Green Foot: A New Way To Save The Environment

You might be wondering what is Green Foot?

Green Foot is, first of all, a community

Green Foot brings together people who may not all be environmentalists, but who all want a better environment. In the Green Foot community, we are focused on organizing both online and offline events that aim to reduce the negative impact of waste on the environment. We work to build a community that is warm and open, while also diverse and respectful. Green Foot is an open forum where your voice can be heard and you have a platform to do good.

Green Foot is a social enterprise, including both profit and non-profit

A social enterprise is based on business to maintain its sustainability to serve its goal of social responsibility. As a result, our Green Foot events, we have two parts: non-profit and profit.

Our waste collecting events are organized to pick up waste which is left by others, and is for the benefit of the public and not the individual, and as such it is a non-profit event. Also, attendees will be rewarded with 10 green points.

There are also profitable events like the second hand exchange, eco camps, and speaking events. These events share ways to practice environmental protection and encourage attendees to do their own part. Attendees need to pay for the event. This is to cover the time and energy of those who organized and contributed to the event.

Green Foot is a way of living

We offer members a wide range of activities to reduce the negative effect of waste on the environment and in their daily lives such as eco camps, second hand exchanges, and waste into art workshops. All these events give you food for thought about what is a healthy and balanced way of living.

At the same time, we sell green products. Our green products have one more layer of guarantee as Green Foot have high demands not only for product quality, but also for its environmental impact. What’s more, your green points can be converted into cash to buy green products. Additionally, in future, we plan to cooperate with various businesses such as restaurants, hotels, bookstores, and gyms to obtain discounts for our members.

Green Foot is a stage for all

Every individual or business can find a place and an opportunity in Green Foot, as long as you are willing to help create a better environment.

Be our supporter.

We are looking for supporters who want to live green and believe in serving society and improving themselves at the same time.

Be our event leader.

This is a stage for people who are seeking opportunities for self growth and to show leadership qualities.

Be our ambassador.

Leading a Green Foot branch will enrich and add color to your life.

Be our sponsor or partner.

You can sponsor our events or provide discounts to our members, or simply work together with us to unite more people to make a better environment.

Green Foot Brief Intro

Green Foot was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Shenzhen with branches across the PRD in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, and new locations established in the past half year in Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu, and Zhuhai. Through our offline activities and media coverage, we have reached and influenced an international audience of over 100,000. Our mission is to connect more people and build a greener world together.

Let’s work together towards our common goal.

ABNET – A Shenzhen Business Group Tailored For Shenzhen Businesses

Doing business in China is really quite unlike doing business anywhere else in the world. The country offers so many unique opportunities, but with it come equally unique challenges. From setting up a business, working with suppliers, dealing with exports, to handling employees’ visas and contracts. Furthermore, it’s a place that relies on who you know and just as much on knowing how to use that connection.

Being part of a business group can make all the difference. Especially one that really speaks to the business you are doing, introduces you to the kind of people you need to be talking to, and discuss topics that affect you in your daily work. ABNET is one such group; a Shenzhen business group tailored for Shenzhen businesses.

The group is led by Felix, and has around 500 members. Membership is currently free and there are no restrictions on what industry you come from or how many members can be from one industry. They hold two events a month in the Shekou area. For lunch meetups, there are usually around 25 attendees, while for evening events it’s closer to 40 or 50.

ABNET stands out because the group deals with real topics that directly affect their members in their work. At each meeting, there is a guest speaker who will speak about a specialist or topical subject. But the meetings are not just about turning up and listening to someone speak. ABNET events are more personal and interactive than that.

Recent talks have included changes in foreign investment law with guest speaker Sophie Mao of Chibridge Law Firm, a networking cocktail event to discuss changes to China’s Individual Income Tax with Ralph Woodcock of CISI, and a book signing event with Josh Steimle where he discussed how to develop your personal brand. Members have also benefited from the ABNET Training Center which have organized courses on the subjects of business etiquette, digital marketing, negotiation skills, and photography for business.

Often, members will be asked to introduce themselves at meetings while all members are encouraged to bring a business referral for another member, to bring a new visitor to the meeting, and also to arrange to meet another member during the next week. These aren’t requirements per se, but they follow the kind of ethos that ABNET tries to promote.

With Felix recently taking over as president of ABNET, these are exciting times for the group with more changes to come in the near future. If you would like to join Shenzhen’s top business network for expats, check out the contact information below. ABNET is always on the lookout for new speakers also, so if you have a topic you think is interesting for the expat community in Shenzhen, get in touch with Felix.

Contact Details

WeChat: felixo7


Shenzhen Dragons: The Finest Rugby & Social Club In South China

With the Rugby World Cup in Japan just around the corner in September, now seemed like the perfect time to highlight the Shenzhen Dragons, our city’s long-running rugby club and one of its best sports clubs in general. Shenzhen Party spoke with the Dragons to learn more about the club’s long history, rich culture, passionate players, and how you can get involved too.

Formed in 2008, the Shenzhen Dragons have been a mainstay of the rugby circuit in South China and beyond ever since. The club has both a Men’s and Women’s team, who train regularly, play full contact matches, and compete in the best tournaments in the region and beyond.

The season all kicks off on September 7th with the Guangdong 10s tournament. Organized by the Dragons and the other teams in the region, this year’s event will take place in Bao’an. The tournament promises to be a cracker with teams coming from Hong Kong, Macau and all over Mainland China.
After the Guangdong 10s, a 15s championship begins which will see the Dragons go head-to-head with teams from Xiamen, Fuzhou. The championship also features local rivals, the Guangzhou Rams, and there are guaranteed to be some classic derbies again this year.
The second half of the season is arguably even more exciting than the first, as the Dragons pack up their suitcases for tournaments in Macao, Hong Kong, Qingdao, Xiamen, and Phuket. Some of these weekends are legendary in rugby circles and every year some truly unforgettable memories are created. After all, it wouldn’t be a rugby club without a few rugby tours.
Club Spirit
Rugby is as much about the culture as it is about the sport, and it’s this ethos that forms the backbone of so many rugby clubs around the world. It is just as important to the Dragons and they do their best to foster the social aspect of it with both playing and non-playing members through dinners and drinks socials, as well as group gym sessions and even martial art classes.

As a result, the club is made up of friends who love playing rugby together, have fun competing in tournaments, and enjoy having a drink or two socially. This friendly and lively bunch are always open to welcoming all newcomers, regardless of age, ability, experience, or background.
Club Structure
The Dragons is an amateur club that operates on the grassroots level. All the support services and logistics are provided by the club members themselves.

The club has a standing committee that is drawn from and voted for by the club’s members at the start of each season.
The support we have seen from local sponsors, private donors, and volunteers, along with the dedicated work of club members has been nothing short of phenomenal. Without these people, the Dragons would not have been able to grow and become the stronghold of the Chinese rugby community it is today.
The Dragons Men’s and Women’s teams train together twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 20:30 to 22:30 at Qiaocheng North Station on Line 2. We mix up our training sessions by working on various aspects of rugby with touch sessions and technical drills. All training sessions are RMB 50 per person and it is free for first-timers.

Contact Details

If you are interested in joining the Dragons or would like more information, you can get in touch in the following ways.

WeChat: adri7581


InterNations: The Perfect Shortcut To Settling In & Making Friends In Shenzhen

Moving to a new city can be intimidating; going through the process of making friends, building your work network up, working out how to do day-to-day things. Thankfully, then, there is a shortcut for all called InterNations.

InterNations is a community in Shenzhen where expats can network, make new friends, and share advice about living in the city. The group holds events twice a month, usually by partnering with a popular local bar or restaurant where members can usually enjoy a nice meal and some drinks. They also have WeChat group chats where members can ask questions and share useful information.

There are two types of membership. With the free membership, you can still access the groups and attend the events, but with the premium Albatross membership, you receive a discount at events among other benefits.

What makes InterNations special, is that it is a worldwide organization with more than 400 communities. Once you join, you are not just joining one of these communities, you are joining all of them. If you are moving cities or simply going away for a weekend break, you can log into the website and change your location and chat with their members and join their events too.

The thing about InterNations is that there is no typical member. Members come from all over the world. Old and young alike are welcome and membership is pretty evenly split between men and women. Anyone, no matter their background, can come along and feel like they fit in. What’s even better is that because everyone is coming to network and make new friends, there are no cliques. Everyone is up for a chat and you won’t feel like an outsider looking in. If you go to an event, the only advice is to not sit down. Keep moving and keep talking to new people.

So, if you would like to in join InterNations, or even if you are a business that is interested in partnering together for an event, then get in touch via the contact information below.

Contact Details

WeChat: felixo7



B10 Live: A Champion Of Independent & Alternative Music In Shenzhen

Photo Credit: 左氏文化

Every city needs a place where music fans can come to see live music: a beating heart where all the lifeblood of the local music scene can flow to and, vitally, somewhere that keeps that lifeblood pumping. Liverpool had The Cavern Club, famous for launching The Beatles. Nirvana and Pearl Jam all played at The Crocodile in Seattle before becoming Grunge legends. In Shenzhen, for many music lovers that heart is B10 Live.

Photo Credit: @泽健NIRVINA

Founded in November 2012 and located in OCT-LOFT, the live music venue has played host to some of Shenzhen’s most memorable gigs in recent times. They’ve brought in international acts like Carl Barat, Iceage, and SUUNS, but are also passionate supporters of local music, which has seen the likes of the cult Emo band Chinese Football grace their stage.

Photo Credit: 潘越 Pan Yue

Their credentials are underlined by Tomorrow Festival. The annual event is organized by B10 Live and has the perfect venue in OCT-LOFT, which was name checked by Lonely Planet when Shenzhen placed in their Top 10 Best in Travel 2019. The latest edition of Tomorrow Festival was considered the best yet, thanks to the eclectic mix of musicians from Japan, Germany, and Georgia, as well as screenings and talks from artists.

Photo Credit: Taki

Liverpool had The Cavern Club. Seattle had The Crocodile. Shenzhen has its B10 Live. Come down and check out a show and feel a part of the music scene that is happening in our city.

Photo Credit: @蘇豆大叔

Address: North Side of Building C2, North District, OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区华侨城创意文化园北区C2栋北侧)

WeChat: b10live


Macau’s Hottest Events in July

If you don’t know it yet – everything is happening in Macau these days! Gone are the days when Macau used to be a quiet small town. Now the city is bursting with dining, art, culture and entertainment.

Plan a weekend to remember, here are the hottest Macau events this July and a very special thanks to our media partner in Macau ‘Macau Lifestyle’ for the article. Should you be interested to know more about what’s going down in Macau, visit their website

Wynn Art Exhibition – Garden of Earthly Delights

In support of the mega international arts and cultural event “Art Macao” organized by the Macao SAR Government, Wynn launches a four-month art exhibition under the theme of “Wynn – Garden of Earthly Delights” on June 6, featuring an extraordinary selection of modern and contemporary art pieces. The exhibition takes place at both Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace, showcasing some of the world’s most remarkable masterpieces and offering both Macau residents and tourists an artistic journey through contemporary art.

The opening ceremony for “Wynn – Garden of Earthly Delights”, integrated in the series of activities of “Art Macao: International Art Exhibition” of the event “Art Macao”, takes place at the Art Gallery of Wynn Palace on June 6. The art exhibition is inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s stunning masterpiece The Garden of Earthly Delights, which he painted during the time of the Renaissance.

The exhibition features an extraordinary selection of modern and contemporary art pieces for their first appearance in Macau, including Edoardo Tresoldi, Herb Alpert, Jennifer Steinkamp, Refik Anadol, Robert Indiana, Sam Francis, MAD Architects and many more, as the Company aims to take audiences into a world of innovation and creativity through various media forms such as paintings, installations and digital art pieces.

When: June 6–October 6, 2019

Where: Art Gallery, Wynn Palace Cotai, Avenida Da Nave Desportiva, Cotai

How much: Free admission

For more information on the art exhibition, visit their official page or send an email

Wagyumafia Pop-Up at MGM Cotai

MGM brings the not-to-be-missed Wagyumafia pop-up to Macau for the first time ever this summer! From June 14 to August 4, this world-renowned premium Wagyu brand will make a stop at Grill 58 of MGM Cotai, where a comprehensive Wagyumafia experience without any membership requirement will be offered, as well as the first-ever exclusive Wagyumafia Progressive Kaiseki Dinner to be served outside of Japan.

Sharing the same philosophy with Grill 58 in offering only the most premium cuts to all, Wagyumafia serves only the top one percent of Wagyu beef. Experience the true flavor of Wagyu, encompassed through innovative, ingredient-driven dining that merge tradition and modernity on one dining table. Driven by a passion to bring knowledge and awareness of true Wagyu to the world, Wagyumafia strives to promote authentic, Japanese-reared Wagyu in a simple yet unforgettable way.

Their founder and chef, Hisato Hamada, has been leading the brand to host over 50 series of private dinner pop-ups globally and owning four members-exclusive restaurants in Tokyo. To maintain the premium quality, the brand exclusively sources the most prestigious breeds of Wagyu from the top 20 Wagyufarmers in Japan, of whom they maintain unique relationships with, in providing the farmers a platform to showcase their craftsmanship.

The most famous and probably the most anticipated dish of all, the Cutlet Sando, fully demonstrates Wagyumafia’s divine perusal in serving the most premium Wagyu cuts. Giving a twist on the Japanese street food Katsu Sando, this signature dish features a fine and rare cut of Wagyu Beef breaded and deep fried, sandwiched between toasted Japanese milk bread, slathered with house katsu sauce, limited supply available per day. In the spirit of Wagyu and whiskey lovers, Wagyumafia Old Fashioned is sure to please all. This glass of whisky is infused with Wagyu fat’s rich beefy flavor using the unique fat-washing technique, paired with a slice of Wagyubeef jerky on the side. This special technique is also ingeniously employed in the signature Bourbon Washed Wagyu Fat Ice Cream.

In line with the new Fuerza Bruta Wayra theater party show in MGM Theater, a Pre and Post Entertainment: Wagyumafia snacks session will provide an all-rounded sensory experience to all. These special a-la-carte dishes and cocktails are priced from MOP $150*, with very limited supply per day.

When: June 14–August 4, 2019 (except Mondays)

Wagyumafia Omakase Dinner – June 14–July 13, 2019

Wagyumafia Progressive Kaiseki Dinner – July 14–August 4, 2019

Where: Grill 58MGM Cotai, Avenida da Nave Desportiva, Cotai

How much: MOP $2,800 per person (two Fuerza Bruta show tickets will be offered to every guest who opts for the Wagyumafia full dinner experience)

For enquiry and reservation, call +853 8806 2318

Marine and Water Bureau Day and Associated Activities

Marine and Water Bureau Day is marked not only by a 24-hour period but also by a range of activities by that government unit throughout July. It includes the opening of the Guia Lighthouse–part of the UNESCO-listed Historic Centre of Macao, and usually off-limits to visitors–to the public every weekend during the month. Entry to the Maritime Museum is also free of charge on selected days in July. During those particular days, visitors can also try their hand at activities presented in several workshops. For the Marine and Water Bureau Fun Day (July 14), the Government Dockyard grants visitors the opportunity to board one of the bureau’s vessels or have their photograph taken standing next to it. Several booths offering games are also available on the site during the Fun Day, to help visitors learn more about the work of the Marine and Water Bureau, as well as about maritime safety and water conservation. Visitors can try their hand at tying seafarer knots or firing a water cannon. In addition, there are boat rides available across the Inner Harbour on selected days.

When: July 6–28, 2019

Guia Lighthouse Opening – July weekends (6 and 7, 13 and 14, 20 and 21, and 27 and 28, 2019, from 10:00am to 5:30pm)

Where: Throughout the city, including the Maritime Museum and the Guia Lighthouse

How much: Free admission

For more information, check the event’s website, call +853 2855 9922 or send an email to

Celebrating Food at Taipa Village Chef Constellation

Taipa Village presents you a gastronomic feast and journey from the following restaurants, along with exclusive cooking experiences that can’t be missed! Chefs António Coelho and Jonathan Dominguez are conducting two full months of cooking classes for all who are curious and interested to learn. Find out how to make traditional bacalhau à brás, an Italian lasagna or Macanese dishes and have a ball with friends or family.

The thriving dining scene of this epicurean paradise is also collectively contributed by the dedicated efforts of our celebrated chefs who strive to deliver authenticity in the essence of their culinary offerings, acting as the souls and spirits of their represented restaurants in conveying favorable twists to customers’ dining experience. From gourmands, diners, food lovers to the general public, it would benefit everyone to learn more about these celebrated chefs in Taipa Village and be inspired by their cooking philosophy.

Since opening, António has established itself as a renowned venue for fine dining in Macau, and has been recommended by the Michelin Guide Hong Kong & Macau in the past years. António has contributed significantly to Taipa Village Macau’s status as a culturally-rich, non-gaming destination and an epicurean paradise that offers an international feast of flavors, brimming with innovative concepts and culinary skill. Each session includes a cooking class with the chef himself, who will coach with culinary skills, plus the creation of authentic hands-on Portuguese dishes that can be brought home, along with the recipes, but also the completion of one dish at the private culinary area of the restaurant!

As for cooking classes at Bella Taipa, these include coaching with the chef himself, the creation of refreshing Italian dishes and the opportunity to take home the recipes and the completion of two dishes in each class. July is dedicated to healthy vegetarian parmigiana (lasagna) and the chef’s tiramisu, whereas August focuses on bouncy crunchy baked gnocchi pasta and Italian chocolate “salami” dessert.

Executive Chef Jonathan Dominguez is from Tuscany and he is passionate about Italian cuisine, bringing with him more than a decade of culinary experience and skills to Bella Taipa, where he crafted a comprehensive menu which reflects the flavors of different parts of Italy from North to South, resulting in an intriguing combination of tastes, scents and colors. Therefore, guests can have the opportunity to encounter the full experience that Italian cuisine has to offer.

Taipa Village is all about food–from grab-and-go street bites, cafeterias to refined restaurants which are omnipresent to suit everyone’s taste. With the opening of a vibrant range of new dining venues, Taipa Village is continuing its emergence as Macau’s leading gastronomic destination, boasting a diverse range of local and international cuisine to suit every budget. The diverse culinary offerings in the area also complement Macau’s designation as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, and bring international gastronomic options for diners. This variety of dining options further demonstrates Taipa Village’s dedication to promoting gastronomy in Macau, and contributes greatly to the sustainable development of the territory’s non-gaming tourism.

When: July 1–August 31, 2019

António’s classes – Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 3:00pm–5:00pm

Enroll to António’s classes via MacauTicket website

Bella Taipa’s classes – Wednesdays and Thursdays, 3:00–5:30pm

Enroll to Bella Taipa’s classed via MacauTicket website

Where: António,  Bella Taipa and Taipa Village

How much: António’s classes – MOP $500 per person;

Enroll to António’s classes via MacauTicket website

Bella Taipa’s classes – MOP $800 per person;

Enroll to Bella Taipa’s classed via MacauTicket website

For bookings and more information, call +853 2857 6116 or check the event’s official page

Israeli Pop-Up: Imperial Craft x Vida Rica

A block party presented by chef Aliran Samorai and mixologist Shauli Edelman from Tel Aviv. Hidden within the Imperial Hotel, the Imperial Craft cocktail bar is a creation of veteran bartenders of the city, to create a temple to the lost art of the cocktail. Guest chef Aliran Samorai and bartender Shauli Edelman will present a menu related to the heart of the city itself.

When: Wednesday–Saturday, 6:00pm–11:00pm, July 24–27, 2019

Where: Vida Rica BarMandarin Oriental, Macau, 945 Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau

For more info and bookings, call +853 8805 8928 or send an email to

Grace Kelly: From Hollywood to Monaco – Artists’ Tributes

“GRACE KELLY: From Hollywood to Monaco – Artists’ Tributes” is co-organized by the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation and Grimaldi Forum of Monaco, one of a series of activities of “Art Macao”, a five-month mega international art cultural event.

The exhibition traces the story of Oscar-winning actress Grace Kelly (1929-1982), from her Hollywood days to becoming Princess of Monaco. An important style icon of the 20th century, Grace Kelly embodied the myths of power and timelessness which explain the continuing interest and fascination people have with her. A star of Hollywood films in the 1950s, Grace Kelly became a princess in “old Europe”, joining a royal family with a history which dates back almost one thousand years.

Grace Kelly has continued to inspire artists throughout her life, from famous photographers to visual artists such as Andy Warhol, who portrayed her through his Pop Art prints. As an artists’ tributes exhibition, this show highlights her role as a muse, as well as her personal enthusiasm for artistic creation. The exhibition is exceptional in many ways.  A temporary gallery was specially created for this exhibition to display collections from the Prince’s Palace of Monaco. The scenography was designed under the supervision of Thomas Fouilleron, Curator of the exhibition and Director of Archives and Library of the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, allowing visitors to go through a journey which integrates history, heritage, fashion, and arts.

When: May 16–August 28, 2019

Where: Crystal Lobby, Galaxy Macau, Estrada da Baía de Nossa Senhora da Esperança, Galaxy Macau, Cotai

How much: Free admission

For more information, check the event’s official page

Summer Durian Festival at Galaxy Macau

Don’t miss this all-you-can-eat extravaganza for true durian connoisseurs! Savor six highly sought-after Malaysian durians under the stars. The D24 “Sultan” is pleasingly sweet with a nutty richness; the D168 “Mas Hajah Hasmah” is a well-balanced durian with a bittersweet taste; the D175 “Red Prawn” is strong, bold and succulent; while the D163 “Hor Lor” is velvety smooth. And of course we have the wildly popular D197 “Musang King” along with the extremely rich “XO”, named for the hint of alcohol in its aftertaste. Cooling welcome drinks, an array of tropical fruits and delicious snacks are also to be enjoyed at the buffet.

When: July 13 and 14, 2019

Where: Oasis, 2/F, Galaxy Macau, Estrada da Baía de Nossa Senhora da Esperança, Galaxy Macau, Cotai

How much: MOP $598 per person

For reservations and more informations, call them at +853 8883 2221 or check the official website

Sheraton Dameisha Unveils Stunning New Pool As Beach Reopens

Dameisha Beach is one of Shenzhen’s top beaches, while the Sheraton Dameisha Resort is the perfect destination for a weekend break or even just a day by the sea with the idyllic stretch of beach, arguably the best pool in Shenzhen, and one of the most famous Sunday brunches around.

When Typhoon Shanzhu struck last September, however, it meant that the beach was closed for repairs. But Sheraton Dameisha Resort saw the closure as an opportunity and took the time to renovate. Now as we reach the height of summer and the schools are out, Dameisha Beach has reopened and the renovation work at the Sheraton Dameisha Resort is complete. The brand new 19,000 square meter outdoor swimming pool and beach area is the biggest of it’s kind in Shenzhen and was definitely worth the wait.

The beach looks as beautiful as it did before the typhoon. Visitors can still enjoy the same views while going for a swim in the sea or taking a stroll on the 500 meter long beach. It’s as though the typhoon never happened.

The pool at the Sheraton Dameisha Resort, however, does not look the same. Before the renovations, the pool could already boast to be the biggest in Shenzhen and also offer unrivalled beach access. The new design is simply stunning as it curves beside the hotel and the color of the pool changes from an azure to a deep navy. Cocktails, cold beers, and freshly squeezed juices are available poolside while food can be ordered too. There are also inflatable toys that can be rented from the hotel to keep the kids happy.

It really is an amazing day out for children and with two water slides set to open at the end of July, the pool at the Sheraton Dameisha Resort will truly be the number one destination for a day with the family.

Also, you can’t talk about a Sunday at the Sheraton Dameisha Resort without mentioning the Sun, Sea and Sand Sunday Brunch. The five-star buffet has long been one of the top dining experiences in Shenzhen. Mixing local favorites with international cuisine, highlights include the seafood station with Sashimi, Lobster, and Alaska King Crab, authentic Cantonese cuisine such as Dim Sum and Abalone, and the wide selection of roasted meats and vegetables. Trust us when we say that you will want to make sure to leave space for dessert too. The brunch costs RMB 538 and you can add free flow alcoholic drinks for only RMB99.

Most importantly, brunch guests can also enjoy complimentary access to the beach, both the outdoor and indoor swimming pools, as well as the fitness center and kids club.

Typhoon Shanzhu may have closed down Dameisha temporarily, but the beach and the Sheraton Dameisha Resort have returned even better than before. If there is a better day out in Shenzhen for the family or for a couple, we’ve yet to see it.


RMB538 net per person including free fresh juice and soft drinks

RMB637 net per person including free fresh juice, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks


Address: 9 Yankui Road, Dameisha, Yantian, Shenzhen (中国深圳盐田区大梅沙盐葵路(大梅沙段)9 邮编 518083)

Tel: +86 755 88886688 (ext: 3850)


[Photo Review] Craft Beer Fest Crafted A HOT Weekend

It has been a super-hot weekend in Dongguan, but people found a way to cool down with the HERE! 2019 Craft Beer Festival at Country Garden Guangdong 33 Town.


In two days, around 2000 people consumed flows of craft beer and tons of delicious food. It was a great pleasure for the vendors, sponsors and organizers to see that participants enjoyed and shared different beers and foods together. They all socialized with a glass of beer in hand. 


Bands and DJs made it unforgettable for our partygoers. Not just the tunes, but the interactions lit up the crowd. Ben and WEPM jammed together without any planning. They were more than just performers but creative musicians who were definitely having fun at our craft beer festival!


Games and the WooHa Beer Olympics generated cheers and laughter from all. This Blows and Baby Rattle might even become the two hit games in Dongguan.

游戏,尤其是呼哈啤酒奥林匹克吸粉无数,尤其是This Blows和Baby Rattle应该要成为东莞未来一段时间的最in游戏了。

HERE! wants to give a big shout-out to our co-host, Country Garden Guangdong 33 Town, and sponsors- Aoka, Didi, Sea’s Young,, WooHa and YYL. We also want to recognize our food vendors- 900° Barbecue, A-ONE, Big River, Destiny Coffee, Kuo Brewing Lab, Pizzeria Calzone, RC3 Brewpub, Uptown 26, Verano, and breweries- Big River, Bravo Brewing, Brew Hardcore, Cheer Bar Brew House, E.T. Brewery, Kuo Brewing Lab, Mo Brew, Ray Brewhouse, RC3 Brewpub and Reclusive Brewing. Thank you to everyone for their support and all their efforts. Congratulations to Big River for winning “The Most Sales” and a free beer machine provided by Aoka!

在此我们由衷感谢大家的支持和协助:协办方碧桂园广东33小镇,赞助商恩平市奥卡饮料机械有限公司、滴滴快车、狮子洋飞航、、呼哈啤酒、育医林,食物商家900°烧烤工场、A-ONE体育主题餐厅、大美江精酿啤酒吧、命运咖啡馆、阔、必萨乐、利成堡精酿啤酒餐吧、Uptown 26西餐厅、夏天创意餐厅,精酿啤酒商大美江精酿啤酒吧、保霖精酿、Brew Hardcore、嬉啤室精酿啤酒屋、E.T.Brewery、阔、沫酿餐吧、暗光精酿、利成堡精酿餐吧、隐酿手工啤酒。大美江精酿啤酒吧因为最佳销量而获得了由奥卡提供的免费啤酒机一台!恭喜!

Let’s take a tour through the fantastic photos. Looking forward to seeing you again next year!


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Check out the video and photos from the first day of the Craft Beer Festival. 点击查看精酿啤酒节第一天的精彩视频和照片。

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New SZ Average Salary’s influence on Work Permit

The calculation standard based on salary for foreigners to get work permit in Shenzhen will be adjusted to 9192RMB per month from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

Official link is as below:

In accordance with the regulation of “Notice of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs,Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security,Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Public Security on the full implementation of the work permit institution for foreigners coming to China”, foreigner must meet the classification criteria when applying work permit in China. As mentioned in our previous article“Criteria (Category A, B,C) for Foreigners Employed in China”, there are two criteria for category A and category B are based on foreigner’s average monthly salary.

1.Foreign talent whose average monthly salary is no less 6 times than the local average monthly salary of the previous year.

Foreigner’s average monthly salary is no less than 55152RMB can be classified to Category A.

There are some convenient measures for talents of Category A to apply work permits. Such as no need non-criminal records, no need diploma authentication, etc. Contact us for details.

2. Skilled talents with qualification certificates and with no less 4 times than the local average monthly salary of the previous year. Average monthly salary should be no less than 36768RMB can be classified to Category B. Can ignore this standard if you have a bachelor degree and two years’relevant work experience. Contact us for non-bachelor degree work visa solutions.

How much individual income taxe(IIT) shall be paid for pre-tax salaries  36768RMB and 55152RMB?

(Remarks: Calculations are based on no exemption allowances, no social insurances, and non-residence tax payers)

Please contact us for more details.

Contact: Olivia

Shenzhen ZIX Consulting Co., Ltd   Skype: olivialcr

Mobile (WeChat): 13684991963

PublicAccount: ZixConsulting

Address: Room 18NO, Block B, Fortune Plaza, No. 7002,Shennan Road, Futian District, Shenzhen.

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Check Out These Great Dongguan Events in July

The end of June saw the 4th DG Craft Beer Festival, which was successfully hosted by our friends from HERE!. Now, here are some more recommendations of happenings at our neighboring city that you might want to check out. Remember, Dongguan is only an hour away and is easily accessible by a number of public transport modes, or just take a DIDI!

  1. Toga Party at Ziggy’s – Sat. July 6

Dongguan’s own “Animal House” bar is going full on Toga this July. The usual patrons will surely make this a wild event. They would love to show some SZ folks how DG likes to party. Live music and drinks on special will complete the night, but those are things you may not remember the next day. Ziggy’s is located in Chang’an which means it is faster and cheaper to get to from Shenzhen. TOGA!! TOGA!! TOGA!!

ADDRESS: #117, Bldg 1, Junlinchangan, Lianfeng Rd, Xianxi Community, Chang’an Town / 长安镇咸西社区莲峰路客天下君临长安1单元1层117铺

2. Hip Hop Lyricist Lounge Party at B Quarter – Sat. July 13

Discover the signature neon dark room inside B Quarter. This event is all about hip hop and the local fav, DJ Pete, will play songs from the 80s, 90s and today. DG’s recent live hip hop sensation, “Life We Live,” will take the stage with their original songs, hence the party title, Lyricist Lounge!

ADDRESS: #72, Yujing Walking Street, Dongcheng District / 东莞东城愉景新时代广场72号

3. Photography Sharing Salon at Starbucks – Wed. July 24

HERE!, in cooperation with Starbucks Reserve, are bringing cultural discussion and experience to DG’s flagship Starbucks store, at the recently opened DG Mall. Meet new friends and explore the depths of photography together, as well as experience the Starbucks seminar and paper cup painting. Free entry with limited space so hurry-up and sign up via the QR code on the poster!

ADDRESS: L1055C, DG Mall, Hongfu East Rd, Dongcheng District / 东莞市东城区鸿福东路1号国贸城5号商业楼首层L1055C单元

Sam’s Club: Changing The Way People Shop In Shenzhen

Shopping in China can be challenging at times. It can be tough to find a place that sells the products you used to buy back home, especially from a reliable source you can trust. It’s harder still to find such items at a reasonable price, while delivery can be a headache too.

If this sounds anything like you, it might be time to join Sam’s Club, a high-end members-only store for buying groceries, home appliances, and whatever else you might need in your daily life. Shenzhen Party tried out their app so we could give you the lowdown.

What is Sam’s Club?

First opened 36 years ago in 1983 in the United States, Sam’s Club was created by Walmart to be a members-only retail warehouse. It was a place where customers could buy quality and reliable products in bulk at great prices.

Sam’s Club model was a success and it quickly grew in popularity. More locations opened up around the world and the membership numbers blew up. Today, there are over 800 clubs worldwide with a combined membership of around 50 million.

The first location opened right here in Shenzhen in 1996, and since then they have been adding more and more clubs around the country. With their awesome app and three locations in Shenzhen, it felt like the right time to check out Sam’s Club and see if – like the slogan says – life really is better in the club.

How do I become a Sam’s Club member?

To make purchases from Sam’s Club, you first must become a member. The great thing we discovered about the membership is that once you have it you can use it in other countries too. So if you take a trip or even move back home, you can continue to enjoy all the Sam’s Club benefits.

We thought that becoming a member might be complicated and would involve us heading into a store, but it can all be done over the app without fuss. Just download the app on the app store by searching “Sam’s Club”. Once the app is installed, add a delivery address and purchase a membership.

There are two types of membership: Advantage membership for those using Sam’s Club for personal use, and Business membership for those using Sam’s Club for work use. Make sure to choose the one that applies to you. Once you have set up an account, you are ready to make an order.

What can I buy from Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club is not limited to just groceries. You can buy a whole host of products for your home and family. Anything from premium beef for a barbecue and milk powder for the baby, to twelve year single malt whisky and top imported facial creams. They even have electrical appliances from televisions and mobile phones to air purifiers and rice cookers. Sam’s Club says they import from over 32 countries, so you are bound to find something for you. On the app, you can find the following categories:

  • Fresh Food
  • Grain, Oils, & Dry Goods
  • Snacks & Milk
  • Beverages
  • Mom & Baby Supplies
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home Appliances
  • Mobile & Digital
  • Household & Cleaning
  • Office & Outdoors
  • Bedding & Luggage

There is even a special category called 1 Hour Delivery, which includes a large selection of food and drinks items that can be delivered to your home in just one hour from placing your order. We spent over RMB99 and we received free delivery also!

Where can I find a store in Shenzhen?

If you are interested in visiting a Sam’s Club in person, there are currently three locations in Shenzhen:

  • Location 1: 1st Floor, Shenguotou Square, No. 69 Nonglin Road, Futian (福田区农林路69号深国投广场F1)
  • Location 2: Xinghe Shopping Park, No. 1 Huangge South Road, Longgang (龙岗区黄阁南路1号星河时代购物公园内)
  • Location 3: Yucheng Center, No. 1111 Meilong Avenue (梅龙大道1111号壹城中心)

Sam’s Club provides people in Shenzhen a reliable way to shop for the kind of quality goods they are used to from back home. Their prices are hard-to-beat and their delivery times are second to none. It turns out that life is really better in Sam’s Club.

To download the Sam’s Club app, scan the following QR code.

To register to the Sam’s Club WeChat mini program and join their community groups, scan the following QR code.

Find Your Brave Heart At South China’s Largest Indoor BMX Park

Good news for BMX lovers in Shenzhen looking for a place to bike. You can now head down to Brave Heart in PW Sports Town in Shekou. The state-of-the-art venue is the largest indoor BMX park in South China, boasting 2,000 square meters of bike riding fun.

The opening of Brave Heart comes at a time when BMX sports is on the rise in China. With the sport being added to the Olympics, it drew attention from kids and adults alike who were looking for something fresh and fun compared to the more traditionally popular sports.

If you or your kid wants to be the next Matt Hoffman, then Brave Heart offers classes also. Their experienced coaching team offers individual private sessions starting as low as RMB290, while you can purchase packages of 20 sessions from RMB5,200.

So, the next time you are looking for something to do at the weekend, come and check out Brave Heart. The BMX sports park forms part of what is an exciting group of businesses at PW Sport Town that also includes go-karting at K1 Speed, flow boarding at Flow Life, and horse riding at Reou International.

Address: PW Sport Town, Haiwan Road,  Zhaoshang Street, Shekou 深圳市南山区招商街道海湾路19号

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 20:00 (Mon-Thurs, Sun), 10:00-21:00 (Fri-Sat)

Tel: 18025446996

DoubleTree by Hilton Shanwei Debuts as City’s First International Branded Hotel

   New upscale seafront hotel set to be a prime recreational destination with the region’s only outdoor event space, seaside infinity pool and diverse family offerings

Hilton announced the opening of DoubleTree by Hilton Shanwei, which debuts as the first international hotel in Shanwei, a coastal destination in Guangdong province. The 11-storey, 288-room seaside getaway welcomes guests with extensive recreational and family-friendly facilities, a wide range of dining options and expansive event spaces, offering itself as the ideal destination for weddings, family getaways or conferences. The property is owned by Poly Developments and Holdings and managed by Hilton.

“DoubleTree by Hilton Shanwei is proud to be the first international hotel in Shanwei, a picturesque ocean city that is quickly becoming a destination of choice for leisure and business travelers from neighboring cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong,” said Qian Jin, area president, Greater China & Mongolia, Hilton. “As the Shenzhen-Shanwei Special Cooperation Zone furthers the region to become a premier marine hub that sets the benchmark of world-class standards for businesses, residents and tourists, DoubleTree by Hilton Shanwei will play an integral role in the region’s economic development and be of strategic importance to Hilton’s development in China.”

DoubleTree by Hilton Shanwei is located along the scenic Jinting Bay, where guests can enjoy rooms and suites that offer panoramic ocean sunset views or stroll directly from the hotel onto seven kilometers of tranquil beach. The hotel’s proximity to nearby cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen makes it easy for urban residents to drive in for a weekend getaway. Shanwei Railway Station is only nine kilometers away, where guests can conveniently connect to nearby cities and international airports. With the hotel’s easy access to public transportation, guests can also enjoy easy access to the downtown urban centers.

“As DoubleTree by Hilton celebrates its 50th brand anniversary this year, it enjoys continued rapid expansion in China as Hilton’s second-fastest growing brand in the Greater China region, proof that our exceptional facilities and warm hospitality resonate with our guests here,” said Shawn McAteer, senior vice president and global head, DoubleTree by Hilton. “We look forward to delivering our personalized service and signature, warm DoubleTree by Hilton Cookie welcome in the relaxing oceanfront hotel – a destination in itself with upscale event facilities, cozy outdoor spaces and ample seaside recreation for the whole family to enjoy.”

Additional hotel features and amenities include: 


Guests can indulge in a range of gastronomic experiences in the property’s four dining establishments

  • For all-day dining, Kitchencraft offers a diverse selection of international classics and local specialties with a focus on local produce. The dynamic restaurant boasts live cooking stations for an exciting sensory experience and a cozy lounge.
  • Guests can savor flavorful comfort food at Nodu, which serves signature homemade noodles and dumplings set in an unpretentious environment inspired by traditional noodle houses. 
  • Qing Ya, a Chinese fine-dining restaurant, specializes in fresh seafood and regionalChaoshan and Cantonese specialties within a strongly cultural setting featuring interior designs inspired by the mastery of the three arts – the zither, painting calligraphy and the game of Wei Qi – for an elevated dining experience. 
  • Guests can enjoy refreshing cocktails or afternoon tea at The Oasis, a contemporary bar and café. At night, this oceanfront bar transforms into a lounge with live music and a selection of creatively-concocted drinks. Grab and go options are also available.

Each of the 288 guest rooms, including 26 suites, offer guests comfort and convenience for a rejuvenating stay. Rooms are equipped with stylish, modern amenities, including the Sweet DreamsTM by DoubleTree sleep experience bedding, 49-inch LCD televisions with satellite channels, as well as spacious bathrooms. 

To complement the oceanfront location, the hotel offers guests a wide array of activities for entertainment, exercise and relaxation. Boasting the city’s only outdoor infinity pool, families can spend the day on the property-front beach with direct access to the outdoor large infinity pool and family pool, or spend rainy days in the heated indoor pool, hot tub or kid’s club. Guests have 24-hour access to a complete fitness center with Technogym® equipment. 


With 1,480 square meters of meeting space, and the city’s only hotel with a 500-square-meter outdoor event space with unobstructed ocean views, DoubleTree by Hilton Shanwei is the optimal venue for weddings, business meetings and other gatherings. The elegant 900-square-meter pillarless Grand Ballroom, one of the city’s largest ballrooms, can accommodate up to 800 guests, and is joined by seven other function rooms for conferences, reunions and other events.

DoubleTree by Hilton Shanwei is part of Hilton Honors, the award-winning guest-loyalty program for Hilton’s 17 distinct hotel brands. Hilton Honors members who book directly through preferred Hilton channels have access to instant benefits, including a flexible payment slider that allows members to choose nearly any combination of Points and money to book a stay, an exclusive member discount that can’t be found anywhere else, and free standard Wi-Fi. Members also enjoy popular digital tools available exclusively through the industry-leading Hilton Honors mobile app, where Hilton Honors members can check-in, choose their room, and access their room using a Digital Key.

DoubleTree by Hilton Shanwei is located at Jinting Bay, Magong Street, Shanwei, Guangdong, 516600, PRC., just 130km from Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, and 180 km from Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport. 

For more information, or to make a reservation, travelers may visit or call +86 660 3918888. 

Nanshan International Cultural Exchange & Service Center

About Us

Founded in November 2018, Nanshan International Cultural Exchange & Service Center referred to as “The Center” is a one-stop shop for expats, whether living in Shenzhen or just visiting temporarily, to get all the information and resources they need to make the most of their life in the city. With the center hosting their grand opening on Saturday June 29th, it was the perfect time for Shenzhen Party to find out more about the great work that is being done at “The Center.”

Located at Imperial Park in Sea World in Shekou, the center is staffed with English-speaking social workers, who provide professional advice for both Chinese and foreign expats. As the largest international cultural exchange platform in Shenzhen, the center is committed to bridging the gap between the government and expats via advisory and supplementary services.


1.“One-Stop” Consulting Services

The staff at the center are responsible for explaining official policies and instructions and hold regular sessions to advise expats about life in Shenzhen and the laws and regulations concerning living in Shenzhen. In addition, expert legal services are offered at no cost.

These legal services include advice on disagreements between landlords and tenants, issues with employment contracts, marriage and family matters, and many other legal areas.

2. Chinese-Foreign Cultural Exchange Services

The center also collaborates with social organizations to hold regular cultural exchange activities. These include events at their Mini-Library, Traditional Chinese Culture Room, and Theater. The events include a monthly movie night and reading activities.

3. Online and Offline Information Service

Through the Official WeChat account “南风国际化SWI”, and a WeChat mini-program “Live Here” in development with “Shekou Daily”, the center aims to provide additional authoritative and comprehensive information for expats.

4. International School Exchange Platform

The center also works with local international schools to build a communication channel and also provides Chinese cultural education activities and campus events, to help broaden students’ perspectives.

5. Fire Safety & Environmental-Friendly Campaigns

In terms of promoting environmental-friendly campaigns, the center published the first English pamphlet for waste classification in Shenzhen, set up a recycling zone for harmful waste, and has hosted several events on the subjects of “Waste Reduction” & “Converting Waste to Energy” The center also holds fire safety events and published the first English version of the local fire safety guide among other initiatives.

Future Plans

Improved communication for local healthcare services

The center will collaborate with Shekou People’s Hospital to publish the first pamphlet for foreigners seeking medical advice. Other improvements will include making English language signs and working with volunteers to provide bilingual services at the hospital.

Expanded and updated bilingual signage

The center also plans to update bilingual signage around Sea World, as well as installing additional bilingual signage to make the environment more expat friendly.

Grand Opening Photos

Contact Details

Office Hours: 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-18:00 (Monday to Friday) 

Address: 1st Floor, Imperial Park I, Wanghai Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen 


Metro: Line 2 Sea World Exit A

Bus: Sea World South / Sea World Metro Station

Tel: 0755-2161 2083


WeChat: 南风国际化SWI

Shekou Management & Service Center for Expats

About Us

Opened on June 28th 2017, the Shekou Management & Service Center for Expats (known as Shekou MSCE) was the first of its kind to be set up by the Shenzhen Shekou Sub-District Office. Shekou MSCE is devoted to making expats’ life more convenient by offering a wide range of administrative and consultation services, as well as organizing community events.


Expats’ residence registration – There are certain laws that are important for expats to follow. One such law is registering your residence. Rather than having to go to the police station, expats living in Shekou can register at the center where they can speak with friendly English-speaking staff.

Public services guidance – Expats living in Shekou, especially those newly arrived, often have many questions. The center is more than happy to help give you authoritative information on residency, employment, passports, visas, and local laws. You can come down in person or contact the center through WeChat.

Law and visa consultation – Understanding how certain laws work in China is often the biggest headache for many expats here. Not only does the center provide a law consultation and visa consultation service every Friday and Thursday respectively, but it is also completely free of charge. Just make sure to make an appointment in advance.

Community activities – The center hosts a wide range of community activities that both help increase awareness of local regulations and also promote cross-cultural communications.

Regular Activities

Legal Sessions – At the center’s legal sessions, expats can meet face to face and hear from speakers like immigration officials, lawyers, and representatives from other departments of the government.

Discover Shenzhen – Shenzhen is such a big and fascinating city, but we are often too busy to take the time to really explore it. The center often sets up activities to give expats the chance to see a side of Shenzhen they might not know.

Language Exchange – A big part of what the center does is to encourage cross cultural exchange, and what better way to do that than to share each other’s language. The center runs regular Chinese Classes and English Corner activities.

Amazing Culture – The center also works hard to offer activities on a consistent basis that give expats a chance to learn more about traditional Chinese culture. In future, they hope to host more events that focus on foreign culture.

Coffee Morning – These coffee mornings have proved very popular so far. They offer expats a chance to come and talk about topics that may be on their mind or even just share useful advice on how to improve their daily lives.

Contact Details

Office Hours: 09:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 18:00 (Monday to Friday)
Address: Crossing of Nanshui Street and Shiyun Road, Shekou Street, Nanshan, Shenzhen (南山区蛇口街道南水路与石云路交汇处-蛇口境外人员管理服务中心)
MTR: Dongjiaotou, Exit A
Bus: Shekou Theater Stop
Tel: 0755 2667 8381

WeChat: msce26678381

New in Futian! Goon Goon

Goon Goon is a relatively unknown gem in Futian’s new Upperhills Mall. Only 20 minutes by car from Futian CBD, Goon Goon is in a prime location and will soon be even more accessible when the new metro stop opens at the end of this year.

Craft beer has become very popular in Mainland China, and Young Master Brewery, based in Hong Kong, is bringing their expertise to Shenzhen. Selections of their beers are already available in more than 20 tap rooms and five star hotels across China.  Goon Goon is Young Master Brewery’s first bar and restaurant in Shenzhen; and with more than a dozen varieties of craft beer to choose from plus pickles, nibbles and meals to accompany them, there really is something for every palate.

Goon Goon first opened on level 3 of Upperhills shopping mall in December 2018, and although this was the soft opening the quality of both the craft beer and the service has meant it has become a firm favourite of everyone who has visited. Their first restaurant, The Guild, was opened in Singapore and made it to the Best Beer Bar in the city within a year. The F&B Operations and Business Development Manager, Jessica, is determined to make Goon Goon the best bar in Shenzhen. With more than 15 years’ experience of working in the Food and Beverage sector, the owner of Young Master Brewery knew Jessica’s expertise would be ideal for their new location in Shenzhen.

One aspect that makes Young Master Brewery so popular is the variety of brewing methods they use. They were the first company in Asia to make mixed live fermentation beer, as well as the first company in Hong Kong to produce barrel-aged beer. Due to limited supply, barrel-aged beer such as the Hak Mo Sheung series (Imperial Stout) and Days of Being Wild series (Mixed Fermentation) are only available on tap in Goon Goon in Greater China. There are other special beers to look out for: Rye on Wood is a rye ale that has been infused with a touch of oak column to create a spicy reminiscence of whiskey. Alternatively, Cha Chaan Teng Gose is a salted lime sour beer created as a tribute to the popular drink in Hong Kong, and is great for drinking outside in the hot summer sun. Today, besides Hong Kong and Mainland China, Young Master’s beers can be found in Singapore, Thailand and Melbourne.

The key to success in any industry is as much who you know as what you know, and Goon Goon makes sure the friends of Young Master Brewery have a place alongside their core range of House Taps. Craft beer from breweries such as Taihu from Taipei, Stone from the USA and Wild West from Chengdu is available as long as it lasts, as well as seasonal beers, limited editions and collaborations. If there is too much to choose from, the 90RMB taster is always an option to sample all six of the core range beers.

To complete the real Hong Kong experience, Goon Goon offers a wide selection of Hong Kong-touched Western cuisine as well as a friendly brand new lunch menu and a range of Western-style food with local influence. Fresh mussels are sourced locally and cooked with shallots, garlic, chili and their signature Cha Chaan Teng Gose beer, giving the flavour of the ale without overwhelming the other tastes. Vegetable tempura, salad topped with 65° poached egg, chicken thigh burger, pasta with pork neck and penne bolognaise are a few of the other meals available, or for something a little lighter choose one of the homemade pickles or marinated snacks.

Even if beer is not your drink of choice, there is a whole range of non-alcoholic drinks and spirits available. Passion fruit orange jasmine tea, orange mojito or black tea soda with lemon are a few of the mocktails on offer. However, with such a great variety to choose from you may change your mind and find your own favourite craft beer instead.

In the short time that Young Master Brewery has been in Shenzhen, it has already become involved in beer festivals in Shenzhen, such as Shenzhen Craft Beer Festival and Crafty Events Beer Fest, as well as fundraising events for local charities. “Young Master” evokes memories of Hong Kong’s industrial past. Drawing parallels with the coming of age tale of a “工廠少爺” or a playful “young master” of a factory, the name embodies both a playful spirit and a strong work ethic. Our brewing endeavours seek to re-imagine the spirit of “Made in Hong Kong” with a contemporary and creative take on manufacturing. Follow both Young Master and Goon Goon for further events and fun activities, and embrace your playful spirits.

Goon Goon 灌館
Address:  T3055, Level 3, Upperhills,

5001 Huanggang Road, Futian, Shenzhen
Website:  Goon Goon's Website
Phone:  +86 (755) 83252703

Review: HIBC X Startup Launchpad Startup networking night

On 22nd & 23rd April, a selected group of startups from Austria, India, Canada, and Hong Kong traveled to Shenzhen to experience hardware startup ecosystem and witness first-hand innovative and creative products coming out of this region.

This trip is organized by Startup Launchpad – Asia largest startup retail show. Every April and Oct, Startup Launchpad organizes tradeshows to connect distributors with the most innovative hardware startups ranging from IoT, smart wearable, robotics, health tech, etc. As the key startup players in Greater Bay Area, Startup Launchpad also hosts an ecosystem tour for international exhibitors to learn about doing business in China and help connect them with partners that can take their business to the next levels.

This year Startup Launchpad and HIBC, co-hosted Startup Networking Night at HIBC. Startups had the opportunity to learn the secrets of how to successfully do business in China. They got to listen to an insightful speech given by Cassie Xia, CEO/founder of HIBC about business in China and important steps they should be taking when they try to enter the Chinese market. They also heard from Alan Zhao, a lawyer from P.C.Woo & Zhong Lun W.D.LLP, about Intellectual property laws in China, and different legal scenarios past companies have faced when doing business here.

今年,弘夏国际联手Startup Launchpad共同举办了创业交流之夜。初创企业们有机会学习如何能成功地进入中国市场的秘诀。弘夏国际创始人CEO Cassie Xia女士对关于外商投资企业进入中国市场时需要注意的重要事项做了精彩的演讲。同时来自中伦文德胡百全(前海)联营律师事务所的Alan Zhao律师也对如何在中国申请知识产权做了详细的阐述。

The night was not just about listening about Chinese business and law, 4 startups also had been given the opportunity to give pitches to a VC fund: Power Law Capital. The companies that got a chance to share their unique and innovative products were Aurox, Happymed, UshVa and Future Dog. These are the types of future ideas that got to share at Startup Networking Night at HIBC. After each startup’s pitches, Power Law Capital gave constructive feedbacks, which would help each company be able to pitch to investors more successfully in the future.

It was truly a productive and meaningful night for startups to learn more about doing business in China, share their products and make friends. By participating at Startup Launchpad and working with HIBC, you will learn how to develop and grow your businesses in China, form new international partnerships, and meet potential investors. On 18 – 21 October, the 9th Startup Launchpad will be held at Hong Kong Asia World Expo as a joint exhibition with Global Sources, we are looking forward to seeing you there!

At HIBC, we aim to create an inclusive ecosystem that acts as a catalyst for your business.Withpeople from diverse backgrounds and sectors all under one roof, special ideas turn into special projects. We are proud to host unique events for our members that dive deep into the latest social, cultural, technological, and businessdevelopments.Thatway, our community constantly stays informed and at the front of the packaswellasbecomingconnected withnewfriendsandpartners that attend. We take you every step of the way and supply all the tools necessary for it to grow; from company setting up  tax accounting to IP rights to strategic partnerships.      

    What we do:   

– Co-working space/ Serviced Office/ Co-living space 

– Relocation service 

-CompanyRegistration ( WOFE & HK company)

-Accounting and Tax 

-HR Service

More details click into our website :



HIBC Co-Working Space 

Room 3807-3809&1601, Block A, Xintian CBC building, exit F, Shixia station Fumin Road, Futian, Shenzhen  

FLA Joins iADC to Hold the first “China – Italy Real Estate Design Forum”

FLA joins iADC to hold the first “China – Italy Real Estate Design Forum” and “Exploration of Italian Manufacturing – a two-day High Quality Manufacturing One on One Meeting”

On June 13 and 14, the City of Tomorrow, China – Italy Real Estate Design Forum was held at the Shenzhen iADC (International Art Design Center). The event was co-sponsored by Federlegno-Arredo (FLA) and iADC, with support from the Consulate General of the Republic of Italy in Guangzhou, and the Italian Trade Commission. Focusing on architectural design, it was a high-standard event with groundbreaking significance for cooperation between Italian enterprises and Chinese real estate design companies.

The Art Director of iADC, Mr. Robin Fang, hosted the event, which was attended by more than 1,000 domestic and foreign designers.

Opening Ceremony of the Forum: China & Italy create a bridge for design exchange

Mr. Li Quanyi, Director of the Bao’an District Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, said at the opening ceremony of the Forum that, as a key cultural industry project in Shenzhen, the iADC International Art Design Center did not only promote the industrial upgrading and transformation of Bao’an District, but also played an extremely important role in promoting cultural and trade exchanges between China and Italy. He expects that Manjinghua iADC International Art Exhibition Center will continue to work hard to play a more active role in promoting and creating better urban spaces.

Mr. Li Quanyi, the Director of Bao’an District Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau

Representatives of Italy such as the Consul General of Italy in Guangzhou, Ms. Lucia Pasqualini, Director of ICE Canton, Ms. Cecilia Costantino, President of FLA China, Mr. Roberto Snaidero, Exhibition Director – Salone del Mobile. Milano, Mr. Andrea Vaiani, and Head of International Promotion-FLA Eventi, Mr. Roberto Cuneo, gave speeches at the opening ceremony. They believe that Guangdong was the most economically active region in China, while Shenzhen was hailed as a world-renowned, innovative city that made remarkable achievements within the design industry. The conference was held in Shenzhen in the hope of deepening cooperation between enterprises in the cities of the Greater Bay Area and the Italian furniture industry with the help of the international design platform iADC for the exchange of Italian and Chinese design.

Ms. Lucia Pasqualini, Consul General of Italy in Guangzhou
Ms. Cilia Costantino, Director of ICE Canton
Mr. Roberto Snaidero (left), President of FLA China
Mr. Andrea Vaiani, Exhibition Director – Salone del Mobile. Milano
Mr. Roberto Cuneo, Head of International Promotion-FLA Eventi

As the host, the representative of iADC, Director of Manjinghua Group, Mr. Li Guanwen, delivered a speech at the ceremony. Since opening, iADC has been widely recognized by the design industry, and has been developing in-depth cooperation with internationally renowned brands. The iADC Mall covers almost 300 domestic and foreign high-end household brands, and demonstrates a high-quality household life layout for designers and Shenzhen’s citizens.

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Mr. Li Guanwen, Director of Manjinghua Group
Mr. Robin Fang, Art Director of iADC

Mr. Aldo Cibic, the founder of Cibicworkshop, and one of the “100+ best architecture firms 2019”, delivered a keynote speech on “Vigorous Aesthetics.” He went on to share his first work in Memphis, among many unique design cases resulting from the establishment of Cibicworkshop. He believes that aesthetics may not be universally admired, but that by relying on the ingenuity of designers, many cold things with aesthetic value are slowly integrated into daily life and can show vitality. He also likes Chinese architecture and culture, and hopes to gain different design inspirations from China.

Mr. Aldo Cibic, founder of Cibicworkshop
one of the “100+ best architecture firms 2019

The City of Tomorrow – China Italy Real Estate Design Forum opened with the attendance of both Chinese and Italian representatives, and more than 1,000 spectators.

Opening Ceremony of the first B2B platform

In the meantime, the first B2B entity platform built by iADC and FLA began operation. The Italian Design Museum has settled in the second & thirds floors of iADC Mall with the intention of meeting the high-end product design needs of more Chinese consumers, and conveying the essence of Italian culture and design.

Exploration of Italian Manufacturing – Two-day High-Quality Manufacturing ONE-ON-ONE Meeting

FLA attended the two-day B2B conference by introducing more than 20 brands to Chinese real estate companies. Through this kind of face-to-face exchange, enterprises in both countries can achieve win-win outcomes for future development, and China’s architecture and design industries are being promoted.

Modernity & Tradition: How contemporary architect in China has changed?

Architects have never been absent from urban development.

Mr. Li Xiangning, Professor and Doctoral Tutor of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University, Mr. Shuiyan Fei, co-founder of Naturalbuild, Mr. Meng Fanhao, Co-founder & Chief Architect of Gad·Line + Studio, Principal Architect, Mr. Billy IP, Asian Partner of Woods Bagot, and Mr. Dong Hao, co-founder of Crossboundaries had discussions at the forum.

They believe that people’s definition of tradition varies based on different life experiences, and that the present is a part of history, as tradition is also a part of the future. Architectural design is gradually de-labeling and tradition can become modern by means of innovation. Given freedom from the restriction of architectural form, designers can give full play to their imagination and create design works that are truly different.

The revolution of space & human interaction in both the private & professional sphere

Professor Li Xiangning and Mr. Gao Yitao, co-founder of Interval Architects, Mr. Song Zhaoqing, founder and Chief Architect of Lacime Architects, and Mr. Huang Jing, Vice President of the Design Council Hong Kong, Federation of Hong Kong Industries, want to find answers about the space within the private & professional spheres.

They believe that the pursuit of individualization should be controlled within an appropriate range, but the problem of a similar development pattern in cities is worth rethinking. Operators, governments and Party A companies should adapt their design ideas and management methods to local conditions in both the private and professional spheres to diversify the development of urban construction.

Chinese – Italian famous architects – Looking to the future of urban architecture

Mr. Liu Xiaodu, the Chief Architect and co-founder of Urbanus, delivered a keynote speech on the current living situation faced by Shenzhen’s people: the contradiction between increasing urban population and decreasing space is intensifying, and he is trying to find solutions.

Mr. Liu Xiaodu, Chief Architect and co-founder of Urbanus

“To change the single pattern of space and develop a super-shared community” – is what the team led by Mr. Liu Xiaodu is currently working on. In the future, more and more dynamic and mixed urban spaces will appear in Shenzhen for people’s long-term living.

The founder of Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia / AF517, Mr. Alfonso Femia, also shared a number of design cases. He believes that architecture is linked to how people feel about a city. Light, materials, colors among many other factors are all subtly affecting people’s perception of space. Architects should become practical dreamers and create more works that impact the soul.

Mr. Alfonso Femia, founder of Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia / AF517

The first China – Italy Real Estate Design Forum and the Exploration of Italian Manufacturing – Two-day High-Quality Manufacturing B2B Conference were groundbreaking events which showed the cultural collision between Chinese and Italian design, and deepened the exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Italian enterprises.

The City of Tomorrow is waiting for further development, and iADC will create more opportunities for Chinese designers for their global development.

Shenzhen Xiangmihu Urban Design

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Xiangmihu is located within the Futian District, home to the Shenzhen government. The masterplan proposal reveals Xiangmihu Park City as a global leader in health, happiness and harmonious living. It proposes a world class public domain and a high quality collection of urban quarters that are seamlessly knitted together by an intelligent and responsive multi-modal transport system.

A key unifying element is a 21st century park that penetrates the urban fabric allowing visitors to explore the wonder, diversity and interaction of plants, leisure, sport, recreation, art, theatre and learning. Framing the parkland environment is an active promenade loop that animates and connects the site together.

Central to the park is a cultural axis that is anchored by three city icons. At the centre of these icons is a new International Exchange, theatre and hotel that animates the adjacent civic plaza.

Complimenting the parkland environment is a diverse mix of land that will strengthen Shenzhen’s global positioning and role within the Greater Bay Area.

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Sesame Street Comes To Shenzhen

Beloved Characters Come to Shenzhen Mall

Sesame Street is a well-known and much beloved educational children’s TV series. It has been shown multiple countries around the world and chances are that when you were a child you would have seen it at some point in time. With bright colourful characters, and a strong educational theme, it became a mainstay on our TV screens for years.  In fact in 2019 it celebrated its 50-year anniversary (芝麻街50周年巡展).

picture 1
Bert and Ernie


picture 2
Cookie Monster – Everybody’s Favourite?

To commemorate this feat the Nanshan MixC Mall at Hi-tech Park has a Sesame Street theme for all to enjoy.  As you may have seen, malls in Shenzhen often change themes every few months, with different characters coming and going, and now is the time for Sesame Street.   This mall is almost like a small community in itself, with a large outside area for people to roam around and enjoy.   Dotted around you will see all the famous Sesame Street characters you know and love, such as Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Elmo. There are large and well detailed colourful statues that the local children are enamored with.

picture 3
Big Bird


picture 4

You can take pictures with the various statues, in fact its encouraged.  Just be prepared to wait for your turn, especially on weekends when there are long lines.  Since this is a free exhibition of such there are lots of families and children here, and the odd solo adult like myself.  So for any Sesame Street fan or if you’re simply curious, pop along and have a look.

picture 5
The rest of the gang

The exhibition will exhibit from now until the 31st of July.

Want to go?

Nanshan MixC Mall, The Mixc World, 9668 Shennan Boulevard, Yuehai Street, Nanshan District 南山区粤海街道深南大道9668号, 万象天地

By Metro: Hi-tech Park Metro station exit A (line 1)

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