FLA Joins iADC to Hold the first “China – Italy Real Estate Design Forum”

FLA joins iADC to hold the first “China – Italy Real Estate Design Forum” and “Exploration of Italian Manufacturing – a two-day High Quality Manufacturing One on One Meeting”

On June 13 and 14, the City of Tomorrow, China – Italy Real Estate Design Forum was held at the Shenzhen iADC (International Art Design Center). The event was co-sponsored by Federlegno-Arredo (FLA) and iADC, with support from the Consulate General of the Republic of Italy in Guangzhou, and the Italian Trade Commission. Focusing on architectural design, it was a high-standard event with groundbreaking significance for cooperation between Italian enterprises and Chinese real estate design companies.

The Art Director of iADC, Mr. Robin Fang, hosted the event, which was attended by more than 1,000 domestic and foreign designers.

Opening Ceremony of the Forum: China & Italy create a bridge for design exchange

Mr. Li Quanyi, Director of the Bao’an District Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, said at the opening ceremony of the Forum that, as a key cultural industry project in Shenzhen, the iADC International Art Design Center did not only promote the industrial upgrading and transformation of Bao’an District, but also played an extremely important role in promoting cultural and trade exchanges between China and Italy. He expects that Manjinghua iADC International Art Exhibition Center will continue to work hard to play a more active role in promoting and creating better urban spaces.

Mr. Li Quanyi, the Director of Bao’an District Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau

Representatives of Italy such as the Consul General of Italy in Guangzhou, Ms. Lucia Pasqualini, Director of ICE Canton, Ms. Cecilia Costantino, President of FLA China, Mr. Roberto Snaidero, Exhibition Director – Salone del Mobile. Milano, Mr. Andrea Vaiani, and Head of International Promotion-FLA Eventi, Mr. Roberto Cuneo, gave speeches at the opening ceremony. They believe that Guangdong was the most economically active region in China, while Shenzhen was hailed as a world-renowned, innovative city that made remarkable achievements within the design industry. The conference was held in Shenzhen in the hope of deepening cooperation between enterprises in the cities of the Greater Bay Area and the Italian furniture industry with the help of the international design platform iADC for the exchange of Italian and Chinese design.

Ms. Lucia Pasqualini, Consul General of Italy in Guangzhou
Ms. Cilia Costantino, Director of ICE Canton
Mr. Roberto Snaidero (left), President of FLA China
Mr. Andrea Vaiani, Exhibition Director – Salone del Mobile. Milano
Mr. Roberto Cuneo, Head of International Promotion-FLA Eventi

As the host, the representative of iADC, Director of Manjinghua Group, Mr. Li Guanwen, delivered a speech at the ceremony. Since opening, iADC has been widely recognized by the design industry, and has been developing in-depth cooperation with internationally renowned brands. The iADC Mall covers almost 300 domestic and foreign high-end household brands, and demonstrates a high-quality household life layout for designers and Shenzhen’s citizens.

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Mr. Li Guanwen, Director of Manjinghua Group
Mr. Robin Fang, Art Director of iADC

Mr. Aldo Cibic, the founder of Cibicworkshop, and one of the “100+ best architecture firms 2019”, delivered a keynote speech on “Vigorous Aesthetics.” He went on to share his first work in Memphis, among many unique design cases resulting from the establishment of Cibicworkshop. He believes that aesthetics may not be universally admired, but that by relying on the ingenuity of designers, many cold things with aesthetic value are slowly integrated into daily life and can show vitality. He also likes Chinese architecture and culture, and hopes to gain different design inspirations from China.

Mr. Aldo Cibic, founder of Cibicworkshop
one of the “100+ best architecture firms 2019

The City of Tomorrow – China Italy Real Estate Design Forum opened with the attendance of both Chinese and Italian representatives, and more than 1,000 spectators.

Opening Ceremony of the first B2B platform

In the meantime, the first B2B entity platform built by iADC and FLA began operation. The Italian Design Museum has settled in the second & thirds floors of iADC Mall with the intention of meeting the high-end product design needs of more Chinese consumers, and conveying the essence of Italian culture and design.

Exploration of Italian Manufacturing – Two-day High-Quality Manufacturing ONE-ON-ONE Meeting

FLA attended the two-day B2B conference by introducing more than 20 brands to Chinese real estate companies. Through this kind of face-to-face exchange, enterprises in both countries can achieve win-win outcomes for future development, and China’s architecture and design industries are being promoted.

Modernity & Tradition: How contemporary architect in China has changed?

Architects have never been absent from urban development.

Mr. Li Xiangning, Professor and Doctoral Tutor of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University, Mr. Shuiyan Fei, co-founder of Naturalbuild, Mr. Meng Fanhao, Co-founder & Chief Architect of Gad·Line + Studio, Principal Architect, Mr. Billy IP, Asian Partner of Woods Bagot, and Mr. Dong Hao, co-founder of Crossboundaries had discussions at the forum.

They believe that people’s definition of tradition varies based on different life experiences, and that the present is a part of history, as tradition is also a part of the future. Architectural design is gradually de-labeling and tradition can become modern by means of innovation. Given freedom from the restriction of architectural form, designers can give full play to their imagination and create design works that are truly different.

The revolution of space & human interaction in both the private & professional sphere

Professor Li Xiangning and Mr. Gao Yitao, co-founder of Interval Architects, Mr. Song Zhaoqing, founder and Chief Architect of Lacime Architects, and Mr. Huang Jing, Vice President of the Design Council Hong Kong, Federation of Hong Kong Industries, want to find answers about the space within the private & professional spheres.

They believe that the pursuit of individualization should be controlled within an appropriate range, but the problem of a similar development pattern in cities is worth rethinking. Operators, governments and Party A companies should adapt their design ideas and management methods to local conditions in both the private and professional spheres to diversify the development of urban construction.

Chinese – Italian famous architects – Looking to the future of urban architecture

Mr. Liu Xiaodu, the Chief Architect and co-founder of Urbanus, delivered a keynote speech on the current living situation faced by Shenzhen’s people: the contradiction between increasing urban population and decreasing space is intensifying, and he is trying to find solutions.

Mr. Liu Xiaodu, Chief Architect and co-founder of Urbanus

“To change the single pattern of space and develop a super-shared community” – is what the team led by Mr. Liu Xiaodu is currently working on. In the future, more and more dynamic and mixed urban spaces will appear in Shenzhen for people’s long-term living.

The founder of Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia / AF517, Mr. Alfonso Femia, also shared a number of design cases. He believes that architecture is linked to how people feel about a city. Light, materials, colors among many other factors are all subtly affecting people’s perception of space. Architects should become practical dreamers and create more works that impact the soul.

Mr. Alfonso Femia, founder of Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia / AF517

The first China – Italy Real Estate Design Forum and the Exploration of Italian Manufacturing – Two-day High-Quality Manufacturing B2B Conference were groundbreaking events which showed the cultural collision between Chinese and Italian design, and deepened the exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Italian enterprises.

The City of Tomorrow is waiting for further development, and iADC will create more opportunities for Chinese designers for their global development.

Shenzhen Xiangmihu Urban Design

Video from https://vimeo.com/278995917

Xiangmihu is located within the Futian District, home to the Shenzhen government. The masterplan proposal reveals Xiangmihu Park City as a global leader in health, happiness and harmonious living. It proposes a world class public domain and a high quality collection of urban quarters that are seamlessly knitted together by an intelligent and responsive multi-modal transport system.

A key unifying element is a 21st century park that penetrates the urban fabric allowing visitors to explore the wonder, diversity and interaction of plants, leisure, sport, recreation, art, theatre and learning. Framing the parkland environment is an active promenade loop that animates and connects the site together.

Central to the park is a cultural axis that is anchored by three city icons. At the centre of these icons is a new International Exchange, theatre and hotel that animates the adjacent civic plaza.

Complimenting the parkland environment is a diverse mix of land that will strengthen Shenzhen’s global positioning and role within the Greater Bay Area.

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Sesame Street Comes To Shenzhen

Beloved Characters Come to Shenzhen Mall

Sesame Street is a well-known and much beloved educational children’s TV series. It has been shown multiple countries around the world and chances are that when you were a child you would have seen it at some point in time. With bright colourful characters, and a strong educational theme, it became a mainstay on our TV screens for years.  In fact in 2019 it celebrated its 50-year anniversary (芝麻街50周年巡展).

picture 1
Bert and Ernie
picture 2
Cookie Monster – Everybody’s Favourite?

To commemorate this feat the Nanshan MixC Mall at Hi-tech Park has a Sesame Street theme for all to enjoy.  As you may have seen, malls in Shenzhen often change themes every few months, with different characters coming and going, and now is the time for Sesame Street.   This mall is almost like a small community in itself, with a large outside area for people to roam around and enjoy.   Dotted around you will see all the famous Sesame Street characters you know and love, such as Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Elmo. There are large and well detailed colourful statues that the local children are enamored with.

picture 3
Big Bird
picture 4

You can take pictures with the various statues, in fact its encouraged.  Just be prepared to wait for your turn, especially on weekends when there are long lines.  Since this is a free exhibition of such there are lots of families and children here, and the odd solo adult like myself.  So for any Sesame Street fan or if you’re simply curious, pop along and have a look.

picture 5
The rest of the gang

The exhibition will exhibit from now until the 31st of July.

Want to go?

Nanshan MixC Mall, The Mixc World, 9668 Shennan Boulevard, Yuehai Street, Nanshan District 南山区粤海街道深南大道9668号, 万象天地

By Metro: Hi-tech Park Metro station exit A (line 1)

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Cebu Pacific Set to Launch Shenzhen-Manila Flights

Image from Wikimedia Commons

There’s good news for those in Shenzhen looking to travel to the Philippines for a holiday in the sun or to visit friend and family. From July 1st, Cebu Pacific will start flying between Shenzhen and Manila. The route will run four times a week, with flights every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

The airline released a statement saying, “The new route is in line with the carrier’s plans to expand its route network in China to cater to increasing demand for leisure and business travel. Shenzhen is part of the booming Pearl River Delta megalopolis. It has a continuous development of rail and road links to other cities within the region.”

Image from Wikimedia Commons

The announcement from Cebu Pacific is just the latest in a string of new routes opening up at Shenzhen Airport. As the airport continues to expand its list of destinations at an impressive rate, it has started to become a genuine alternative for travelers to other local airports like Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and even Hong Kong Airport.

For more information on prices visit: https://www.cebupacificair.com/en-my

Kaluga Queen Caviar Tasting in Shenzhen, redefining a lavish feast at tip of the tongue

 On June 10th, the spectacular “Kaluga Queen Caviar Tasting” was held in the artistic Shenzhen Futian Shangri-La Hotel.  Many leading caviar connoisseurs and mainstream media were attracted to the event to unveil the mysterious banquet and to have an experience of a lifetime!

Time of leisure in the peak of summer, fragrant ambiance in the air. It’s what the heart has sought and what it gets tonight. Blossoms lean on green leaves, soft music passes through. A light-hearted Joy and cozy nonchalance is palpable. Everything is ready for a rendezvous with caviar!

The encounter tonight sets off a new journey. Right now everything is in bloom, nothing is out of place. Since the moment you put down your name, graceful splendor accompanies each step. You know the feeling of ceremonial romance is just what you need in your hectic life. In face of the divine magnificence, together we shall share the joy and wonder of the now.

The abundant caviar appetizers in the cocktail session satisfies the gourmand in each person. Caviar with Bilinis form a perfect match to deliver a sublime flavor. The subtle chemical resonance between caviar and champagne attacks the taste buds, bringing French romance all around in a flash.

We’d like to share our guests’ take after trying out all the four caviar snacks we prepared: no matter what is coupled with caviar, its splendid taste is always reinforced, the wonderful reaction between them is surprising and yet so harmonious that it felt like the nature itself. The inclusiveness and tolerance of caviar testifies to its perennial charisma once again.

Heart-felt moments, poetic warmth, a kind of grace with temperature and texture. It all becomes a precious memory shared by all of us. In this comfortable, elegant and stylish space, the guests chat and experience together the beauty, the love and the glorious moments of custom made exclusivity.

The banquet unveils. Just like the hostess said, we’ve waited for so long, and finally here comes the rendezvous with caviar. Next, Kaluga Queen will bring a full-on show of sensory experiences on design, innovation, and gourmet culture, revealing infinite possibilities through fine gastronomy art and craftsmanship.

By heart, the craftsmanship is felt; in the mouth, the heavenly flavor is enjoyed. Kaluga Queen’s deputy general manager Xia Yongtao described Kaluga Queen’s journey of 20 years, a journey filled with touching stories, and captivating adventures into the unknown. The vivid illustration brought out the essence of premium caviar coming from the thousand island lake, and clarified among the guests the knowledge and definition of caviar and the Kaluga Queen brand.

The banquet’s menu is designed by chief executive chef of Shenzhen Shangri-La Hotel, Dong Yuzhen. He is a famous chef of the state banquet level, having shining titles like chairman of Shenzhen Cuisine Association, chairman of Shenzhen Five Star Chef Club, Master of Chinese Cuisine, China’s Golden Chef, etc. He is a representative character in Huaiyang cuisine and renowned as “the No. 1 Chef in Huaiyang Cuisine” for his famous dish of “hydraugin stew in ginseng velvet antler soup stock”.

Chef Dong Yuzhen devised various smart ways to use Kaluga Queen’s classic selections of Baerii, Schrenckii, Hybrid, Oscietra, and Beluga caviar in Chinese cuisine. With the many courses presented at the banquets, it becomes clear to all that caviar is a very inclusive and tolerant ingredient and can be transformed in so many ways in the master’s hands. The originality and craftsmanship behind the premium quality dishes amazed every guest.

New Zealand Crayfish,Kaluga Queen Baerii Caviar, home-made shrimp cake and passion fruit juice

The New Zealand crayfish is tender and smooth, the Baerii caviar is soft and mellow and melts in the mouth with a pleasant light after taste. The combination of the two is a bench mark of fine food. The fresh shrimp and caviar mixes with each other in the mouth, first it feels refreshing, then aromatic, the taste intensifies gradually until the taste buds are completely captivated. With blessings from home-made shrimp cake and passion fruit juice, the experience amplifies onto so many levels and dimensions that it feels like the taste buds are swimming in the deep sea filled with endless wonders and adventures!

Kaluga Queen Schrenckii Caviar, champagne chicken jelly, coupled with scallion chicken wing

 Champagne chicken jelly is firm and tender, Schrenckii caviar is aromatic with a slight scent of fresh fruit. Their combined effect on the taste buds appear to be surprisingly refreshing, starting from the mouth, then entering the throat, and finally reaching the bottom of the heart. The pleasant lucid feeling lingers in the air. The fresh taste is contrasted with the savory scallion chicken wing, leaving an unforgettable magical imprint on the taste buds!

 Stew of conch and sturgeon bone marrow

The conch meat is soft and tender with a fresh fragrance, the sturgeon bone marrow is spongy and tasty. It might be worthy to note that according to Chinese medicine, sturgeon bone marrow replenishes blood and Qi, restores the Yin and contributes to good looks. The well-structured combination of two different textures forms a perfect balance that pleases a connoisseur’s heart!

Kaluga Queen Hybrid Caviar, truffle pork with green bamboo shoot pork roll

This course is made by Chef Dong live on the banquet. Hybrid caviar is one of the most popular classics under the Kaluga Queen brand. A variety co-developed by Xunlong Sci-tech and Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, hybrid caviar has a mellow and full-bodied creamy taste. The way its grains burst feels just right. Its long lingering after taste testifies to its supreme quality. Maybe this is why it has become the top choice for many Michelin 3 star restaurants and found its way onto the dinner table of President Obama at the G20 state banquet, as well as the first class cabins of Lufthansa flights!

Roasted suckling pig is savory and crispy, truffle is fresh, and caviar has an aromatic full-bodied creamy taste. The combination of the three classic ingredients is a great innovation. The tender texture of the roasted pork is brought out more prominently by the fresh taste of caviar. Caviar seamlessly cradled by green bamboo shoot white meat rolls presents an even fuller and more well-rounded flavor, bringing a unique enriched tasting experience of so many layers. Taste buds’ adrenaline soars with complete satisfaction!  

Caramelized pan fried goose liver with Kaluga Queen Russia Sturgeon caviar

The goose liver is tender and smooth, the steak is savory and moist, the Russian Caviar has a light fresh nutty taste. The three ingredients collide and resonate with one another, awakening the senses all at once. One bite down, a gentle warmth rises. Its clever makeup, lively balance, and multiple layers bring the utmost sensory satisfaction!

Kaluga Queen Beluga Caviar

Last but not the least, we present caviar of the highest glory – Beluga. Beluga is originated from the Caspian Sea area in Iran. Beluga in the wild can live to 100 years old and needs 60 years to mature. The aqua cultured Beluga needs over 20 years to mature. Beluga caviar has a classic grey sheen, a strong creamy taste that’s also so refreshing that some say it reaches deep into one’s soul. Aside from experiencing the superb delicacy brought about by fine craftsmanship and time, more possibilities of elegant lifestyle is made manifest with the banquet on the tip of the tongue!

Mr. Xia Yongtao explained to the guests the innovative coupling of caviar with Maotai. The sweet and mild flavor of Maotai compliments the unique creamy taste of Beluga caviar. The after taste of alcohol sets off in motion all the aroma hidden in Beluga caviar. Close your eyes and it feels like being present in the face of true Chinese romance.

Chef Dong announced the winner of the lottery draw, the luckiest guest of the night that shall take home a Beluga caviar gift set. The natural aroma in the Beluga caviar is a precious gift of time. Its long melodious after taste sublimes lightly in the mouth and ultimately imprints on the taste buds even more deeply. Beyond time and space, Beluga caviar gift set is an ideal choice out of infinite alternatives custom made to create your own exclusive life style.

We also prepared a golden caviar gift set for Chef Dong. Golden caviar is the most expensive caviar in the world. It’s not easy to get hold of golden caviar, not only because it’s very expensive, but most importantly because of its rare production. In only 1 out of tens of thousands fishes can golden caviar be found. Luck plays a big role here. For us, it is not only a symbol of extreme gastronomy, but also an expression of lifestyle and sophistication!

Toasting each other with good wishes, multiple titles and identities unloaded, it has been nice to share with Kaluga Queen your life’s story, and enjoy the glory of its success. We hope tonight’s sweetness will keep you company in each day of your future, of which today is just the beginning…

Each guest gets a gift bag which contains a mother-of-pearl platter gift set and a sharing gift set. The mother-of-pearl gift set shows Kaluga Queen’s ingenuity through caviar’s origin and detail of design. The sharing gift set contains four varieties – Baerii, Schrenckii, Hybrid, Oscietra – making it possible to try out four varieties at once, and experience the gradually more and more harmonious and tolerant nature of caviar, and its vitality.

A unique trip of time with fish grains, witnessing the legend of a brand, this tasting event illustrates the caviar story vividly to each guest, and shares together a full-blown banquet at tip of the tongue, as well as a brand new life experience that nothing else compares!

Flights to Chiang Mai From Shenzhen

Starting from June 15 Thai Air Asia will be flying 4 times weekly from Shenzhen to Chiang Mai.

Related image
Photo from Thai Air Asia

Chiang Mai was founded in 1296 as the capital of the Lanna Kingdom. Today it is a place where the past and present can be seen standing side by side, from the modern architecture to the breathtakingly beautiful temples. Located 700 km north of Bangkok, Chiang Mai rests beside the Ping River and is surrounded by a picturesque mountainous region. Although the city is relatively small, Chiang Mai has everything a visitor could wish for.

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Ancient
Image from pixabay.com

Whether you are a backpacker, shopper, or adventurer, Chiang Mai is a must-see destination. Treat yourself and relax with an authentic Thai massage or take a cooking course and learn how to prepare the iconic dishes of the region’s cuisine. Explore the quaint alleys and backroads and visit the bustling markets to discover unique handicrafts and antiques. When evening comes, indulge in the local cuisine at one of the many amazing restaurants. If you want the night to continue, then there is strong and vibrant nightlife to explore, where locals and visitors mix together freely and happily.

Elephant, Mammal, Safari, Animal, One
Image from pixabay.com

With Thai Air Asia now flying 4 times a week to Chiang Mai from Shenzhen, there’s no better time to discover this cultural gem in North Thailand.

For more information on prices visit https://www.airasia.com/flights/from-shenzhen-szx-to-chiang-mai-cnx

Whittle School & Studios Teachers on Shenzhen Campus (Part 3)

View: Whittle School & Studios Teachers on Shenzhen Campus (Part 1)

Whittle School & Studios Teachers on Shenzhen Campus (Part 2)

As Loris Malaguzzi, the founder of Reggio Emilia’s educational philosophy said, “Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible. No one can do more.” 

I am excited to start the new school year with happiness, joy and endless possibilities.

—— Angela (Pei-Chin) Tung, Division Head of Early Learning Center

        Jeanette Miao, Early Learning Center Teacher  

Erika Lippert – Early Learning Center Teacher

Erika received her Master’s Degree in Education from Loyola University of Maryland and her Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from Truman State University. She has been teaching and working in education for 12 years. She has an extensive background in health and wellness coaching for children and adults, and spent 6 years coaching gymnastics for children of all ages. Her home away from home is Portland, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest of the US, but she has lived and worked throughout the US as well as abroad. She has been living in Shenzhen since 2017, and also spent 3 years living and teaching in South Korea. Erika strongly believes that through cultivating joy, movement, intention, and mindfulness practice, teachers and leaders can guide children and young adults in the direction of following their curiosities and discovering their magic. “I believe we are all beautifully unique, so a supportive community in which everyone works together and supports one another’s strengths and respects multiple perspectives, rather than the old way of competing to be on top, is the way to a more peaceful globalized world.”

Jianping Pratt – Co-Head of Maths

Jianping Pratt moved to England in 1994 where she rediscovered her passion for Mathematics and studied to achieve a 1st Class degree in Mathematical Science. Jianping completed her teacher training at Brunel University, Langley Grammar School and Slough Grammar School. Jianping has accumulated a vast amount of teaching and management experience from her 25-year career. She has taught English at a vocational school in China, acted as an interpreter and taught Mandarin Chinese at various colleges and university language centres in the UK. She has also spent the past 18 years teaching Mathematics up to GCSE and A level in both private sector schools, such as Eton College and Brigidine School Windsor, and in the state sector, such as Slough Grammar School. For the past seven years, Jianping has worked for the Chinese International School (HK/HZ) where she led the Mathematics department in dual-language education. Jianping’s love of truly international education and her multicultural teaching experience are perfectly matched to Whittle School & Studios’ vision. Jianping also has exceptional language skills: apart from mother-tongue fluency in English, she can communicate with people in both Spanish and Japanese. Extracurricularly, Jianping loves sports: she used to train in Karate as a Black belt and is a competent horse rider. While working in HZCIS, Jianping helped to run the school Equestrian team and tai chi club and she still practises tai chi and tai chi sword most days.  

Alex Ashman-Humanities Teacher for 1st Grade

Alex has a master’s degree in transmedia storytelling from Canada’s preeminent school of media, Ryerson University, where he was featured on the Top 30 Under 30 List and won the Innovative Storytellers Award for his thesis project about children with superpowers. He was selected for the sought-after Telefilm Canada New Media Producers’ Program, where he developed new ways of extending stories across multiple media platforms for children’s entertainment. Featured in The New York Times, Alex is a published photographer, an award-winning filmmaker, and has been mentored on over a dozen feature films and television movies, including the Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Into the West, executive produced by Steven Spielberg and Little House on the Prairie for Walt Disney.His latest project, Alex in Lotusland, which is about his life in China, was recently nominated for a 2018 Webby Award.

Tianyu Zhang-Bilingual Special Education Teacher

Tianyu Zhang has a Master’s degree in Bilingual Education and Special Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language from Beijing Language and Culture University. Upon graduation from college, she joined Teach For China on a two-year commitment and served as a second grade home room teacher in a minority elementary school in Lincang, Yunnan. There she founded the Voice Of Kids online podcast to spread the voice of the students. She has experience of working in different educational institutions in New York. Currently she is working as a 3rd grade inclusive class special education teacher in one of the oldest bilingual Chinese-English schools in New York. From Yunnan to New York, the experience of studying and working in diverse environments has deepened her understanding of the education systems of both China and the United States. She believes that a good teacher should first be a good listener and that every adult is a grown-up child.

Assoc. Prof. Alessandro Antonicelli-Director and Teacher in the Creative Arts and Design Department

Passionate about how traditional and modern media bridges cultures, Alessandro completed his Bachelor’s and Masters’s Degrees in Multimedia Design and Production, and was recently awarded a Certification in Evaluating Design with Users. In 1999 Alessandro founded The Web Agency, specializing in animated interactive websites, and started off his Academic career teaching Design and Multimedia. In 2004, he moved to China, where he became Program Director of Graphic Design and Interactive Media at Raffles Design Institute attached to Changchun University and Donghua University in Shanghai. He became Associate Professor through application of Multiple Intelligence combined with Learning-by-Doing while teaching Design. Alessandro’s most recent project was the design of the e-Learning platform for La Sapienza University in Rome.

Kathleen Prevost – Early Learning Center Teacher

Kathleen Prevost is a kindergarten teacher with over 15 years’ experience in international education. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Indiana University and has studied both English Language Learning and Social Emotional Learning. Her international experience spans four countries, most recently serving as a Student Teacher at the International School of Beijing. Kathleen has dedicated significant time to teaching in China in particular, serving as the Director of a Foreign Language Department for over two years here in Beijing. One of her strengths lies in the diversity of her experiences; she has been a teacher, a coach, and has developed numerous educational programs, from traditional classroom courses to outdoor camps and online learning. In her free time, Kathleen also enjoys creating books, games, and songs for young children.

Cici Liu-Math Teacher for 1st Grade

Cici has been teaching for 6 years and still enjoys it everyday. She has TEFL and TKT teaching certificates. Cici has teaching experience in China, Canada, Scotland, California and Hong Kong. She would love to share her knowledge about the world with her students. Her classes are always engaging, interactive and fun. She loves to have her students be the center of her class. Each and every class is different so she believes in tailoring learning activities to students’ individual strengths and weaknesses.

Chad Skunda 、Bella Skunda-Humanity Teacher and Chinese Teacher

Chad Skunda graduated from The University of Texas with a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in philosophy, and received a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from The University of North Texas. After writing for the local newspaper for about a year, he began teaching secondary English. He spent time designing the 10th and 12th grade curriculum whilst teaching poetry and writing to eager learners. Chad moved to Beijing in 2015. There he tried something new as a Primary Homeroom teacher and developed a passion for teaching younger students. The past two years, Chad has been working at Kaiwen academy that caters to Tsinghua University as a Language Specialist. Chad continues to progress his ability to speak Chinese with plans to take HSK 6. 

Chad’s wife, Bella Skunda, is a Chinese teacher with a global perspective and an international education background. She received her bachelor’s degree from Shandong Normal University and studies for her master’s degree at Renmin University of China. Bella is a certified teacher(K-12). She has been teaching in public and international schools in Beijing for nearly 11 years. Her rich teaching experience has led her to form a unique teaching method that combines Western and Chinese approaches. Bella has completed and participated in several years of project-based learning. She participated in a project-based learning concept called “March Madness” (3rd Grade-5th Grade) that combines mathematics, language, art, information technology, and social sciences. Her teaching plan “Give You a Bunch of Flowers” (5th Grade) won first place in the national teaching proposal contest. With her deep understanding of education and rich experience, Bella will continue to practice the Chinese teaching concept of “happy learning and happy harvest” at Whittle School & Studios.

Xiaoxu Yan-Chinese Teacher for 4th Grade

Yan Xiaoxu graduated from China Central Normal University with a degree in Chinese Language and Literature. She studied at Trinity College Dublin and studied the combination of drama and language. She has taught Chinese in key middle schools in China, and is familiar with the knowledge and abilities in primary and secondary schools. Then she conducted research and development of k-12 language teaching courses. She has long-term experience of combining education and drama with other disciplines. The concept of interdisciplinary, integrated education at Whittle fits her educational ideals. She believes that the teacher is not only a teacher, but also a connector, organizer, and co-learner. We keep our curiosity about the world, open the space of dialogue with love, and discuss and explore the possibilities of the future with our children.

Jiani Lim-Early Learning Center Teacher

Jiani received her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of South Australia. She holds a teaching certificate in Speech & Drama and has been teaching and working in education for 15 years. Born in Singapore, Jiani has been living and working in Shanghai for seven years, serving both as a senior teacher and in a leadership role as Principal of the Julia Gabriel Center. She has worked with children using play-based learning, as well as the Reggio Emilia approach, and has taught children of diverse backgrounds. She is a bilingual English-Mandarin speaker and is a firm believer in the benefits of immersive language environments for children. She encourages children to express themselves using speech, body movement, arts and crafts and music. Jiani believes as a teacher it is important for her to reflect on how she views children. “Children are capable of becoming independent individuals and should be encouraged to do so. They should be respected as individuals and be given appropriate guidance and support to grow into themselves.” 

In our forthcoming articles, you will be introduced to more of our faculty. We believe that they, with their passion for teaching, will play an instrumental role in leading young children through what we hope will be an incredible journey here at Whittle School & Studios.

Whittle Parent Information Events will be held on irregular basis in Shenzhen. Welcome to join one of the event and have a face-to-face communication with the team.

Long press the following QR code to sign up:

Address and contact information:

Chinese Name:  荟同学校

Place Address:  18/F CM Port Building, Industrial 3rd Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518067深圳市南山区工业三路招商局港口大厦18层

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New Chef at Nadagogo Japanese Restaurant, Wyndham Grand

Nadagogo Japanese Restaurant – a new restaurant in the Wyndham Grand Hotel, Futian CBD – is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Shenzhen. With a variety of menus catering for different tastes, Nadagogo has flavours to suit every palate.

Nadagogo Japanese Restaurant, Wyndham Grand, Shenzhen

Bruce Li is the newest chef to join the Wyndham Grand family. Bringing over 35 years of experience with him from Taiwan, Bruce Li is an expert in Japanese cuisine. Originally specialising in Taiwanese-style teppanyaki, Li decided to try the new challenge of Japanese-style eight years ago and immediately flourished.

Nadagogo Japanese Restaurant, Wyndham Grand, Shenzhen

After sharing his expertise in hotels and restaurants throughout Taiwan and Shanghai, Li decided to move to Shenzhen more than three years ago. Teng Japanese Restaurant at the Marriott, Nanshan, was Li’s first post in Shenzhen, and a little over a month ago he decided to take up a new challenge and join the team at Nadagogo.

Nadagogo Japanese Restaurant, Wyndham Grand, Shenzhen

Nadagogo serves a variety of Japanese specialities, including kushiyaki, yakitori, keiseki, tempura, sushi and sashimi. However, the favourite speciality – of both Chef Li and his guests – is teppanyaki. Priding himself on the fresh ingredients that make Japanese-style teppanyaki unique, Li ensures every dish is prepared to the taste of each guest.  He does this by communicating directly with the guests as they watch him skilfully prepare each fresh ingredient.

Nadagogo Japanese Restaurant, Wyndham Grand, Shenzhen

This aspect of teppanyaki – being face-to-face with the guests – is what makes this cuisine different and why it is Li’s favourite to cook. He can get to know the guests, their likes and dislikes, and they in turn can see exactly how their food is prepared and all the fresh ingredients that go into each dish.

Nadagogo Japanese Restaurant, Wyndham Grand, Shenzhen

Boston lobster, Wagyu beef and abalone from Australia, and French foie gras are a few of the specialities you can expect to see on the menu. The presentation of each dish is stunning, yet fast enough that the fresh food is still piping hot. Seared foie gras lies on a slice of grilled apple topped with special sauce and complimented by kiwi and blueberries.

Nadagogo Japanese Restaurant, Wyndham Grand, Shenzhen

The Wagyu beef – both Li’s and guests’ favourite dish – is cooked to perfection, as per the request of each guest, served with garlic chips and seared pumpkin, capsicum and red onion, with pepper salt for seasoning. Freshly seasoned vegetables serve as an accompaniment or a main course, and of course each dish is the perfect size to enable guests to try a variety of specialities.

Nadagogo Japanese Restaurant, Wyndham Grand, Shenzhen

Of course no Japanese meal is complete without saki, and Nadagogo has the most extensive range in Shenzhen. Each guest is given a Nadagogo Sake Card with which you can help yourself at one of the sake self-service machines. With over one hundred varieties to choose from it may seem a little daunting if you are not a sake expert. However, there is always a top-class sommelier on hand to recommend the perfect match for each dish.

Nadagogo Japanese Restaurant, Wyndham Grand, Shenzhen

Nadagogo has a reputation for world class Japanese cuisine, and the addition of Chef Li to the team will ensure that this continues for a long time to come. Whether you love teppanyaki or have never tried it, Nadagogo is the ideal place to enjoy a friendly atmosphere, great company and of course fantastic food.

Nadagogo Japanese Restaurant, Wyndham Grand, Shenzhen
Opening hours:
Lunch 11:30-15:00
Dinner 17:00-23:00
3rd Floor, Wyndham Grand Hotel,
2009 Caitian Road, Futian, Shenzhen

To reserve a table call: 0755-88398330

Morton’s Grille Fabulous Wine & Dine Dinner Review

On Wednesday May 29 Morton’s Grille partnered with wine importer The Wine People to launch Wine & Dine, a concept designed to showcase some of the boutique wines they have listed paired with a special menu created by their chef for the evening.  The evening was filled with some truly delicious fine cuisine & amazing wines where Shenzhen residents of various backgrounds either booked their own table with friends or joined a social gathering table to enjoy the five courses menu.

Morton’s Grille, located on the 9th floor of Ping’An Financial Plaza in Futian District, succeeded in delighting their guests with a perfectly curated menu, where the flavours of the dishes enhanced each of the wine pairings which were served by the Sommelier from The Wine People.

The gathering started at 6.30 PM where guests were welcomed with a glass of Toso Brut, a refreshing yet flavoursome 100% Chardonnay sparkling from Argentina paired with pass-around caprese & tuna tapas. Once seated, the guests enjoyed sauteed mussels in white wine which was served with the Reserve King’s Favour Sauvignon Blanc by Marisco from iconic Marlborough (NZ).

This was followed by a heavenly roasted sea-bass fillet paired to La Bri Reserve Chardonnay, a wine crafted in the small valley of Franschhoek, South Africa by a female winemaker who trained in France. This was our favourite wine pairing of the evening as the combination can be taken as a perfect example of food & wine being able to enhance the best qualities of each other. The slightly oaky Chardonnay working perfectly along with the roasted element of the fish with both similar textures of food & wine mutually complimenting.

Morton’s Grille then beautifully revisited their signature steak, by offering each guest both a dry aged & a wet aged New York strip, demonstrating in the process how the different aging processes can influence the same cut of meat, whilst also picking the perfect pairing for both among the medium body King’s Wrath Pinot Noir by Marisco and the fuller bodied yet elegant Evangeline Syrah crafted by Chaffey Bros in Eden Valley (AUS).

To close this memorable evening, a cheese platter elegantly decorated with roasted grapes was served to the happy and fulfilled guests who kept enjoying their reds for a while longer…

Please note that all of the wine served by The Wine People throughout the evening are currently available on Morton’s Grille’s wine list in both Shenzhen and Guangzhou, see the following link for further information: http://www.shenzhenparty.com/places/food-drink/restaurants/morton-s-grille  Additionally for more information on The Wine People, please visit www.thewinepeople.cn or WeChat: thewinepeople

5 Ways To Explore Macau This June

Summer is finally here and Macau is booming with cultural, dining and outdoor events. So don’t miss out, each and every one of them are worth a trip to Macau, or even better, a whole weekend to get the most out of this beautiful city.

FuerzaBrutaWayra at MGM Theater

As a trendsetter in Asia’s entertainment landscape, MGM stages the unconventional FuerzaBrutaWayra at MGM Theater, the immersive theater party experience that has swept across the globe. Arguably one of the world’s craziest theater shows, this Argentine theatrics performance creates an extraordinary three-dimensional standing show pumping with adrenaline, stimulating your senses and electrifying your body every second.

For the first time in Macau, FuerzaBrutaWayra unwraps the outside-the-box theater and party surprises at MGM Theater. The standing show redefines show rules with no rigid stage or seating arrangement allowing the audience to be at the center stage of the show interacting with the performers. Wherever you are in the theater, you are fully submerged in the 360-degree views, surrounded by shock waves of the theater’s mind-blowing visual effects and lighting. FuerzaBrutaWayra Macau is a footloose sensory journey. Speak loudly. Run wildly. Take videos casually. Snap selfies smoothly. Be ready to welcome performers coming out of nowhere and from all directions, or to react to unexpected scenes.

With shows in 27 countries worldwide, over 2.5 million people have already indulged in the off-the-chart sensory feast presented by FuerzaBruta. Meaning “brute force” in Spanish, FuerzaBruta is a postmodern theater show originating from Argentina. The show debuted in 2005 in Buenos Aires with overwhelming applause, and it has been running Off-Broadway in New York since 2007.

When:  June 14–August 4, 2019.

Wednesday–Friday: 8:30 PM, Saturday and Sunday: 5:00 PM and 8:30 PM.

Where:  MGM Theater at MGM Cotai, Avenida da Nave Desportiva, Cotai.

How much:  MOP $488 per person.

For more information, call +853 8802 3833 or send an email to ticketing@mgm

Bene Food and Wine Mercato: Street Food

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Bene-Food-and-Wine-Mercato-Street-Food.jpg

La Dolce Vita! Visit Bene Food & Wine Mercato, a unique dining concept that explores the authentic flavors of Italy every month. With a vibrant market atmosphere, indigenous wine counters and different theme-inspired interactive cooking stations that take you on a journey to experience the flavors of Italy like a true Italian.

When:  Friday and Saturday, 6:00 PM, June 14 and 15, 2019.

Where: Bene, Level 1, Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, Cotai Central, Estrada do Istmo. s/n, Cotai.

How much:  MOP $488 per adult and MOP $200 per child (Aged 6 to 12 years old)

For more information, check the event’s Facebook page and for ticketing, click here

Italian Renaissance Drawings from the British Museum

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Italian-Renaissance-Drawings-from-the-British-Museum-719x1024.jpg

The exhibition “Italian Renaissance Drawings from the British Museum”, to be held from 12 April to 30 June, features a total of 52 drawings by 42 Italian Renaissance masters, such as Mantegna, Correggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Titian, Raphael and RossoFiorentino. This exhibition explores the important role of sketches in the work and thinking of the artists during the period between 1470 and 1580.

Part of the pre-launch events package of Art Macao mega-activity by the Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture, this exhibition features six different sections, The Human Figure, Costume and Drapery, Movement, Light, The Natural World and Storytelling. It explores some of the themes from Renaissance art, starting from the core study of the human body to explore how artists brought life and dynamism to their compositions. The showcase was inaugurated in April, which coincides with the birth of Leonardo da Vinci (15 April 1452), creating significance to the pre-event. In the exhibition, 3D printing and relevant technology will be introduced for the first time in Macau to provide a tactile experience for people with visual impairments, thereby promoting a cultural experience without boundaries.

When:  April 12–June 30, 2019.

Where:  Macao Museum of Art, 3/F, Avenida Xian Xing Hai, NAPE, Macau.

How much:  Free admission.

For more information, call +853 8791 9814, email mam@icm.gov.mo or visit Art Macao’s website

The Frenchie (UK) Pop Up at Vida Rica Bar

A classic French bistro located in London, The Frenchie, is having a pop up at Vida Rica Bar from June 14 to 16 to present its unique duck confit burgers in Macau. Explore the unique flavours of this dish and the duck fat chips presented by The Frenchie. With Tetaert Iggy, director of The Frenchie since 2013, they have been feeding London with their deliciously modern take on traditional French cuisine. Hence, they present the confit duck burger and duck fat chips.

Their unique creation is quickly made to order; the confit duck burger, a delicious crispy duck skin served in a warm toasted brioche bun with rocket, mustard, red onion chutney and a melted cheese of your choice. Just as enjoyable with or without their freshly hand cut chips, double cooked in duck fat and oil and served with a final dollop of truffle mayonnaise.

They love popping up around London and so far they have attended numerous festivals, night markets and more. They pride themselves not only on using the best locally sourced ingredients, but also on the friendly service provided at each location. So from ‘bonjour’ to ‘bon appetit’ they will always be delighted to see both new and regular faces.

When:  Friday–Sunday, June 14–16, 2019.

Where:  Vida Rica BarMandarin Oriental, Macau, 945 Avenida Dr. Sun YatSen, NAPE, Macau.

How much:  Pricing depends on orders.

For reservations, contact Vida Rica Bar at +853 8805 8928 or momac-vidaricabar@mohg.com

Arraial de São João 2019

Arraial de São João, a festival originating amongst the Portuguese-speaking community, was first held in the 17th century, to commemorate the attempted invasion of Macau by the Dutch in 1622. The festival was revived by the Macanese Association after the handover of Macau in 1999. The modern version of the festival will mark its 13th edition this year. It will have up to 40 stands selling local handicrafts and home-made food and drink from either the Macanese community or Portuguese-speaking countries. The weekend-long party includes performances by local dance and music groups, as well as by Portuguese indie group Senza.

When:  2:00pm–10:00 PM, June 22 and 23, 2019.

Where:  Calçada da Igreja de São Lázaro, St. Lazarus District, Macau.

How much:  Free admission.

For more information, check their Facebook page, call +853 2837 2252 or send an email to admac@macau.ctm.net

Summer Fiesta at Four Seasons Macao

Summer Festa with Casa do Brasilem Macau happens on June 15, 2019. Together with Casa do Brasilem Macau, Four Seasons Macao brings a night of Brazilian Summer Festa fun to Splash! Party up with performances by Brazilian Samba dancers and DJ Julian in the house among other shows in between. Sip on special house-made caipirinha and other spirits paired with snacks packed with Brazilian flavors.

When:  June 15, 2019.

Where:  Splash, Four Seasons Macao, Estrada da Baía de NossaSenhora da Esperança, Taipa.

How much:  MOP $150 (including one food token for snack redemption)

For more information, check the event’s Facebook page, call +853 2881 8822 or send an email to windows.mac@fourseasons.com

Special thanks to our media partner in Macau ‘Macau Lifestyle’ for the article. Should you be interested to know more about what’s going down in Macau, visit their website https://macaulifestyle.com/

World Environment Day – Merchiston International School, Shenzhen

No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible. 雪崩时,没有一片雪花是无辜的。

― Stanisław Jerzy Lec

Yesterday the 48th World Environment Day (WED) was held in Hangzhou, China, with the theme ─ “Beat Air Pollution”. The expansion of the MTR and the reduction of carbon emissions will be conducted by the government in order to reduce air pollution.


World Environment Day is the “people’s day” for doing something to take care of Mother Earth. No matter if you are a student, a teacher or a family member, everyone has the responsibility of taking action in support of this day.


As an international school, we also take responsibility for promoting the importance of environmental protection in support of this day. The Eco-Council organised by our Seniors and Eco-Warriors formed by our Juniors are both working on the environmental protection of the school.


We have taken some measures in the hope of doing our best to protect the earth.


MIS held a Climate March Day in March, which was good practice for the theme of WED 2019. This is also a meaningful attempt by the Eco-Council to raise the students’ awareness of global warming.


Through this activity, the students can gain a deeper understanding of the harm of global warming.


We help students grow vegetables in our organic garden. After harvesting, the students will sell them to parents in our eco-farm shop.


In order to avoid plastic containers, we encourage students to use their own cups. What’s more, we even plan to design our own cotton MIS reusable bags in the second half of the year.


Our students have made recycling bins themselves, and organised the recycling of used books, encouraging us to save energy.


MIS is devoted to becoming a “Green School”. We will keep promoting activities in the hope of being a model school.



Chinese Name: 深圳曼彻斯通城堡学校 

Place Address: No. 12 Shilongzai Road, Dalang Sub-district, Longhua District, Shenzhen 深圳市龙华区大浪街道石龙仔路12号(大浪时尚小镇)

Website: Merchiston International School, Shenzhen’s Website

Place Phone:  +86 400 867 0177
Email: admissions@merchiston.cn


Full Scholarship Available at Merchiston International School, Shenzhen

Merchiston Castle International School Shenzhen Signs Agreement to Open a Genuine British-styled Boarding International School

The Lord Provost of Edinburgh Visited MIS

Merchiston International School Opening Ceremony

Children’s Day Social Learning Special Football Festival

No running wild around shopping malls stuffing faces with ice cream and cake! No sitting in class on the weekend as normal listening to the teacher! No ‘screentime’ gaming! Instead, lots of ‘learning through doing’ at the Children’s Day Football Festival – Social Learning Special!

To celebrate the magic and diversity of children the organisers of the Football Festivals in Shenzhen decided to end the 2018-2019 season by flipping the concept of what a children’s football tournament should look like upside down in favour of more fun and social learning! Players from all 5 clubs came together on the day and were randomly mixed into new teams with 1-2 players from each team! Immediately there was a buzz in the atmosphere as the players ran around looking for their new teammates using their insta polaroid photos.  Throughout the day everywhere you looked social learning could be seen as the players adjusted to their new teammates that in previous football festivals were opponents.  The festival aimed to reduce coach input and increase player ownership. The following photos and videos help share some of the learning outcomes from the event including; decision making, problem-solving, communication in team talks, conflict resolution, creativity, adaptability, and of course lots of football!

U8 Group

U10 Group

Player feedback

Because the teams were mixed with different players and we were unfamiliar with each other I think the teams’ ability level was similar. But a team with strengths in long ball and dribbling would obviously outpower others. We played very well though we could improve in pressing. I hope the team could dribble more! –City

I was in the same team as Harry and at first, we felt the pressure that other teammates did not press forward with us, and I conceded a goal when being the goalkeeper. In the 3rd game, the team pressed but we had no defensive strength in midfield. Overall I felt like inevery game we showed improvement and we were happy in each match. –Leo

In the 1st game, we played smoothly. In the 2nd game, the long pass of the Blue Team posed a threat to our team. In the 3rd game, we adjusted our attacking strategy and achieved a good result. In the games, I reminded my teammates to find position, pass and cooperate. –Richard

In the first match, we defended, passed and created shooting opportunities with ease. In the 2nd match, we felt the difficulty increased partly because Patrick was in their team. In the third game, we could not break out of defence. City slipped and we scored! Richard had a really good shot but we couldn’t make any progress down the wings so we could only play long ball! –John

Parent feedback

Mixed up, randomly selected coaches, randomly selected teammates, awesome event! –Adams

Coach feedback

It was an amazing event! I got feedback from parents thanking us for organizing such a meaningful event that is only and truly dedicated to children. I think this is what makes YDFF special. I am truly grateful to be part of this Community of coaches. Let’s keep it going and make a difference in children’s lives as well as youth football culture in China. –Coach Jaewoan, ABLE FC

Thank you to all the players, parents and coaches that made this social learning football festival an amazing day for all to remember! We hope to continue being brave and redefining what football learning looks like in the foundation phase in next seasons Football Festivals.  

Originally published on Children’s Day Social Learning Special Football Festival

True Italian Taste – Masterclass Guangzhou, 28th May 2019

True Italian Taste – Masterclass Guangzhou, 28th May 2019

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is pleased to announce that the “True Italian Taste – Masterclass Guangzhou” was successfully held in Guangzhou on Tuesday May 28th.

The event in question was part of the project “True Italian Taste” promoted and funded by the Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE) and carried out by Assocamerestero (The Association of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Worldwide) in cooperation with the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad. “True Italian Taste” is part of the program “The Extraordinary Italian Taste”.

The event was organized to support and promote authentic Italian agricultural food products in China to differentiate them from “Italian sounding & looking” products, which are not considered to be authentic Italian.

The Masterclass provided the participants with a deep insight into authentic and certified Italian food & wine products DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) & IGP (Protected geographical Indication) in order to emphasize the unique peculiarities of Italian cuisine & wine, which is prepared from an extraordinary variety of high quality healthy raw materials with amazing flavours.

We also invited a professional Italian Chef to let the guests experience an authentic Italian cooking show using only DOP and IGP certified Italian products, creating in the process an original recipe for “Pacchero di Gragnano IGP on Taleggio IGP fondue with cherry tomato confit and basil sauce”. giving the guests the opportunity to taste a truly authentic Italian dish paired with Italian Wines.

Special thanks to the Consul General of Italy in Guangzhou, Ms. Lucia Pasqualini and the Secretary General of CICC Ms. Giulia Gallarati, for their presence during the event, and thank you to all the participants from the F&B Industry, KOL influencers, media and journalists who attended and supported the event.

We look forward to seeing you soon at other True Italian Taste events.

If you would like to learn more, please e-mail infoguangdong@cameraitacina.com or visit our website www.cameraitacina.com

CICC Guangzhou Team

5 Ways to Explore Dongguan This June

With what we know about Dongguan and its “factory of the world” title, who would have thought that the Pearl River Delta city would seriously step up its game in the last decade? As a rising city, Dongguan now has more attractions and novelties than ever, offering unique and memorable experiences to those who take the opportunity. The city borders with Guangzhou and Shenzhen and humbly owns its own characters and edges, reinforced by elements such as Keyuan Garden, one of the Four Great Gardens of Guangdong.

#1: Watch Dragon Boat Lake Racing

On June 18, you can look forward to an absolute spectacle, that is, dragon boat racing. No doubt this is one of the most celebrated festivals in Dongguan, with its many village teams participating for glory throughout the whole of June. The tournament will take place at Huayang Lake in Machong Town. Not only can you enjoy the pure anticipation of the heated races, traditional dragon boat performances and festive food will also ensure a fantastic day, not to mention a mesmerizing lake view. If you have time, why not enjoy a barbecue or picnic at the lake bank?

Address: Huayang Lake Wetland Park, Zhenxing Road, Dongguan地址:东莞麻涌镇振兴路华阳湖湿地公园

#2: VisitBatou Village

A cluster of traditional villages in Wanjiang District is certainly an interesting place to visit. Nothing like you have ever seen before, this zone is an eclectic mix of old, traditional, recycled, quirky and renovated. Buildings and homes have been converted into restaurants and bars in recent years, with the old architecture still well preserved. One stands out in particular, the new “Treehouse” bar which was renovated from scratch by Nelly and Avo, a young Chinese artist couple. Truly handmade, the bar presents a cozy escapist spot, perfect for relaxing and enjoying dinner and drinks. It also serves as a gathering point and hideout for artists and alike. An artisan market is held regularly.

Address: TreeHouse, #192, Batou, Wanjiang District, Dongguan地址:东莞万江坝头192号树屋

#3: Hike Along the Coast in Humen

With tons of history, this city never stops giving. What’s even better, combining history and hiking, a group hiking trip to Weiyuan Fort in Humen will commence on June 23. HERE! Hikers, comprising of a team of community outdoors enthusiasts who meet monthly, are going to take a coastal route cutting through the Humen Sea Battle Museum. You can see the once commanding cannons now remaining undisturbed and learn more about the Opium Wars. At the same time, you’ll have the chance to meet a group of friendly locals and expats in the budding Dongguan community.

Address: Humen Beach, The Sea Battle Museum Road, Humen, Dongguan地址:东莞虎门镇海战博物馆

#4: Drink at the 4th Craft Beer Festival

One of the hottest events in Dongguan is no doubt the annual DG Craft Beer Festival, taking place every summer. This year the event will be extended by an extra day, presenting a full weekend celebration in the heart of the city. Situated in 33 Town, a cool creative park in the downtown area of Dongguan, PartyHERE! will host the occasion on June 29 and 30. Excitingly, more than ten craft beer breweries from all over China will set the scene, as well as international gourmet goodies, live music, hilarious games, and of course a photobooth to capture all of those special moments while enjoying a few ice-cold craft beers.

Address: 33 Town, #33 Dongsheng Road, Dongcheng District地址:东莞东城区东晟路33号33小镇

#5: Party in the Darkness

Shenzhen party people, attention! On June 15, in an enigmatic little spot in Dongcheng, Dongguan, a venue known as “B Quarter” will host a Black Room party. As one of its signature themes, the enticing neon lights draw onlookers in, to a party vibe that is lit like the space. With semi-regular events and all kinds of renowned artists and DJs, a night at this venue leaves you feeling pretty overwhelmed the next day, in a very good way. Not to mention waking up with the body marbling paint stuck to the pillows from the night before. This particular event on June 15 will see DJ Mary & DJ Mighty R from “LET’s GHETT” Russia, presenting their Dongguan debut that night. Get ready for some classic house music from Chicago to NYC, from England to France.

Address: #72, Yujing Walking Street, Dongcheng District地址:东莞东城愉景新时代广场72号

Contact HERE! (WeChat ID: HEREDG-Events) to hook you up with some Dongguan fun.

Special thanks to our media partner in Dongguan HERE! for the article.

Holiday Inn Express Shenzhen Songgang Will Open in June 2019

Holiday Inn Express Shenzhen Songgang will open in June 2019. It is invested by MJH Group and managed by Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), who is one of the world’s leading hotel companies.

Hotel Exterior

Holiday Inn Express Shenzhen Songgang is located in Bao’an district of Shenzhen, next to the International Art Exhibition Center (IDAC). It only takes a few minutes to drive from the subway station, 10 minutes to the center of Songgang , 30 minutes to the Bao’an International Airport, and 40 minutes to the Waterland Resorts and the Fenghuangshan Forest Park.

International Art Exhibition Center (IDAC)

Hotel features 217 guest rooms with a modern and simple style. It only provides professional services for meeting the guest’s needs. With over 30 fresh dishes at breakfast, high-quality and comfortable bedding, complimentary internet access and a full set of quality amenities, to ensure guests can have a refreshing experience and rejuvenate for a new day. 

Hotel has two function rooms. The fitness room with state-of-the-art exercise equipment and a self-service laundry room. Guests can relax and enjoy the safe, comfortable, and convenient experience in the hotel for both business and leisure.

Function Room

Holiday Inn Express is the largest and the most rapidly developing middle-end business hotel brand subordinate to IHG. Holiday Inn Express is already over the world and provides an easy and smart travel experience for business and leisure travelers. By the end of the first quarter of 2019, Holiday Inn Express posses over 2700 hotels and 142 hotels in Greater China.

Name: 深圳松岗智选假日酒店 Holiday Inn Express Shenzhen Songgang

Add: 深圳市宝安区松岗街道沙浦社区艺展商务大厦101  101 Yizhan Business Building,Shapu Community Of Songgang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

T: +86 0755 8360 6888

TF: 400 884 0888  

Website: www.hiexpress.com.cn

The 1st International Women’s Soccer Tournament

Group Photo

On the weekend of May 17 to 19, what had started as a simple idea between three members of the Shenzhen Red Star Football Club became a reality when the 1st International Women’s Soccer Tournament was held in Shenzhen.

Mulan A vs Show Di Bola

As the hot spring sun beat down on the fields at Soccer World in Shuiwan, women from all over the world competed. They fought for every tackle and chased down every ball, as well as got to know each other when bonding between games.

Shenzhen Red Star FC vs Shanghai Women’s International FC

The tournament was made possible thanks to the support of the team’s sponsors, The Terrace and Echo Water. These generous donors value women’s sports and understand the importance of supporting local teams. In 2018, they joined forces with local soccer team Shenzhen Red StarFC and became the major sponsors for the 1st International Women’s Soccer Tournament.

Mulan A vs Mulan B

Eight teams from Shanghai, Xiamen, Macao, and Shenzhen participated. Over the course of two days, more than 90 players from countries from all over the world joined together in their passion to play soccer.

Shanghai Women’s International FC vs Xiamen International

The winners were the Shanghai Women’s International Football Club A, the runners up were local team Mulan, and third place went to Shenzhen Red Star FC.

1st Place – Shanghai Women’s International FC
2nd Place – Mulan A
3rd Place Shenzhen Red Star FC

The event was such a success that the organizer and sponsors have already teamed up and started to organize next year’s edition. See you all next year in May 2020. In the meantime, Shenzhen Red Star FC will be heading to Thailand in November for the Phuket 7-a-side International Tournament.

If you would like to know more about Shenzhen Red Star FC please contact Laura @ crtslaura@gmail.com or add her WeChat ID: crtslaura

Managers of Shenzhen Red Star FC

Kelly Diaz


Semi-professional player in Colombia

Professional futsal referee

Stephanie L


Played in ARSSO in Quebec

Laura Cortes

Goal Keeper

Played for Tec de Monterrey University in Mexico

The Terrace

Established in 2005, The Terrace has become famous in the Shenzhen area for its delicious Thai and Western cuisine and amazing live music. Over the years, The Terrace has consistently won That’s PRD’s Reader’s Choice awards for best bar/club, live music, and events and is a must-see destination for those traveling through Shenzhen. Combined with a scenic view of Sea World, an outstanding selection of spirits and cocktails, and everything from snacks to main courses, The Terrace is the perfect spot to kick back, let your hair down, and enjoy one of Southeast Asia’s top entertainment venues.

We also would like to give a special thanks to our media partner Shenzhen Party.

World Famous Art village in Shenzhen

Now Guanlan may not be on any bodies list as a must visit in Shenzhen, but that needs to change because Guanlan actually has a lot to offer any intrepid explorer, history buff or art fanatic.  Nestled away in a sleepy (but fast developing) part of the city is the Guanlan Print village and museum.  This Hakka style village houses some of the worlds most renowned printmakers and is truly a hub of international printmaking.  This place may be relatively unknown generally but in the printmaking field it really is world famous, and its right on our doorstep!

So what is printmaking?

Print making tools

Printmaking: widely celebrated for bringing about a much-needed democratisation of art, Printmaking allows the creation of multiple artworks by reproducing paintings or drawings onto paper. This can be done in any manner of ways; by cutting into wood, lino or metal and then inking it, or by drawing directly onto stone.  These artworks are usually produced in a limited edition and then sold at a more affordable price than original paintings, but can be widely distributed or exhibited, making them an attractive option for many artists and also for first time art buyers. Nowadays, Printmaking has evolved from merely a method of reproducing drawings to become a celebrated artwork in its own right, with much scope for creative experimentation and innovation within each technique.

Guanlan Print Museum

Modern museum

Tucked away amongst abandoned factories, and sleepy streets lies a huge futuristic building that nobody seems to know is there. Covering an area of 17,600sqm this place is gigantic, even by Shenzhen standards.  With a huge roof, monolithic entrance and an abundance of natural light this is a standout building.  For a moment you might think you had gone to the CBD area of Futian.  Its an incredibly photogenic piece of architecture and one that deserves to get more visitors.  The eerie lack of people makes this an even more surreal experience, and when I visited on a Monday I was the only visitor there.  The lack of people may mean that things like the bookstore and café may not be open as was in my case.  The museum has 5 floors, with printmaking being the obvious theme.  There various different types of printmaking were on display from artists all over the world.  Unfortunately, there is a complete lack of English so if you’re hoping to learn while you are here, you’re better off looking on Baidu before you come. 

Street art at Niu Hu

A short walk from the museum is the new (niu hu) art space, think OCT Loft crossed with Nantou but on a microcosm scale. Historical buildings with splashes of colour and creativity makes for a pleasant walk and interesting diversion.  Its small enough and can be added to the day without too much of a time diversion. 

Hakka houses

Last but not least, the star attraction of Guanlan. The Printmaking village. Initiated in 2006 and officially open to the public in May, 2008, the printmaking base covers a planned area of 1.4 million square meters and a core area of 316,000 square meters. Restored from ancient Hakka dwellings with more than 300 hundred years of history, the printmaking base is a comprehensive project integrating print creation, printmaking, exhibition, collection, communication, academic research and industrial development which combines both printmaking undertaking and industry. Guanlan Original Printmaking Base is the first choice for artists where they can concentrate on their creation. The houses are Hakka style buildings and will be a familiar site to most Shenzhen explorers. They are very well preserved and give an authentic feel to this ancient tradition.

Well preserved architecture
Picturesque area

 Unfortunately, one cannot enter the buildings as they are private residencies, but they give a good idea of what life must have been like a century or 2 ago. It would be nice to view the artists in full flow, but again it’s a working studio and workshop, so this can only be done through a glass barrier.  If you want some downtime the bookshop serves decent coffee and is very comfortable to sit and catch your breath.   Possibly the most appealing part of this area are the wide-open spaces, fresh air and natural beauty. Something that can be missed in the urban jungle of downtown Shenzhen. With fruit and vegetable fields aplenty, you can find your inner farmer or just dabble at green fingers. You can pick the produce and pay by weight.

Natural surroundings

I highly recommend visiting this area. They are all within easy walking distance of each other. I suggest starting at the museum and ending at the village. You can do this in a day or even stay overnight at a hotel such as the Hard Rock Hotel or Mission Hills which are nearby.

How to get here

This can be a bit of a chore and as with everything you have multiple ways to get here.

Go to Qinghu metro station (line 4) then you can take a taxi or didi to (菠萝岭路口站).

Alternatively get the tram from exit A until the last stop. Then get bus number m285  to Weichong Factory.

Or From Qinghu bus numbers M339/M338 to the nearest stop being (菠萝岭路口站). You can also take bus number 312 bus from Luohu Railway Station.

Time 8 hours including transport

Address : Guanlan Original Printmaking Base, Bao’an District, Shenzhen

The museum is open 9am-5pm Wednesday to Monday (closed on Tuesday)

Please follow my wechatdirectly  if you’d like to know more or have any questions.  Or keep following the Shenzhen Party official account for regular articles

China Tea Leaves trips Summer 2019

“Ready to travel to the China you have been dreaming of? China Tea Leaves is here with countryside jaunts, seaside escapes, hiking adventures and more, all starting from Shenzhen, going on through the summer. All trips are organized and run by Greta Bilek, American in Shenzhen for over 6 years. More info about our trips and approach to travel at www.chinatealeaves.com. Thanks to Shenzhen Party for promoting as media partner. See the offerings below and add Greta on WeChat to find out more.”

Zhuhai June 7 (Dragon Boat Festival)

Beach or mountain? Zhuhai treats you to both and much more, in a one day jaunt from Shenzhen.

We’ll start out by taking the ferry from Shekou to Zhuhai. From there, we’ll use public transportation to tour around some of Zhuhai’s top sights.

We’ll walk along the Lover’s Road, with swaying palms above and the delta’s lapping waters stretching out to the horizon. We’ll visit the symbol of the city, the Fisher Girl, standing stately in the waves of the delta, and her lover the Fisher Boy, who looks on from the top of Jingshan Park, a small mountain park. After lunch at a nearby restaurant, we’ll have the option of free time on the beach or heading to a historical curiosity of Zhuhai, the recreated Old Summer Palace of Beijing.  (Adult: 405RMB/Child: 245RMB)

Macau June 11 (Tuesday)

Beyond the glittering lights and tourist-flooded streets, you can discover another side of Macau. Ornate temples wafting with incense, traditional bakeries, craftsman’s studios, and chapels and shrines with curious history can be found if you take the time to explore this tiny city’s winding alleys. 

On this insider tour of Macau, we’ll see a relic of a Christian saint, a secret garden inside a public library, the most beautiful black-and-white mosaic street in Macau, and a temple dedicated to the snake goddess held to be creator of the Chinese universe. In the afternoon we’ll stop by a cozy wine bar for a glass of Portuguese wine. After the end of the tour, you can stay on in Macau to enjoy its nightlife and fine dining. (Adult: 550RMB/Child: 280RMB)

Watertown June 15 (Saturday)

You don’t have to travel to Suzhou and Shanghai to see the Venice of China, since we have such a quaint village right in our backyard across the Pearl River Delta.

On this day trip, we’ll head by private shuttle bus to the outer villages of Shunde district, part of Foshan city, famous for Cantonese culture and culinary excellence.

We will experience the landscape and lifestyle of two water towns, where shaded streets line the water ways connecting the many rivers of the region. Locals still base their lives around the central clan house and a relaxed game of Chinese chess. Simple dumplings and fisherman’s noodles make up lunch, and in foodie town Shunde, local desserts and sampling the tasty snacks are a must. Round out your day by hiring a boat to paddle you around the canals.  (Adult: 330RMB/Child: 235RMB)

Dapeng June 18 (Tuesday)

Shenzhen has its own share of distinctive destinations, prime of which is its eastern bookend of Dapeng Ancient Fortress. Dapeng is a fortified village that dates back to the Ming dynasty, predating the urbanization of Shenzhen, and was in charge of controlling pirates off the coast of China. Today it still retains many narrow alleys to walk, with people living a quiet life in the village and shops selling traditional foods and gifts.

First we’ll visit a grand Buddhist temple with a history equal to the neighboring fortress, under the misty hills which ancient cartographers first marked this area for. After touring the streets and homes of the generals inside the fortress, we’ll head to the beachside town of Jiaochangwei. Now it takes the form of a young Chinese surf town, with many restaurants, cafes, and hostels in its colorful blocks. There we’ll enjoy lunch and some free time on the beach.  (Adult: 200RMB/Child: 150RMB)

(alternative Watertown)

Guizhou June 22-24 (Weekend)

One of the most beautiful villages in China, hiking, rice terraces, minority culture…all on a quick trip from Shenzhen? Yes, and you can come join an easy escape to the smoke ringed mountains of Guizhou province.

We will be whisked away by high speed train to southeast Guizhou province, known as Qiandongnan, an autonomous region of the Miao and Dong minorities. This trip will focus on the area of Congjiang, where we will encounter one of the most beautiful villages in all of China. 

We’ll stroll the charming village, crossing covered bridges and ducking under drum towers rising out of the tangle of the hidden village. The town’s museums will also inform about the local Dong culture, their grand song tradition, and textile arts. On the second day, we will journey up the valley to a neighboring village for a view over the rice terraces, and hike back through the misty fields and other village clusters. With a third day (Monday), we can visit yet another area, a Miao village that has kept its unique customs since the Qing dynasty. It is also possible to attend only day one and two of this trip and return to Shenzhen on Sunday.   (Adult: 1680RMB/Child: 980RMB) 

Kaiping July 6 (Saturday)

Come with China Tea Leaves to Kaiping (开平), for a one day getaway to a place with stunning architecture and pleasant villages, not far from Shenzhen. 

Kaiping is part of the five counties known as the hometown of overseas Chinese. It is also the home of diaolou (碉楼), a unique building type that acted as a fortress, watchtower, and clan house. Thousands of diaolou are sprinkled throughout Kaiping’s districts, often rising seven, eight, or nine stories from low-lying villages. These architectural wonders combine elements of vernacular buildings with Western designs the overseas Chinese encountered abroad. This building phenomenon put Kaiping on the map as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, and makes it a must-see in Guangdong province today. We will visit three of the UNESCO listed sites, all fantastic scenes with villas and castles sprouting out of the rice fields.  (Adult: 545RMB/Child: 295RMB)

Zhuhai Bridge and Tai O July 9 (Tuesday)

Come experience a modern marvel of China, the new Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge, and see the Pearl River Delta from the cutting edge to the traditional, a snapshot of China in one seaside adventure.

One of the main features of this trip will be to cross the new Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. This mega structure is 55 kilometers in total length, and is now the longest sea crossing in the world. This is one of the greatest engineering feats of our time, and it is right in our backyard!

We will travel by official bridge shuttle from Zhuhai to Hong Kong. After we arrive in Tung Chung Hong Kong, we will journey on to Tai O, the quintessential fishing village of Hong Kong. Scarcely a kilometer away from the modern marvel of the HZM Bridge lies this quiet port, where life in many corners has not changed for centuries. Wander amongst the fisherman’s houses teetering on stilts over the water. We will also take a short cruise to get a closer look at the stilt houses and venture out into the bay in search of the famous pink dolphins of this side of Hong Kong. Head back to Tung Chung for dinner or stay on for a sunset drink over Tai O’s quiet bay.  (Adult: 458RMB/Child: 328RMB)

Watertown July 13 (Saturday)

You don’t have to travel to Suzhou and Shanghai to see the Venice of China, since we have such a quaint village right in our backyard across the Pearl River Delta.

On this day trip, we’ll head by private shuttle bus to the outer villages of Shunde district, part of Foshan city, famous for Cantonese culture and culinary excellence.

We will experience the landscape and lifestyle of two water towns, where shaded streets line the water ways connecting the many rivers of the region. Locals still base their lives around the central clan house and a relaxed game of Chinese chess. Simple dumplings and fisherman’s noodles make up lunch, and in foodie town Shunde, local desserts and sampling the tasty snacks are a must. Round out your day by hiring a boat to paddle you around the canals. (Adult: 330RMB/Child: 235RMB)

Dapeng July 16 (Tuesday)

Shenzhen has its own share of distinctive destinations, prime of which is its eastern bookend of Dapeng Ancient Fortress. Dapeng is a fortified village that dates back to the Ming dynasty, predating the urbanization of Shenzhen, and was in charge of controlling pirates off the coast of China. Today it still retains many narrow alleys to walk, with people living a quiet life in the village and shops selling traditional foods and gifts.

First we’ll visit a grand Buddhist temple with a history equal to the neighboring fortress, under the misty hills which ancient cartographers first marked this area for. After touring the streets and homes of the generals inside the fortress, we’ll head to the beachside town of Jiaochangwei. Now it takes the form of a young Chinese surf town, with many restaurants, cafes, and hostels in its colorful blocks. There we’ll enjoy lunch and some free time on the beach.  (Adult: 200RMB/Child: 150RMB)

Yunnan Mushrooms July 24-28

Yunnan in summer is wet with dew and rain, but it is the perfect playground to discover all the wonderful things coming to life in its hills and valleys! This five day tour celebrates the mighty mushroom, and all the many varieties which can be found in Yunnan province. Yunnan is wonderfully biodiverse, with microclimates, forests, and mountains harboring thousands of flora and fauna not found anywhere else on earth, including many, many varieties of mushrooms.

We will visit the regions of Shaxi, and Shuhe of the Lijiang area. Both were important trading towns on the ancient Tea Horse Road running between Burma and Tibet through Yunnan province. The town markets in July will be brimming with local fruit, nuts, and of course funghi of all kinds, just brought in from the wild mountainsides. Take a custom mushroom foraging tour, and immerse yourself in Bai style cooking and Naxi courtyards back in the villages. Massive mountains, grand temples, fields of green and gold—Yunnan’s treats will have you coming back for more.  (Adult: 3808RMB plus airfare/Child: price on request)

Foshan August 3 (Saturday)

Come on a day trip to see Foshan, the colorful hometown of Cantonese traditions! Enjoy a day out to learn about kung fu, lion dancing, ancient ceramics and traditional culture.

On this day trip, first we will visit the Nanfeng Ancient Kiln, a ceramics kiln that has been in continuous operation since the Ming dynasty, for over 500 years. From here, we’ll head to lunch in Lingnan Tiandi, a historic district developed with many restaurants and quaint cafes.

After lunch, we will explore the Ancestral Temple, which has been a central part of Foshan people’s religion for centuries. The highlight of the day is the heart-pumping kung fu and lion dance demonstration. And don’t miss the heart of the Ancestral Temple, the ornate halls of Beidi, the northern emperor god, to whom locals pray to watch over Foshan. A day in Foshan is a must when living in Guangdong province!  (Adult: 360RMB/Child: 270RMB)

Note: posted prices typically are all inclusive: transportation, meals, guide, tickets. Contact Greta for exact details for each trip and for information about partner discounts.

Custom Travel Planning

Besides joining the set date group trips above, I can also offer custom plans for your group to many destinations throughout China. I draw on my own experience and resources to create a plan tailored to your group, interests, and timeframe, whether you are a couple wanting to get away from the city for a weekend, or a family coming to the Middle Kingdom from abroad for a two week adventure. I am able to coordinate and arrange everything in advance, providing you with maps and illustrated guides so that your experience is as smooth and informative as a guided tour, even if I am not with you. I have arranged for custom travel to Guilin, Yangshuo, Yunnan, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Zhangjiajie, plus even more destinations available – just let me know what you’d like to see in China!

For booking and more information:

Contact Greta on WeChat:

or contact me by email (chinatealeaves@yahoo.com)

BEST Archery: Master the Ancient Art of Archery in Nanshan

Heroes such as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, Legolas in Lord of the Rings, and the legendary Robin Hood have helped to inspire a renewed interest in the ancient sport of archery. On the screen, these heroes do amazing things with their bow and arrow, but it is behind the scenes where the actors put in the hard work. They committed themselves to highly focused training with professional archers to rapidly develop their technique and endurance in preparation for their roles. They show that with the right attitude and the right training, it is possible to master the art of archery.

Here in Shenzhen, BEST Archery Academy in Nanshan helps to train youths and adults alike to become archers in a safe and fun environment. BEST boasts highly successful training methods, certified coaches, and uniquely designed facilities. Students’ skills are developed using Biomechanically Efficient Shooting Techniques (BEST). With a focus on technique, endurance, and mental management, BEST coaches guide students individually to reach their optimal performance. The coaches are bilingual and fully certified by the USA Archery (USAA), including the highest level USAA coach in China.

BEST facilities are custom designed with safety in mind and to help students achieve the best possible performance. They include three main ranges, each with 15 lanes varyingfrom 5m to 25m. In addition to a fully stocked pro-shop, BEST offers a comfortable lounge area to relax.

Whether you or your child are inspired by The Hunger Games or simply want to try something new, visit BEST Archery in Shekou to learn more about this amazing sport.

Address: BEST Archery Academy, 23 Block A, 4th Floor, ShengFa Building, Yan Shan Road, Shekou, Shenzhen


Tel: (755) 2161 3780

Opening Hours: 10am—10pm daily