China Tea Leaves trips Summer 2019

“Ready to travel to the China you have been dreaming of? China Tea Leaves is here with countryside jaunts, seaside escapes, hiking adventures and more, all starting from Shenzhen, going on through the summer. All trips are organized and run by Greta Bilek, American in Shenzhen for over 6 years. More info about our trips and approach to travel at Thanks to Shenzhen Party for promoting as media partner. See the offerings below and add Greta on WeChat to find out more.”

Zhuhai June 7 (Dragon Boat Festival)

Beach or mountain? Zhuhai treats you to both and much more, in a one day jaunt from Shenzhen.

We’ll start out by taking the ferry from Shekou to Zhuhai. From there, we’ll use public transportation to tour around some of Zhuhai’s top sights.

We’ll walk along the Lover’s Road, with swaying palms above and the delta’s lapping waters stretching out to the horizon. We’ll visit the symbol of the city, the Fisher Girl, standing stately in the waves of the delta, and her lover the Fisher Boy, who looks on from the top of Jingshan Park, a small mountain park. After lunch at a nearby restaurant, we’ll have the option of free time on the beach or heading to a historical curiosity of Zhuhai, the recreated Old Summer Palace of Beijing.

Macau June 11 (Tuesday)

Beyond the glittering lights and tourist-flooded streets, you can discover another side of Macau. Ornate temples wafting with incense, traditional bakeries, craftsman’s studios, and chapels and shrines with curious history can be found if you take the time to explore this tiny city’s winding alleys. 

On this insider tour of Macau, we’ll see a relic of a Christian saint, a secret garden inside a public library, the most beautiful black-and-white mosaic street in Macau, and a temple dedicated to the snake goddess held to be creator of the Chinese universe. In the afternoon we’ll stop by a cozy wine bar for a glass of Portuguese wine. After the end of the tour, you can stay on in Macau to enjoy its nightlife and fine dining.

Watertown June 15 (Saturday)

You don’t have to travel to Suzhou and Shanghai to see the Venice of China, since we have such a quaint village right in our backyard across the Pearl River Delta.

On this day trip, we’ll head by private shuttle bus to the outer villages of Shunde district, part of Foshan city, famous for Cantonese culture and culinary excellence.

We will experience the landscape and lifestyle of two water towns, where shaded streets line the water ways connecting the many rivers of the region. Locals still base their lives around the central clan house and a relaxed game of Chinese chess. Simple dumplings and fisherman’s noodles make up lunch, and in foodie town Shunde, local desserts and sampling the tasty snacks are a must. Round out your day by hiring a boat to paddle you around the canals.

Dapeng June 18 (Tuesday)

Shenzhen has its own share of distinctive destinations, prime of which is its eastern bookend of Dapeng Ancient Fortress. Dapeng is a fortified village that dates back to the Ming dynasty, predating the urbanization of Shenzhen, and was in charge of controlling pirates off the coast of China. Today it still retains many narrow alleys to walk, with people living a quiet life in the village and shops selling traditional foods and gifts.

First we’ll visit a grand Buddhist temple with a history equal to the neighboring fortress, under the misty hills which ancient cartographers first marked this area for. After touring the streets and homes of the generals inside the fortress, we’ll head to the beachside town of Jiaochangwei. Now it takes the form of a young Chinese surf town, with many restaurants, cafes, and hostels in its colorful blocks. There we’ll enjoy lunch and some free time on the beach.

(alternative Watertown)

Guizhou June 22-24 (Weekend)

One of the most beautiful villages in China, hiking, rice terraces, minority culture…all on a quick trip from Shenzhen? Yes, and you can come join an easy escape to the smoke ringed mountains of Guizhou province.

We will be whisked away by high speed train to southeast Guizhou province, known as Qiandongnan, an autonomous region of the Miao and Dong minorities. This trip will focus on the area of Congjiang, where we will encounter one of the most beautiful villages in all of China. 

We’ll stroll the charming village, crossing covered bridges and ducking under drum towers rising out of the tangle of the hidden village. The town’s museums will also inform about the local Dong culture, their grand song tradition, and textile arts. On the second day, we will journey up the valley to a neighboring village for a view over the rice terraces, and hike back through the misty fields and other village clusters. With a third day (Monday), we can visit yet another area, a Miao village that has kept its unique customs since the Qing dynasty. It is also possible to attend only day one and two of this trip and return to Shenzhen on Sunday. 

Kaiping July 6 (Saturday)

Come with China Tea Leaves to Kaiping (开平), for a one day getaway to a place with stunning architecture and pleasant villages, not far from Shenzhen. 

Kaiping is part of the five counties known as the hometown of overseas Chinese. It is also the home of diaolou (碉楼), a unique building type that acted as a fortress, watchtower, and clan house. Thousands of diaolou are sprinkled throughout Kaiping’s districts, often rising seven, eight, or nine stories from low-lying villages. These architectural wonders combine elements of vernacular buildings with Western designs the overseas Chinese encountered abroad. This building phenomenon put Kaiping on the map as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, and makes it a must-see in Guangdong province today. We will visit three of the UNESCO listed sites, all fantastic scenes with villas and castles sprouting out of the rice fields.

Zhuhai Bridge and Tai O July 9 (Tuesday)

Come experience a modern marvel of China, the new Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge, and see the Pearl River Delta from the cutting edge to the traditional, a snapshot of China in one seaside adventure.

One of the main features of this trip will be to cross the new Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. This mega structure is 55 kilometers in total length, and is now the longest sea crossing in the world. This is one of the greatest engineering feats of our time, and it is right in our backyard!

We will travel by official bridge shuttle from Zhuhai to Hong Kong. After we arrive in Tung Chung Hong Kong, we will journey on to Tai O, the quintessential fishing village of Hong Kong. Scarcely a kilometer away from the modern marvel of the HZM Bridge lies this quiet port, where life in many corners has not changed for centuries. Wander amongst the fisherman’s houses teetering on stilts over the water. We will also take a short cruise to get a closer look at the stilt houses and venture out into the bay in search of the famous pink dolphins of this side of Hong Kong. Head back to Tung Chung for dinner or stay on for a sunset drink over Tai O’s quiet bay.

Watertown July 13 (Saturday)

You don’t have to travel to Suzhou and Shanghai to see the Venice of China, since we have such a quaint village right in our backyard across the Pearl River Delta.

On this day trip, we’ll head by private shuttle bus to the outer villages of Shunde district, part of Foshan city, famous for Cantonese culture and culinary excellence.

We will experience the landscape and lifestyle of two water towns, where shaded streets line the water ways connecting the many rivers of the region. Locals still base their lives around the central clan house and a relaxed game of Chinese chess. Simple dumplings and fisherman’s noodles make up lunch, and in foodie town Shunde, local desserts and sampling the tasty snacks are a must. Round out your day by hiring a boat to paddle you around the canals.

Dapeng July 16 (Tuesday)

Shenzhen has its own share of distinctive destinations, prime of which is its eastern bookend of Dapeng Ancient Fortress. Dapeng is a fortified village that dates back to the Ming dynasty, predating the urbanization of Shenzhen, and was in charge of controlling pirates off the coast of China. Today it still retains many narrow alleys to walk, with people living a quiet life in the village and shops selling traditional foods and gifts.

First we’ll visit a grand Buddhist temple with a history equal to the neighboring fortress, under the misty hills which ancient cartographers first marked this area for. After touring the streets and homes of the generals inside the fortress, we’ll head to the beachside town of Jiaochangwei. Now it takes the form of a young Chinese surf town, with many restaurants, cafes, and hostels in its colorful blocks. There we’ll enjoy lunch and some free time on the beach.

Yunnan Mushrooms July 24-28

Yunnan in summer is wet with dew and rain, but it is the perfect playground to discover all the wonderful things coming to life in its hills and valleys! This five day tour celebrates the mighty mushroom, and all the many varieties which can be found in Yunnan province. Yunnan is wonderfully biodiverse, with microclimates, forests, and mountains harboring thousands of flora and fauna not found anywhere else on earth, including many, many varieties of mushrooms.

We will visit the regions of Shaxi, and Shuhe of the Lijiang area. Both were important trading towns on the ancient Tea Horse Road running between Burma and Tibet through Yunnan province. The town markets in July will be brimming with local fruit, nuts, and of course funghi of all kinds, just brought in from the wild mountainsides. Take a custom mushroom foraging tour, and immerse yourself in Bai style cooking and Naxi courtyards back in the villages. Massive mountains, grand temples, fields of green and gold—Yunnan’s treats will have you coming back for more.

Foshan August 3 (Saturday)

Come on a day trip to see Foshan, the colorful hometown of Cantonese traditions! Enjoy a day out to learn about kung fu, lion dancing, ancient ceramics and traditional culture.

On this day trip, first we will visit the Nanfeng Ancient Kiln, a ceramics kiln that has been in continuous operation since the Ming dynasty, for over 500 years. From here, we’ll head to lunch in Lingnan Tiandi, a historic district developed with many restaurants and quaint cafes.

After lunch, we will explore the Ancestral Temple, which has been a central part of Foshan people’s religion for centuries. The highlight of the day is the heart-pumping kung fu and lion dance demonstration. And don’t miss the heart of the Ancestral Temple, the ornate halls of Beidi, the northern emperor god, to whom locals pray to watch over Foshan. A day in Foshan is a must when living in Guangdong province!

Note: posted prices typically are all inclusive: transportation, meals, guide, tickets. Contact Greta for exact details for each trip and for information about partner discounts.

Custom Travel Planning

Besides joining the set date group trips above, I can also offer custom plans for your group to many destinations throughout China. I draw on my own experience and resources to create a plan tailored to your group, interests, and timeframe, whether you are a couple wanting to get away from the city for a weekend, or a family coming to the Middle Kingdom from abroad for a two week adventure. I am able to coordinate and arrange everything in advance, providing you with maps and illustrated guides so that your experience is as smooth and informative as a guided tour, even if I am not with you. I have arranged for custom travel to Guilin, Yangshuo, Yunnan, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Zhangjiajie, plus even more destinations available – just let me know what you’d like to see in China!

For booking and more information:

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BEST Archery: Master the Ancient Art of Archery in Nanshan

Heroes such as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, Legolas in Lord of the Rings, and the legendary Robin Hood have helped to inspire a renewed interest in the ancient sport of archery. On the screen, these heroes do amazing things with their bow and arrow, but it is behind the scenes where the actors put in the hard work. They committed themselves to highly focused training with professional archers to rapidly develop their technique and endurance in preparation for their roles. They show that with the right attitude and the right training, it is possible to master the art of archery.

Here in Shenzhen, BEST Archery Academy in Nanshan helps to train youths and adults alike to become archers in a safe and fun environment. BEST boasts highly successful training methods, certified coaches, and uniquely designed facilities. Students’ skills are developed using Biomechanically Efficient Shooting Techniques (BEST). With a focus on technique, endurance, and mental management, BEST coaches guide students individually to reach their optimal performance. The coaches are bilingual and fully certified by the USA Archery (USAA), including the highest level USAA coach in China.

BEST facilities are custom designed with safety in mind and to help students achieve the best possible performance. They include three main ranges, each with 15 lanes varyingfrom 5m to 25m. In addition to a fully stocked pro-shop, BEST offers a comfortable lounge area to relax.

Whether you or your child are inspired by The Hunger Games or simply want to try something new, visit BEST Archery in Shekou to learn more about this amazing sport.

Address: BEST Archery Academy, 23 Block A, 4th Floor, ShengFa Building, Yan Shan Road, Shekou, Shenzhen


Tel: (755) 2161 3780

Opening Hours: 10am—10pm daily

The Langham, Shenzhen’s Chinese Executive Chef Lai Man Kong Brings All-new Menu to T’ang Court

Chinese Executive Chef Mr Lai Man Kong 中餐行政总厨 黎敏刚

With its stylish dining space decorated with luxurious traditional elements and a wide selection of carefully prepared authentic Cantonese dishes, T’ang Court at The Langham, Shenzhen offers the same exquisite experience and attention to detail as its Michelin-starred restaurants in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Recently, another “star” has descended upon T’ang Court at The Langham, Shenzhen as Lai Man Kong, the Chinese Executive Chef at The Langham, Shenzhen, makes a guest appearance at the restaurant. Chef Lai will bring a refreshing take on classic Cantonese cuisine with an all-new menu featuring dishes made with the freshest ingredients.

Born in Hong Kong, Chef Lai entered the culinary world when he was just 16 years old. Over the next 30 years, he developed an expertise in Cantonese cuisine with his masterful cooking skills and exceptional kitchen management. Chef Lai previously served as Executive Vice Chef at Hong Kong’s Lei Garden Restaurant, which is widely regarded as a “Culinary Boot Camp”. Later on, he led Ying at Altira Macau in achieving one Michelin star. After joining The Peninsula Shanghai in 2018, he helped the hotel’s Yi Long Court to get a two Michelin star rating.

Chef Lai has a unique insight into Cantonese cuisine, which emphasises that the “wok hei (literally “breath of the wok”) must be strong and the fresh ingredients must be arranged in a simple and appealing manner”. On the dining table, the “warmth” and “aroma” of dishes cooked over a strong fire represent the soul of Cantonese cuisine and deliver original flavours. The beautiful food arrangement allows diners to fully experience the skills of the chef and adds another dimension to the dining experience. 

Chef Lai will be presenting an all-new Cantonese cuisine and dim sum menu that stays true to tradition, while also introducing some refreshing changes. For example, instead of steaming a whole giant grouper, fish balls are used to add a twist in presentation. The fish balls are laid on top of seasonal vegetables for added freshness. Diners will get a chance to taste Prawn with Asparagus, a dish that requires delicate knifework that few in this world can execute. Fresh prawns are put through finely cut asparagus sticks before being stir-fired.

Chef Lai also likes to blend different ingredients that he has discovered in his travels to create dishes with unforgettable depth. For instance, in Rice with Abalone Wrapped in Lotus Leaf, Thai rice, chicken, crab meat, dried scallops and diced bamboo shoots are fried before being wrapped in a lotus leaf and steamed. The dish is served with a special sauce and a generous full abalone.

The new menu also includes reinvented Cantonese dim sums such as shrimp dumpling in the shape of goldfish and shumai with a green skin made with fresh spinach.

For decades, Chef Lai has indulged food lovers with Cantonese cuisine creations that innovate on classic recipes without compromising their traditional values.

Offering an artful blend of traditional cuisine and contemporary design, T’ang Court serves authentic Cantonese cuisine in a modern setting. Guests looking for an intimate dining experience can choose one of T’ang Court’s six private dining rooms. Elegant and exclusive, these discreet havens are the ideal venues for business dinners, a romantic rendezvous or family gatherings.

Traditional Steamed Grouper 古法蟠龙东星斑
Prawns with Asparagus 玉簪玻璃虾球
Rice with Abalone Wrapped in Lotus Leaf 鲍鱼荷叶饭
Cantonese Dim Sums

Place Name:  唐阁 T’ang Court

Place Address:  Level 3, The Langham, Shenzhen, 7888 Shennan Boulevard, Futian District, Shenzhen 深圳市福田区深南大道7888号, 深圳东海朗廷酒店, 3层

Website:  T’ang Court’s Website

Place Phone:  86 (755) 8828 9888 ext.8923


Roads Lead to Rome: Shenzhen to Rome Route to Open Soon

All Roads Lead to Rome: Shenzhen to Rome Route to Open Soon | 条条大路通罗马:深圳将开通深圳=罗马航线

On 30th May 2019, Hainan Airlines will launch a new direct route from Shenzhen to Rome, two flights per week (Thursdays and Sundays) carried by Boeing 787 aircraft.


The minimum price of economy class for outbound flights will start from 1,000 yuan/pax – taxes not included – and for inbound flights will start from 200 euro /pax.

条条大路通罗马:深圳将开通深圳=罗马航线 | All Roads Lead to Rome: Shenzhen to Rome Route to Open Soon
All Roads Lead to Rome: Shenzhen to Rome Route to Open Soon | 条条大路通罗马:深圳将开通深圳=罗马航线

Passengers can purchase tickets by calling Hainan Airlines Customer Service Hotline 95339 or logging on Hainan Airlines official website.



Hainan Airlines has already achieved 25 years of safe operations, with a fleet mainly composed of Boeing 737s and 787s as well as Airbus 330s and 350s.


条条大路通罗马:深圳将开通深圳=罗马航线 | All Roads Lead to Rome: Shenzhen to Rome Route to Open Soon
All Roads Lead to Rome: Shenzhen to Rome Route to Open Soon | 条条大路通罗马:深圳将开通深圳=罗马航线

In recent years bilateral relations between Italy and China have intensified and it is estimated that this year Chinese tourists in Italy will reach 6 million, among the top ten positions in the Italian tourist market.


Source/来源 : italycgguangzhou

For more:

GREEN OASIS SCHOOL – An Accredited Council of International School

It is with great pleasure and pride that I have the honour of announcing GOS has gained the much coveted Accreditation from the Council of International Schools. CIS is the world premier accreditation authority for schools internationally and we have met all the criteria and standards required for accreditation. Well done and congratulations to all our community. CIS states that:


“The award of CIS accreditation shows that Green Oasis has achieved high standards of professional performance in international education and has a commitment to continuous improvement. In particular, the award of accreditation shows that the school:

“授予城市绿洲学校CIS认证,认可其在国际教育专业的表现达到高水准,并且不断完善自我 。”认证结果显示:

  • Is devoted to its mission and vision for students
  • 尽心尽力投入于学校的使命和愿景
  • Has thought deeply about the services it offers to students, family and community.
  • 对学生、家庭和集体提供的服务有深刻的思考
  • Invests the time and resources for validation from a globally-recognized accreditation authority
  • 投入时间和资源进行全球权威机构的认证
  • Focuses on the quality of teaching, student learning, as well as student safeguarding and well-being
  • 注重教学质量、学生学习、以及学生的安全和福祉
  • Is committed to the development of the students’ global citizenship
  • 致力于培养学生的全球公民意识
  • Has a suitable philosophy of education suitable for its students
  • 提供适合学生的教育理念
  • Promises only what it can deliver
  • 言出必行
  • Is open to regular evaluation by its own school community and peer evaluators
  • 学校集体和同侪之间进行定期评估
  • Constantly seeks improvement in all areas of the school plans strategically for the future.
  • 在学校未来战略规划的所有方面不断寻求改进

The quality and rigour of CIS International Accreditation is recognized by ministries and departments of education around the world. The CIS International Accreditation process has been validated and is recognized by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Commission on Accreditation, a body which “accredits the accreditors” in the United States.”


This could not have been achieved with the support and efforts of our whole community. I would like to thank the Board of GOS, the staff, parents and students for their support, efforts and participation in the process. It has taken 3 years since we applied for membership to gaining the award. All the hard work and the many hours of writing which was put in by all was worth it. Again thank you to everyone involved. 


We are now one of only a few schools in Shenzhen to have gained this Accreditation, it is something to be very proud of. This does not mean we rest on our efforts, it means we will continue to strive and continue to live our Vision. 


A final thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey – WE DID IT!!!!


Helen Swan


海伦. 斯万


Scan below to subscribe:

Chinese Name: Green Oasis School Shenzhen 深圳市福田区城市绿洲学校

Place Address: No 4030, Shennan Middle Road, Tianmian, Futian District, Shenzhen 广东省深圳市福田区田面村深南中路4030号

Website:Green Oasis School’s Website

Place Phone: +86 (755) 8395 9000

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Shekou Hash House Harriers: A drinking club with a running problem

We are the Shekou kennel of the Hash House Harriers (SH3), a worldwide “drinking club with a running problem”.  SH3 was founded in 1984, and we will celebrate our 35th anniversary this year.

We meet every Saturday at 12:45 at the Snake Pit in Seaworld and our bus departs at 13:30 for a trail run or walk in the mountains near Shenzhen. Our runs are 7 to 11 km long and occasionally include up to 700 m of combined ascent. The walks are shorter than the trail runs, usually ending up around half the length.

The trail is marked with flour or chalk and there are also ‘false’ trails set. One will have to find the right trail, or you can stick with the pack and hope they have found it. The trail run is based on the paper chase game Hare &Hounds, which is followed by almost all hash kennels around the world.

On average, we have 35 Hashers every Saturday, and sometimes we have as many as 80. We tend to come back to Shekou between 18:30 and 20:00 depending on traffic. To pay for buses, water, soda, and most importantly, beer, we charge RMB80 for guys, RMB60 for women, and RMB30 for kids.

We are not exactly a family hash, but we are family friendly. Just note that there is some adult language, as is common in all hash kennels. Hashers can bring their dogs along if they want, but we can’t guarantee that dogs are allowed on all parts of the trail since we sometimes run through parks. When we get back to Shekou, we arrange for dinner somewhere nearby. Please note that the cost for dinner is not included in the original fee.

If you would like to join in with a hash or are interested in finding out more information, follow their official WeChat Account (ID: ShekouH3)

Website: Shekou Hash House Harriers ‘s Website

Vivi Shenzhen: The Italian Community Hub in Shenzhen

Back in 2013 when we had the idea of creating something to help the Italian community in Shenzhen, we had no idea how big the project would get and how far it would go.

When we first started out we were only three Italian women from the south of Italy. There was Giorgia, a Sicilian entrepreneur working in architecture and design; Paola, a sinologist and talented cake maker from the Campania region; and Pina, a sinologist and Italian teacher also from Campania.

In the beginning, we launched the website, where we collect useful information and provide services that make life in Shenzhen easier and more interesting for the Italian community. We wanted to go beyond just a website and interact with the community directly. So, we started an official WeChat account. There we were able to keep on adding more and more content relating to lifestyle, work, visas, family life, culture, arts, history, and anything else that touched the Italian community in the city.

Vivi Shenzhen is a non-profit organization and all those involved in the running of it are volunteers. As a result, it’s brought together a group of people whose only interest is to lend a helping hand to newcomers to Shenzhen who might face cultural and language barriers.

Over the years, the team has grown and two new columnists have been working at Vivi Shenzhen for the past year. Adriana, a psychologist from Sardinia, runs a psychology column. Arianna, a fashion designer and influencer from Tuscany, heads up a fashion section. The team is also joined by our English Editor, Todd; a journalist that assists with the English version of the website.

With the help of the team, Vivi Shenzhen’s goal is to help all the foreigners in Shenzhen on a range of topics; from expanding their business horizons as well as to simply help them find the best place to enjoy an authentic Italian pizza in the city!

Vivi Shenzhen is a virtual cultural hub that helps both the Italian community and the expat community at large. Over the years, we have not only organized cultural and food & wine events, but we have also cooperated with international health clinics to arrange first aid and CPR courses to help families be prepared.

Vivi Shenzhen also manages a large and active WeChat group where foreigners can ask questions about any difficulty or topic they come across in their day-to-day life in Shenzhen. Through the Vivi Shenzhen WeChat group, everyone can share and pool together their experiences to help people find quick and informed answers. This way we can all build a better and happier life here in Shenzhen.

Our goal and our hope is to involve more people in our project and make Vivi Shenzhen bigger and bigger. Shenzhen is our city now. We love it and we want to share that love not only with the Italian community but with anyone who wants to be part of what we are doing!

For more information about Vivi Shenzhen, check out the following links and contacts:



WeChat (Official Account): Vivishenzhen

WeChat (To be added to group chat): Paolasellitto


Instagram: Vivishenzhen

Top Party Music Bars In Shenzhen

Nothing beats a bar with a great house band playing your favorite songs; be it joining in with some air guitar to Bon Jovi or Guns’n’Roses, singing your heart out to a Lady Gaga or Beyonce cover, or strutting your moves on the dance floor as the band play Prince or Michael Jackson.

It’s those kinds of memories that can make a night out truly unforgettable. So, where can you find such an experience in Shenzhen? We listed some of the top party music bars in the city.

Hard Rock Cafe Shenzhen

No list of top party music bars would be complete without a mention of the Hard Rock Cafe Shenzhen. The world-famous brand has become synonymous with rock’n’roll, live music, and an unforgettable party. Now with the opening of the Hard Rock Cafe Shenzhen, people in the city can enjoy a night of live music at the iconic restaurant bar.

At Hard Rock Cafe Shenzhen, enjoy an intimate get-together in one of the two private rooms or you can go big and take over the entire second floor for an unforgettable evening, where over 180 guests can be accommodated.

Surrounding the large live music stage, the venue is packed full of rock memorabilia including a velvet suit worn by the King of Rock Elvis Presley, an outfit worn by Michael Jackson, and a guitar signed by The Eagles. If those legends could see the live show that the bar puts on, you suspect they would approve too.

Playing every Tuesday to Sunday from 19:30 till late is the rocking house band from Southeast Asia. Expect a hit-filled playlist that reflects the memorabilia and history of the Hard Rock brand.

Address: No.9 Mission Hills Road, Guanlan, Shenzhen  (深圳观澜高尔夫大道9)

Tel: 0755-33952888 (Ext. 39510)

The Brew

The Brew has been a hub for the Shenzhen community in Futian since their inception. The owners really support the community and they show that through the music and event catalogue that they offer. The Brew is a place that you can walk in on a Friday or Saturday night and not know anyone but by the end of the night you’ll have a room full of new friends.

The Brew shows its passionate commitment to the Futian community by supporting efforts like Captivating International and other local charities helping out. They support people getting fit with the K2Fit challenge, and they have been hosting bands from all over Guangdong and the greater Asian community. The Brew has hosted bands from Japan, Hong Kong, America, Macau, Africa, Canada and afterward they have playlists that cater to all types of music including hip hop, pop, funk, dancehall and everything in between.

If you want to hear an awesome band with members from all over America and Europe come to The Brew. If you want an interactive music experience and feel a part of all the action then we’ll see you at The Brew. If you want to dance your face off with old and new friends dance at The Brew. If you want to get drunk, sing at the top of your lungs, and scream songs out for the band to play, get drunk at The Brew. The Brew is your home away from home in the Futian community and everybody that comes is a star and we are glad to see you every time. Every Friday and Saturday come rub shoulders with entrepreneurs, athletes, educators, socialites, makers and doers, tourists, and locals alike and all people interested in having fun. Be a part of something special anytime at The Brew.

Address: Fuhua Rd, New Yijing Center Walk, South Entrance, L1015-1016, Futian, Shenzhen (深圳市福田区福田街道福华路新怡景商业中心LRL1015-1016号铺 )

Tel: +86 (755) 2389 2669

The Terrace

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1699915580-1024x682.jpg

Located in a prime location in Seaworld, The Terrace has long been established as one of the go-to places for live music in Shenzhen. The legendary bar has been operating for nearly 15 years and has consistently won “Best Band” and “Best Live Music” awards ever since it opened.

Few live house bands boast the credentials of those that perform at The Terrace. Calling themselves Terrace All Stars (TAS), the lineup includes a vocalist that has won multiple awards at the AWIT awards, another who was a finalist on Pinoy Pop Superstar, and a drummer that has recorded with platinum-certified artists like Gloc-9 and Jay-R.

The Terrace knows how to get people on their feet and dancing. The focus here is not on rock or jazz like at other venues. It’s all about party music. So, if you are looking for pulsating live music and a night to remember, come to join the family at The Terrace.

Address: Seaworld Square, Shekou (Above Starbucks) / 深圳市南山区蛇口海上世界广场(星巴克二楼)

Tel: (0755) 2682-9105

Xpats Bar & Grill Sea World

Shekou is a great area for the sort of live music that gets a party started. As well as The Terrace, X-Ta-Sea was one of the top places to go for some live music to get the party started. Located in the Ming Hua cruise ship in the heart of Sea World, it’s surprised the boat hadn’t capsized into the water with the amount of bouncing nights of live music that had been had in there. Well, X-Ta-Sea just got even better recently as it has now been taken over and become part of the growing Xpats Restaurant Group.

The Pirate X Band, the newly formed house band at Xpats Bar & Grill, plays six nights per week from 19:00 to 02:00. All the band members are long term legends of the music industry in Shenzhen; Carlos, Wesmon, Jolo, Tata, and Loti. During that time, expect to be taken on a musical journey through classic rock, metal, reggae, hip-hop, and pop from the Sixties all the way through to today. The wide and open stage is the perfect setting for a raucous house band and its not uncommon to see guests up and dancing down the front.

The Xpats team are already making big improvements across the entire bar, including the complete rebuild of the kitchen, a new menu, an ultra-modern stage and dance floor lighting system, and much more. Recently, Mutant Monster played at Xpats Bar & Grill Seaworld and brought their unmistakable brand of Japanese punk rock to Shekou.

Address: Xpats Sea World, Hotel Entrance, Ground Floor, Inside the Minghua Ship, Sea World Square, Shekou, Shenzhen  /  明华船, 楼,酒店 。 深圳市南 区蛇 上世界 场

Tel: +86 755 2686 7649

New Exhibition Center to Open in June

Part of the exterior of the new Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. SD-Agencies

THE new Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, located in Bao’an District, will be put into trial operation in June, the Shenzhen Economic Daily reported yesterday.

The new convention and exhibition center is said to have a building area that equals six Beijing National Stadiums, widely known as the Bird’s Nest in Beijing, and enough metal roofing to cover 106 soccer pitches, according to the report.

Apart from its big size, its aluminum curtain walls, a special outer covering on its buildings, is another highlight of this magnificent construction. The aluminum curtain walls serve to keep off rains and maintain room temperatures, the report said.

Part of the exterior of the new Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. SD-Agencies

Over 120,000 square meters of the six halls of the convention and exhibition center that are constructed by CSCEC Fujisash Curtain Wall and Decoration Co. Ltd. have been equipped with such walls.

The thickness of each wall is 5 millimeters, which is 2 millimeters thicker than ordinary walling. The enhanced thickness can better absorb sounds and make buildings smoother in appearance, according to the report.

At Hall A9, there is a wall consisting of 4,084 diamond pieces in a geometric formation. The staff with the contractor of the project told the Daily that installing each piece by piece was difficult.

There is also a super door that is 8 meters tall, 6 meters wide and weighs 6 tons, and is an automatic system for roller blinds.

Residents will have a chance to visit the center during the trial operation, the report said.

Review: The 8th Shenzhen Health & Wellness Fair

The 8th Shenzhen Health & Wellness Fair held at Vista-SK International Medical Center last Saturday was another success! This fair boasted 19 product/service booths, including a new beauty area hosted by Beauty Lab, 7 food/drink vendors, 7 activity providers, 4 demo/DIY classes, 8 talks/workshops plus a kid’s activity area, which kept the 300+ visitors busy for the day.  Attendees were also excited to receive their goody bag, which for this fair was a funky canvas lunch bag/tote.

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Magpie was at the fair for the first time doing an early brunch, giving early arrivals a taste of their new spring brunch menu, with a choice of 3 different eggs benedict… all delicious. Hanover started the coffee machine nice and early to get everyone pumped up for the fun day ahead. Morse was swamped with smoothie orders, Lift On sold out of their nutritious meals and Compass Cafe’s sweet potato and black truffle fries were a winner. Studio Dolce especially made mini vegan carrot cake bars and 70% dark chocolate brownies for the day which were also well received.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 微信图片_20190515152639-1024x441.jpg

Vista-SK’s Pop-Up Wellness Center was busy with people lining up to try out their physiotherapy, chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine services. The CityPlus booth were helping people send postcards overseas for free, and were letting people know about their “Just Shenzhen” discovery trail, which everyone should try out if they get a chance. Beauty Lab’s area was providing a stack of free beauty services to try out, including sugaring and cool nail decals. The activity area was buzzing, despite a slow start with a music hitch first thing in the morning.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 微信图片_20190515153141-1024x634.jpg

PlaceName: Vista-SK International Medical Center 维世达胜凯国际医疗中心

Place Address:  Level 4, Building 4C, Shenzhen Software Industry Base, Xuefu Road, Nanshan District 南山区学府路软件产业基地4栋C座裙楼4层

Website:  Vista-SK International Medical Center’s Website

Place Phone:  +86 (755) 36899688


A Challenging Hike with Fantastic Views

Ma on Shan peak. With a height of 702 metres (2,303 ft), stands among the ten highest mountains in Hong Kong. The mountain borders Sha Tin and Tai Po districts.  This is one of the best hikes I’ve done in Hong Kong and it is really worth you doing it.  This hike is not for beginners, there is scrambling involved as well as some rope/rock climbing.

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Be prepared – steep rope climbing

It is best to start the hike at Ma On Shan BBQ site.  There the trail leads up on the ‘family trail’   This will lead to what looks like a dead end, ignore this and hop the fence.  That’s where the real hike will begin.  It starts off easy enough, with a muddy but well defined path through the trees and vegetation.

Lush green surroundings. Perfect for hiking

Keep going up the path, you’ll come to a dead end and a barrier.  Ignore this, hop over it and continue going up. It gets steeper and more challenging as you go up but it’ll be worth it.  The views also get better and better as you go higher.

Panoramic nature around you

The trees soon disappear and make way for lush green vegetation and a mountainous vista ahead of you.  Don’t stop, just keep going forward.  The trail was excellent, the wind blowing and the fresh air around you.  Invigorating.

Pyramid shaped peak

The trail leads to what is known as Pyramid Peak, I’m unsure why I guess it kind of looks like a pyramid (maybe).  What do you think?

Immense views of the city

The views from the top are simply awesome, and well worth the challenging climb.  You’ll be glad you did it.

To end the hike follow the signs and go back to a village and get the bus to Sai Kung, there is only one bus stop and one bus so you can’t go wrong.  From there you can relax in Sai Kung or get a bus back to wherever you need in Hong Kong (there are many options).

Want to go?

Get the metro to Ma On Shan station.  Head into the shopping mall, then go down to the B level.  You need to get a mini bus NR84 to Ma On Shan BBQ site.  The minibus is located just on the road.  Look for the sign.

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20190224_021622.jpg
Get this bus to Ma On Shan BBQ site

Please follow my wechat directly  if you’d like to know more or have any questions.  Or keep following the Shenzhen Party official account for regular articles.

Easy Bacchus: Makes the wine easy & fun for everyone

Easy Bacchus is the passion of French wine lover, Cecilia. They offer one of the best wine selections in town – with each bottle chosen personally by Cecilia – and organize customized events. Easy Bacchus making wine tasting relaxed easy and fun for everyone.

Cecilia, or the “Shenzhen Wine Lady” as she has come to be known, has studied wine for a number of years. During that time, she has studied at the renowned Hotel School in Paris and has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things wine related.

As Cecilia studied more and more, she realized that the way wine was taught was too technical and complicated for many people. Most of us like to enjoy wine in a casual setting. It could be a party with friends, a meal with the family, or even just savoring a bottle alone one evening. All too often, however, wine is explained to us in a much more formal way using a vocabulary that can feel alien. Cecilia wanted to find a way to communicate with people about wine that was relatable and interesting.

So, Cecilia founded Easy Bacchus and developed her patented multisensory wine labels to help guide people on a journey through the world of wine to find a bottle that suits their tastes.

You can easily choose the perfect wine for you by following the icons on a bottle of Easy Bacchus wine. You will find clear and understandable information about the wine such as, the aroma, the intensity of the wine, what dishes to pair it with and which occasions to open it on.

Once ordered, your wine will arrive the following day along with the multisensory label, with its “scratch & sniff” patent. Scratch and sniff the label to help you appreciate the aroma of the wine better and understand if it will be strong or soft. The multisensory label can be scratched up to one hundred times.

Cecilia’s growing selection of fine wine originates from France, but has expanded to include other renowned winemaking regions of Europe, South America, and soon also South Africa. The inventory changes with the seasons and evolves as Cecilia shares with you the new discoveries she makes in the world of wine.

Scan the QR code to follow the official Easy Bacchus WeChat shop and buy your favorite wine including the Easy Bacchus multisensory label:

Easy Bacchus is also available to organize specially tailored wine education and tasting events for Corporate and Individual packages.

 Easy Bacchus Corporate wine events can be organized for team building, customer events, or annual parties. They can be the perfect way to bring a team together or to entertain a valuable client or shareholder.

 Easy Bacchus provides two packages, offering either standard or premium Easy Bacchus wines. Cecilia will arrive with a selection of Easy Bacchus wines, glasses, and snacks. Invite your colleagues, clients, or guests and enjoy a relaxed few hours of wine tasting and education.

Easy Bacchus Individual events can be held in a wide range of locations from restaurants, bars, co-working spaces, or even at home. Feel free to open your doors for a private dinner or party with friends or family.

In a relaxed environment with a friendly atmosphere, Easy Bacchus offers some truly special wine to taste. Typically, they are red and white wines, but sometimes rosé or sparkling. All wines offer different characteristics, originate from different regions, and, of course, are easy to drink.

During the event, Cecilia shares knowledge and experience on wine including tasting, serving, pairing, storage, and much more. She has plenty of funny stories and interesting anecdotes about wine and uses pictures, videos, and an accessible vocabulary.

In the near future, Easy Bacchus will offer events about how to read a wine label and how to make wine.

There is also the opportunity to sample authentic French cuisine at an Easy Bacchus event and Cecilia also comes into restaurants to pair dishes from the menu with the Easy Bacchus wine range.

Easy Bacchus, each event is tailored to your needs exactly.

Easy Bacchus also offers gift cards as the perfect present for that associate, colleague, friend, or family member that loves to learn about new wines.

Contact us to book your next event:

or Cecilia

Follow Easy Bacchus here


ICC Badminton Club – Shenzhen: A Sports Team On The Rise

ICC Badminton Club – Shenzhen was founded in 2016 as part of the ICC Sports Club under the management of Indian Curry Café Restaurant. Since then, the club has participated in all major badminton tournaments happening in and around Shenzhen. The ICC Chunks and ICC Devils are two different men’s doubles team representing ICC Badminton Club in all major tournaments. The club runs in close connection with the ICC Chunks Cricket Club, one of Shenzhen’s top cricket teams, also established in the same year.

The club took part in the Shenzhen Badminton League 1 in 2017. It was a tough first year, but the team learned from their mistakes. The players worked on their approach and with support from Indian Curry Café, the team has been going from strength to strength since.

In 2018 in the Shenzhen Badminton League 2, the club contested as two separate teams, ICC Chunks & ICC Devils. Both teams showed great team spirit and their true potential, winning the championship and finishing as runners up respectively. In January 2019,the club added one more title to their collection by winning the badminton championship organized by Guangzhou GMC.

Behind the success story of the club are a number of passionate people. John, the Manager of ICC Sports Club, is at the heart of everything the club does. Chris Michael, the captain of the ICC Cricket Club, tours with the badminton teams as well as helping prepare and motivate them for their tournaments. Of course, there are the players too. Nixon Antony (NIXI) and Labeeb Muhammed (LABI) represent the ICC Chunks, while Prayag Praveen (RAY) and Collin Raymond (COLLIN) represent the ICC Devils. Not forgetting Aadi, who played for the ICC Chunks during the 2018 season.

Indian Curry Café is famous for their authentic Indian cuisine in Shenzhen, and now they are adding more flavors to their name through sports.

For more information, call John on 13424313585 or add him on WeChat at “JohnPriyanka0755”.

SIS & ISS Celebrate 30-year Partnership in SZ

THIS year, Shekou International School (SIS) celebrates 30 years of providing expatriate students with the highest standard of education and a truly international experience in Shekou.

International School Services (ISS), a not-for-profit organization based in Princeton, the U.S., is celebrating more than 60 years of providing quality services for a wide range of educational institutes around the world. The relationship between SIS and ISS began in 2004 when SIS signed over full ownership and governance to ISS.

In honor of their partnership, SIS and ISS held a three-day celebration from Thursday to Saturday, at the G&G Creative Community in Shekou, kicking it off with an official joint ceremony Thursday morning for leaders from the Shenzhen government, as well as education and commerce, who spoke about SIS’s contributions to the development of Shenzhen and its role at the forefront of international education.

The student choir and band of Shekou International School perform at Thursday’s event. Photos courtesy of Shekou International School.

“On behalf of the Shenzhen education bureau, I would like to express my deep appreciation for the contribution SIS has made to the international community in Shenzhen,” said Guan Su, a counselor with the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau. “It is my hope to see more collaboration amongst our international schools and local schools, to promote cross-cultural understanding and communication between our faculties and students.”

(From L to R) Lai Qiaozhen with China Merchants Shekou; Chen Nanxian, founding head of Yucai Education Group; Guan Su, a counselor with the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau; Liu Genping, director of the Nanshan District Education Bureau; Xia Guangzhi, vice dean of Shenzhen Graduate School, Tsinghua University; Dale Cox, vice president of International School Services, Asia Pacific; Greg Smith, head of Shekou International School; Chris Unger, former principal investigator of Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts; and Michael Ludwick, founder of Near West, pose for a photo at the G&G Creative Community in Shekou on Thursday.

“More than 1,000 expatriate families call SIS home,” said Liu Genping, director of the Nanshan education bureau, “…along with all international schools in the region, SIS has contributed to the 6,500 expatriate families from all over the world who have chosen Shenzhen as a place to work, raise families and contribute to the development of our great city.”

“SIS and China Merchants Shekou (CMSK) are deeply related, with the genes of our ‘Shekou’ identity,” said Lai Qiaozhen with CMSK. “ISS has supported SIS with world-class resources and educational expertise,” she added, “we look forward to great collaboration to create a brilliant future together.”

Chen Nanxian

Chen Nanxian, the founding head of Yucai Education Group, also shared fond memories from the early days of SIS, explaining how his involvement and collaboration with the leadership of SIS and ISS over the years has helped to form and develop the SIS of today.

Dr. Chris Unger from Northeastern University in Boston in the U.S state of Massachusetts, and Xia Guangzhi from Shenzhen Graduate School, Tsinghua University also had opportunities to present their visions for the future of education.

Later that same evening, the SIS community came together for a celebration with students, teachers and parents, where SIS performing arts students performed several beautiful pieces, involving 65 band students and 130 choral students. Additionally, an all-school art exhibition represented the development of creativity and skills in SIS students from Pre-K through Grade 12.

On Friday evening, the French community in Shenzhen came together for a soiree to celebrate the coinciding 10th anniversary of the SIS Programme Francais Bilingue. The French Bilingual Program offered at SIS began in 2009 and was approved by the French Ministry of National Education in 2012.

The culmination of the three-day celebration concluded on a high with the SIS Parent Support Association’s (PSA) inaugural gala, “Back to the 80s,” on Saturday evening, themed in recognition of the year of SIS’s founding, 1988. Nine members of the PSA, led by PSA president Poppy Tedja, worked tirelessly for months to prepare for the gala, which also supported the Liang Jin Foundation.

Members of the Shekou International School Parent Support Association pose for a photo at the “Back to the 80’s” gala Saturday.

“This gala represents the PSA’s contribution to the SIS 30th anniversary celebrations,” said Tedja, adding that they “chose the venue, the G&G Creative Community, to showcase the creativity of our students.”

Throughout the numerous events, the theme of community was recurrent, with the message “Once a Gecko, always a Gecko” on everyone’s lips. The SIS community was able to hear testimony from two wonderful SIS alumni speakers Carly Fraser (Class of 2017) and Sandy Uy (Class of 2009), who provided inspiring insights into their years at SIS and beyond.

Carly Fraser

“My advice for current SIS students would be to take advantage of the opportunities you have been given. Learn as many languages as you can. Make connections with a variety of people. Educate yourself on more aspects than just academic, and strive to be a compassionate, well-informed citizen,” advised Fraser, adding “Thank you SIS for being such a huge contribution in teaching me so many lessons, and helping me learn the true value of what it means to be a global citizen.”

“I am beyond honored to be able to stand here today in front of you to share a glimpse of what SIS means to me,” shared Uy. “They say it takes a village to raise a child, I am forever grateful for my SIS tribe, thankful for lifetime lessons, unimaginable experiences and for my forever friends turned family.”

Sandy Uy

SIS is located in a unique location where the innovation and vibrancy of China is most active, and is proud to be the oldest and most trusted international school in Shenzhen.

Greg Smith

“Our community is proud of our reputation as a truly international school with strong academics and care for each student. We are inspired by the success of our city of Shenzhen and look forward to your trust for another 30 years,” said Greg Smith, head of SIS.

Source from: ShenzhenDaily

Address & Contact

Chinese Name:  蛇口国际学校

Place Address:  Jing Shan Villas, Nan Hai Road, Shekou, Shenzhen深圳市南山区蛇口南海大道鲸山别墅

Website:  Shekou International School (SIS)

Place Phone:  +86 755-26693669


Meet ISZAF: A Platform Connecting Artists With The Shenzhen Community

Meet ISZAF: A Platform Connecting Artists With The Shenzhen Community

Written by Maria Mogas & Brittan Aebischer

The International Shenzhen Art Forum (ISZAF) was founded by Brittan Aebischer in September 2016. After living in Shenzhen for more than five years, Brittan realized there needed to be something to connect and engage artists with the local community. Beginning with a WeChat group and a rallying call for all artists, ISZAF quickly developed into an active organization with an administration team, website, artist challenges, weekly figure and still life drawing sessions, gallery shows, an art zine, and monthly community art walk and talks.

ISZAF Administration Team at the Transient Exhibition, October 2018

The administration team is a collective of individuals who volunteer their time and resources to connect and promote the artist community. Each administrative member of the team fulfils an important role. There is Founder and Co-Chair, Brittan Aebischer, along with Gloria Carnevale, Co-Chair and founding member, who oversee general operations and community outreach. Our Artist Production Coordinator is Catarina Braga, our Chief Content Editor for our ArtSZine is Jen Nicklas, and our Community Drawing Coordinator is Kumi Legault. Michael Williams is our Community Mobilizer, and last but not least, is our Forum Lecture Coordinator, Maria Mogas. The administration team works jointly on all projects and strives to meet the needs of our community, while looking forward to seek out potential opportunities beneficial to the growth of the community as well.

Founded around the concept of an international artist society, ISZAF has quickly evolved into a platform for international arts professionals in the Shenzhen area such as fine artists, graphic designers, photographers, industrial designers, tattoo artists, and visual arts educators.

ISZAF started with a clear mission:

To connect artists and arts professionals to establish a dynamic, creative, and healthy arts community.

To converse through inter-professional and intercultural dialogue that supports the visual arts and deepens the art consciousness of the community.

To convey the artists’ work, concepts, and discourse to the community at large in hopes to better establish more economically sustainable relationships between the visual arts industry and the Chinese community.

Figure Drawing Session
Concurrence Photography Exhibition, April 2018

During its inception, ISZAF began engaging artists and their communities with weekly live drawing sessions. These sessions were offered to artists as well as anyone in the community who wanted to come and draw. Simultaneously, ISZAF established comprehensive artist challenges that were open to anyone who wanted to be challenged to make work based on a set theme. The community participation in both the live drawing sessions and the artist challenges quickly established the ISZAF community base and since then has been the driving force for all of ISZAF’s activities and sponsored events.

The Forum Lecture Series, October 2018
Copy of ArtSZine

ISZAF also supports Shenzhen’s youth in their artistic and creative development. ISZAF co-sponsored the Shenzhen Bay Music and Art Festival in 2017 and fully initiated and produced the Kuku Chai International Youth Art Exhibition in January 2018. In addition to major youth art exhibitions, ISZAF assists in linking artists to schools as visiting artists or artists in residence. Our mission as an organization is to be adaptive to the artists and the needs of our community. Thus, we hope to be relevant and engaging to the transient and urban landscape of Shenzhen.

The Kuku Chai International Youth Art Exhibition

Ultimately, ISZAF strives to be a platform for artists and arts professionals within the Greater Bay Area (GBA) of Southern China. It is our hope that as the existing art and cultural market grows, we can establish a space for our artists to emerge and sustainably share their vision and work.

For more information, visit the official website at or send an email to

Scholars for the Innovation Age -Whittle School & Studios

What are we looking for in students at Whittle School & Studios

Because we believe that every student is a unique individual with unlimited potential, our mission is to let them shine in at least one passionate, purposeful pursuit in which they will achieve excellence, and as a result, lifelong confidence. 

Therefore, we respect every child’s choice. He or she can be an explorer who aspires to travel around the world, an artist who inspires others with infectious enthusiasm, a scientist who strives for knowledge, or a caring community service worker that takes action to improve the lives of others.

The Founding Whittle Scholars program was created to help children achieve their dreams. Now, let’s meet several Founding Scholars from DC Campus —


Isabel Gray

Entering our Global Boarding Program in grade 9, Isabel comes to Whittle  School & Studios from rural North Carolina with a passion for environmental justice, music, and public speaking. She lives on a large farm with her family – including her mother who is an environmental educator at a wildlife preserve, and her father who is an artist and musician. Isabel also has twin 10-year old brothers. She is a global stand-out student, with a zest for exploration. Isabel was the youngest person (at 11) invited to Antarctica on a scientific expedition by British Polar explorer Robert Swan. She raised funds for the expedition by playing the fiddle at local cafes and music venues.

  • Gold Key Medalist for Poetry in Scholastic Regional Awards; 2019 Silver Medalist for Poetry in Scholastic National Awards; 2018 Gold Key Medalist for Flash Fiction in Scholastic Regional Awards
  • 2018 Award-winning poet and conference speaker for The Pulitzer Center’s “Causes of Conflict, Prospects for Peace”
  • Spoke at a Citizen’s Climate Lobby event on rising sea levels at the South Carolina Aquarium
  • Named as sole youth in Charlie Magazine‘s “50 Most Progressive” in Charleston, South Carolina

Isabel raised funds for the expedition by playing the fiddle at local cafes and music venues.


Fu Jiajia

Entering our Global Boarding Program in grade 9, Jiajia comes to Whittle School & Studios with a long list of interdisciplinary achievements in the arts and sciences. She possesses the mind of a scientist and musician, attending a small private school in northern New Jersey. Jiajia has received national level awards in piano and has scientific research at a Harvard University program. She has notable awards from state-level science Olympiads, national piano competitions, and national-level recognition in Mathcounts team challenges. She has already completed coursework in honors and AP biology, honors chemistry, honors English, geometry, and AP computer science. Her National Poetry Contest poem was selected to be published.

  • Classical piano gold medal winner in Little Mozarts International Competition
  • Gold & Silver medal winner in the Crescendo International Competition
  • Gold medal winner in the AADGT Passion for Music International Competition
  • New Jersey Science Olympiad Regionals team member
  • Member of the Mathcounts New Jersey Chapter Competition team that won 1st place in regionals, advancing to the state-level
  • Multiple award levels with the “Picture This Harvard Invitational” (2nd place in the Potions and Poisons category, and 3rd place in the Density Lab category)


Charli Montgomery

Entering grade 6, Charli is a nationally renowned ballroom dancer and has performed at major events across the United States, most recently as a national qualifier with the USA Dance Mid-Atlantic Championships.  She has performed at the Gold level in multiple categories.  Additionally, Charli is a top student hailing from a public school in the area of Charlotte, NC.  She also studies Mandarin and Russian with strong proficiency in both languages, preparing her extraordinarily well for a Whittle education.  Her deep interests in history and the social sciences will also make her an academic and extracurricular force among our students.   

❏ About the Founding Whittle Scholars Program

The Founding Whittle Scholars program is a highly selective scholars program for a group of exceptional, high-achieving students in the middle and upper-grade levels. Each Founding Whittle Scholar will be selected by our global advisory members.

By the fall of 2019, up to 10 of the Founding Whittle Scholars will receive a scholarship award to cover their tuition fees. Scholarships will cover 50%-100% of the tuition fees at Whittle School & Studios, not including boarding (for students of Grade 1 through 12 on DC Campus, the tuition figure is $ 49,155/year). Once a Founding Whittle scholarship is awarded, it is awarded annually until graduation. No further application is required. (Scholars’ academic performance will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee every year).

All Founding Whittle Scholars will receive a one-time $2,000 Innovation Grant to be used for in-depth research and/or a creative project.

❏ Campus-level Scholarship

In addition to the global-level founder scholarship, we have set up four additional scholarships at the campus level, to encourage more outstanding students to continue to excel as role models:

❏ How to apply?

In 2019, all applicants to Whittle School & Studios will receive automatic consideration based on the materials submitted in their original applications. An executive committee comprised of the senior leadership and advisory board members will review finalists and select the cohort of Founding Whittle Scholars.

In 2019, all applicants will also have a chance to be awarded campus-level scholarships. The selection procedures and criteria will be announced in due course.

To learn more about our scholarships, please come to our Information Event or email us at:

Upcoming Events

Information Events

2019/05/11 10:00 – 12:00 am

2019/05/18 10:00 – 12:00 am

Whittle Talks【A Mother’s Day Event】

Leaning In: Balance and Success for Women

Whittle Parent Information Events will be held on irregular basis in Shenzhen. Welcome to join one of the event and have a face-to-face communication with the team.

Long press the following QR code to sign up:

Address and contact information:

Chinese Name:  荟同学校

Place Address:  18/F CM Port Building, Industrial 3rd Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518067深圳市南山区工业三路招商局港口大厦18层

Website:  Whittle School & Studios’s Website

Place Phone:  +86 (755) 26691818


Discover Another Side of the City with Just Shenzhen

Discover Another Side of the City with Just Shenzhen

There is a popular Chinese saying that translates as “As soon as you arrive in Shenzhen, you are already a Shenzhener.” It is the kind of city where anyone can come and start a life. With the city growing so quickly and people living such fast-paced lives, however, we sometimes miss the diverse culture, rich history, and natural beauty of Shenzhen. Now, with Just Shenzhen there is a fun way to discover a different side to Shenzhen you never knew existed.

Embark on a Treasure Hunt and Explore Shenzhen

Just Shenzhen Discovery Routes

Just Shenzhen takes you on a journey across the city where you will visit eight sites that combine exploration, puzzle-solving, and storytelling. Discover gorgeous scenery, amazing architecture, and fascinating history by cracking puzzles and answering questions that lead you on a trip like no other through Shenzhen. By the end of your journey, you will see Shenzhen in a whole new light.

The 8 Sites

Just Shenzhen is designed for people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’ve just arrived or are born-and-raised in Shenzhen, you can always discover something new and fascinating about the city.

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Q: How Do I Start the Tour?

Simply go to one of the following five volunteer service booths, known as U Stations, to get your toolkit, which includes a map of all the sites and a specific site map (puzzles are on the site map). You can also collect a toolkit from Penny Black Jazz Café in OCT Loft. Now you have your toolkit you are ready to start your adventure!

Toolkit Pickup Location

  1. U Station – Exit A, Guomao Subway Station (Line 1)
  2. U Station – Exit D1, Huaqiang North Subway Station (Lines 2 and 7)
  3. U Station – Exit D, Children’s Palace Subway Station (Lines 3 and 4)
  4. U Station – Exit E, Houhai Subway Station (Lines 2 and 11)
  5. U Station – Exit A, Sea World Subway Station (Line 2)
  6. Penny Black Jazz Café – Exit A, Qiaocheng East Subway Station (Line 1)

▲Just Shenzhen Site Map (Example: International Trade Centre Building)

▲Just Shenzhen Experience Toolkit

Q: What treasures can I receive?

A: After completing the challenges at each site, return the toolkit to the pickup site. Check with the staff and get a stamp on your all-site map. You will also receive Just Shenzhen stickers and postcards!

If you finish all eight sites of the route, simply head to Shekou Sea World U station and show the staff all your stamps. In return, you will receive an awesome prize. You can choose from a selection of Just Shenzhen merchandise including a hat, card case, or t-shirt.

Q: What should I expect on these treasure hunts?

A: During your journey, you will have the chance to visit the following interesting places:

– Historical Sites: Check out the first ever McDonalds opened in Mainland China and shop for groceries like a local in the fresh markets. Roam the Guomao area surrounding the International Trade Building where you can witness “Shenzhen Speed”; the rapid period of growth during the 1980s so fast that it was said an entire floor of a building could be built in three days.

–  Development Sites: These sites represent the cutting edge of Shenzhen’s rapid development in the technology sector, which has led to the city being dubbed the “Silicon Valley” of China. Look up in awe at some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world while exploring an ocean of consumer electronics.

–  Cultural Sites: These sites are a gathering ground for art lovers, including an arts district where you visit exhibitions displaying both Traditional Chinese and Contemporary art. After exploring an exhibit, catch a meal at one of the many restaurants or spend an afternoon in one of the cafés enjoying a cup of coffee. Before you leave, check out the T-street market where you can find handmade souvenirs. Don’t be surprised if you bump into some awesome street performers along the way.

–  Community Sites: Make a trip to Sea World and meet the “Father of Shekou”. Learn about the story of Yuan Geng, the pioneer behind the rapid development of Shekou during the early years of the reform and opening of Shenzhen. Enjoy a lovely stroll around Talent Park and get to know the history of how this city was built. You will leave the park with a greater understanding of Shenzhen history and maybe some inspiration to do something great yourself.

▲ Friends from all over the world work together on a Just Shenzhen Discovery Route

About Us

“One cannot simply observe a city to know it but must be immersed in it.”

Just Shenzhen Discovery Routes are a series of experiences developed and operated by CityPlus, an information platform that functions as a two-way exchange channel for international residents and visitors in Shenzhen. Our goal is to connect people to each other and create a sense of belonging and shared experience in our city through online content and offline activities such as collaborations with prominent brands, livestreaming large events, Shenzhen@755 how-to guides, and the Just Shenzhen Discovery Routes.



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Shenzhen Started New National Standard for E-bike

New National Standard about E-bike

On April 15th 2019, the new national standard, Safety Technical Specification for Electric Bicycle (GB17761-2018), was officially implemented in Shenzhen. The implementing has significant impacts on the manufacturing and selling of electric bicycles, and also provides customers with guidance on purchasing and using of electric bicycles.



What’s new compared to the old standard?


Here are some purchase tips for you to follow the new standard: 

a. With Pedal           

b. Maximum speed 25km/h

c. With CCC mark/CCC license (“China Compulsory Certification”)     

*sample as below





For the safety of yourself and others, please

·Always wear a helmet while riding

·Keep your speed lower than 15km/h when on non-motor vehicle lane; should not ride on Expressway

·Charge it in designated areas, not in the stairway/fire exit, and don’t carry the battery home to charge





Key Settings/重要指标设置


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For more: Shenzhen Started New National Standard for E-bike

Chinese “Green Card” Seminar Held Successfully

On Apr 24, we held a seminar on Chinese “Green Card” (Permanent Residence Permit) together with MSCE (Shekou Management and Service Center For Expats). More than 60 expats attenteded and Seminar lasted nearly two hours.

     Firstly, we summarized five main categories and total seventeen subcategories to get Chinese Green Cards. Five main categories are including: Reunion, Overseas Chinese, Investment, Employment  and High-level  talents. And we gave detailed explanations for the following common categories:

1. Marrying a Shenzhen resident ( apply after 5 years)

2. Overseas Chinese with Ph.D (apply after 1year)

3. Overseas Chinese without Ph.D (apply after 4 years)

4. Employment with high salary (apply after 4 years)

5. Employment as senior executive (apply after 3 years)

6. Investment (apply after 3 years)

7. R visa holders (apply after 3 years).

Some expats asked their questions based on the  content:


Secondly, we elaborated procedure of R visa(talent visa). R visa is a high-level talent visa that is valid for five or ten years and the duration of each stay can be as long as 180 days.

     Finally, we elaborated many ways to get long-term work pemits and residence permits based on current policies and regulations.

     According to statistics in Jun 2018, 475 foreigners have applied for permanent residence permits in Guangdong province since 2016 , and 320 foreigners have obtained permanent residence permit cards. Among the people who have obtained permanent residence permit cards, there are outstanding entrepreneurs in key industries, high-end executives in professional fields, high-tech enterprise investors, talents in national “Thousand Talents Program”, doctoral tutors of high-level universities and research institutes, well-known experts and professors, and their spouse and children. They played an active and important role in innovative development, open development, and Guangdong-HongKong and Macao Greater Bay Area’s construction.

Our seminar got many attendants’ recognition and focus. We are glad to give expats more useful information for more convenient life and work in China.

We will provide FREE consultation service once a week  in MSCE from May. Welcome to join!

We will hold a series of seminars on othertopics related cloesely with expats with MSCE and will post on our WeChat public account.

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