The award is for the “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”, which is awarded every four years to the best craftsmen in France.

Diners can watch Tetedoie and his team in the open kitchen doing what they love most. It is here they offer up their interpretation of some of the most iconic French dishes.

The onion soup at restaurant l’etoile is made in the traditional French way. The French usually enjoy this very sweet dish late at night. Due to the type of onions used in this dish, the soup has a sugary taste. Additionally, the cheese is well-grilled.

The snail is an exceptionally sweet dish and the emulsion, made of garlic and snail butter, is extremely flavorful. This dish arrives with impeccable presentation while the mini-salad adds a great deal of freshness.

The fresh goat cheese is HOMEMADE. The characteristically strong taste of goat cheese makes this dish the perfect starter to get the taste buds excited for the meal ahead.

The sea bass fillet is grilled just to perfection and succulently tender. It is complemented on the plate with fresh baby carrots and veggies.

The chicken with vinegar and tomato arrives alongside macaroni gratin. The dish is a rare dining experience indeed. The chicken is well-roasted with a subtle spice originating from the vinegar.

The pistachio and citrus fruit dessert is best enjoyed in small bites with each seemingly more delightful than the last. Our favorite dessert dish, however, is the rhubarb cake, which has really quite incredible presentation.

Christian Tetedoie’s desire to open a kitchen and share his love of gastronomy is what led to the creation of l’étoile. Do not miss the opportunity to savor this rare fine-dining experience from a true master chef. Pay a visit to l’étoile and sample French cuisine as it was always intended.

Address: 302-303, Building A, OCT Ecological Square, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (深圳市南⼭山区沙河街道华侨城⽣生态⼴广场 A 302303)

Metro: Line 1, OCT or Window of the World station

Tel: 0755 8166 8111


The Langham, Shenzhen Awarded “Best Business Hotel” in Condé Nast Traveler China Gold List 2018

Best Business Hotel

Since opening its doors in 2012, The Langham, Shenzhen, has been combining modern facilities with classic sophistication, as well as the most thoughtful and meticulous services, to provide a peaceful and comfortable place for leisure and business travelers.

In August 2018, The Langham, Shenzhen, was named “Best Business Hotel” in Condé Nast Traveler China Gold List 2018 by renowned travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler.

Introduced in the US for the first time in 1995, the Gold List by global luxury travel and lifestyle magazine Condé Nast Traveler covers over 50 countries and regions across five continents and is the most authoritative list for the global tourism industry. Presenting an objective and professional selection of the top hotels, the Gold List is widely regarded by travelers around the world as one of the most trusted “Golden Standard”.

In the spirit of objectivity, authority and professionalism, Condé Nast Traveler published the first “Golden Guide” for travelers to China in 2004. In 2017, the selection received a full upgrade to include hotel, airlines, airports, cruises and travel agencies, providing a list that is catered to the Chinese tourism market and represents the preferences of travelers to China from a global perspective.

Also known as the “Oscars” of the global travel industry, the Gold List complies with the highest industry standards. Independent surveys and tasting were conducted to assess hotels based on the strictest criteria to ensure that the list is a true reflection of the world and the times to keep travelers at the forefront of fashion and lifestyle.

“We are very honored,” Mr. Jeffrey van Vorsselen, General Manager of The Langham, Shenzhen, said. “This is The Langham, Shenzhen’s second inclusion in the Gold List since 2014. The accolade of ‘Best Business Hotel’ is a result of the love and support that business travelers have given to the hotel. We treasure this recognition very much. In the future, we will continue to provide the best services, as usual.”

Located conveniently in the Futian commercial district, The Langham, Shenzhen inherits over 150-year old classic luxury of the Langham brand. The hotel has 352 guest rooms and suites, 8 banquet halls, multipurpose conference rooms catereing to different business needs, and 7 iconic restaurants that offer a wide range of dining options. In addition, the Langham Hospitality Group’s very own Chuan Spa uses the concept of five elements in traditional Chinese medicine to create a series of natural treatments that allow guests to relax in a tranquil space away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Langham, Shenzhen

About Langham Hospitality Group

As the wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Eagle Holdings, Langham Hospitality Group encompasses a family of distinctive hotels under the Langham Hotels and Resorts and Cordis Hotels brands with more than 50 projects currently either confirmed or in a developed stage of negotiation from Asia, Europe and North America to the Middle East. The Group takes its name from the legendary Langham in London which was widely recognized as Europe’s first Grand Hotel. For 150 years, this flagship hotel has represented sophisticated and gracious hospitality, a philosophy that reflects elegance in design, innovation in hospitality, genuine service and captivation of the senses across all properties. For more information, please access the website at www.langhamhospitalitygroup.com.

Place Address:  The Langham, 7888 Shennan Boulevard, Futian District, Shenzhen 深圳市福田区深南大道7888号
Place Phone:  0755 – 8828 9888

Merchiston International School Opening Ceremony

On 13 October 2018, Merchiston International School (MIS) held its’ Official Opening Ceremony. MIS, located in Longhua district, is the first British boarding international school in Shenzhen. This big event attracted almost 1000 visitors, comprised of distinguished guests who have travelled far and wide: The Lord Provost of Edinburgh – the Right Honorable Frank Ross, Director of Longhua district Education Bureau — Mr Wang Yuxi, Deputy Consul-General of Guangzhou British Consulate – Mr Andrew Ould; the Board members of Merchiston Edinburgh, as well as all many Shenzhen citizens. 

Merchiston International School Opening Ceremony video

Merchiston International School (MIS) in Shenzhen is the first overseas campus of Merchiston Castle School (MCS), a top-ranked independent school located inEdinburgh, Scotland, UK with a glorious history of over 185 years. MIS is also the first international school in Shenzhen providing an authentic British education and boarding system. Located in the Longhua District in the north of Shenzhen city, MIS occupies a ground space of 20,000 square metres providing a building area of 50,000 square metres, which can accommodate 1,200 students with a maximum class size of 22. The school opened its doors to boys and girls aged 5-18 (Years 1 to 10 and 12) in August 2018. English is the primary language of instruction in MIS. Students from Years 1 to 9 study the English National Curriculum, with additional access to Mandarin (Putonghua) language learning as part of the core curriculum. Students from Years 10 to 13 study for IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations and GCE (General Certificate of Education) A Level examinations. With over 50 teachers who are all highly qualified – all with teacher qualifications and experience, many with a Masters ‘degree and PhD,  – with over 80% coming from the UK. MIS has attracted extensive attention from both public and media since announcing the opening in November last year. In May 2018, we were honoured to host The Lord Provost of Edinburgh and his team from Scotland. The BBC filmed a documentary at MIS which will be aired in October in the UK. During the Opening Ceremony, The Lord Provost of Edinburgh unveiled the plague for MIS in person. The Right Honorable Frank Ross mentioned that MIS was born from the strengths of culture and education of both Shenzhen and Edinburgh. In his speech he  said “it is clear for all to see that this campus represents an equal commitment to work across civic society to foster similar endeavours. However, above all else, the building represents a statement of confidence, in a City which has substantial ambitions in trade, science, innovation, sustainable economic growth and in establishing international links, which is even now punching well above its weight here at Merchiston International School, these leaders will be moulded to provide confident, competent, respectful and inclusive leadership both in their chosen fields and in the location that they choose to live, either at home or abroad. This represents a substantial and continuing legacy from time at this school and one that I hope will match the 185 years of operation of the original school in Edinburgh.”. 

The Director of Longhua Education Bureau – Mr Wang Yuxi also expressed his praise of MIS, “the quality of teaching staff is superb with outstanding foreign teachers; the studying environment for students is comfortable and creative. I firmly believe that this aspirational teaching team led by Mr Lynn will surely create an international education platform for our students to grow and develop. For this vision, the Education Bureau will try our best to support this wonderful school, we will offer our help when needed. We hope in the future, MIS will have stable development whilst growing according to the laws and regulations set by the Shenzhen Education Bureau, and I sincerely wish that MIS will become the education beacon in this region!” 




MIS Official Opening Ceremony is an amazing event, which showed the beauties of both Chinese culture and British culture with wonderful tradition characterised performances: bagpipes performance, choirs singing by students from MIS and MCS (Scottish pieces and Chinese p

ieces), Merchiston School Anthem “Ready Ay Ready”. The event was finished by a Traditional Chinese lion dance show, then following Chinese tradition, The Lord Provost Frank Ross, Mr Wang Yuxi, as well as the Board members of MIS – Mr Vincent Chen and Mr Jianjun Lyu painted the Lion’s eyes.

The guests were led to the outdoor sports field, so that they could enjoy various  entertainment activities planned by MIS. These activities also showed the different cultural characteristics of both China and UK. MIS has declared 13 October as Founders Day and will also present a grand performance full of Chinese and British culture for Shenzhen citizens every year. 


Place Address: No. 12 Shilongzai Road, Dalang Sub-district, Longhua District, Shenzhen 深圳市龙华区大浪街道石龙仔路12号(大浪时尚小镇)
Place Phone:  +86 400 867 0177

Michelin-Star Cuisine Meets Spanish Flamenco at InterContinental Shenzhen

Food lovers of Shenzhen, take note. For two nights only from the 2nd to 3rd of November, the InterContinental Shenzhen plays host to Michelin-Star Chef, David Guzman. In what proves to be a unique dining experience, Guzman’s fusion of Spanish and Chinese cuisine will be complemented by a mesmerizing Flamenco performance. Shenzhen Party spoke with InterContinental Shenzhen to discover more about one of the city’s culinary events of the year.

Savor the culinary showcase from a Michelin star chef

It’s a cause for celebration when a Michelin-star chef graces us foodies with their presence in Shenzhen, and David Guzman Chinese-influenced interpretation of Spanish cuisine is certainly worth getting excited about.

At the age of just 26, Guzman became Executive Chef of the Michelin-starred Koldo Royo. Located on the beautiful island of Mallorca, Koldo Royo has gathered a reputation as one of the best spots to dine in all of Spain and food lovers from all over Europe travel to experience what the restaurant has to offer. It was at Koldo Royo that Guzman mastered his craft.

Over the years, Guzman has cultivated a clear and distinctive style that is truly his own. He soaks in everything around him and expresses it in his dishes. As the chef says himself, “You can learn a lot of skills at school, but the real creation is from life. What you see, what you eat, what you hear: everything can be a source of inspiration.”

It is this philosophy that has led Guzman to prepare a culinary showcase that is not to be missed. For Guzman, he wanted to combine the traditional elements of Spain and of China, and from them create something entirely new, fresh, and exciting.

He explored the Chinese traditions of Yin and Yang, and studied Wu Xing, the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Those five elements of Chinese culture have been expressed in his unique presentation of Spanish dishes. From water in the Scallop Ceviche on Sea Rocks, to fire with the Fire-Roasted Salmon, and metal in the gold and silver display of the Angus Beef.

The five-course meal of Spanish dishes takes diners on a journey through the Chinese culture of Wu Xing. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the live performance. Speaking of which…

Enjoy a gourmet feast paired with a stunning flamenco performance

Just as David Guzman has prepared a tour through the five elements through a five-star dining experience, two flamenco dancers have created five original dance choreographies based on Wu Xing. As the evening develops, the food and the dancing become as one as they tell the story of the five elements.

Relax in the elegant dining surroundings of Pipette

What better setting to host this coming together of food and dance than InterContinental Shenzhen’s Pipette French Restaurant. The fine dining restaurant is no stranger to Michelin-starred chefs and is the perfect location for David Guzman to showcase his latest creations.

Pipette means “wine straw” in French, and the establishment certainly lives up to its name. As well as a five-star service team, it also boasts an award-winning sommelier, who will be selecting the finest wines to pair with the courses from the 5,000 or so bottles in the restaurant’s collection.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a Michelin star experience like no other

Between the unique five-course meal from the Michelin-starred David Guzman, the quite simply stunning flamenco performance, and the class surroundings of Pipette, there really will be only one place for any lover of food to be on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd November.

With such a limited run and a high demand for tickets, it is recommended that any foodie that’s wants to be part of this special event to contact Pipette for a reservation at 0755-3399-3388.

Date: Friday, November 2nd & Saturday, November 3rd

Address: 9009 Shennan Road, Overseas Chinese Town, Futian, Shenzhen (广东省深圳市深南大道 (汉唐大厦附近)

Tel: 0755-3399-3388


Someone Cares About You

Sometimes, it is the smallest details that can make the biggest difference to a person’s trip. A small act of kindness or a thoughtful gesture can change the entire way a guest looks back on their stay.

“After a long flight, the only thing I wanted to do was to get to my hotel. So, it came as a great relief to find the Courtyard by Marriott was only a 20-minute drive from the airport,” recalled businessman, Mr. Sun, about the first time he stayed at Courtyard by Marriott Shenzhen Bao’an.

“When I was checking in, I felt tired after traveling and muttered to myself, ‘I’m hungry’. To my surprise, the receptionist immediately called the restaurant and they brought me a small cake. It might have seemed like a small gesture to the receptionist, but it was just what I needed at that moment.

It’s personal touches like these, which make our guests feel truly welcome and cared about at the Courtyard by Marriott Shenzhen Bao’an.

The Perfect Place To Rest and Recuperate When On A Business Trip

Opened in May, Courtyard by Marriott Shenzhen Bao’an is located in the bustling business center of the up-and-coming Bao’an district of Shenzhen. The hotel is only a 15-minute drive to Guangming High-Speed Railway Station, 20 minutes to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, and 40 minutes to Shenzhen North Railway Station.

As the centerpiece of the Liantou Dongfang entertainment and shopping complex, Courtyard by Marriott Shenzhen Bao’an is a few-minute walk from the cinema, supermarkets such as Wal-Mart, and restaurants and coffee shops like Starbucks.

Drive just 20 minutes and experience local tourist attractions such as Phoenix Mountain Park, Shenzhen Waterlands Resort, and Shenzhen Xtreme Speedway, to name just a few. So, there was plenty to keep Mr. Sun entertained in the evenings and weekend during his business trip.

When the staff at the Courtyard by Marriott Shenzhen Bao’an learned that Mr. Sun and his work colleagues needed to go to their supplier’s factory every day, the hotel arranged a shuttle bus for them to remove the headache of organizing transportation every morning and evening.

“Each night, the Account Director at the hotel would ask in our WeChat group who needed to take the bus the next day,” explained an impressed Mr. Sun, before adding, “It’s rare to find a hotel like the Courtyard by Marriott Shenzhen Bao’an that can offer a shuttle bus pick-up service.”

Mr. Sun was equally impressed with the hotel’s facilities and amenities. The Courtyard by Marriott Shenzhen Bao’an boasts 257 modern rooms, 755 sqm banquet area, and multifunction meeting rooms, all of which can meet different business travelers’ needs.

The Pavilion All-Day Dining Restaurant offers Chinese and Western delicacies such as authentic Cantonese Dim Sum, a fresh seafood buffet, and a wide selection of Western dishes. The Lobby Bar provides a variety of spirits, cocktails, coffee, desserts, and snacks, while at the Executive Lounge guests can enjoy complimentary breakfast and all-day refreshments.

Guest rooms provide plenty of space for both work and leisure. Every room is equipped with a 55-inch flat-screen HDTV, personal safe, refrigerator, and self-service tea and coffee. The high-speed wireless network covers the entire hotel. Meanwhile, guests can make the most of the 24-hour fitness center, launder, and ironing services.

The hotel has thought of everything. For long-staying guests, the hotel provides a storage service. So, if we had to leave for just a few days, we did not need to carry our heavy luggage everywhere,” explained Mr. Sun.

Courtyard by Marriott Shenzhen Bao’an strives to be the perfect place to rest and recuperate with shopping, entertainment, restaurants, and great service.

It’s The Small Touches That Make The Perfect Stay

Courtyard by Marriott Shenzhen Bao’an believes that the key to making a guest’s stay a pleasant experience is to truly understand what their needs are. 

On August 27th, the hotel launched their new loyalty program. On behalf of all the associates, the General Manager welcomed guests, thanking them sincerely, and made a promise to continue to provide the warm and homely service that guests like Mr. Sun have already become accustomed to.

This can be seen in the live music, the regular fun and games, cuisine themes, and the travel tea set that is gifted to every guest. The tea set, in particular, touched Mr. Sun. “It may be a small gift, but it’s very revealing about how much thought goes into the service that the hotel provides,” said Mr. Sun.

It’s the kind of service that Mr. Sun sees everywhere in the hotel. According to Mr. Sun, the waiters in the Executive Lounge always remember each guest’s name.

“We usually enjoy the happy hour in the afternoon at the lounge. One day, we were outside for the afternoon and when we came back later, the waiter asked if we had been working overtime and hoped we would join for dinner later. At that moment, I felt like I was at home and it was a family member asking to make sure we eat well. It’s a special feeling when you have been traveling for a long time away from home and family.”

The family feeling extends to the housekeepers too. Before night falls, they turn on the night light, lift one corner of the quilt, put away the slippers, and spread the towels and gowns at the foot of the bed and by the shower

As part of the Marriott International brand, Courtyard by Marriott Shenzhen Bao’an participates in Marriott’s membership program. For members from Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards and SPG Club, all expenses during their stay can be credited. They can then redeem the points for hotel rooms, air tickets, cruises, and car rental services.

Mr. Sun’s experience is not unique. His is the typical guest’s impression of the Courtyard by Marriott Shenzhen Bao’an. The hotel creates that warm feeling of home, it offers the perfect place to rest and recuperate after those long days, and most of all, guests have that feeling that someone cares about you.

Place Name:  Courtyard by Marriott Shenzhen Bao’an联投东方万怡酒店

Place Address:No. 46, Dongfang Road, Songgang, Bao’an District, Shenzhen 深圳市宝安区松岗东方大道46

电话 Tel: 0755-2986 9888

网址 websitewww.courtyardshenzhenbaoan.com

An Exclusive Conversation with Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport’s GM

Earlier this year at Shenzhen Airport, Hyatt Regency opened their first ever airport hotel in the Asia-Pacific region. Although focused on amenities and service, it would be more accurate to say it is a five-star hotel in an airport than an airport hotel.

Shenzhen Party sat down with the hotel’s General Manager, Mr. Billy Yap. During a fascinating evening, Mr. Yap shared with us his vision for Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport and told the story of his career in hotel management.

Shenzhen Party: Why is now the right moment to open an airport hotel in Shenzhen?

Billy Yap: The Shenzhen Airport Group signed the contract with the Hyatt Hotel Group for Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, and Hyatt Regency. They are the first owner to sign three brands in one location.

Shenzhen Airport is looking to improve their overall image as an international airport in the region. They are looking into increasing their international flights. That’s where the Hyatt Regency hotel brand comes in. They require an international five-star hotel that provides and maintain a consistent service to international and domestic guests.

Shenzhen Party: What can guests expect in terms of restaurants and features from the Hyatt Regency?

Billy Yap: Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport is not an airport hotel. We are a hotel located in an airport.

This hotel is designed to fulfill many features. One of the features is the F&B requirement. We have two main restaurants. One is Xiang Yue, which is our Chinese Cantonese restaurant, and the other is our all-dining restaurant we call The Market Café.

Xiang Yue is our signature Restaurant, offering authentic Guangdong cuisine to our international and domestic guests who wish to have a taste of local cuisine when they arrive in Shenzhen. Our local guests from nearby offices in Bao’an district will queue up for our famous homemade Dim Sum during lunch time. Xiang Yue has ten private rooms, which offer an exclusive private dining experience for business partners

Market Café offers a wide selection of international items. Our grilled lobster, steak and lamb, and not forgetting our famous durian pizza, are dishes that come highly recommended by our guests. Fresh seafood items combined with a mixture of local varieties of Cantonese, Sichuan, South East Asian, and Japanese food make our Market Café one of the most popular dining venues in Shenzhen Airport. Guest can dine at the Market Café and walk to the departure hall to take their flight.

We are located in the Bao’an area, where there is only one other international hotel. Our restaurants are perfect for locals to have the opportunity not only to dine but to socialize and network.

Shenzhen Party: How will Hyatt Regency distinguish itself from other airport hotels in the area?

Billy Yap: This hotel is built and designed for many purposes. We have F&B outlets, which is able to cater for various international and local guests dining preferences. We have huge banquet facilities, which include a 1,680 sqm ballroom with six multi-purpose function rooms and a beautiful 4,600 sqm outdoor area, located on the 5th floor. These facilities make Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport the top choice in Bao’an for guests coming for meetings, business, or just for a trip. Currently, none of the hotels nearby can match our hotel facilities.

A lot of people are coming to Shenzhen for exhibitions, to socialize, or for a stopover to Macau, Hong Kong, and Guangdong. This hotel is a perfect gateway to all these international cities.

For business meetings, it’s the perfect location because it only takes eight minutes to walk from the arrival hall to the hotel. For organizers, they do not need to arrange any transportation and they can significantly reduce their costs.

Cross-border buses to Hong Kong and Guangzhou are located in the same terminal. All delegates have the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong or Guangzhou after their meeting. Guest can also take the free shuttle bus to Fuyong Ferry Terminal if they decided to go to Macau.

We also have incentive travel groups that stay over for one night in our hotel followed by a breakfast briefing session before they take a ferry from Fuyong Ferry Terminal to go to Hong Kong International Airport for an overseas incentive trip. By doing this, the group will save more costs as hotel accommodation in Shenzhen is cheaper compared to Hong Kong.

Shenzhen Party: You have over 18 years’ experience in the hotel industry working in various roles, including 12 years of experience in China. What do you believe you bring to the Hyatt Regency in terms of experience? How did your challenges in China vary from region to region?

Billy Yap: I started my hotel career when I was 34 years old in 2000 with Grand Hyatt Singapore.

To start at the age of 34 is not easy. I spent my first six months working 10 to 14 hours a day, 8 to 10 hours on getting business, at least 4 hours a day learning the Delphi system. Grand Hyatt Singapore gave me a good foundation. I’m so proud to say that I never fell out of the top three in sales performance during my time with the greatest catering team that I have ever known.

Subsequently, I moved to the Four Seasons Singapore in 2002, where I was one of the highest paid sales managers in the whole of Singapore.

In 2005, I joined Orchard Hotel as Director of Catering and managed to reorganize the entire catering team with creative ideas and a positive sales approach. In nine months, I managed to lead the catering to achieve the highest catering revenue since the hotel opened.

In 2006, I saw a great development in hotels in China. When I decided to pursue my career in China, I said to my Singapore friends, “I wish to become GM in seven years.” They all laughed. Nobody believed me. My friend said, “You are a mad guy.”

My first career opportunity in China was with Hyatt Regency Hangzhou. I took up the offer as Director of Events in 2006 without knowing how to speak Chinese and what’s worse, I am allergic to alcohol. How does a salesperson survive in China without knowing how to read Chinese, without knowing how to write Chinese, and without knowing how to drink?

The language became my biggest obstacle, and the new culture became a challenge. Instead of asking my team members to learn English and do things according to the Singapore standard, I made a decision to learn to speak Chinese to improve the overall internal communication and make changes to the overall procedures to enhance the team effectiveness.

I implemented a lot of new ideas and events concepts with my team in Hangzhou. I made a lot of changes in how event sales and planning, which resulted in record events revenue for the hotel.

During the economic crisis in 2008, I was transferred to Hyatt Regency Dongguan as Director of Sales & Marketing. The hotel opened in 2006, and after more than two years it had low occupancy. My key focus was to bring in more business for the entire hotel including room and F& B outlets. There were so many creative and great ideas that we implemented during that time. We managed to propel through the crisis with excellent results and continue to hold the No.1 position in Dongguan market until today.

After a great achievement in turning around Hyatt Regency Dongguan, I was given an opportunity to transfer to Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort & Spa as pre-opening Director of Sales & Marketing in 2010. It was another tough property because the hotel was located in the middle of nowhere. After successfully opening the hotel, I make a bold decision to request a change in my portfolio to room division to gain more operations experience. Due to my excellent performance, I was promoted to Hotel Manager in 2013.

My biggest career breakthrough was in 2015 when I was offered the General Manager position for Park Hyatt and Hyatt Regency Changbaishan; a cluster GM for an international resort owned by the Wanda Group. There were six other hotels with three different hotel brands in the same location. My biggest inspiration and support came from my beloved wife. She was the one that wrote all the reasons why I should take up the offer. The initial few months were the toughest of my hotel life.

As General Manager, you have to make almost every final decision, and you will be accountable for all those decisions. Generating the revenue and meeting budget was my key focus at the same time building a good relationship with the owner was equally important. I had to spend endless hours to work with my team members setting the goals and direction for them to move forward as a team in a challenging market environment. Out of 12 months, only five months were peak business. The rest of the time, the hotel had less than 5% occupancy per day.

I always said to my team that nothing is impossible if we have the right attitude and positive thinking. The team’s hard work and dedication resulted in a great achievement in all areas, which included record-high revenue, the best guest satisfaction results, and the lowest associates’ turnover. The great achievement in Changbaishan will always remain in my memory because of what we did. We became the King of Changbaishan Mountain.

Due to my son’s education, I asked to transfer out of Changbaishan. In March 2017, I moved to Shenzhen to be responsible for the pre-opening of Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport, but it was not easy because it’s the first Hyatt Regency airport hotel in Asia-Pacific. As I always said, nothing is impossible.

I told my friends and colleagues, I conquered three lakes (West Lake in Hangzhou, Songshan Lake in Dongguan, and Dongqian Lake in Ningbo), one forest (Changbaishan), and now I have an airport, to fly me to the final destination.

Shenzhen Party: The Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport is the first Hyatt Regency airport hotel in the Asia Pacific region. Does it give extra motivation to make the Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport a success?

Billy Yap: An airport hotel is different compared to resort and business hotels. We don’t have a good idea about how an airport hotel is going to be. During the pre-opening, we started to collate all the flight information, do a lot of surveys in nearby hotels and their operations. We compiled all the data for analysis so that we can come up with the right strategies for this hotel.

After operating for the first three months, we are ahead for our room budget, but we were over-confident about our F&B. We believed that the F&B business will improve with the support from local residents in Bao’an. The product is well-known. People accept our reasonable pricing because they know we offer quality product and services. I have seen the upwards business trend both for rooms and F&B segment. I have this confidence that by the end of this year, our business projection will be more accurate.

Shenzhen Party: How important is the way you treat your staff in creating the correct kind of culture and atmosphere at the hotel?

Billy Yap: In line with our Hyatt purpose, we CARE for our people so that they can be their best. During the orientation, I say, “I need to provide the best accommodation for my staff, the best food for my staff, and the best social life for my staff. As these three elements are linked to guests’ expectation. Good hotel room, good food and places to visit in Shenzhen. My associates will have an open mindset, a good attitude, and provide sincere service. When they talk to the guest, they will be sincere in their service and genuinely care for our guests.

During the recruitment, there was a slogan that we used, “If you dare to dream, we will make your dream come true.” I hope to provide a platform for all my associates to develop their career.

Shenzhen Party: What can we expect in the near future from the Hyatt Regency?

Billy Yap: This hotel is not just a hotel. It’s a great facility that the owner has designed, be it for business, socializing, or for families.

I have many ideas for the future. One of the ideas is to create a program for couples with children. This program will allow the couple to have a nice high tea or a romantic dinner together while providing a safe educational program for their children. Such as a tour of the airport to learn more about how it works or a water painting class for the children and allow their paintings to hang in selected areas in the hotel. Every time they come back, they can see their artwork. These are only some ideas that we hope that to offer to our guests to allow them to be more engaged with our hotel.

Shenzhen Party: How do you predict that Shenzhen Airport will grow in the coming years? And also, how will Shenzhen as a city develop?

Billy Yap: In the hotel industry, there’s going to be many developments. Next year, there will be 900 new room keys coming up from various hotel brands. The new exhibition center in Bao’an will create more opportunities, but at the same time will create more competition.

To stay as one of the top hotels in the Shenzhen Airport area, we need to know what are our guests’ preferences and requirements are. We need to continue to provide quality services and sincerely CARE for our guests. We will try to provide the best experience to all our guests.

For Shenzhen Airport, there are certainly more plans for runway expansions and increasing international flights. If you look at the departure and arrival halls, they are revamping the whole airport.

They are bringing in more high-quality brands to the terminal itself. In my personal opinion, with all the improvements Shenzhen Airport wish to provide quality and consistent guest services. With the ongoing airport expansion, it will definitely position Shenzhen as a vibrant city with top-class transportation infrastructure.

Learn Ultimate Frisbee with the SZUPA

The Shenzhen Ultimate Players Association (SZUPA) is a club of like-minded Expat and Chinese players that enjoy the sport Ultimate Frisbee. Our goal is to spread the word about our sport and popularize it in Shenzhen and in China. Since 2008, through tireless effort, we’ve worked to bring Ultimate Frisbee to the attention of people in the city through organizing tournaments, dinner events, beach trips, and free demos to teach new players. Our events have been featured online, on TV, and in newspapers and magazines such as Shenzhen Daily and That’s PRD.

What is Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee is a popular team sport played in many high schools and colleges in the US. First created in 1968 in New Jersey, the sport has spread all over the world.

It is a non-contact co-ed sport played on a field similar to an American Football or Rugby field. Two 7-player teams start on opposite sides of the field. The game starts by one team throwing the disc to the opposing team and running to the other side of the field to defend them. The receiving team will have one person catch the disc or go pick it up where it’s landed and from that point on, any person who is holding the disc can no longer run until after they’ve passed the disc.

The disc can be passed forward or backward in any direction but when passing, a thrower must keep his left leg planted in the ground and can pivot on his foot like in basketball. The person holding the disc now will be defended by one person and have 10 seconds to pass the disc to another player on his team. The way to score is to move the disc by passing to players on your team up the field and catch the disc in an end zone. The team with the most points at the end of play wins.

I’m just a beginner. Is that OK?

Our club has players of all levels and we are very welcoming to anyone that wants to give it a shot. We know it can be a little scary to jump into something completely new.

This club was started with only about five people that were also relatively new to the sport. We played and practiced together and as our group grew, we improved. We’re always getting new and experienced players to join and we’re always helping each other to get better and have a good time.

Is it all just practicing?

While we do practice part of the time, we always have playing time at every training, which is referred to as ‘Pickup’. We’ll split into teams and compete against each other for at least an hour after training.

When and where do we play?

On Tuesdays, we usually play at the Yunding field at Shuiwei in Futian.This is usually our League night. Leagues can run from 4-12 weeks and are seasonal. Between leagues, we sometimes meet to play at other fields depending on how many people are available.

Fridays are our Training night at the Weixin field at Keyuan in Nanshan.We split into two-three groups, and each group is taught based on their level. In the last hour of the night, we form teams and scrimmage against each other.

On Sundays, we meet near Happy Valley amusement park for Pickup. This is where we just split into teams and scrimmage each other. We don’t even keep score usually.

Additionally, we host tournaments like the Shenzhen Beach Hat and have scrimmages with teams from nearby cities.

Shenzhen Beach Hat 2017 Highlights Video 

What do I need to bring?

A dark-colored shirt and a white shirt: To split people into teams each week, we need everyone to bring both a dark-colored shirt and a white shirt.We also sell our reversible club jersey, which is used for our weekly activities, tournaments and league. If you would like to purchase one, please contact Jeff on WeChat at ‘SZultimate’.

Cleats (football shoes with plastic spikes): Cleats provide you with the ability to stop exactly when you want to and change direction quickly. The spikes need to be plastic as metal spikes are not allowed due to safety concerns. Sneakers are allowed, but when it rains it can be very slippery. If you choose to wear sneakers, you do so at your own risk and the SZUPA is not responsible for any related injury.

Frisbee: We can lend you a disc if you don’t have one, but we suggest you purchase one through Jeff. This way the club’s supply of discs last longer and you can also practice and have fun throwing a disc on your own time.

Also consider bringing a water bottle, mosquito spray, and sunblock.

Are there social activities too?

Absolutely! All work and no play makes for a boring time. After League games and training nights, we usually go for beer and food at a local sponsor’s bar, where we typicallyhave an exclusive deal for us. We also organize special events like beach trips, movie nights, board game nights, beer pong, flip cup, potluck dinners and picnics, and all kinds of fun stuff.These events are open to the public as well as we always want people to enjoy, support, and maybe even join the club.

How do I join?

Most activities run by the SZUPA are organized through WeChat. To join our group, add ‘SZultimate’ and Jeff will add you to the chat. You should also add ‘SZUPA’ to follow our official account.

Messages are generally sent out in our WeChat group 2-3 days before weekly activities. Special events are usually promoted 1-2 weeks beforehand while our bigger special events 1-2 months in advance.

Check out our website www.SZultimate.com for directions and up to date info on current activities run by the SZUPA.

We hope to see you soon!


Take a walk in someone else’s shoes with Shenzhen Stories

Shenzhen Stories is a community of people from all over the world who get together once a month to share their stories. These stories come from all walks of life and are told in a coffee shop snuggled in the Shekou neighborhood of Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Stories was founded by two buddies, Trey Hobbs and Siobhan Lumsden, directly in response to a feeling of being far from home and away from a community.

Shenzhen is a stirred pot of countless cultures, beliefs, backgrounds, and experiences. The nature of this city is one of diversity and growth and those things make for colorful lives lived. However, all the business, all the growth, and all the change lend itself to a certain amount of transience. Shenzhen Stories seeks to create a space for a permanent sense of community in a fast moving world.

The mission statement of Shenzhen Stories is simple: to foster an international community through the art of storytelling. This has taken shape in the form of traditional oral storytelling, dance, music, visual art, and everything in between. Month after month, the stage is filled with humor, grief, the curious, and the downright bizarre.

No matter what though, the stories told are absolutely true. In ten minutes, storytellers share micro-moments of their life to a room full of friends and strangers alike with the goal that, in the end, there are a few more friends than strangers. It is amazing to see people from all walks of life hear a story from someone so different from them and be able to see themselves in that story. It is these little bits of empathy that truly build bridges. Through fostering this community, Shenzhen Stories hopes to cultivate that ideology as people travel throughout the world.

Throughout the nearly two years of hosting stories, one thing stands out above all things. Honesty. Shenzhen Stories has been honored to partner with other great organizations throughout Shenzhen for special events and workshops. This has allowed them to reach both the local and international communities and has given them access to a plethora of interesting stories. In these workshops, tools are presented to increase skill, structure, and confidence when sharing, but when asked in these workshops what makes for a great story, the answer is always the same: honesty. Month after month, it is clearer and clearer that audiences are drawn to truth.

It is refreshing and quite often life is indeed stranger than fiction. The Shenzhen Stories stage has heard stories of marriages born from devastating natural disasters, close calls with cults, clandestine cats, and breast implants being blown away in the wind. It has heard life viewed through our pets, through disastrous earthquakes, loss of loved ones, and the discovery of family previously hidden. Like no kidding! There have been stories told over and over again about reuniting with lost family members.

It’s these stories that walk past us every day on the street and sit next to us on the bus. The world is a crazy place and it’s full of people who have lived exciting and wonderful lives. Shenzhen Stories believes that if we can understand where a person has come from, we can understand that person.

Seeing the world through a person’s eyes doesn’t just validate their experience though. It validates those hearing it as well. The audience has a chance to see themselves in these stories. To see a world both different and also familiar in these stories is where, as a society, we thrive. We thrive when we express ourselves. We thrive when we connect to others and join in a community.

For our ancestors, it used to mean survival and I’m not sure that has changed so much for us in 2018. But also, it’s just plain fun! It is really a thrill to walk in another’s shoes and for a short time look down and see that even though we have walked in much different landscapes, our shoes don’t look so different. It’s fascinating to hear an amazing true tale of adventure, pain, joy, or the bizarre and be able to say “me too”.

So why tell our stories in a coffee shop surrounded by friends and strangers? Why spill your guts for a podcast to be listened to by people around the world? The answer may be as simple as for fun and as huge as for survival. Whatever the answer is for you, Shenzhen Stories aims to create a safe platform for where every person and every story has worth and value and where we can all have a great time doing it.

How to get in touch

Shenzhen Stories meets every month in Shekou. For more information, contact them at shenzhenstories@gmail.com or follow them on social media @shenzhenstories.

To listen to your fellow humans, find the podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud by searching ‘shenzhenstories’.

Be Part Of Something At Trouble Maker

Have an idea for a new product, but still looking for that final push to take a leap of faith? Been working on a prototype, but need some input from a mechanical engineer or industrial designer? Perhaps you just need a space where you can be surrounded by like-minded individuals and have access to workshops? If so, then become part of something today. Become part of Trouble Maker. 

What is Trouble Maker?

Trouble Maker is a product development community spread across multiple countries, with several locations here in Shenzhen. Headquartered in Huaqiangbei – the electronics market of the world -, it is home to a broad family including Industrial Designers, Mechanical Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Firmware Developers, Software Developers, Package Designers, Graphic Designers, to name just a few.

Why become a member?

Access to maker labs and co-working spaces

When you become a member of Trouble Maker, you gain 24/7 access to the community’s facilities. As well as shared community rooms, there are two maker space workshops plus a laser cutter room, which the team at Trouble Maker refer to as laboratories.

Connect with a team of specialists with all types of backgrounds

When you join Trouble Maker, you are connecting with an extensive network of specialists in a variety of different fields. Known around the maker space as Gurus, these experts are based in the same location and are on hand to help with projects.

Maybe you need a Project Manager to liaise with your engineers or the factory while you are away on a trip? Perhaps you are looking for a Packaging Designer to make your product stand out? At Trouble Maker, you can find a Guru with the right expertise and experience.

Wide-ranging support to develop your start-up

Setting up and running a start-up is hard work anywhere, let alone China. Trouble Maker is there to give you the support you need every step of the way.

Whether it is registering a business, applying for a patent, or seeking trademark protection, Trouble Maker can share their experience. Through their network, you can apply for government grants, receive crowdfunding, and establish retail channels with local online and offline markets.

Take part in regular workshops and training

On top of that, Trouble Maker provides workshops and training for individuals, groups, and schools. Below is just a taste of the kind of events that the team can arrange:

  • Investor speak – Pick up the language of VC’s and investors.
  • Valuating my start-up – Get funded by understanding your value.
  • Laser cutting – Learn to prototype fast and safe with a laser cutter.
  • School events including robot building and PCB assembling.

Become part of the Trouble Maker network

When you join Trouble Maker, you aren’t only becoming part of the community at Huaqiangbei. You are joining a much wider network.

There are established locations in Bao’an and Longgang, where you can take your product from prototype to production. While in Norway and Germany there are growing maker communities, where you can connect with the kind of people that can progress your project.

Be in control of your project every step of the way

Usually, when you want to develop a new product in China, you need to give over some control of your project to the manufacturer or a design house to create a prototype. But when you are part of Trouble Maker, you can keep that control.

Here, you are on the ground developing your project by yourself. If you need a Mechanical Engineer or an Industrial Designer, then you can find them in the co-working space. You can refine your design and you can create that prototype, but you are still directly in control of what is happening. The project does not go to a third-party and you can see every step of the process.

How to join Trouble Maker

It’s simple. To find out more about Trouble Maker, get in touch with Henk, one of the co-founders and manager. You can find him on WeChat at ‘Protopro’ or by scanning the QR code below. He will be happy to answer any of your questions or arrange a tour of the maker space so you can see more.

The Langham, Shenzhen Welcomes Mid-Autumn Festival with the Physically Disabled

Hotel volunteers and the physically disables

As the full moon lights up the autumn sky, the Mid-Autumn Festival is here once more. On September 20th, just before the nation celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival, 23 volunteers from The Langham, Shenzhen, headed to the Shenzhen Lianhuabei Rehabilitation Centre to welcome the festival with 30 people with physical disabilities, enjoying a series of interesting activities, including lantern and snow-skin moon cake making, and riddle solving.

Lanterns originated in China over 2,000 years ago during the Western Han Dynasty, and lantern making during the Mid-Autumn Festival has been part of Chinese tradition since then. Families enjoy a time of fun and togetherness as they create personalised lanterns using colourful materials, before taking them to the streets.

The volunteers paired up with people with physical disabilities to compete against the others in a test of craft and creativity. With immaculate teamwork and delicate hands, the teams came up with a number of unique and wonderful creations. The six fastest pairs also received surprise gifts prepared by the hotel.

Also popularly known as the Moon Cake Festival, moon cakes are an indispensable part of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Under the patient guidance of Mr. Yang, Chef of the hotel staff canteen, everyone put their hands together to make delightful and delicious snow- skin moon cakes.

With lanterns and moon cakes out of the way, it was time for another folk tradition—riddle solving. In between the colourful lanterns small slips of paper with riddles written on them were hidden.

Surrounded by witty riddles and amazing gifts, the group experienced the harmony and union of the festival in echoes of laughter.

As part of its commitment to its social responsibilities, The Langham, Shenzhen has always been an active participant in social efforts for vulnerable groups. For five consecutive years since 2013, the hotel has invited “left-behind children” from Longhua Yuanfen and young congenital heart disease patients from Shenzhen Children’s Hospital to spend Children’s Day at the hotel. In addition, for the last two years, the hotel has also prepared hand-made Braille paper for the Shenzhen Blind People’s Association.

Through these charitable efforts, The Langham, Shenzhen hopes to establish a standard for corporate social responsibility.

About Langham Hospitality Group

As the wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Eagle Holdings, Langham Hospitality Group encompasses a family of distinctive hotels under the Langham Hotels and Resorts and Cordis Hotels brands with more than 50 projects currently either confirmed or in a developed stage of negotiation from Asia, Europe and North America to the Middle East. The Group takes its name from the legendary Langham in London which was widely recognized as Europe’s first Grand Hotel. For 150 years, this flagship hotel has represented sophisticated and gracious hospitality, a philosophy that reflects elegance in design, innovation in hospitality, genuine service and captivation of the senses across all properties. For more information, please access the website at www.langhamhospitalitygroup.com.

Place Name:  The Langham, Shenzhen 深圳东海朗廷酒店
Place Address:  The Langham, 7888 Shennan Boulevard, Futian District, Shenzhen 518040, China
Place Phone:  +86 (755) 8828 9888

Grand Hyatt Guangzhou October Promotions  

National Holiday

The Market Café

Valid date: October 1 to October 7, 2018

Special highlights: Lunch period: (Grilled oyster, chili garlic sauce, pan-seared goose liver, steamed rice with sea cucumber, beef and chicken grand skewers)

Dinner period: (Whole tuna fish sashimi, whole lamb for carving, fresh oyster, steamed abalone, baked lobster thermidor)

  • Buffet lunch CNY 368 for one adult, CNY 184 for one child (6-11 years old)
  • Buffet dinner CNY588 for one adult, CNY 294 for one child (6-11 years old)

Prices are subject to a 15% charge (inclusive of service charge and tax)

Located on Level 22

  • Operation Time:
  • Lunch: 12:00 AM – 2:30 PM
  • Dinner: 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM







  • 自助午餐368元/成人1位,人民币184元/儿童1位(6-11岁)
  • 自助晚餐588元/成人1位,人民币294元/儿童1位(6-11岁)



  • 营业时间 :
  • 午餐:上午12时至下午2时30分
  • 晚餐:下午6时至晚上9时30分

G Bar Signature Cocktail

G Bar

Gegroni, our G signature cocktail, is inspired by the classic Negroni cocktail. It keeps the aromas of Gin and Campari, which match perfectly with the citrus flavors extracted from washed Yirgacheffe coffee. The popcorn on the top is the highlight, bringing a gentle and sweet touch to this manly cocktail.

The Gegroni creates a celebratory vibe with its flavor and look, and is a good aperitif with which to kick off a big meal, as well as being a great night-time drink when hanging out with friends.

Price: CNY 118/glass

Prices are subject to 15% charge (inclusive of service charge and tax)

Located on Level 22

Operation Time: 11:30 AM – 12:00 AM








营业时间 :上午11时30分至凌晨12时

October Cake – Red Velvet

Red Velvet Cake was born for celebration! Featuring the iconic flame red and pure white, it is the perfect gift to share with your loved ones this October. With a special twist of seasonal fruit replacing the cream on top, Grand Hyatt Guangzhou’s pastry team wish you a healthy and pretty National Day holiday!

Valid date: October 1 to October 31, 2018

Price: CNY 298net/ two pounds

悦·礼 红天鹅绒蛋糕



价格:人民币 298元/2磅

Autumn Pampering

Pamper yourself with a unique and rejuvenating O SPA experience.

Valid date: October 1 to December 31, 2018

Original price: CNY1, 944

Promotional price CNY888 includes:

60-minute skin hydration facial

30-minute nourishing hand care

Day pass for fitness center * 1

Prices are inclusive of 15% service charge and tax

Cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer or O SPA membership benefits

Operation time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM


[清]水疗特别推出 深层保湿面部护理及手部滋养护理,抵抗秋燥引起的皮肤不适,让您度过舒适与滋养的美好秋日时光。尊享,以及健身游泳次卡壹次。


原价:人民币 1944元

  • 仅需人民币888元即可尊享:
  • 60分钟深层保湿面部护理
  • 30分钟手部滋润护理
  • 健身游泳次卡 – 壹张



营业时间 :早上10时至凌晨12时

Weekend Piattini Brunch

G Restaurant is going to bring the gourmest to town for a brand new brunch experience with a special menu created by Executive Chef David Jean Marteau. Come and try the new creations from the team with your friends and family and kick off the weekend in a stylish way.

G Restaurant

Promotion Period: September 15 – December 31, 2018

Located on Level 22

Operation Time:Lunch: 11:30 PM – 2:30 PM




推广期: 9月15日-12月31日(仅适用于周六周日)


营业时间 :


Family Adventure 2 Bedroom Package

Embark on an adventure with delicate Cantonese cuisine and The United Magic World in the oasis of Guangzhou CBD. Create grand memories with your family at Grand Hyatt Guangzhou for only CNY3, 999 per room per night.

Valid date:  July 17 to October 13, 2018 (weekends and weekdays)

  • Inclusive of a one night stay and daily breakfast at Grand Club for four adults and one child
  • One-time ticket to Magic of the world Amusement Park for four adults and one child
  • Access to Grand Club with cocktail and canapé every evening during the stay
  • 24-hour access to the Hyatt Fitness Center, indoor swimming pool and whirlpool
  • Free parking, complimentary Wi-Fi

Prices are subject to 15% charge (inclusive of service charge and tax)

Please make a reservation at least two day in advance

Cannot be used with any other voucher



推广期:07月17日至10月13日( 周末节假日通用)




Place Name:  Grand Hyatt Guangzhou 广州富力君悦大酒店
Place Address:  12 Zhujiang West Road, Pearl River New City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 广州市天河区珠江新城珠江西路12号
Place Phone:  + 86 20 8396 1234

South China Marriott Business Councils Charity Gala Dinner

South China Marriott Business Councils Charity Gala Dinner For The Yao Foundation Raises Rmb 332,663 For Underprivileged Chinese Youths

South China Marriott Business Councils hosted the annual charity gala in support of the Yao Foundation at JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Bao’an on September 14 2018 and raised a total of RMB 332,663 to further support educational projects for underprivileged children in rural China.

The Black Tie Gala Dinner 2018 was jointly organized by South China Marriott Business Councils and includes the participation from 108 hotels in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Hainan, etc. with the attendance of more than 390 corporate guests and individual sponsors. Mr. Yao Ming, Founder of Yao Foundation, attended for the first time. Mr. Jakob Helgen, Marriott International Area Vice President – Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Hainan Areas, and Mr. Richard Taffs, Marriott International Vice President of Operation, Greater China and representatives from South China Marriott Business Councils were all in attendance.Jakob Helgen, Marriott International Area Vice President – Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Hainan Areas, said: To “Serve Our World” is one of Marriott’s core values and guiding principles how we do business. Through volunteerism, fundraising, cash and in-kind donations, our 6,700 hotels and 360,000 associates worldwide are impassioned to do good in their communities and make a meaningful positive impact. For China, this “Spirit to Serve” has resulted in a partnership with the Yao Foundation, bringing educational opportunities to underprivileged teenagers across China.

The night was fulfilled with tremendous engagement activities, live entertainment, auction, alluring and exquisite food & beverage offerings and many more to be discovered on site. During the gala dinner, J.W. Marriott Jr., Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Marriott International, appeared in a special video to express his gratitude to the guests, Marriott associates and the Yao Foundation teams for their support for children’s education. All proceeds generated from tickets sales and charity auction will be used for the further development of the Marriott-Yao Foundation Hope Primary Schools.

Sponsors including: ASC Fine Wines (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Shenzhen Branch, Cooperation and Competition Arts Center, East Meets West Fine Wines, HBN Wedding Planning Center, J.T Bespoke, Okay Airways Company Limited, Summergate Fine Wines& Spirits, Waterfall Spa & Wellness.

About Marriott International, Inc.

Marriott International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAR) is based in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, and encompasses a portfolio of more than 6,700 properties in 30 leading hotel brands spanning 130 countries and territories. Marriott operates and franchises hotels and licenses vacation ownership resorts all around the world. The company also operates award-winning loyalty programs: Marriott Rewards, which includes The Ritz-Carlton Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest. For more information, please visit our website at www.marriott.com, and for the latest company news, visit www.marriottnewscenter.com. In addition, connect with us on Facebook and @MarriottIntl on Twitter and Instagram.

About Yao Foundation

Chinese rural youth have benefited from studying in the 21 Hope Primary Schools and one special education school it has funded. Besides constructing the school buildings, the Yao Foundation also improves the educational experience of Chinese youth by partnering with leading Chinese and multinational companies to build libraries, computer rooms, kitchens, and sports and exercise areas in local schools. In 2012, the Yao Foundation initiated the “Yao Foundation Hope Primary School Basketball Season” program. By 2016, students from 375 schools in impoverished areas, 510,000 attendances from 25 provinces joined the event, letting the children experience sportsmanship through playing basketball and enjoy the happiness that sports bring to them. For more information about the Yao Foundation, visit www.yaofoundation.cn. Weibo &WeChat: 姚明爱心基金.

Place Name: JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Bao’An 深圳前海华侨城JW万豪酒店
Place Address: No.8 Baoxing Rd, Bao’an District, Shenzhen 深圳市宝安区宝兴路8号
Tel 电话 +86.755.2323.8888 Fax 传真 +86.755.2323.8999
Website:  JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Bao’an’s Website

CanCham PRD Welcomes The Honourable Mary Ng To Shenzhen

CanCham PRD was delighted to sit down with Markham-Thornhill MP and Canadian Minister of Small Business and Export Promotion The Honourable Mary Ng during her stop in Shenzhen last Thursday for a roundtable discussion about doing business in the PRD.

上周四CanCham PRD很荣幸地与加拿大小型企业及出口促进部部长、万锦汤山国会议员伍凤仪女士在其深圳访问期间进行了圆桌会晤,并积极讨论了如何深入发展加拿大在珠三角区域的商务合作。 

The lunch was an opportunity for Minister Ng to get some first-hand insight from a diverse group of Canadian and Canadian affiliated entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience in the PRD. She listened to the group share their challenges and achievements and explained her team’s mission to help Canadian SMEs become better equipped to enter the Chinese market.


Canadian Consul General in Guangzhou, Rachael Bedlington, was on hand to host the lunch and lead the discussion. She reaffirmed the Consulate’s support of CanCham PRD and their enthusiasm to work with entrepreneurs, alumni and local partners to advance Canadian business interests in the region.

加拿大驻广州领事馆的总领事Rachael Bedlington,作为本次圆桌会晤的发起人和主持人,在与会期间再次强调了领事馆对CanCham PRD的大力支持,并将与商会一起鼎力合作帮助加拿大企业家,毕业校友和当地合作伙伴共同促进加拿大在珠三角的商务发展。 

“It was a welcome opportunity for the Chamber to directly connect the Canadian community in Southern China with Ms. Ng, a member of Prime Minister Trudeau’s Cabinet.” says Alexander Von Kaldenberg, CanCham PRD Exec Team member and spokesperson for Vancouver based fintech company CoinPayments Inc. “The discussion was frank and open and we look forward to providing similar opportunities to Canadians throughout the PRD.”

CanCham PRD高管成员及温哥华金融科技公司CoinPayments Inc.的发言人,Alexander Von Kaldenberg热情表示:对于珠三角商会而言这是一次荣幸且难得的机遇可以与总理特鲁多内阁的伍女士进行直接面谈拉近距离。会晤是开放的真诚的,我们都很期待可以将更多这样的连接带给珠三角区域的加拿大人。

If you are a Canadian entrepreneur in the PRD looking to connect with future Canadian delegations to the region or want to get involved with the wider Canadian business community, please get in touch at info@canchamprd.com and scan the QR code below to follow the official WeChat account.

如果您是珠三角区域的加拿大商企人士,并且期待与本土加拿大官方代表以及在华加拿大商务圈进行更多更广的接触,欢迎您直接发邮件到 info@canchamprd.com 并关注我们的公众号获取第一手信息。 

CanCham PRD Founders Council:

CanCham PRD is a formal platform for Canadian professionals and entrepreneurs to connect, share resources and build a community of support in the Pearl River Delta region of South China. 

Chinese Name:


Place Address:


+86 15521441940

Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai and Ming Fai Group partner with Soap Cycling to run another soap recycling activity in Shenzhen

On 20th Sep, the soap recycling activity organized by Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai, involves more than 30 volunteers from local community, hotel team members and local media.  65 kilos soap was recycled in 2 hours which will be enough for 1 year usage by 130 children from the unprivileged area. These soaps will be delivered to different poverty areas in China to improve the sanitation and hygiene.

Every year, millions of children worldwide do not make it to their 5th birthday because of preventable diseases such as diarrheal and pneumonia. In Mainland China, it is estimated that hundreds of children die every day from diseases such as pneumonia and diarrheal. Although China has progressed rapidly in the past few decades, much work remains to be done to ensure every child has a chance at a healthy and happy future.

To keep the environment sustainable and fully utilize the used soap in hotel guest rooms, Guangdong Area hotels organized SOAP activity to help underprivileged regions to improve the sanitation and hygiene standard. As part of the activities in Global Week of Service, Shenzhen Area has participating SOAP recycling since 2016. Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai will continue SOAP Cycling activity in a quarterly basis to involve more Shenzhen local community into this program.

We are reminded of the great challenges faced in China, and in underprivileged communities around the world, to keep children healthy through proper hygiene. This initiative not only provides a direct way to improve hygiene and health for many people living in our local community, it also encourages awareness and education about the importance of hand washing as an effective means of preventing diseases.

We believe that through partnerships like this, we can achieve significant social impact. We thank both companies for getting involved, and invite others to join us in the future.

About Soap Cycling

Established in 2012, Soap Cycling is a registered charity based in Hong Kong, and is the first non-profit soap recycling organization in Asia. Soap Cycling seeks to improve sanitation and hygiene in underprivileged regions, one child at a time. They do that by collecting and processing used hotel soaps. These life-saving items then get distributed to underprivileged children and antenatal clinics in disadvantaged communities in Asia, and also to support disaster relief. Soap Cycling is almost completely run by students from The University of Hong Kong, who are given management positions within the company. By participating in the program, hotels are diverting tons of waste from the landfills, and supporting vulnerable people in need. Please visit www.soapcycling.org for more information.







再皂福成立于2012年, 是在香港注册的慈善团体, 也是亚洲第一个非营利性肥皂回收组织。再皂福致力改善贫穷地区的生活环境和提高儿童的个人卫生意识。通过与本地不同酒店合作,再皂福回收及消毒二手肥皂,并送往亚洲其他贫穷国家,以降低当地居民患上疾病的风险。回收的肥皂,除了能帮助有需要的人士以外,也为环境出一份力,减少对堆填区的压力。再皂福主要是由香港大学的学生营运,详情请浏览再皂福官方网站www.soapcycling.org

Place Name:  Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai 深圳蛇口希尔顿南海酒店
Place Address:  1177 Wanghai Rd, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区望海路1177号
Place Phone:  0755 2162 8888