Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Yantian Opens in East Shenzhen

Newly opened hotel in the heart of Yantian District of Shenzhen brings Hyatt Regency brand’s signature hospitality and connecting guests to the booming city

Hyatt Regency Shenzhan Yantian celebrated its opening today in the east of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. The 298-room hotel aims to bring the Hyatt Regency brand’s signature intuitive service and energizing experiences to business and leisure guests alike.

As part of a newly concepted Recreational Business District, Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Yantian is located in the heart of Yantian District, neighboring Dameisha Beach and Overseas Chinese Town East along a 12 mile (19.5 kilometer) golden coast. Within an hour’s drive to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, the hotel is also half an hour to Shenzhen Railway Station and only a five minute drive to the Shatoujiao port of entry to Hong Kong.

“We sincerely appreciate the support from our owner, Shenzhen Vanke Binhai Real Estate Ltd. and are excited to see the Hyatt Regency brand footprint grow in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA),” said Stephen Ho, president, Greater China, global operations at Hyatt. “We look forward to welcoming our guests to Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Yantian with confidence for a world-class hospitality experience.”


Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Yantian was designed by the renowned HEITZ PARSONS SADEK and features 298 contemporary guest rooms with varied dimensions ranging from 462 square feet to more than 2,300 square feet (43 square meters to 215 square meters). There are 20 suites, four Regency Executive Suites and one Presidential Suite, all of which are spacious and located on the 41st to the 50th floor. Select rooms offer gorgeous ocean views and all rooms feature high-quality amenities and panoramic French windows. Guests staying in Club Access Rooms and Suites can enjoy the exclusive Regency Club benefits on the 49th floor.

Dining and Drinking

The hotel offers several fine dining restaurants that cater to varying tastes and group sizes, including: 

XIANGYUE, a Chinese Restaurant on the 6th floor providing authentic Cantonese flavors as well as cuisines of neighboring areas. A comfortable experience that feels like dining in a country village, the restaurant’s layout includes a “Dai Pai Don” style open kitchen offering guests a high-touch taste of Cantonese life. 

Market Café is a stylish all-day dining restaurant where guests can enjoy a collection of global delicacies. Whether buffet breakfast and dinner, or all-day a la carte service, Market Café will satisfy any taste with a flavorful option. The Lounge is the ideal place to gather friends or family and enjoy themed afternoon tea and various hand-crafted cocktails. Guests can also visit the Sky Lobby, ideal for connecting with colleagues over a vibrant scenery. For a stress-free meal, the hotel offers 24-hour in-room dining services with a range of selections available anytime. 

Meetings and Events

To build a dynamic experience for groups that feels connected, motivated and inspired, the hotel events team will be at hand to support customers during conferences, special events and weddings. The hotel offers nearly 25,000 square feet (2,321 square meters) of meeting and event space in total, including a 12,916 square foot (1,200-square meter) pillar-free grand ballroom and five salons equipped with high-tech audio and video systems. Additionally, the ballroom 612 foyer provides more than 6,500 square feet (612 square meters) of flexible pre-functional space to perfectly showcase the creativity of any event.

The scenic surroundings at Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Yantian create the perfect backdrop for weddings of all sizes. A bridal suite with separate fitting room and living room is situated right beside the grand ballroom to deliver a brilliant wedding experience.


Guests can relax in the hotel’s refreshing outdoor pool or work out anytime at the hotel’s fully equipped fitness center featuring state-of-the-art equipment.

“Inspired by the hotel’s surroundings, the hotel was built with the concept of bringing the forest into the city, offering guests a place to take a deep breath of fresh air and bask in the beautiful scenery,” said Mary Liu, general manager of Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Yantian. “As a bridge between GBA and the Pearl River Delta area, Shenzhen is at the core of this booming region. We are delighted to deliver Hyatt’s well-known expertise in food and beverage and full range of services and amenities for a productive stay.

Special Offer

To celebrate the opening of Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Yantian, guests will enjoy special rates starting from CNY888 net, including two breakfasts daily at Market Café, for stays now through September 30, 2019. 

For additional information or to make a reservation for Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Yantian, please visit *Terms apply. 

The term “Hyatt” is used in this release for convenience to refer to Hyatt Hotels Corporation and /or one or more of its affiliates.

Australian T-Bone Steaks & French Oysters, 2 New Reasons To Visit Duke’s Wines & Grill at The Langham, Shenzhen

By this point, Duke’s Wines & Grill requires no introduction, but for those that may not be in the know, here is a recap. Located on the third floor of The Langham, Shenzhen in Futian, Duke’s Wines & Grill has garnished a reputation as one of the classiest places to be seen in the city.

From the well-appointed furniture to the vaulted ceilings, it is undoubtedly one of the finest looking restaurant bars around. Duke’s Wines & Grill is well known for its premium whiskeys such as Hibiki 17 Years, its imported cigars like Cohiba Talisman, and of course, the wine lover’s dream that is their wine cellar with almost four hundred varieties from around the world.

One cannot talk about Duke’s Wines & Grill, however, without waxing lyrical about their food menu. From oysters to caviar, to lobster and steak, the restaurant bar serves the kind of dishes that will have you daydreaming about what you ate for days afterward. With Duke’s Wines & Grill’s latest promotions, you now have a chance to try two of their signature dishes.

Tuesday is Steak Night at Duke’s Wines & Grill where guests can enjoy a tantalizing set menu of Australian T-Bone Steak, Grilled Scallop, and Duke’s Signature Salad. Weighing up to 1 kg, the juicy T-bone steak is grown on 1.6 million hectares of prime Queensland pastures and grain-fed for 150 days to create a fine marbling texture and rich taste. The Grilled Scallop boasts a multi-layered sweet and salty flavor thanks to the carefully selected Japanese scallop and Spanish ham. The signature salad combines ingredients including oysters, avocado, and quinoa to create a crisp and cool healthy dish.

Then on Friday it is Oyster Night. The chefs at Duke’s Wines & Grill select one of four different imported oysters to showcase the very best in French cuisine. The selection includes The Fresh Oyster, native to Mareene d’Oleron, which is transferred to a special oyster farm after maturing for four years; The Ostre’or from Normandy, which earns its name due to its slightly golden shell; The Ostra Regal Mini, which is renowned all over France for its rich meat and sweet taste; and the Elegance Oyster, a symbol of pride in Charlande. The oyster boasts a firm and crunchy texture that releases a pleasantly sweet flavor. 

All the while you enjoy your steak or oysters, take in the live jazz music at Duke’s Wines & Grill. The larger than life NaTasha Rogers takes to the stage throughout the week and plays classics such as Autumn Leaves and Lovin’ You. The Texan singer is a welcome complement for an evening of fine dining.

If you have already had the pleasure of spending an evening at Duke’s Wines & Grill, then now is the perfect time to pay another visit. If you are yet to experience one of the classiest restaurant bars in the city, then consider their latest promotions as a warm invitation. You will surely not be disappointed.

Steak Night, Tuesdays

Australian T-bone Steak Set Menu

CNY 1,388 net per set (for 2-3 persons to enjoy)

Including one bottle of selected wine

Oyster Night, Fridays

RMB288 per half dozen

RMB568 per dozen

With champagne recommended by professional sommeliers, guests can enjoy 20% discount.

Prices are subject to 10% service charge and 6% tax 

Address: Level 3, The Langham, Shenzhen, 7888 Shennan Boulevard, Futian, Shenzhen 518040 (中国深圳市福田区深南大道7888, 深圳东海朗廷酒店, 3)

Opening Hours: 6:00 pm to 1:00 am (Sun – Thurs), 6:00pm to 2:00am (Fri – Sat)

Tel: 86 (755) 8828 9888 ext.8922

The Cheapskate’s Guide to Learning Chinese

Me with my first Chinese teacher, Jamie, who recently interviewed me about learning Chinese - Starting with the basics
Me with my first Chinese teacher, Jamie, who recently interviewed me about learning Chinese – Starting with the basics

Written By Cathal Ó Domhnalláin

We all know the ‘why’ of why learning Chinese is very important, but very few people ever elaborate on the ‘how’.

Four years ago, I faced this problem when I first moved to China. Surely, by being in an environment where Chinese was spoken everywhere, you wouldn’t need any formal language learning, just listen to people speak, observe how they speak, and you will pick up the language naturally. I know a handful of people that followed that approach with German, French, Italian, even Russian. Chinese couldn’t be any different.

Oh, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  

A year went by, and I was struggling to move beyond saying anything beyond ‘Hello’ (你好) ‘Thank You’ (谢谢) and ‘I don’t understand’ (听不懂). I felt ashamed, and that shame created a sense of self-doubt, living in a country and being unable to speak the language after 12 months, since my friends were able to do it with other languages.

What I realized after a couple of days’ introspection was that my approach to learning the language was completely wrong. Chinese is not a language you can learn passively, but a language that requires active commitment, integration with the local community, rote learning, and cultural exploration.

18 months later, I passed HSK 5, and right now (more than two years later) I consider myself fluent in Chinese, even though it’s incredibly obvious to anyone listening to me speak that I’m a foreigner speaking the language and there is still enormous room for improvement.  

The purpose of this article, above all else, is to share the step-by-step approach that worked for me and the resources that I recommend for anyone at different levels of their Chinese-learning journey. This approach might not work for everyone, and the gains you make will depend on the time you are willing to invest and how committed you are to learning Chinese.  

I will presuppose here that the serious learner will be willing to invest 4-5 hours per week in learning Chinese.

Step 1 – ‘Pinyin’, The Chinese Alphabet

Time Required: 3 Months

Estimated Cost: $250

It’s a common misnomer that Chinese children start learning characters from the moment they start formal education at the age of 4. In a country where every province has multiple dialects, standardizing people’s Mandarin from an early age is vital, meaning that they work on accurate pronunciation from the get-go. Mandarin is a tonal language consisting of four separate tones. Each syllable has its own tone, and each word is made up of a of number of these syllables put together, and each syllable is represented by a character (more on that later).

You’re probably wondering why this part requires three months and why, as a proud cheapskate, I consider it worth $250. 

Building a solid foundation is vital for any language, but it’s more important with Chinese than other languages. Some Chinese people will struggle to understand your Chinese if your pronunciation is off or you use the wrong tone. In Irish, we have a saying, Tús maith, leath na hoibre, meaning that a good start is half the work.  

A teacher will give you constructive feedback on your progress and give you great pointers on how well you’re doing with pronunciation.

Recommended Resources for Step 1:

iTalki: Excellent resource for hiring one-to-one Chinese teachers. Many of these teachers are college students and/or from rural China, meaning that you can normally get an extremely good deal (Less than $8 per hour). The more experienced and qualified the teacher, the more expensive it gets (naturally). I’ve never used Edugo, so I can’t really speak from experience, but I love the premise of the app. Like iTalki, you have a number of teachers, but the difference here is that they have a built-in review tool, allowing you to review the content of the lesson you just took. Looks very promising.

No alt text provided for this image

Step 2: Vocabulary Building and Character Learning

Time Required: 6 Months

Estimated Cost: $225

A teacher can only bring you so far. This bit is on you!  

Characters are everywhere in China. At first, they look like a series of amorphous scribbles, but after a while, you start to understand the logic involved.  

You start to realize, like my friend and mentor Will Sung always says, “learning Chinese is not just about learning a language, it’s also about learning a culture’.  

What I personally did was take a thematic/context-based approach. Need to take a cab, see the doctor, order food at a restaurant without pictures, describe your job, or compare your home country to China? I divided each situation into a separate theme (Travel, Comparisons, Home, Cooking, etc.), and started learning the appropriate vocabulary, sentence structures, and the corresponding characters and maintained that for a period of six months.  

For characters, I used to go to a Starbucks everyday and write out the characters by hand repeatedly. You don’t necessarily need to do this, but I personally found this to be a far more effective way of memorizing characters and an essential step for memorizing them.

Recommended Resources for Step 2: 

ChinesePod: This platform is really the one that has it all. Lessons are divided into themes, and you can order your Chinese learning journey from beginning to advanced. They have a library of 4,000+ lessons, covering virtually every theme under the face of the sun. You start off with a ‘Say it Right’ series (Newbie), Daily Life 1 (Elementary), Daily Life 2(Intermediate), all the way up to politics.  

Each lesson covers the appropriate grammar points, teaches you how to use the newly-acquired vocabulary, teaches you via situational dialogues, includes homework sections, and has a built-in ‘Say it Right’ feature, which automatically detects if you are saying a word/sentence correctly and subsequently grades your pronunciation.  

You can even order the vocabulary you learned into different flashcards, which you can review on the go.

Annual subscription packages are $200 per year, making it the best-value language-learning platform out there.

No alt text provided for this image

Developing Chinese (发展汉语). This is the favored option of Chinese teachers and the HSK system. Each lesson is thematic and includes ample appropriate vocabulary. It’s basically a useful textbook that, while useful, is incredibly dull. The book itself costs about $20.

Step 3: Language Application & Listening

Estimated Time: 3 months

Estimated Cost: None 

The penny dropped for me at around this stage. I watched a video of the Canadian language-learning expert and founder of LingQ, Steve Kaufmann, talking about the real key to learning Chinese. ‘listen, listen, listen’, he said. “You need to learn to replicate a native speaker, understand how they speak, the words the use, and the context in which they are used.”  

This is the part where you really start to see your time investment pay off and when you start to think of yourself as a ‘speaker’ of the language. To capitalize on this, to push on and make that additional improvement, you need to speak, write, and watch TV.

I started finding language partners at this stage and organized daily language exchanges (30 minutes of speaking Chinese followed by 30 minutes of speaking English), started writing passages in Chinese every day, which other native Chinese speakers would subsequently correct (this was reciprocal, since I would also correct their English).  

I also started listening to a lot of Chinese music. I’m personally a huge fan of hard rock and heavy metal, meaning that I had to find suitable Chinese music. For me, 唐朝乐队 (Tang Dynasty Band), 黑豹乐队 (Black Panther), 窦唯 (Dou Wei), 萧敬腾 (Jam Hsiao), 信乐团 (Shin Band) were the best options. Listening to their songs on repeat and paying attention to their lyrics really helped me remember new words that I would not otherwise have done.

No alt text provided for this image

Recommended Resources for Step 3 

HelloTalk: This is a great app where you can source language partners, post essays that you write as a 动态 (like a Facebook Status), and have telephone conversations. You can correct other people’s language, while other people can also correct you through their built-in correction tool. To use this app well, it’s important to post daily and establish boundaries with language partners (For example, we speak 15 minutes speaking Chinese, followed by 15 minutes of English).

There are more Chinese people learning English than there are native English speakers learning Chinese, so it’s important to be aware that you’ll be getting bombarded with messages in the beginning. Brace yourself! f

An example of how the HelloTalk correction function works

Step 4: Full Immersion

You’ll be amazed by how far you can get with daily language exchanges and the confidence you’ll have built up. You’ll have a competitive advantage in the market that you didn’t have before and you’ll be given a whole new level of respect by the Chinese people you encounter in your daily life.

Where can you go from there?

Chinese is full of intricacies and nuance. You can’t really say you have ‘learned’ the language, since there is so much depth, just like with any other language or culture, really. 

This means that you’ll need to start watching the TV shows that Chinese people watch, read the books that Chinese people read, and start using a different type of logic when speaking a new language.  

You can also try choosing to relocate to a Tier-3 or Tier-4 city. I personally lived in Lanzhou, capital of the northwest province of Gansu for two months. In areas like these, you’re surrounded by people speaking the language and you’re away from English-speakers, erstwhile finding out more about the less-explored parts of China.

Here is a range of shows and books that I recommend watching, if you are planning on taking your Chinese to the next level.

TV Series: 都挺好,中国好声音,奇葩说,欢乐颂,世界青年说

Books: 说话之道(蔡康永),撒哈拉的故事(三毛),目送(龙应台),亲爱的安德烈(龙应台)

The Chinese show I recently binge-watched, 都挺好

 Closing Remarks:

I was once told that when living in China, learning the language is the most basic form of respect 学习中文是最起码的尊重.

The Chinese business landscape is changing, and learning Mandarin is becoming a must. Showing that you are willing to put in the effort to learn their language in a business context goes a long way in building long-lasting relationships, or 关系 that you can’t fully appreciate until you’re in that situation. Forget what the others say about three to four years; all you need is 12 months and about $400.  

The good news is that it’s never too late to start. Go out there, dare to speak, and don’t be put off by the fact that the language looks difficult. Grammar is very simple, and the tones are relatively straightforward. If you can read characters, you will find that reading books is so much quicker after you get to a certain level.

 My friend and one of the founders of the Alipay service, 余额宝 once said to me, “you have this amazing opportunity in China, don’t waste it.”  

Are you willing to get your China opportunity float by or are you going to make the most of your time in China by learning the language?

The choice is yours. 

Originally published on The Cheapskate’s Guide to Learning Chinese

Maluan Mountain – The Best Hike In Shenzhen?

Waterfall Hike

Now Shenzhen has no shortage of hikes, and these can range from small ones like in Nanshan to the larger more difficult ones like Wutong, but there’s one common theme which drives most hiking enthusiasts crazy.  Stairs.  It sometimes feels more like floor walking than it does hiking, with endless towering stairs above you, you could be in a skyscraper not on a mountain.

Escape from city life

However in Maluan Mountain there is something different.  Gone are the stairs, to be replaced with natural paths and rural trails.  Hiking as hiking should be.  This is possibly the most authentic hike in the city, with flora, fauna and greenery all around you, you could actually be in another city all together.  This hike doesn’t have the sweeping views of the city like some of the other city hikes do, instead you get a slice of rural life in the megacity that is Shenzhen.

Rural views around

Getting here is the hardest part, located deep in Yantian district this can be a time consuming task.   I’d advise starting at Xiaomeisha Ocean World as the hike entrance is just behind there.  You can follow the path until you get to the stairs (the only stairs on the whole hike), after a few minutes the stairs end and it’s a nice flat path.  You’ll soon reach the waterfall area.  Depending on what the weather was like previously this may be big and gushing or pretty small, these rocks are a perfect place to have a rest and soak in the nature.  You can even swim in the pools if you wish.

Take a dip in the waterfall

After a cool down keep going up through the forest path until you see this sign.  Turn left here and keep going, it’s a gradual incline and nothing too difficult.  Keep your eyes open for some interesting nature, there are usually lots of flowers and insects around to catch your eye.  After 45 minutes or so you’ll come to a large open expanse, with sweeping fields and ocean views in front of you.

Large expanse in front of you

There you will find a pagoda, it’s a good place to rest and catch your breath.  You can go to the top of the pagoda for magnificent views of the panorama below you.

Fantastic views

Nearby there are some small restaurants if you wish to have lunch, the prices are cheap and the food is good, it is always busy with locals on the weekend, always a good sign if a place is good or not.  If you choose to eat here or not, the way down is the same, just follow the sign for ‘OCT East’, this will lead you down to the bottom.  It’s a nice gravel path and it leads to a beautiful boardwalk that has superb views of OCT East below you.  Keep following and you’ll end near the golf course, from here you can get a car to wherever you wish or keep walking until you see a bus station

Interesting nature around you

Want to go?

By public transport you can get bus M181, 103, 103B 380A directly to Xiaomeisha terminus and start the hike from there.

What I recommend if your traveling in a small group is to go to XinXiu metro station and get a Didi to 小梅沙海洋世界 Xiaomeisha Sea World
Address: Xiaomeisha Scenic Area, Yantian District (深圳市盐田区小梅沙海滨旅游区小梅沙海洋世界)

Bring enough water as there isn’t anywhere to buy it on the trail

Bring snacks and sun protection

Please follow my WeChat directly if you’d like to know more or have any questions. Or keep following the Shenzhen Party for regular articles.

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Kokoni Restaurant: The Art Of Kaiseki At Raffles Shenzhen

Recently, a new kaiseki restaurant opened in Raffles Shenzhen called Kokoni. Since its opening, the restaurant has been redefining what kaiseki is for the people in Shenzhen and has been setting a new high standard for Japanese cuisine across the city.

Located on the 34th floor, Kokoni boasts a view of the city that rivals the Tokyo skyline and a sea view reminiscent of Osaka Bay. The view itself is a course to be enjoyed all on its own and one that can be savored all evening long. As well as the quite simply breathtaking view of Shenzhen Bay reaching out to Hong Kong, diners are recommended to arrive early to catch the sunset over Shenzhen Talent Park and then later take in the dazzling lights of the skyscrapers in Houhai.

The restaurant is designed around the interactive cooking space, and is the very epitome of modern and sleek architecture. The warm lighting is perfectly pitched while the use of space has clearly been carefully considered. It is in the detail, however, where Kokoni is truly charming. From the handmade origami swans on each table and the colorful pop art pieces on the wall, to the beautiful white lotus flowers floating in the water features.

The food lives up to the luxurious surroundings too. The executive chef, Yamada Naohisa, brings more than 30 years of experience to the restaurant, while fresh ingredients are flown in daily from Japan, Australia, and beyond.

The current kaiseki menu is quite simply a dream for lovers of Japanese cuisine. The meal begins with a seasonal appetizer of Fried Baby Crab, Baked Whelk, Grilled Eel, Chrysanthemum Rolled Salmon, and Japanese Mini Squid. The Teppanyaki Soup is a broth of Shrimp Ball with Manila Clam, Yuzu, Spring Onion, and Potherb Mustard. This is shortly followed by a share plate of sashimi including Lobster, Tuna, Yellowtail, Sea Bream, and Live Surf Clam.

The boiled dish features King Crab, Abalone, Oyster, Onion, Shimeji Mushroom, and Kinome. Other highlights include the Australian Wagyu Sirloin with Seasonal Vegetables and the Deep Fried Foie Gras and Caramelized Apple.

Diners can choose to order à la carte or order from one of several set menus designed by Chef Yamada.

For those looking to host a business dinner or a family gathering, the private dining rooms are quite something. With unrivaled views over the bay and interactive cooking areas for chefs to come in and cook, it makes for an even more incredible evening.

Kokoni offers authentic kaiseki cuisine created using only the freshest imported ingredients prepared for by a world-class chef in luxury surroundings while enjoying one of the best views around. Simply put, Kokoni is one of the definitive dining experiences in Shenzhen.

Address: T7, One Shenzhen Bay, 3008 Zhongxin Rd, Nanshan, Shenzhen (深圳南山东滨路与科苑大道交汇处西北侧)

Tel: +86 755 8121 9373


Opening Hours: 17:30 – 22:30

Raffles Shenzhen: The Best Room View In Shenzhen

You look along the coast to see the east of the city sprawling out before you. The Ping’an Finance Centre in Futian, and further in the distance the KK100 Building in Luohu. Towards the west, there is the ferry terminal in Shekou, where the bay opens up into the South China Sea. Right below you is Shenzhen Talent Park like you’ve never seen it before. From up here, it takes on a whole different complexion. Beside the park is the border, and then there is the Shenzhen Bay Bridge stretching out over the water to Hong Kong. The hills of Lau Fau Shan clearly in sight.

It is arguably the most breathtaking and inspiring view in the city. It is Raffles Shenzhen. The views from the height of the hotel are truly a must-see, but they are just one of the many compelling reasons that makes a stay at Raffles Shenzhen a unique hospitality experience.

You would expect nothing less from Raffles. Since the establishment of the group’s flagship property in Singapore in 1887, Raffles has become synonymous with the finest luxury and legendary service. It’s a group that expands with slow deliberation and meticulous preparation. Now, Raffles has arrived in Shenzhen and has brought its oft-copied, rarely equaled level of luxury and service.

The rooms are very much the definition of what makes a modern hotel room with smart elements integrated throughout to maximize the comfort and convenience for guests. Upon checking in, the curtains in the room open automatically to reveal that stunning view. While there are massage chairs beside the bed and the bathroom boasts a smart toilet.

The mini-fridge and snack bar are generously stocked with complimentary juices, water, snacks, chocolates, and fine imported tea. While Premier guests can also enjoy complimentary alcoholic beverages. If you have any further needs, the personal butlers are on call to help you with whatever whenever. One of the highlights of a stay at Raffles Shenzhen, the personal butlers are the epitome of what makes the hotel’s service so legendary. From shining your shoes to running you a bubble bath after a long day, the personal butlers are there to make sure you enjoy the perfect stay.

We cannot leave the rooms, however, without speaking once more about that view. Guests may wonder which room offers the stunning views described, but the truth is that it is impossible not to have an amazing view. Positioned next to the bay, at such great heights, with a completely unobstructed view, there really is not a bad view anywhere in the hotel.

It’s also a view that has much to offer. Wake bright and early to catch it in the morning for the glorious sunrise on Shenzhen Bay. Soak it up in the late afternoon as the sun sets again on Shenzhen Talent Park. Savor the light show in the evening as Houhai lights up with all the amazing neon lights of the nearby skyscrapers.

The view is one that will remain with you for some time after your stay has ended. Like everything else at Raffles Shenzhen, it stands above the rest. Book your yourself a stay at Raffles Shenzhen and be inspired today.


Address: T7, One Shenzhen Bay, 3008 Zhongxin Rd, Nanshan, Shenzhen (深圳南山东滨路与科苑大道交汇处西北侧)

Tel: +86 755 8666 8666


The Park Hyatt Brand Celebrates Debut Of Park Hyatt Shenzhen

The new Park Hyatt hotel will offer a level of luxury and service unparalleled in the southern Chinese city

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is storage_emulated_0_tencent_MicroMsg_b7be59d0844ea0c200520f119d369106_image2_a6_f6_a6f6ad96286414175883adc4d40c59b1-1024x682.jpg

Park Hyatt Shenzhen celebrates its opening in southern China. Sitting atop a 48-story skyscraper in the heart of the Futian central business district in Shenzhen, the brand new hotel is designed to provide a luxurious oasis amidst the pulsating energy of this fast-growing city.

Within walking distance of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center and surrounded by corporate offices and luxury shopping, Park Hyatt Shenzhen is ideally located for business and leisure travelers alike. The hotel is located 1.8 miles (3 kilometers) from Futian Checkpoint, and has direct underground access to metro lines, the Futian High Speed Train station, Hong Kong SAR with all districts of Shenzhen accessible near the hotel.

Concept and Design

Designed by the New York-based architectural firm Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF), the 48-story building, resembles a dynamic glass and steel butterfly with its wings spread against the Shenzhen city skyline.

The elegant and refined interiors of Park Hyatt Shenzhen are designed by Yabu Pushelberg to feel like a home away from home. The hotel’s design celebrates the Park Hyatt brand’s heritage and creates a haven of tranquility, offering a botanical oasis in the sky blending nature and culture. The moment guests step into the hotel’s Chinese-style garden, they will find unparalleled enrichment and a quietly confident stay.


The hotel’s 195 spacious guestrooms and suites, are designed to create an Asian-inspired sanctuary where guests will feel as if they are ‘floating on a cloud.’ Located on floors 36 to 44, the corridors leading to each guestroom are lined in cloud-patterned carpeting with accommodations ranging from 516 square feet to 3,229 square feet (48 square meters to 299 square meters). Upon entering each guestroom, guests can find floor-to-ceiling windows framing the spectacular sky-high views. In soothing shades of grey, taupe and ochre, the rooms also incorporate subtle contemporary Chinese detailing, ranging from the artwork to the lantern-style pendant lighting to the minibar resembling a modern Chinese cabinet.

In the marble-lined bathroom, the Asian influence continues in the twin vanity stand inspired by traditional Chinese architecture. Bathrooms also feature a deep soaking tub, spa-inspired rain shower, and premium toiletries custom-created for Park Hyatt Shenzhen by cult New York perfumer Le Labo, renowned for its fresh, handmade fragrances.

Drinking and Dining

Park Hyatt Shenzhen will launch a unique collection of bars and restaurants to showcase its outstanding cuisine accompanied by unrivaled views of the Shenzhen skyline. Flanking an entire side of Level 33, Living Room is a residential-style venue streaming natural light, stunning views and a sense of intimate comfort and timeless elegance, where guests can congregate for afternoon tea or evening drinks.

Also on Level 33 is Garden Pavilion, specializing in classic and authentic Cantonese cuisine as well as Sichuan and Jiangnan specialties. Comprising a series of pavilions immersed in greenery, the décor creates an extraordinary setting akin to outdoor dining. The botanical theme continues in the restaurant’s four private dining suites, each with its own lounge and powder room, where wallcoverings depict bucolic scenes of mountains, trees and wildlife.

Opening late August, The Glasshouse on Level 47 has a contemporary alfresco-dining feel with natural light flooding in from the glass ceiling and wraparound windows, and an abundance of outdoor-inspired whitewashed brick, decking and paving. It is a contemporary restaurant and bar offering a wide range of beverages and casually elegant European cuisine with a Chinese sensibility.

Located on Level 48, The Attic will also open in late August, serving as a penthouse bar that continues with a botanical theme and foliage above a large marble counter bar.


With more than 16,000 square feet (1,500 square meters) of refined residential-style event space blessed with natural light, generous pre-function areas and breathtaking views of the city, Park Hyatt Shenzhen aspires to be the city’s premier location for inspiring and sophisticated social events. Gatherings at Park Hyatt Shenzhen are defined by creativity and imagination, personalized planning, unparalleled atmosphere, unique decor, customized menus, and above all, a commitment to quality and mastery of details.


Opening late August, The Spa is a tranquil, elegant space with floor-to-ceiling brass detailing that emphasizes the high ceilings of the space. The Spa offers a menu of healing treatments, exclusively curated for Park Hyatt Shenzhen that incorporate the latest spa products, techniques and technologies. For complete relaxation, there is an 80 foot (25 meter) indoor lap pool and the latest fitness facilities.

“We are incredibly excited to see the opening of Park Hyatt Shenzhen in this dynamic Chinese metropolis and deliver a personalized stay to guests,” said General Manager Peter Hildebrand. “This incredible building by KPF with stunning interiors by Yabu Pushelberg is a dream environment for us. With the understated quality of our guestrooms, immersive culinary experiences and sophisticated event spaces–complemented by the highest standard of service–we are confident that our guests will experience a level of unparalleled hospitality in the city.”

About Park Hyatt

Place Name: Park Hyatt Shenzhen 深圳柏悦酒店

Place Phone: 0755 – 8829 1234

Place Address: 5023 Yi Tian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen 福田区益田路5023号, 深圳

Simply Captivating

In remote locations, there are many older girls who have missed MOST of their schooling. They are largely illiterate and need a lucky break. Captivating’s My First Job Program trains girls to become either Assistant Chefs or Tailors. Their team then safely transitions and mentors the girls into their first job.

This is just one of the programs Captivating runs in cooperation with the Shenzhen Charity Federation. 11 years ago, Captivating International, a Hong Kong Registered charity, started partnering with Chinese registered grassroots charity organizations. Since 2015, Captivating’s programs came under the oversight of the Shenzhen Charity Federation where they have worked in partnership ever since. Captivating was founded by Andrew and Julie Colquhoun, who left corporate life in Australia to devote themselves fully to serving children, single mothers and families trapped in poverty or injustice. Driven by the belief that every child and every person has something incredible to offer their world, they wanted to help people achieve their purpose in life, taking them from a position of extreme disadvantage to having real choices.

Captivating supports other inspirational projects such as the Vocational School Scholarship Program (VSS), My Healthy Village and the Pig for Poverty Program.

Vocational School Scholarship (VSS) program

In parts of rural Western China, Captivating partners are informed of girls in remote village locations who have already dropped out of middle school for variety of reasons, are unemployed, and have very few if any real options for change. For most, dropping out of school has usually been a financial decision, although for many it’s a decision based on the view by some parents that education for their girl is a waste of time. This is where Captivating’s partners step in to encourage the girl’s family to give her another chance. This usually means helping to fund the cost of her education and living expenses. They then join the dots by securing a place for her in an approved Vocational school in an occupation that interests her. The ultimate aim is that in 3 years’ time this, otherwise uneducated girl, starts a career in something she loves and steps confidently towards genuine independence. 

By taking part in the support program you allow a girl, who has already dropped out of school, to be given the opportunity to complete a 3 year vocational high-school program. The final year of this program is an internship into what is hopefully her first job. An education gives her real choices and the chance to dream again.

Healthy Village Program:

Many nomadic farming families have never been taught basic health from experts. They carry on the traditions and practices passed down through the generations. It is not uncommon that some women have never been to see a doctor due to remoteness, cost, and cultural sensitivities. In a recent Captivating program, most women receiving free medical examinations were diagnosed as having minor to major women’s health issues. We discovered that many women live with: chronic illness, lifelong women’s health issues; higher than normal rates of infant mortality; rampant cases of infectious disease.

The Healthy Village Program includes Health training which includes information on various STDs, Pre and Post Natal Health, Women’s Health and habits to keep their children safe and healthy. In 2019 over 3,000 Villagers attended Health training and over a third were given individual health checks.

Pigs for Poverty Program

It’s amazing what two breeding pigs can do for a single mom or poor family! In most parts of rural Qinghai, the winters are long and cold. Although things are improving greatly thanks to fast moving and progressive initiatives anti-poverty initiatives being implemented, there are still many single mom families that are struggling to make ends meet. A popular and low-cost solution is when a single mom or poor family is supplied 2 breeding pigs, training and support. A well-managed sow will produce 2 litters of piglets a year (think 18 piglets a year on average per pig x 2). Increased family disposable income means children are more likely to consume more nutritious food, and stay in school longer. She has the start she needs; she can remain in the village with her children, instead of having to work in the city. She can also increase her status as an income provider.

On May 2nd, 33 families in Qinghai province joined the Pigs for Poverty Project and each received 2 piglets. 90 other families are currently being selected and will receive their 2 piglets over the next few months.

You are invited!

If you are inspired by any of these projects you can go directly to to find out how get involved. If you’d like to join fellow supporters, meet the founders, organizers and partners who make these projects happen, then put a placeholder in your diary! October 12, is the Shenzhen Charity Federation’s 11th CAPTIVATING CHARITY AUCTION. It will be held at the Futian Shangri-la, Shenzhen. It’s not only an amazing community event, that brings over 600 of Shenzhen’s expat and local community together, but is also a critical night of fundraising which keeps these amazing programs going – programs that will directly impact the lives of close to 1,000 young women, single moms and families over the year to come.

Hike Pineapple Mountain

WeChat Image_20190703130904
Unique Pineapple Mountain

Hong Kong has no shortage of interesting hikes, they are as varied and different as any part of the world can offer.  And heading across the border for a day trip hike is a common hobby for many a Shenzhen resident.  But which one to do?  This can be a tricky prospect.  There are long ones, nature view ones, rock climbing style ones, beach ones, and many of these have been covered by myself for Shenzhen Party.   But one I highly recommend is Pineapple Mountain or Po Lo Shan.

Each direction has a different type of scenery

Located very near the Shenzhen border in Tuen Mun district this can easily be achieved in a day with time to spare for other things.   It is often referred to as a mini grand canyon so it is worth spending the time to see this.

WeChat Image_20190703130853
Grand Canyon feel

The hike itself is not challenging, I would rate it a 3/10 for difficulty, but the unique charm of this hike lies in the beautiful and interesting geographical nature, and it is kind of like a quarry meets a mountain.  In fact some say it looks like the Hong Kong specialty snack pineapple bread, which is where the name comes from.  There are unique rock formations and colors which give it a completely different feel to many other hikes in Hong Kong and in China in general.

WeChat Image_20190703130906
Interesting nature surrounds you
Different types of views than you normally get

They make for interesting photo opportunities and can be climbed and hiked over with relative ease.   The sweeping views of both the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other makes for a 360 degree experience.  I must stress be careful when walking this route as there are some steep drops and it can be dangerous if you are not looking where you are going

WeChat Image_20190703130901
Be careful where you are walking


It begins with an approximately 30 minute ascent via a paved road.  Nothing fancy to see here but this is the only way.  It is not very well shaded so you’ll be exposed to the heat and sunshine.  When you get to the top of the steep hill, the route will change from a paved road to dirt and rocks.

WeChat Image_20190703130858
Unique geology

The path is clearly defined, so don’t worry about getting lost. As this is an unofficial hiking trail, there are no signs along the way.  When you reach the highest point you have 2 options, to go back to where you started, or to continue to the end point and the next village which is what I did.

Half way point. You can go forward or back

As you descend it starts as rocks but then goes back to a paved road.  Keep going down until you get to a sign, from here turn right and continue on the road.

Turn right here

Just keep going until you see a signpost, the minibus terminus is not far from here and can take you back to several MTR stations depending where you want to go.

WeChat Image_20190703142139
Take this bus back to an MTR

How to get there:

From the Siu Hong MTR Station (West Rail line), take the light rail (505/615) to Leung King Station. (Note: If you take the MTR to Siu Hong, there is a free interchange to the light rail) Follow the signs (or ask friendly locals) to begin walking up to Leung Tin Au. From there, Po Lo Shan will be an additional 15 minutes.

Get tram 505
Directions to start the hike

Please follow my WeChat directly if you’d like to know more or have any questions. Or keep following the Shenzhen Party official account for regular articles.

WeChat Image_20190703143319


2019 Shenzhen International Comedy Competition Dazzles & Delights

2019 Shenzhen International Comedy Competition

The Shenzhen comedy scene has been going from strength to strength and that was never more apparent than at the ‘2019 Shenzhen International Comedy Competition’ hosted by Take Out Comedy.  Held over 3 days from Friday June 28 until Sunday June 30, this was a battle of the goliaths from the Shenzhen comedy scene, with the final being hosted in front of a raucous crowd on the final night.

WeChat Image_20190703111318
Big crowd turned out for the event

After 2 toughly contested heats on Friday and Saturday night, the final consisted of 8 heavyweights of comedy, each having 12 minutes to complete their set and take home the crown, and the cash prize of RMB 5,000 along with the much sought after trophy and title of ‘King of Comedy’.  The battle was fast and furious with one comic following the other and giving their all in what was a breathless and energetic night for all.  Each contestant gave fantastic and crowd-pleasing performances, with the top 3 being the cream of the crop.  The winner, Troy Lewis, almost bringing down the roof of McCawley’s with his set.

Each comedian gave their all


Tough fought final round

Chris Jessop and Tamby Chan rounded out the top 3 in second and third place respectively, both giving sterling performances and cementing themselves as firm crowd favorites.

Troy Lewis, Chris Jessop and Tamby Chan

Being judged on originality, professionalism and audience response, this was a tough test for these funny men and while they all tickled our funny bones, some just produced the goods on the night.  The judges Jami Gong from TakeOut Comedy Hong Kong and Joe from Shenzhen Party, the official media sponsor of Eastern Liberty.

The winner Troy Lewis and Mr Ryan the host

The venue and crowd were excellent, and really enhanced the event, helping to create an electric atmosphere. If anyone reading this has never attended one of ‘Mr Ryan’s’ comedy nights then I highly recommend that you give it a go.  With regular open mic nights, stand up sets and touring comedians, ‘Take Out Comedy’ is your place go for all thing’s comedy in Shenzhen.  Since coming over to the mainland in February it has gone from strength to strength and there is no doubt it will continue to do so.

For more information about TakeOut Comedy visit their website TakeOut Comedy

Donation Drive HIBC Charity Art Show

For the past few years, we have been working with Children’s villages in Guangxi, Fujian and Sichuan, every year we send New Years’ gifts to the kids and our CEO Cassie will pay a visit to the children. These Children’s villages provide housing and support for orphans of families devastated by misfortune. By personally being present there, our CEO Cassie has seen first-hand the tremendous work being done by the organization and volunteers. She was also deeply touched by the beautiful children growing up there.


Now HIBC wants to raise more awareness for this cause and take these efforts to the next level. This Summer, we’re hosting a Charity Art Show to raise money for these children. Please donate your artwork, photography, anything creative to us. You don’t need to be an artist to participate, just your warm heart counts! All proceeds go towards the children’s villages. We need you to help make a difference to this fantastic cause!

今年夏天,我们将举办一场慈善艺术展,受赠作品用于展览和出售,全部收入捐赠给这些孩子们。请将您的艺术作品,摄影作品,任何创意捐赠给我们。 不需要您一定是德高望重艺术家,只需要您有一颗热情的心! 请伸出您的援助之手,让爱前行!

HIBC Charity Art Show Guidelines

1、关于捐赠的艺术作品About the art work:
We accept any form of artistic work such as paintings, photography, handicrafts, any created work. You don’t need to be an artist to participate, just your warm heart counts!

2、活动流程以及时间 Agenda and time:
第一阶段: 作品征集阶段:截止2019年8月9日
Phase 1: Donation drive:All artwork should be donated by the 9th of August ,2019

第二阶段: 爱心艺展开幕之夜:暂定8月中旬,届时我们将邀请所有捐赠了艺术作品的嘉宾、儿童村的负责人、社会各界爱心人士等前来我们空间进行活动的揭幕。
Phase 2: Opening Night: In mid-August, we will host a charity art exhibition and reception. Donators, people from the children’s village and participants are invited in advance, and all donated works of art will be exhibited.

第三阶段: 展出时间:8月中旬至9月中旬,为其一个月时间。所有作品将会以竞价的形式出售, 并最终由竞价最高者获得该展品,我司会公开最终竞拍结果,首次竞拍未拍出的展品,我司将安排二次竞拍,二次仍未拍出的展品,将返回给捐赠者。
Phase 3: Exhibition time: Mid-August- Mid Sept, for one month.
All exhibition pieces will be subject to open bidding with the pieces being sold to the highest bidder, and we will publicly announce the final auction results. For any unsold pieces we will arrange a second auction, and any pieces still remaining after that will be returned to the donor.

3、捐赠方式 Where and how to donate:
Please send your donated artwork to HIBC CO-WORKING SPACE: Room 3807-3809, Block A, Xintian Century Business Center, Fumin Road, Futian District, Shenzhen To: Cassie, 13798460676

B、 或者直接上门捐赠也可以的哦!
Or you can just drop by to donate your artwork and enjoy a free cup of coffee.

4、关于如何标价 About the bidding price:

If the art was purchased by yourself, please let us know the price at the time of donation and provide relevant receipts, from this we can set the starting bidding price for the work.
If you created the art work by yourself, you don’t need to provide a price. It will sold to the highest bidder at the end of the exhibition.

All proceeds will be donated to the children’s village.

Exhibition address: HIBC CO-WORKING SPACE: 1601, Block A, Xintian Century Business Center, Fumin Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
联系方式Contact :
Or you can just scan the QR code to contact!

At HIBC,  we aim to create an inclusive ecosystem that acts as a catalyst for startups and small businesses from all around the world to grow your business. With people from diverse backgrounds and sectors all under one roof, special ideas turn into special projects. We supply all the tools necessary for it to grow; from flexible spaces, company setting up tax accounting, legal advices, IP rights, investment services to strategic partnerships.

What we do:   

–  Co-working space/  Co-living space 
–  Relocation service 
–  Company Registration (WOFE & HK company)
–  Accounting and Tax 
–  HR Service

  •  Legal Advise
    –  IP and Trademark
    –  Membership and Mentorship

More Rain Expected as Typhoon Skirts City

SHENZHEN’S meteorological observatory yesterday issued a yellow alert, the third on a five-tier warning system, for the whole city.

Wipha, the seventh typhoon of the year, made a landfall in Wenchang, Hainan, and delivered heavy rain as it skirted the city yesterday and forced the observatory to issue a yellow alert for torrential downpours.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 无标题.png
Earlier and predicted route of Wipha. SD-Agencies

The city will continue to see heavy rain and strong gales from early today through tomorrow, the observatory said. The rain will ease Saturday.

By 3 p.m. yesterday, 90 percent of the flights coming in and out of Shenzhen had not been affected. But the ferry services between Shenzhen and Macao, Zhuhai and Zhongshan were suspended.

Forecasts for today and next few days. Meteorological Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality.

Macao hoisted Signal No. 8, the third-highest level, yesterday. It canceled all marine transport and most flights, and suspended all school classes.

Hong Kong also issued Signal No. 8 yesterday. All schools and some of Hong Kong’s public services were suspended.

The Airport Authority Hong Kong said flights at Hong Kong International Airport might be affected by Wipha, and passengers should stay alert to their airline’s announcements and confirm their seats before heading to the airport.

Hainan also suspended all ferry services across the Qiongzhou Straits as well as the train services to and from the island.

Source/ Shenzhen Daily

WeChat editor/ Vincent Lin

Originally published on Typhoon to Bring heavy Rain

H.O.P.E, Help One Person Everyday

Written by: Geoffrey Schofield  

Giving back to your community is never easy, and this is particularly true when you are living in a foreign country. There has been a noticeable dearth in volunteer programs in Shenzhen, particularly for foreigners. That is why Bruno Schuyten established the H.O.P.E program jointly with the Shenzhen local authorities, which stands for “Help One Person Everyday”. It is a great way to help others and make new friends. The program emphasizes giving back to the local community, entrepreneurship, as well as forging a stronger connection between locals and foreigners living in Shenzhen.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is nanshan5-1024x768.jpg

The program has three weekly events, which includes English classes on Monday’s and Tuesday’s from 12:45 to 13:45, a Chinese corner on Tuesday evenings from 19:00 to 20:00 and a cultural exchange on Friday’s from 12:45 to 13:45. The program also has special events every Saturday, the last of which included a cleanup of Nanshan mountain on July 13th.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is nanshan2-1024x768.jpg

Future events that are planned include meeting with local service centers for constructive discussions, an introduction to all natural solutions do-it-yourself, and going to local hospitals to volunteer. The program will also be offering free translations for community service centers involved with foreigners, opportunities for foreigners to share stories and information about their home countries with locals, and for the particularly brave, donating blood. In order to replenish your vitamins and minerals to help recover from all of that hard work, tea, kombucha, coffee and beer brewing classes are planned as well.

If you have volunteering ideas of your own about how to make our shared community better, or just want to get involved, you can scan the QR below to follow the H.O.P.E programs official WeChat account.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is qrcode_for_gh_006471047708_258-1.jpg

Vista-SK: International Medical Care in Houhai

About Vista-SK

Located nearby Coastal City shopping mall in Houhai, the Vista-SK International Medical Center is a joint venture of Beijing’s Vista Medical Center and South Korea’s SK Healthcare. Having inherited more than 19 years of experience from Beijing Vista Medical Center, Vista-SK brings advanced international medical management systems as well as a family-centered health care model to Shenzhen. With internationally trained medical staff providing superior medical care, experienced support staff delivering the highest standard of customer service, technologically advanced equipment, multi-lingual services, and comfortable surroundings, Vista-SK is able to provide the best in medical care, 365 days a year.

Vista-SK has established direct billing with more than 50 high-end international health insurers, as well as green channels with top hospitals, both in China and overseas. Our facilities include an International Medical Center, Health Check-up Center, and a Specialist & Day Surgery Center, providing comprehensive health care services to our clients.

Our Medical Departments:

  • Family Medicine
  • Pediatrics (including Child Immunizations)
  • OB-GYN
  • Dental Clinic
  • Mental Health (including Psychiatry and Psychology)
  • Rehabilitation (including Sports Medicine, Chiropractic, with Physio returning soon)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (including Acupuncture, Moxibustion, and Acupressure)
  • Dermatology
  • Gastroenterology (including Gastroscopy and Colonoscopies)
  • Specialists (including ENT, Orthopedics, and Endocrinology)
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • Imaging
  • Day Surgery Center

Other Vista-SK Services & Products

Other Vista-SK services and products include health check-up packages, travel medical advice, green channels for outpatient surgery, vaccinations, home and hotel call-out service, first aid kits, personal healthcare products, and commercial medical insurance.

First Aid Training: Vista is an authorized American Heart Association (AHA) training center and can issue internationally recognized First Aid Training certification. We are also able to arrange tailored first aid training courses according to the client’s needs.

Contact Vista-SK

Clinic Opening Hours: 9am to 8pm, 7 days a week

Language Services: English, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, and Cantonese (some services are also available in Fookien and Portuguese)

24 hour English Hotline: (0755) 3689 9688



Address: Lvl 4, Bldg 4C, Shenzhen Software Industry Base, Xuefu Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen P.R.C Post code: 518054 (深圳市南山区学府路软件产业基地4栋C座裙楼4层)

Follow our Official WeChat

A Tribute to the Craftsman – Shenzhen’s First Tailor-Made Suit in-store Workshops

致敬匠人 — 深圳首家西服定制前店后坊开业





Along the tree-lined stone path,

Lies a simple office building.

The perfect place for enjoying a cup of coffee,

And a prime example of the famous line that “Scholars come here to talk and laugh, but ignorant people will never know”.


     便是门头两旁傲然而踞的石狮 — 安静且沉稳

It is so quiet here that you can hear the sound of flowing water.

Apart from the sound of people busy with their work,

There are only the proud stone lions on either side of the door – quiet and serene.





Just like the king of today’s menswear – the suit:

Classic and timeless,

Elegant and restrained;

The gentleman’s business card.

TTBespoke工坊的绅士们  Gentlemen at the TTBespoke Workshop



Sometimes destiny is like a chance encounter,

Full of coincidence, yet the feeling of joy remains.




When tailoring came across this soulful place,

Shenzhen’s first tailor made suit experience flagship store and workshop

Was founded here at the 1980 Science Park.





Follow our gentlemen to the TTBespoke Workshop.

The lobby is tastefully decorated in blue and bright yellow hues.

Steady and restrained, yet still retaining the mood;

Our ingenious master tailors added a little of their own inspiration.

– 简约的工坊前厅  The workshop’s simple lobby 




Inside the workshop, the tables are all arranged neatly,

Our master tailors maintain their demeanor while working.

A deft cut of the scissors, a careful eye for detail, these will all determine the quality of the finished article.

– 工坊内忙碌的裁缝师傅们  Tailors hard at work in the workshop


TTBespoke has nothing but the highest requirements for tailor made suits, from beginning to end. This is the ultimate praise we can receive from our gentlemen customers, and is the reason we have always insisted on an independent workshop, rather than outsourcing.


Old friends know that Tom, the founder, insists on measuring, adjusting, and trying out each item himself. This reflects his obsession with detail in both clothing and appearance. Every stitch is the product of time and skill.


Every individual suit is created based on more than 30 different measurements, uses more than 3000 stitches, and requires more than 45 hours of elaborate work. The whole process, from material selection to production, takes more than 30 days. This represents the rigor and meticulousness of TTBespoke’s approach to their work.


The process includes creating a template, cutting, chest lining, shoulders, button eyes, inner lining, and sleeves. Each of the steps is carried out by hand. These are skills and aesthetics that cannot be imitated by a machine, and the finished product exudes a charm and beauty that a machine would not be able to conceive of. This eliminates all the shortcomings that semi-custom made (bulk assembly line) production methods cannot avoid.


Each gentleman’s suit must be cut as a single piece, and the same suit made from different materials will have different templates. One or two fittings are required during production to ensure the proper cut; only after these fittings are completed will our master tailors get to work. Every precise measurement, every individual stitch: these will ensure a unique finished item, made to the highest standards a gentleman requires.


[A Final Word]







You choose Bespoke,

As it is the best way to display your taste;

You need Bespoke,

As it is the only way to interpret the verve and charm of your tailored suit.

We are putting an end to machine-made imitations,

But are by no means ignoring the benefits of technology.





We know what it is

That gives gentlemen’s clothing its soul!

We hereby pay tribute to the outstanding craftsmen,

And give our thanks to gentlemen everywhere who strive for soul and vigor.

—  Tom


[Clothing Showroom]


[Interactive Section]



What do gentlemen think of the art of bespoke tailoring?


Forward this article and your opinions, send us a screenshot, and we will select the two most refined gentlemen to receive the following prizes (winners may choose one of the two options):

1. TTbespoke西装定制优惠券500元 500 RMB coupon for TTbespoke tailored suits

2. 来TTbespoke定制西装,即赠送定制衬衣一件 Come to TTbespoke for a tailored suit, and receive one tailored shirt free of charge



主理人: Tom Tang



Nanshan Flagship Store:

Manager: Tom Tang

Telephone:18898731186 (use same number for WeChat)

Address: International Mayor Exchange Center 1201 (above Rich Hotel, Baishizhou Metro Station Exit C), 55 Central Shizhou Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


主理人: 付女士

电话: 13923498669(中文)


Longhua Workshop:

Manager: Tom Tang

Telephone: 18898731186 (English)

Address: Room 410, Building 1, 1980 Science and Cultural Park, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Green Foot: A New Way To Save The Environment

You might be wondering what is Green Foot?

Green Foot is, first of all, a community

Green Foot brings together people who may not all be environmentalists, but who all want a better environment. In the Green Foot community, we are focused on organizing both online and offline events that aim to reduce the negative impact of waste on the environment. We work to build a community that is warm and open, while also diverse and respectful. Green Foot is an open forum where your voice can be heard and you have a platform to do good.

Green Foot is a social enterprise, including both profit and non-profit

A social enterprise is based on business to maintain its sustainability to serve its goal of social responsibility. As a result, our Green Foot events, we have two parts: non-profit and profit.

Our waste collecting events are organized to pick up waste which is left by others, and is for the benefit of the public and not the individual, and as such it is a non-profit event. Also, attendees will be rewarded with 10 green points.

There are also profitable events like the second hand exchange, eco camps, and speaking events. These events share ways to practice environmental protection and encourage attendees to do their own part. Attendees need to pay for the event. This is to cover the time and energy of those who organized and contributed to the event.

Green Foot is a way of living

We offer members a wide range of activities to reduce the negative effect of waste on the environment and in their daily lives such as eco camps, second hand exchanges, and waste into art workshops. All these events give you food for thought about what is a healthy and balanced way of living.

At the same time, we sell green products. Our green products have one more layer of guarantee as Green Foot have high demands not only for product quality, but also for its environmental impact. What’s more, your green points can be converted into cash to buy green products. Additionally, in future, we plan to cooperate with various businesses such as restaurants, hotels, bookstores, and gyms to obtain discounts for our members.

Green Foot is a stage for all

Every individual or business can find a place and an opportunity in Green Foot, as long as you are willing to help create a better environment.

Be our supporter.

We are looking for supporters who want to live green and believe in serving society and improving themselves at the same time.

Be our event leader.

This is a stage for people who are seeking opportunities for self growth and to show leadership qualities.

Be our ambassador.

Leading a Green Foot branch will enrich and add color to your life.

Be our sponsor or partner.

You can sponsor our events or provide discounts to our members, or simply work together with us to unite more people to make a better environment.

Green Foot Brief Intro

Green Foot was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Shenzhen with branches across the PRD in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, and new locations established in the past half year in Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu, and Zhuhai. Through our offline activities and media coverage, we have reached and influenced an international audience of over 100,000. Our mission is to connect more people and build a greener world together.

Let’s work together towards our common goal.

ABNET – A Shenzhen Business Group Tailored For Shenzhen Businesses

Doing business in China is really quite unlike doing business anywhere else in the world. The country offers so many unique opportunities, but with it come equally unique challenges. From setting up a business, working with suppliers, dealing with exports, to handling employees’ visas and contracts. Furthermore, it’s a place that relies on who you know and just as much on knowing how to use that connection.

Being part of a business group can make all the difference. Especially one that really speaks to the business you are doing, introduces you to the kind of people you need to be talking to, and discuss topics that affect you in your daily work. ABNET is one such group; a Shenzhen business group tailored for Shenzhen businesses.

The group is led by Felix, and has around 500 members. Membership is currently free and there are no restrictions on what industry you come from or how many members can be from one industry. They hold two events a month in the Shekou area. For lunch meetups, there are usually around 25 attendees, while for evening events it’s closer to 40 or 50.

ABNET stands out because the group deals with real topics that directly affect their members in their work. At each meeting, there is a guest speaker who will speak about a specialist or topical subject. But the meetings are not just about turning up and listening to someone speak. ABNET events are more personal and interactive than that.

Recent talks have included changes in foreign investment law with guest speaker Sophie Mao of Chibridge Law Firm, a networking cocktail event to discuss changes to China’s Individual Income Tax with Ralph Woodcock of CISI, and a book signing event with Josh Steimle where he discussed how to develop your personal brand. Members have also benefited from the ABNET Training Center which have organized courses on the subjects of business etiquette, digital marketing, negotiation skills, and photography for business.

Often, members will be asked to introduce themselves at meetings while all members are encouraged to bring a business referral for another member, to bring a new visitor to the meeting, and also to arrange to meet another member during the next week. These aren’t requirements per se, but they follow the kind of ethos that ABNET tries to promote.

With Felix recently taking over as president of ABNET, these are exciting times for the group with more changes to come in the near future. If you would like to join Shenzhen’s top business network for expats, check out the contact information below. ABNET is always on the lookout for new speakers also, so if you have a topic you think is interesting for the expat community in Shenzhen, get in touch with Felix.

Contact Details

WeChat: felixo7


Shenzhen Dragons: The Finest Rugby & Social Club In South China

With the Rugby World Cup in Japan just around the corner in September, now seemed like the perfect time to highlight the Shenzhen Dragons, our city’s long-running rugby club and one of its best sports clubs in general. Shenzhen Party spoke with the Dragons to learn more about the club’s long history, rich culture, passionate players, and how you can get involved too.

Formed in 2008, the Shenzhen Dragons have been a mainstay of the rugby circuit in South China and beyond ever since. The club has both a Men’s and Women’s team, who train regularly, play full contact matches, and compete in the best tournaments in the region and beyond.

The season all kicks off on September 7th with the Guangdong 10s tournament. Organized by the Dragons and the other teams in the region, this year’s event will take place in Bao’an. The tournament promises to be a cracker with teams coming from Hong Kong, Macau and all over Mainland China.
After the Guangdong 10s, a 15s championship begins which will see the Dragons go head-to-head with teams from Xiamen, Fuzhou. The championship also features local rivals, the Guangzhou Rams, and there are guaranteed to be some classic derbies again this year.
The second half of the season is arguably even more exciting than the first, as the Dragons pack up their suitcases for tournaments in Macao, Hong Kong, Qingdao, Xiamen, and Phuket. Some of these weekends are legendary in rugby circles and every year some truly unforgettable memories are created. After all, it wouldn’t be a rugby club without a few rugby tours.
Club Spirit
Rugby is as much about the culture as it is about the sport, and it’s this ethos that forms the backbone of so many rugby clubs around the world. It is just as important to the Dragons and they do their best to foster the social aspect of it with both playing and non-playing members through dinners and drinks socials, as well as group gym sessions and even martial art classes.

As a result, the club is made up of friends who love playing rugby together, have fun competing in tournaments, and enjoy having a drink or two socially. This friendly and lively bunch are always open to welcoming all newcomers, regardless of age, ability, experience, or background.
Club Structure
The Dragons is an amateur club that operates on the grassroots level. All the support services and logistics are provided by the club members themselves.

The club has a standing committee that is drawn from and voted for by the club’s members at the start of each season.
The support we have seen from local sponsors, private donors, and volunteers, along with the dedicated work of club members has been nothing short of phenomenal. Without these people, the Dragons would not have been able to grow and become the stronghold of the Chinese rugby community it is today.
The Dragons Men’s and Women’s teams train together twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 20:30 to 22:30 at Qiaocheng North Station on Line 2. We mix up our training sessions by working on various aspects of rugby with touch sessions and technical drills. All training sessions are RMB 50 per person and it is free for first-timers.

Contact Details

If you are interested in joining the Dragons or would like more information, you can get in touch in the following ways.

WeChat: adri7581


深圳龙队: 华南区最好的英式橄榄球俱乐部

橄榄球世界杯赛9月即将在日本拉开战火, 随着人们对这项赛事的关注度开始白热化, 我们也把目光逐渐聚焦在我们深圳本地的橄榄球俱乐部, 深圳龙队. 深圳龙队凭借多年运营橄榄球俱乐部的经验使它成为众多出类拔萃的俱乐部之一。Shenzhen Party曾采访过龙队藉此进一步了解这个俱乐部,在其悠久的历史背景之后下同时拥有著丰富的文化底蕴,富有激情的球员们以及加入这样一隻优秀的俱乐部你所需要了解的一切。

深圳龙队 自2008年成立以来,一直是华南地区甚至全国各项橄榄球赛事的中流砥柱。深圳俱乐部现有男队,女队各一支,并定期开展训练及标准化赛前训练,在中国甚至世界级许多著名橄榄球赛事当中你都能找到深圳龙队的身影。

日在广东深圳拉开帷幕, 本次赛季的开幕赛事将以10人巡迴赛的形式展开。本次赛事深圳龙队作为东道主将携手华南区其他参赛队伍在深圳宝安体育馆共同举办。这次的巡迴赛还包括来自自中国香港、中国澳门和中国队内地多隻队伍加入, 规模空前壮大,想必一定精彩。

在本次广东十人巡迴赛之后,第15届全国冠军联赛也随之拉开帷幕,深圳龙队将与在球场上与厦门、福州和澳门多隻球队展开正面交锋。当然, 冠军联赛还包括了本土的竞争对手———广州公羊队,我们拭目以待各球队之间在球场上创造更多经典的比赛瞬间。

而本赛季的后半段更加激动人心, 因为深圳龙队正在为之后澳门、香港、青岛和普吉岛即将举办的各项巡迴竞标赛而积极得准备著。在英式橄榄球的文化当中你一定不会陌生“週六是橄榄球日”这句话, 因为周末便是橄榄球创造传奇的时刻,每一个属于橄榄球的週末都带给球迷们难以忘怀的瞬间,不断惊喜著球迷们。毕竟,深圳龙队就是这样一隻不断经历巡回锦标赛而逐渐成长壮大的英式橄榄球俱乐部。

英式橄榄球不仅是一项运动,更是一种精神文化.这种拼搏的精神同时也成为了世界各地许多英式橄榄球俱乐部的精神砥柱。同时,深圳龙队也十分注重社交活动,他们总是精心安排策划每一次的活动, 包括晚宴、聚会以及集体健身课,甚至是中国武术课, 使球员或非球员之间变得更加亲密和谐。

在我们的俱乐部当中, 无论是球员或非球员, 我们可以是赛场上一起拼搏的伙伴,也可以是场外日常生活中的挚友。无论年龄,性别, 国籍,经验或背景如何,这个友好的俱乐部总是为所有的新人敞开大门, 欢迎你们的加入。





深圳龙队每周两次男女怼混合训练,分别在每周二和周四晚上20:30至22:侨城北(地铁2号线)进行训练。每次的训练都包含了触碰式和正规赛事技术训练,从基本传球到队员配合面面俱到。每次的训练费用为每人50元,对了, 第一次训练是免费的唷。



WeChat: adri7581

InterNations: The Perfect Shortcut To Settling In & Making Friends In Shenzhen

Moving to a new city can be intimidating; going through the process of making friends, building your work network up, working out how to do day-to-day things. Thankfully, then, there is a shortcut for all called InterNations.

InterNations is a community in Shenzhen where expats can network, make new friends, and share advice about living in the city. The group holds events twice a month, usually by partnering with a popular local bar or restaurant where members can usually enjoy a nice meal and some drinks. They also have WeChat group chats where members can ask questions and share useful information.

There are two types of membership. With the free membership, you can still access the groups and attend the events, but with the premium Albatross membership, you receive a discount at events among other benefits.

What makes InterNations special, is that it is a worldwide organization with more than 400 communities. Once you join, you are not just joining one of these communities, you are joining all of them. If you are moving cities or simply going away for a weekend break, you can log into the website and change your location and chat with their members and join their events too.

The thing about InterNations is that there is no typical member. Members come from all over the world. Old and young alike are welcome and membership is pretty evenly split between men and women. Anyone, no matter their background, can come along and feel like they fit in. What’s even better is that because everyone is coming to network and make new friends, there are no cliques. Everyone is up for a chat and you won’t feel like an outsider looking in. If you go to an event, the only advice is to not sit down. Keep moving and keep talking to new people.

So, if you would like to in join InterNations, or even if you are a business that is interested in partnering together for an event, then get in touch via the contact information below.

Contact Details

WeChat: felixo7



B10 Live: A Champion Of Independent & Alternative Music In Shenzhen

Photo Credit: 左氏文化

Every city needs a place where music fans can come to see live music: a beating heart where all the lifeblood of the local music scene can flow to and, vitally, somewhere that keeps that lifeblood pumping. Liverpool had The Cavern Club, famous for launching The Beatles. Nirvana and Pearl Jam all played at The Crocodile in Seattle before becoming Grunge legends. In Shenzhen, for many music lovers that heart is B10 Live.

Photo Credit: @泽健NIRVINA

Founded in November 2012 and located in OCT-LOFT, the live music venue has played host to some of Shenzhen’s most memorable gigs in recent times. They’ve brought in international acts like Carl Barat, Iceage, and SUUNS, but are also passionate supporters of local music, which has seen the likes of the cult Emo band Chinese Football grace their stage.

Photo Credit: 潘越 Pan Yue

Their credentials are underlined by Tomorrow Festival. The annual event is organized by B10 Live and has the perfect venue in OCT-LOFT, which was name checked by Lonely Planet when Shenzhen placed in their Top 10 Best in Travel 2019. The latest edition of Tomorrow Festival was considered the best yet, thanks to the eclectic mix of musicians from Japan, Germany, and Georgia, as well as screenings and talks from artists.

Photo Credit: Taki

Liverpool had The Cavern Club. Seattle had The Crocodile. Shenzhen has its B10 Live. Come down and check out a show and feel a part of the music scene that is happening in our city.

Photo Credit: @蘇豆大叔

Address: North Side of Building C2, North District, OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区华侨城创意文化园北区C2栋北侧)

WeChat: b10live