It’s Time To Salsa At Mr. Wong

There’s just something special about Friday nights. It’s a time when everyone is able to let loose, have fun, and express themselves. There’s no better place to do so than Salsa Night at Mr. Wong. All the energy bunnies out there can come to recharge their batteries and get their sexy groove on with Latin dance lovers and newcomers.

Hosted at Hilton Shenzhen Futian, Salsa Night is a come-one-come-all for dancing professionals and beginners alike. There’s always a spot saved for you every Friday night.

Each Friday evening begins with a class held by any of the many teachers who have come from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and abroad. Salsa is the focus of the classes, but there’s plenty of room to learn Kizomba, Bachata, Reggaeton, and other Latin dances.

The class runs from 8:30-9:30 pm, and then the party really begins. Expect a mix of Latin and Dancehall music from the evening to the early morn. Take the chance to try different dances with different partners.

Marina, living in Shenzhen, commented on how she “can attend a class and learn something new. People come here to develop their skills and have fun.” She went on to share how “even if you are new to dancing, there are activities for the beginners. So, after a few weeks, you will feel more confident.”


By combining a class and a party, the Salsa Night gives that bit of structure to start the evening and gradually encourages you to relax and unwind by the time the party starts. It’s a party that goes on till 2 am, giving dancers plenty of time to chat, make new friends, and of course, dance.

Salsa Night has several instructors who are passionate about their work. One of the teachers you will find at the Salsa Night is Shenzhen’s very own Belle, a professional dancer and teacher whose passion is bringing rhythm-boosting dances (and her Salsa shoes business) to the city.

Belle is the living embodiment of “Find a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life”. Belle found “it was really fun to use the skills and moves from Salsa as a way to socialize.” Through her classes at Mr. Wong, Belle is able to “share experiences and get to know others.”


A lot of movements that seem simple can be difficult for beginners, so she has learned to be patient and understanding of her students’ point of view. It’s her passion to share her joy of Latin dancing with as many people as possible.

With the help of teachers like Belle, students are able to pick up new moves and then later try them out with friends when at a party.

The environment is important too. The Hilton Shenzhen Futian is the perfect place for the Salsa Night for a few good reasons. Mr. Wong is a well-lit and spacious spot with comfy sofas and an open dance floor for party-goers to have a good time and also relax.

Lily, a designer from Shenzhen, thinks “Mr. Wong has a beautiful and comfortable environment,” and the “Salsa Night is my favorite Salsa Party in Shenzhen.” Mr. Wong serves up some great drinks too. Jesica, another attendee attests that, “Mr. Wong is the perfect venue—good cocktails, friendly service, and a lot of space for dancing.”


Salsa Night also has a fantastic location. Situated in the heart of Futian at Gangxia North, Hilton Shenzhen Futian is easily reached by Line 2, or a bus ride away from Line 1 at Gangxia. Hailing a taxi in the wee hours of the morning is easy along Shennan Road too. So there is no fear of needing to walk too far after a long night of endorphin-releasing dancing.

Alessandro, a lover of Latin and Chinese cultures, thinks the Hilton Shenzhen Futian “is a very comfortable location. It’s in the city center, easy to reach, but not amid the chaos of other areas of the city.” He went on to share that “at the end of a long day at work, it’s nice to head to Mr. Wong with ease and have a night of fun.”


Many attendees are professional dancers living and working in the city. It’s a testament to the Salsa Night that they keep coming back week after week. Oftentimes, one can spot the pro quite easily in the crowd, leaving one awestruck and inspired to learn just how to dance as awesomely as they do. The mix of people at the party, ranging from novice to expert, provides a melting pot of ideas, styles, and technique.

Simon Fung, a freelance Salsa and Bachata instructor who has been dancing Salsa for fourteen years, shared that he enjoys “the connection with his partner in the dancing.” In Mr. Wong, he has found a good spot for his dancing needs.

Simon Fung

Those who are not professional dancers have their own amazing experiences with the Latin flavor and keep coming back for more at Salsa Night each week. Xenia, a Hong Kong resident who works in finance, has been practicing these styles for a couple years now and said her favorite dance is Kizomba. She was “intimidated at first,” but feels “the music relaxes me and touches my soul.” Practice makes perfect, and for Xenia, she feels comfortable dancing with anyone now.


Mr. Mafan, of famed YouTube Channel, “MAFANcrew,” has a great time learning Latin dances with Latin people, and has felt, over time, the group at Mr. Wong become like a family for him. He considers the parties to be “dope,” and that the “Salsa Night must be a part of everyone’s life because it is the perfect pretext to gather with friends, have a good time, and shake your booty for a while.” He went on to share that “when people come together to dance, they do it with passion and their hearts.”

Mr. Mafan

It’s a beautiful joy to be able to share that closeness with someone, whether it is a new friend or an existing partner. Dancing allows people to connect with intensely personal parts of themselves, and with others, and the Salsa Night consistently provides the space for anybody to do that.

So, come on over. Your body knows it’s time. Mr. Wong and the Salsa Night gang are waiting for you to arrive and put on your Salsa dancing shoes.

For more information contact Oswaldo on either WeChat (osloor) or phone (13380386829)


8:00 – 9:30 pm: Class

9:30 – 2 am: Party

Location: Mr. Wong, Hilton Shenzhen Futian, Tower B, Great China International Finance Centre, Futian, Shenzhen (深圳市福田区深南大道1003号大中华国


Celebrating An Expat Institution For Women In Shenzhen

For many expats, what makes or breaks a move to a new country is the community they meet there. One cannot underestimate the importance of having a friend to go to the bar for a drink or to grab a coffee during the day. It can make a world of difference if you know some people you can ask for help or advice, be it finding where to buy the food they like from back home or to take them to the hospital after an accident.


If someone is fortunate enough to find this sense of community when they move to a strange new place, then they are more likely to stay longer and start to feel like they have a found a home away from home. It’s that same sense of community that the Shenzhen Women’s International Club (SWIC) has been providing to the ladies of our city for over 30 years.


We sat down with President Yvette Taylor and Programs Chair Christyne Holmes for a coffee and a chat to find out more about what SWIC is about and what it offers to the expat women in the local community.


“It started in 1986. It was just a few ladies who met in somebody’s lounge in Jingshan. Two years ago we did quite a few big events to celebrate the 30 years. There are no original members left, but we do have some photos,” explained Yvette.

Christyne had heard about what it was like back when SWIC started. “At that time, in the Shekou area, there were a lot of oil and gas companies, so my guess would be that it came out of that. There were a lot of expat ladies, or expat families, that were living here, and they don’t really know how to communicate locally. They didn’t speak Chinese. They had just moved here. That time, wasn’t like it is now.”


SWIC has come on leaps and bounds since it was first formed, but it fundamentally represents the same values. Their mission statement can be found in their leaflets, but Christyne sums it up well during our chat.


“I think our goal with SWIC is to offer the gals support. These women are the anchors for their husbands and kids and they feel like they are running around, taking care of and solving all the problems. Grocery shopping alone can be a challenge in a new country where you don’t speak the language. Any additional special needs can make acclimation and adjustment even more difficult. I like to think of it as a soft place to land. You can come here and ask whatever questions. You can vent. You can get rejuvenated. Then we put you back out there.”


“We recently had an event and some of the new ladies were really struggling. If you’ve never been to Asia before, it is a culture shock. So we are there for them if they want someone to chat to,” added Yvette.

The group has grown tremendously over the years, which is reflected in the original name of Shekou Women’s International Club being changed to the Shenzhen Women’s International Club it is today. The amount and variety of activities now held offer members something interesting to do every day during the week.


“Every Tuesday morning 9:30 to 11:30 we have a coffee morning. It’s usually at the Hilton, except for the third Tuesday of every month where we go to the Marco Polo in Futian. At our Hilton coffee we generally have over 50 ladies, on some occasions more than 70. The Marco Polo coffee is popular with a lot of our members that live in Futian and have kids, but we also get a lot from Shekou. Generally, there are 50 ladies there.


There’s also a book club, which meets once a month on a Tuesday evening. Most of the books are, some fiction, some non-fiction, but right now we are reading one about a Chinese wife and American husband bringing up their son in Shanghai,” explained Yvette.


Mothers with young children form a significant percentage of the members in SWIC and they are well taken care of.


“So we have a large Mom’s and Tot’s group. That is a lot of support for those with preschool kids. Every week they make play dates. It’s every Wednesday or Thursday and it’s someone different every week. It alternates between different apartments. They had a big Easter party recently and you wouldn’t believe how many people were there. It was crazy,” recalled Christyne.


Yet that represents just a small fraction of the work SWIC puts in to arrange activities for their members. Christyne gave a breakdown of what happens in a typical week.


“Monday they have the hiking group. Tuesday we have the coffee. Wednesday they play tennis. Thursdays they usually do another hike. Monday and Wednesday they do archery. Friday we do mahjong. And then we sprinkle in other activities along the way. A couple of weeks ago we made dumplings in my house. We had 15 or 16 gals who came to my house for that. At the weekend we are going to the Opium War Museum.”


The women of SWIC also enjoy their parties and members can be sure to have a few large events to be arranged each year.

“We had our farewell lunch on the 22nd of May. It was a chance to say farewell for the summer and to those who were leaving Shenzhen. That was at the Westin. We had the ballroom there for a late morning lunch with a wonderful buffet and sparkling wine. 90 Ladies attended,” said Yvette.


“Then in September, we will have our welcome breakfast. A way for everyone to get back into the groove,” added Christyne.


Even putting the weekly activities and the great parties aside for one moment, SWIC is worth joining for the great discounts members can enjoy at more than 50 restaurants, bars, shops, spas, and other businesses you are sure to come into contact with during your time in Shenzhen.


“This is worth the cost of the membership alone. Because if you go to McCawley’s and get 5% off then it adds up over time. It adds up pretty quickly,” explained Christyne.


Charity work forms an important part of the work that SWIC does, so those who want to give back to the local community can find a platform to do so at the club. Yvette went into detail about the assistance they provide.

“We support three local charities; Captivating, Promised Land, and Sunshine Academy. We budget at the start of each year and we set out an amount for each charity. That can either be given to them at the end of the year or if they want to use it throughout the year. What we’ve also done this year are three coffees where – they usually cost 50RMB – the members have it free, but then we have a charity bucket. So we’ve raised 3 or 4,000RMB each charity coffee just by doing that.”


SWIC boasts a large membership, but it’s not one that is dominated by any one clique. As is stated as part of their mission statement, ‘there is no typical SWIC member. We are women of all ages, with or without children, working or not working for money, seasoned or first-time expats’.


“We have over 250 members at the moment. There can be up to thirty different nationalities on a bus during a trip,” explained Yvette.


When asked about the makeup of those 250 members, Christyne is keen to express the diversity. “I would say American is probably the largest nationality and then maybe French. Our mahjong group just cracks me up. We have women from Belgium, France, Korea, Japan, America, New Zealand, and Australia.”

“It’s amazing that everyone gets on so well. I don’t know anyone that is cross with one another. In 250 people, I don’t know if there is any bad blood or poor relations. Which is pretty amazing when everybody is from different walks of life,” she added.


Perhaps the best possible note to finish on is to simply leave you with a quote from the SWIC mission statement, which sums up all the good work the women at the club are doing.


‘The purpose of Shenzhen Women’s International Club is to promote social and cultural exchange between the women of the expatriate community in Shekou and throughout Shenzhen. This is done through meetings and activities in the spirit of mutual understanding and friendship.

SWIC provides a focus for social and cultural activities for members and is of particular value to newcomers by serving as a means to meet other expats, find resources, and share tips and information about living in this city.


We are a club run solely by volunteers. To give back to our host country, we continually support local charities through donations, promotion, and active participation.’


To become a member of SWIC, applicants must hold a foreign passport or be a spouse of a foreign passport holder. Membership costs RMB350 per year, with the year beginning in August.


For more information or to inquire about joining SWIC, you can visit their official website or check out their Facebook page. Feel free to send an email to








Enjoy Your Whiskey In Style At Unicorn Bar

So there you are. Sat out on the decking, laid back on the cushioned sofa. In your hand rests a tumbler of single malt. It’s a Macallan and you slip it slow out of appreciation to the 25 years it took to make. On the table before you is a platter of Gorgonzola and Gouda, but you reach forward for a slice of cured Iberian Ham. A firework goes off and you look out over OCT Harbour. From your front row seat of the lake, you have one of the best views in the area of the firework show happening across the water.

Soak it all in, because Unicorn Bar offers an experience that is almost as rare as its namesake.

Unicorn Bar can be discovered in the gift that keeps on giving that is OCT Harbour. Walk from the nearby Shenzhen subway station through the cocktail bars and fine dining restaurants towards the bar and you can take in the evening atmosphere. Somewhere a band is playing Hey Jude while somewhere else there is someone playing a Sam Smith song on saxophone. Continue on your way, however, down to the private waterfront to find Unicorn Bar.

The bar has a quite striking architectural design and its something that hits you from the moment you step inside. Think traditional men’s club mixed with a pop art exhibition. But it works. On one side you have a long whiskey bar behind which are private rooms while on the other side are white statues of unicorns lit up with purple lighting. The décor comes together to meet on the decking. The long deck offers comfort and privacy with plenty of cozy seating areas that look out over the water.

At its core, Unicorn Bar is a whiskey bar and it certainly has the collection to match it. From your Highlands to your Lowlands, Unicorn Bar has got just what the doctor ordered. Some highlights of the collection include Yamazaki 25 Years, Talisker 30 Years, and a personal favorite in the Ardbeg 23 Years.


But Unicorn Bar likes to get creative with the drinks too and they’ve got a cocktail menu that is as innovative as the whiskey collection is extensive. There’s the unashamedly flashy Smoky Mojito. While it leaves its mark with its presentation, when you take that first sip you realize there’s substance there as well as style. My personal favorite was the Sangria. Using only the finest ingredients and the freshest fruits, it’s rare to find a Sangria that is so refreshing, so smooth, and so deceptive its potency. Why try something new when they are making the classics this good?

After a couple of drinks, it’s time for something to eat. Unicorn Bar has a carefully chosen pick of snacks that pair perfectly with a Balvenie 30 Years or a Singapore Sling. The highlight is undoubtedly the Iberian Ham, which is imported from Spain, cured for 48 months, and sliced in front of your eyes. The Cheese Platter, which boasts a board of half a dozen different cheeses, and the Fruit Platter, which arrives smoking from the dry ice it is presented on, complete what makes a perfect table of finger foods.

If you are looking for a greater degree of privacy or just somewhere to talk business then you can look at taking one of the three private rooms available. They are only open to VIP members, a membership card that requires a deposit of RMB50,000.

For those not quite ready to become a VIP, there is always the decking and its view. And what a view it is. Arguably, what makes Unicorn Bar stand out above the other bars and restaurants in the area is its location. From the decking, customers can look out across the entire lake with a totally unobstructed view. Perfect for viewing the daily firework display at 8:30 pm.

When it comes to somewhere to drink, few places are as relaxing, offer as much privacy, or have such a view. Unicorns were meant to be mythical. It turns out they are real. They are just extremely rare. Make sure to come pay a visit to Unicorn Bar and savor the experience.

Address: 1 North District, OCT Harbour Shopping Center, 8 Baishi Road East, Nanshan, Shenzhen (深圳市南山区白石路东8号欢乐海岸购物中心北区1)

Tel: 0755-26609667

Opening Hours: 17:00 – 02:00

Sustainable Seafood Initiative of Shangri-La Hotel Shenzhen Recognized By MSC Certification


From 9 August to 19 August, you may enjoy our new dishes both in Shang Palace and Coffee Garden, in which the seafood used are certified by Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Join us to commit to protect future seafood supplies and make a positive impact on the environment.

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MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) is a non-profit organization established to address the problem of unsustainable fishing and safeguard seafood supplies for the future. It is the only internationally accredited and recognized world leader in sustainable Fisheries Standard for wild- capture fisheries and Chain of Custody Standard for seafood traceability.

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts today announced it has received full Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) seafood Chain of Custody certification (CoC) for all its 53 properties across Mainland China and Hong Kong. As the first hotel group in Asia, the Shangri-La group initiated the certification program me as part of its sustainable sourcing strategy and commitment to protect future seafood supplies and make a positive impact on the environment. With a total of 53 hotels participating, Shangri-La has the greatest number of properties in Asia certified by the MSC.

Critical to the collaboration is the highlighting of sustainably sourced seafood selections on the hotels’ restaurant menus. Guests can identify these culinary offerings by the trusted MSC ecolabel printed alongside the dish description, which indicates the seafood is from MSC-certified fisheries and suppliers. MSC certification means the seafood was sustainably fished – it is fully traceable from a legal fishery, which has proven minimal impacts on the marine environment and other species, including threatened or endangered species and juvenile fish.

The Shangri-La group recognizes that overfishing is a threat to the state of the oceans, which will struggle to meet the demands of Asia and China – the world’s largest seafood consumers, whose population accounts for one-third of all fish consumption. This new certification will allow guests of Shangri-La to make sustainable and healthy choices.

香格里拉酒店集团携手海洋管理委员会 实施可持续海产品认证

8月9日至19日,莅临深圳香格里拉大酒店香宫或香咖啡,体验经海产品捕捞认证(MSC)的海产品烹饪而成的新菜式。 加入我们,规范海产品捕捞,共建可持续的海洋生态环境。





Shen Wai International School (SWIS) Student Publishes Report on Dachong Reconstruction

SWIS学生Huang Siyi发表大冲改造前后调查报告

Huang Siyi goes to Dachong Village for field work

Huang Siyi goes to Dachong Village for field work

Huang Siyi, a Grade 11 student from Shen Wai International School, recently published a report titled “The inspiration that Dachong Village renewal can give to areas with high density in developing countries.”

Urban village renewal is a key part in city development, and the reconstruction of the Dachong urban village in Nanshan District is one such urban upgrade undertaken in Shenzhen.

An intern at the Shenzhen Real Estate Research Center Urban Renewal and Old Village Reconstruction Group, the 17-year-old described the whole renewal process of the urban village in her report from five different perspectives: business, commercial office, residence, transportation, greening and public facilities. She examined rights confirmation, people-oriented renewal plans, and the close cooperation between the government and project developer as the three criteria for measuring the outcomes. Huang also mentioned Mexico City, Mumbai and Sao Paulo as other examples of the global phenomenon of densely populated urban areas that are resource-inefficient.

During three months of observation and research from April to early July, Huang concluded that the city should be developed continuously alongside population growth, and project developers and the government should play their respective roles. She also stated in the report that supporting facilities and humanistic care are significant, and culture should be integrated with communities during the renewal process.

Her report was then selected and published on the official WeChat account of Shenzhen Real Estate Research Center for its exemplary information.

Explaining that choosing the best information to be included in her research was her biggest difficulty as we live in a society of ubiquitous information, Huang said, “I have a deeper understanding of urban planning after finishing this report. Urban planning is concerned with the comprehensive consideration of many areas and it impacts the future of the city.”


Born and raised in Shenzhen, Huang said she became interested in urban planning through listening to her parents when she was a little girl. By attending lectures, reading books and doing internships, Huang wishes to learn more about urban planning.

Her dream is to be a great urban planner, like her parents. She hopes she will be able to use her knowledge to improve the health and well-being of people in the city.

“I want build a city that finds a balance between the economic and the environmental,” she said.

Chinese and Pinyin Name: 深圳外国语学校国际部(SWIS)
Place Address: Shen Wai international School, No. 29, Baishi 3rd Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China 518053 中国深圳市南山区白石三道29号, 深圳外国语学校国际部 邮编:518053
Place Phone: 86 (755) 86541981/86541963
Past Events of Shen Wai international School:

Friendly Reminders for Foreigners in SZ

More and more foreigners come to Shenzhen to travel or work, there are some important and basic regulations needed to be observed.

This article is quoted from “深圳出入境”。

Basic Laws and Regulations related with foreigners are as below:

1.Exit and Entry Administration Law  of the People’s Republic of China

2.Decree of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China

3.Employment Management Regulations for Foreigners in China

4.Interim Provisions on the Administration of Foreigners in Guangdong Province

Feel free to contact us if you need full texts of the above regulations or you have any question.

Contact: Olivia
Company Name: Shenzhen ZIX Consulting Co., Ltd
Place Address: Room 18NO, Block B, Fortune Plaza, No. 7002, Shennan Road, Futian District, Shenzhen.
Tel: 0755-32871512
Mobile(WeChat): 13684991963
Skype: olivialcr

For more:

Enjoy A Higher Class Of Living At Fraser Suites

Whether it’s for a few days, months at a time or even half a year, it’s important to find the right place to stay when visiting Shenzhen. What people wish for above all else is somewhere they can feel safe and secure. Somewhere they can relax and unwind after a long day. Somewhere where there are people on hand to assist at any time. Somewhere just like Fraser Suites Shenzhen.

Fraser Suites is a global brand that offers serviced apartments that are renowned for its sophistication and luxury. Whether in London or Dubai, Fraser Suites is the choice of the most discerning business executives. Now with a new location in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Party were invited on a tour of the city’s newest exclusive accommodation.

Fraser Suites Shenzhen could hardly be more perfectly situated with a prime location in the heart of Futian. The serviced apartments are within comfortable walking distance from both Huaqiang Road and Huaqiang North subway stations, providing access to lines 1, 2, and 7. Across from Fraser Suites Shenzhen is a modern shopping mall complex with designer brands, high-end restaurants, international supermarkets, and cinemas. To the west, the serviced apartments overlook the park, where residents can enjoy an afternoon stroll or go for a morning jog.

Fraser Suites Shenzhen is truly surrounded by many things to do and also offers such easy access to the rest of the city, but in truth, you can find all you need without ever leaving the lobby.

You can dine at Feast on Seven where you can enjoy a quiet meal at brunch or invite friends over to enjoy the buffet in the evening. Choose from a menu, which offers the best of both Western and Eastern cuisine, including Nasi Goreng, Seafood Spaghetti, and a host of healthy salad options.

Grab a coffee downstairs at Centro Café & Lounge or arrange to have a lunch meeting over some cake and tea. The café is located to the left of the lobby and also has outdoor seating available for those who like to watch the world pass by as they sip on their cappuccino.

If you are looking for a place to go for a few drinks with your partner or if you are looking to chill out after a busy week, head up to Ding Sky Bar. The rooftop bar is located on the 7th floor and offers unparalleled views of the area. There are few finer spots in the city to grab a beer or try a cocktail or two.

Also located on the rooftop is what must be one of Shenzhen’s most exclusive swimming pools. The infinity pool offers quite simply breathtaking views as it overlooks the rest of Futian. It’s the perfect way to relax on a sunny day.

But it’s not the only thing to do at Fraser Suites Shenzhen. The management prides itself on providing its residents with ways to chill out and enjoy their time.

On the same floor of the swimming pool, residents can also find the gym, which is equipped with all the latest equipment and also has a room for group classes and one-on-one training. After a long workout in the gym or several laps in the pool, enjoy a well-earned rest in one of the sauna rooms or plunge pool.

If you are looking to improve your handicap, but don’t have time to get out down to the course, hit a virtual round of 18 on the state-of-the-art golf simulator. If you are more of a snooker player, play a few frames on the table on the 7th floor. You can take the family with you too. Your partner can relax in one of the several massage chairs next to the snooker room, while down the hall is a children’s play area that will keep the kids occupied for hours.

Of course, we’ve yet to talk about the most important part of Fraser Suites Shenzhen. We need to mention the rooms. When considering a stay, be it short or long term, the most important factor is the accommodation itself. In this respect, Fraser Suites Shenzhen sets the bar high.

The first thing to strike you is the spaciousness. Suites vary from 48 square meter Studio Deluxe to 168 square meter Two Bedroom Executive Study, but whichever you choose, the rooms have been designed to maximize the space.

The quality can be felt in all the rooms even in the smallest details. From the cozy reading chair set by the window overlooking the park that invites you to pick up that book you were meaning to finish to the deep bathtub that entices you to take a long soak after a long day. The kitchen area is large and well-equipped so residents are free to have fun cooking at home and can do their own washing whenever needed.

So for those looking for a high standard of living in Shenzhen, there really is no other answer. With luxury accommodation, five-star service, state-of-the-art facilities, and one of the top swimming pools in the city, there is no competition for Fraser Suites Shenzhen. Start enjoying a higher class of living at Fraser Suites Shenzhen today.

Address: No. 183 Zhenhua Road, Futian, Shenzhen (深圳市福田区振华路183)


Tel: +86 (755) 6189 9999

Duke’s at The Langham, Shenzhen Awarded “2018 Best Wine List Southern China” and “2018 Three Glasses” by China’s Wine List of the Year Awards


Duke’s at The Langham, Shenzhen Awarded “2018 Best Wine List Southern China” and “2018 Three Glasses” by China’s Wine List of the Year Awards


As a perfect combination of the over 150 years British luxury hotel heritage and the classical oriental elements, The Langham, Shenzhen now extends its unique style into food and beverage, enabling patrons to enjoy the finest cuisines and wines in a crafted ambience of true elegance. In recognition of the high-quality, diverse wine collection, and excellent wine tasting culture, recently, Duke’s at The Langham, Shenzhen won the “2018 Best Wine List Southern China” and “2018 Three Glasses” by China’s Wine List of the Year Awards.

The Wine List of the Year Award “set sail” in China in 2013, which was first introduced to recognize and reward restaurants and sommeliers by their enormous investment in time, skill and resources that go into developing the best quality wine lists in any specific country, and to provide a “route map” to the best wine lists for guests.

The judging panel of the 2018 China’s Wine List of the Year Awards was made up of wine professionals and experts worldwide, appraising the wine list with strictest requirements. The wine list of Duke’s, curated by Julia Zhu, Beverage Director of The Langham, Shenzhen, won over the “critics” and brought home the “2018 Best Wine List Southern China” and “2018 Three Glasses” Awards after rounds of intense competition. Duke’s has won multiple major honours of the China’s Wine List of the Year Awards for six consecutive editions since 2013.

Ever since becoming a certified sommelier in 2003 with CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers), Beverage Director of the Langham, Shenzhen-Ms. Julia Zhu, a Chinese-Canadian and well-versed in both Chinese and English, has been working in the wine industry for 13 years. Before joining in the Langham Hospitality Group, Julia used to work as a head sommelier in different world-renowned five-star hotels. Joined The Langham, Shenzhen in 2012, Julia not only shares excellent wines around the world with guests, but also makes a perfect combination of wines, delicacies and the dining atmosphere, to present an enjoyable grand feast for tasting.

The Langham, Shenzhen offers a diverse range of Chinese and Western dining options, of which Duke’s offers a private wine collection featuring over 300 exquisite wines that cater to the tastes and preferences of casual drinkers and wine experts. Pairing with both the Western and Chinese delicacy, the hotel will stimulate your gustatory buds from all around.

 “2018 Best Wine List Southern China”      “2018 Three Glasses”

About Langham Hospitality Group

As the wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Eagle Holdings, Langham Hospitality Group encompasses a family of distinctive hotels under the Langham Hotels and Resorts and Cordis Hotels brands with more than 50 projects currently either confirmed or in a developed stage of negotiation from Asia, Europe and North America to the Middle East. The Group takes its name from the legendary Langham in London which was widely recognized as Europe’s first Grand Hotel. For 150 years, this flagship hotel has represented sophisticated and gracious hospitality, a philosophy that reflects elegance in design, innovation in hospitality, genuine service and captivation of the senses across all properties. For more information, please access the website at

Place Address: Level 3, The Langham, Shenzhen, 7888 Shennan Boulevard, Futian District, Shenzhen 中国深圳市福田区深南大道7888号, 深圳朗廷酒店, 3层
Place Phone:  86 (755) 8828 9888 ext.8922

Good News For Startups As WeWork Comes To Shenzhen


Shenzhen’s startup revolution is set to continue to with the announcement that WeWork will unveil a workspace at the start of September.

The American company built its success on providing shared workspaces for freelancers and startups and has spread to 283 locations situated across 75 cities around the world. Now, WeWork has targeted China as a market with massive potential and Shenzhen has been identified as the spot for its newest workspace.

WeWork will be located in Houhai in Nanshan, where it will be in good company surrounded by Chinese tech companies such as Tencent and DJI. The space itself will be made up of three floors with an open deck, lush greenery, and a spiral staircase acting as a centerpiece.

The announcement comes at the perfect time in Shenzhen with more and more startups popping up seemingly every day. WeWork will be able to offer a platform to work for these entrepreneurs and also freelancers as well as smaller companies and even divisions of large corporations.

Keep checking this space for more information as WeWork prepares to launch in September.

Address: China Construction Steel Structure Building, 3331 Zhongxin Lu, Nanshan, Shenzhen (南山区中心路3331号中建钢构大厦)


An Essential Guide To Shenzhen’s Cocktail Bars

Written by James Dineen

Shenzhen. It’s a hell of a city. Everyone is moving so fast and everything is constantly changing. What’s the talk of the town one day, can be just one in a dozen by the end of the week. Blink, and you might miss it altogether.

Few businesses are more fickle than the cocktail bar business. Finding a good spot that sticks around can be rarer than a bartender who knows how to make The Commonwealth. Where in the past you had to hitch a ride to Beijing or Shanghai for a good Manhattan or Cosmopolitan, now there are a number of hip joints in Shenzhen where you can find someone who knows how to fix up a drink.

We stirred up an essential guide, shaking out all the pretenders and phonies, to leave you with only the finest mix of cocktail bars in Shenzhen.

  1. Compass Bar

If you are in search of a touch of class and no small amount of style, then look no further than Compass Bar. Despite being one of the city’s best-kept secrets, it’s also one of Shenzhen’s longest running bars.

Compass Bar is a speakeasy, but there’s no need to go wandering down some back alley or find some novelty façade. All you need is a drop of confidence and a dash of swagger. Head to the Wongtee V Hotel and ask the concierge to send you up to the 40th floor.

There you will find a beautiful wood paneled and leather-seated bar that offers stunning views over the city. Do yourself a favor and order one of the classics such as a Martini, Old Fashioned, or the bartender’s specialty, Negroni. After all, they are classics for a reason.

ADDRESS: 4002, 40F, Huanggang Business Center, 2028 Jintian Rd Fuhua 5th Rd, Futian District (深圳市福田区福华五路皇岗商务中心四十层4002)

  1. A01

They say a change of scenery can do a world of good for one’s spirits and disposition. So too is that equally true of a cocktail bar. Originally in Seaworld, A01 recently relocated to Upper Hills near the most chic hotel in town, Muji.

The relocation has led to something of an evolution. While it’s still a cocktail bar, A01 has broadened its horizons to include an ever-expanding range of the finest gins this side of London. The art deco interior has been as carefully chosen as its drinks menu while there is also outside seating who care to savor those cooler evenings.

ADDRESS: Modern Imbibing, L2-S211 (outdoor area), Lianke Overpass, Upper Hills, Futian, Shenzhen (深圳市福田区深业上城2层户外S211(莲科高架路边)

  1. Barber Shop / Massage Bar

Nowadays, it seems a bar isn’t worth going in unless you had to spend half an hour searching for it and walking through a shop or restaurant or two to get inside. Speakeasies are all the rage right now in Shenzhen and that’s largely in thanks to Barber Shop and it’s new sister shop Massage Bar.


The layouts of the bars wouldn’t look out of place in Soho Hong Kong or East Village New York, and the bartenders have the drinks to match too. We could tell you exactly how to find these two speakeasies, but then again, finding them by yourself is part of the fun, isn’t it?

ADDRESSES: Massage Bar: 16 Nanhai Dadao, Nanshan District (南山区桃园路1号西海明珠花园119商铺3011) , Barber Shop: No.1035, Shangbu Nanlu, Futian District, Shenzhen (深圳市福田区上步南路1035号)

  1. Ciao Amici

There are a few places hipper right now to open a cocktail bar than Nanshan, but Ciao Amici has been there mixing cocktails long before anyone else.

With a cocktail menu that is accessible for newcomers and veterans alike, it’s not hard to understand why it’s busy most nights of the week. Head down any evening during the week and you are likely to find workers from the nearby tech offices talking shop over a few drinks on the outside seating or sat inside relaxing after a long day.

ADDRESS: No.06-07, Ground Floor, Building 6, Software Industry Base, Yuehai Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

  1. RMK

While most cocktail bars in China fall drunkenly and helplessly in love with whiskey, RMK’s affectations lie a little closer to home. The main ingredient of the bar’s cocktail menu is rice wine.

They say enemies can make the unlikeliest of bedfellows, and it appears that rice wine makes for an irresistible partner for a number of cocktails. The original concept has spread to multiple locations across the city already.

Due to the flavor profile of the spirit, many of the cocktails come out fruit, light, and easy to drink. This has lead RMK to attract a crowd with less hardened drinkers and more young clientele.

ADDRESS: 3093,3rd Floor ,UpperHills, 5001 Huanggang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen (深圳市福田区皇岗路5001号深业上城3楼小镇在地图中查看T3093铺 )

Opening August 18th…Life On Mars

As more and more bars open all around the city, Shenzhen is fast becoming the new cocktail capital of China. One bar in particular that is opening up in August in the trendy OCT Loft area of Nanshan looks set to join our list of essential cocktail bars.

Life On Mars promises modern cocktails made with fresh, seasonal ingredients and utilizing a wide selection of spirits. Rather than focus on a narrow selection of concoctions, it promises to be a bar for the adventurous, for those who want to try something different. Opening August 18th, keep an eye out for Life On Mars if you are in the mood for trying something new.

How To Lose Your Staff in Asia (and Globally)

This article is originally found here:

Coming to Asia to do business? Hiring staff in Asia?

Then today we will teach you how to lose them as soon as possible. How to get them to quit and tell everyone you are a horrible boss.

Well, sure you shouldn’t do these things – but we want to get the point across by learning what you should NOT do.

Hope this is fun as well as informative.

Lose Your Temper and Yell

I worked on Wall Street for almost 5 years. I know all about high-pressure situations and getting yelled at. As a trading assistant on a junk bond desk, I was often on the receiving side of the yelling. They told me it was good for me to get toughened up.

Also I was in a fraternity in college. As a pledge (trying to join the fraternity) there was “light” hazing. I don’t want to make it seem like those newspaper article horror stories – but there was some sessions that were challenging.

They also said that was to toughen me up.

So when I came over to China and hired my staff in Asia, I was still in this mentality. I was still in the New York mode, fast paced, aggressive.

There were those “China times” when I started to lose my mind. Bank account transfer issues, miscommunication with factories, and countless other headaches. Just some things that a foreigner will face when getting accustomed to China business.

I lost my cool often.

That definitely didn’t make things better. Maybe even when I was on Wall Street that wasn’t the correct way to behave, but it seemed to work.

Not in China. The Chinese staff will see you as an unpredictable and “weak” minded person. And this is a big difference I have seen in business personalities between East and West. Chinese managers do not show emotion to their staff. Or to anyone.

If you look a Chinese boss, most of the time you’ll see they are calm and cool in the office. Never raise their voice, never show anger or even much happiness. It is kind of this calm overtone.

Chinese staff respect that more. This person is in control of themselves and their mind. Maybe it’s the Zen / Buddhist mindset culture. But a leader is more cool and calm in China.

Whereas a lot of leaders in the West (of course can’t say all) are more vocal and “flamboyant”.

Won’t say which is right. But back to this point, if you want to have your Chinese staff, as well as other staff in Asia, lose respect for you – lose your temper. They will get annoyed (whether they say it to your face or not). Especially when you complain about issues doing business in China. They may agree with you that it is cumbersome to do business here, but they don’t like to hear you complain about it over and more.

Take it from me, I’ve learned a lot from my own staff in Asia over the years.

Don’t Care About Their Family Life

I don’t have too much management experience in America in a corporate setting, so this may be true there too. But in Asia, to be a good manager means you care about the team and their personal / family life.

Especially if you’re a Western manager here, they will feel so happy that you even care about them / their family! But once you start to show a little bit of interest, they will share out in the open. You can do this in the workplace or at a company outing. Yet however you do it, even if it is a little small to you – means a lot to the staff.

If you’re in China, some examples are to ask about their hometown. Is their family living with them in the city (assuming your office is in a “big city”) or they are in their hometown “village”. This is a common question because a lot of Chinese moved to the big cities only in the last generation or two. A lot of the “older” family members didn’t have interest/desire to leave their hometown. It can go into some fascinating stories about their complex family structure. Then you can show some interest in their hometown, what kind of food comes from there, what their favorite hometown dish is.

While it might not be a smart idea to ask about their dating life. Yet if you have staff with their own family, it would be cool to know a bit about the family. Do their parents live with them? Will they go to hometown for Chinese New Year? As a new parent myself, I would love to hear how they are raising their children and what is important to them.

You can get creative here, and keep in mind China is a vast landmass! There are so many provinces with various cultures. You’ll start to learn that your staff all come from different backgrounds.

A little tip here, some managers try to hire staff all from the same province. Its not as big of a deal nowadays, but having a team that is all from similar backgrounds can make them work better together. They might have their own dialect (local language), as well as trust each other more than “other Chinese” people. Could be a fun topic to discuss with your Chinese senior management, maybe they’re already doing that and you didn’t know!

Main summary here – “care” about the Chinese culture. Care about where your staff has come from. Appreciate the hardships they have been through to get to the big city and build their career in your company!

Play The Blame Game

This is a tricky one that took me years to master – or well, maybe understand as I’m still a student of Chinese management myself!

Problems and mistakes happen, in life, and especially in a company. Let’s take website design as an example. Your company designs websites, and you are working on a new client’s request. After you make some tweaks, you show the client.

Client sees an obvious mistake in the design and becomes upset. You talk to the client and say you will resolve it. Getting off the phone, you go into the staff area and talk to the staff assigned to this project.

Going up to their desk, you put the paper down and say “this design had X on it, but they wanted Y”. You’re doing this in a public setting, with other staff able to hear (and most likely everyone’s listening to every word). The team member, let’s call him Rocky, gets defensive.

He’ll immediately deny it was his fault. Getting embarrassed as well, and maybe a bit aggressive, he will fight to the bitter end that it wasn’t his fault.

I remember when this happened to me quite a few times, I was so confused. As a Westerner, I’m used to going straight up to someone and saying “this is a problem”. They are quick to say “sorry, my mistake” and fix it. Or maybe it wasn’t their fault and they’d have a counter-argument. But it was pretty painless.

We’re talking about pretty minor issues here, not major company threatening ones.

So when I deal with Chinese staff now in a problem situation, I try my best to make it look like I am not blaming them. I try to be as indirect as possible and show the project and re-iterate what is wrong and not finger point.

I know, you may be saying – but if it is their fault, they should admiit to it.

I think it boils down to culture. And face. Especially if you do it in the room with everone else there, they will defend. They will treat this as a form of demotion. Even if you didn’t demote them, but in the “face score” in the company. Its hard for me to write down in words, but there just seems to be an invisible point system for “face” in the Chinese office.

Heck, maybe there is something similar like this in the Western workplace.

So the summary of this point, don’t blame and to solve the issue, just make it as non-“offensive” as possible. I know, it goes against the way you work, and the way your mind thinks. Just think and plan out the conversation before having it.

Be a Weak Leader

This one is a tough one for me to describe. My style is to be more of an open and level playing field kind of leader. But it is a dangerous act to play in the Chinese workplace.

We covered this a bit in the “Yell At Your Staff” point above, but it is worthy of its own section. On top of being “calm and cool headed”, you also need to show vision and clarity in the company direction and decision making.

If you look wishy washy, or you ask the staff to make decisions, it will not be a good outcome. They want the boss, the leader, to make the decisions.

This is why when you try to do business with a Chinese company, you need to wait for the CEO to sign off on almost everything. It is hierarchal and subordinates are not expected to make big decisions.

Again, this is a mind shift from your Western way of thinking and modern management training. At least for me, I enjoy having my team involved in the decision making process, and I don’t mind to admit I was wrong.

But in the Chinese workplace, if I am admitting I made a mistake, the team will see this as weakness. Just like the “blame” point earlier, if the boss admits fault – then the staff in Asia will question his or her experience and vision.

Tricky one here – and a reason a lot of Westerners don’t end up being the daily operations manager in a Chinese company. Most of the time a you need a local manager or a Chinese partner in the company who manages the staff in Asia. Things like this are so hard to describe – it’s a lot of indirect power measuring and balancing.

Take Positive Steps To Improve Daily

I’m no saint here, I have made many of the mistakes listed above. But the key is to be aware of them. To catch yourself making these mistakes and working towards improving.

Mediations is my favorite thing to do now to ground myself and act better under pressure. Especially away from your home country in China or other parts of Asia – we need to realize this is a foreign place. Respect the land and the people. Take a deep breath.

Or, if you really can’t handle it – hire an office manager and go back to your home country. No shame in that, many great business people have done it.

Social Insurance Details for foreigners in Shenzhen

According to the Interim Measures for Social Insurance System Coverage of Foreigners Working within the Territory of China, foreigner working in China should buy social insurance except of eight countries signed Mutual Exemption Agreements.

Shenzhen Social Insurance Details for Foreigners:

Remarks:1.The lowest salary of Shenzhen will be adjusted to 2200RMB from Aug 1st, 2018.2. Foreigner can select No. 2A or No.2B for medical insurance.

3. Social insurance base should be same as monthly pre-tax salary.

4. Insurance for Injury at work’s percentage will be different for different company.

5. Social insurance is obligatory in SZ and Housing fund is not obligatory for foreigners employed in Shenzhen.

Calculations Examples

E.g.: Foreigner’s monthly salary is 35000RMB, how much for social insurance:If selecting medical insurance category I(2A):Employer pays: 25044*(13%+6.2%+0.45%+0.28%)+2200*1%=5013.27RMB.

Employee payys: 25044*(8%+2%) +2200*0.5%=2515.40RMB.

If selecting medical insurance category II(2B):

Employer pays: 25044*(13%+0.45%+0.28%)+8348*0.6%+2200*1%=3510.63RMB.

Employee pays: 25044*2%+8348*0.2%+2200*0.5%=2031.22RMB.

Who? What documents needed?

Who can buy social insurance?Foreigners who get work permit in Shenzhen.
Documents for buying social insurance in Shenzhen?1.Application form with company seal.2.Foreigner Work Permit and copy with company seal.

3. Passport and copy with company seal.

Company’s social insurance clerk needs to go to Social Insurance Bureau to apply.

Financial Social Security Card

When can apply a financial social security card?Second month after you bought social insurance in Shenzhen can apply.Where to apply social security card?

Any bank of the following 12 banks in Shenzhen:

China Construction Bank,Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, Ping’an Bank, Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank,China Postal Savings Bank, China Communication Bank, China CITIC Bank, China Minsheng Bank, China Everbright Bank.

Documents for applying financial social security card for foreigners:

1. Original Passport

2. Photo Receipt for Social Security Card (Can take in a photo studio)

How much need to pay for financial social security card?

Free for first-time application,20RMB for non-first-time application.

Mutual Exemption Countries

Which countries signed mutual exemption agreement with China?Germany, Korea, Denmark,Canada, Finland, Switzerland, Netherland, Spain.Foreigners from above countries who can apply for exemption for certain insurance categories after submitting the participation certificate and written application form with company official seal to local Social Security Bureau through the employer.


How to apply to refund social insurance before foreigners leave China?Need to stop buying social insurance first.Documents needed:

1. Application Form with company seal.

2. Passport.

3. Work permit or Cancellation cerficate of work permit.

4. Bank card of any China 4 major state-owned banks (Construction Bank, Industrial and commercial bank, Bank ofChina, Agriculture Bank).

Must provide financial social security card if have.

Originals and copies for 2,3,4.

How much can be refunded:

Only can refund the employee parts.

Housing Fund in Shenzhen

Foreigners can buy housing fund in Shenzhen.Documents needed:1.     Passport

2.     Bank Account Opening Receipt for Category I bank card in any one of the following seven banks:

China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, China CITIC Bank, Industrial Bank, Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank.

Official link for Interim Measures for Social Insurance System Coverage of Foreigners Working within the Territory of China:
Feel free to contact us for more details.Contact: OliviaCompany Name: Shenzhen ZIX Consulting Co., Ltd

Address: Room 18NO, Block B, Fortune Plaza, No. 7002, Shennan Road, Futian District, Shenzhen.


Mobile (WeChat): 13684991963

Company Public Account: ZixConsulting

How Can Foreigners Get a Chinese “Green Card”?

Grand Hyatt Guangzhou August Promotions

Chinese Gourmet Journey

In stay tune for this gastronomy experience in this summer, Grand Hyatt Guangzhou would like to bring this extraordinary dining experience to the hotel by introducing five guest chefs from our Hyatt sister hotels in four different cities: Xian, Beijing, Hangzhou, Changsha.

The Market Cafe

Weekend buffet lunch at CNY368 for adults, CNY 184 for child (6-11years old)

Weekend buffet dinner CNY588 for adults, CNY 294 for child (6-11 years old)

Prices are subject to 15% charge (inclusive of service charge and tax)

Promotion Period: August 4 – 10. 2018

Located on Level 22

Operation Time:

Lunch: 12:00 PM – 02:30 PM

Dinner: 05:30 PM – 09:30 PM

The Penthouse

Valid date: 4th August to 10th August

Located on Level 23 to 24

Operation Time:

Lunch:12:00 PM – 02:30 PM

Dinner: 05:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Chinese Valentine’s Day

Grand Hyatt Guangzhou has sincerely prepared the romantic evening for you and your special one at Grand Hyatt. The special highlights menu will bring an opportunity to express your love.

G Restaurant

Valid date: 17th August

Rate:CNY1314++ per set with 2 glasses of Perrier-Jouet Brut

Prices are subject to 15% charge (inclusive of service charge and tax)

Located on Level 22

Operation Time:

Dinner: 06:00 PM – 10:00 PM

The Market Café

Valid date: 17th August

Special highlights: Free flow of sparkling/red/white wine, Sushi Cake, Red velvet lava cake

Buffet dinner CNY638 for adults, CNY 319 for child (6-11 years old)

Prices are subject to 15% charge (inclusive of service charge and tax)

Located on Level 22

Operation Time:

Dinner: 05:30 PM – 09:30 PM

O Spa

Happy together

Present choice of Lohas for people you care

Valid date: 17th July to 12th October, 2018 (Mooncake redeem before 21st Sep, 2018)

Original price: CNY2320

promotion price CNY998 includes:

O Signature body massage 60mins

Grand Delight Mooncake*1

Day Pass *3

Prices are inclusive of 15% service charge and tax

Cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer or O Spa membership benefits

Operation time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM

2 Bedroom Family Suite Package

Embark on an adventure journey with delicate Cantonese cuisine and The United Magic World in the oasis of Guangzhou CBD. Create the grand memories with your family at Grand Hyatt Guangzhou at only CNY3999/room night.

Valid date: 17th July to 13th October (For both weekend and weekday)

Inclusive of 1 night stay and daily breakfast at Grand Club for 4 adults and 1 child

One time ticket to Magic of the world Amusement Park for 4 adults and 1 child

Access to Grand Club with cocktail and canape every evening during the stay

24hr access to Hyatt Fitness Centre, indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi

Free parking, complimentary wifi access

Prices are subject to 15% charge (inclusive of service charge and tax)

Please make a reservation at least two day in advance

Could not be used with other discount voucher

Place Name: Grand Hyatt Guangzhou
Place Address: 12 Zhujiang W. Rd., Pearl River New City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, P.R.C., 510623
Phone: +86 20 8396 1234





  • 周末自助午餐价格368元/成人1位,人民币184元/儿童1位(6-11岁)
  • 周末自助晚餐价格588元/成人1位,人民币294元/儿童1位(6-11岁)


推广期: 8月4日-8月10日


营业时间 :




推广期: 8月4日-8月10日









价格:人民币1314元/双人含2杯 巴黎之花香槟佐餐

以上价格需加收15% 服务费和税费


营业时间 :








营业时间 :






原价:人民币 2320元


O 特色身体按摩60分钟


健身游泳次卡 – 3张



营业时间 :早上10时至凌晨0时




推广期:07月17日至10月13日( 周末节假日通用)







Grand Mid-autumn Festival

The Mid-autumn Festival is more than a Chinese traditional festival but also a ceremony of family reunion, while moon cake is essential of this moment. Grand Hyatt Guangzhou has prepared five predominant, classical and stylish moon cake hampers as festive gifts just for you.

Grand Delight at CNY168.00

(White lotus paste with egg yolk x1, Red lotus paste with egg yolk x1, Mashed salted egg yolk and coconut x1, Black sesame x1)

Grand Mini at CNY228.00

(Creamy salted egg yolk x6)

Grand Regular at CNY248.00

(White lotus paste with egg yolk x1, Black sesame x1, Five nuts Cantonese style X1, Red date paste x1, Mashed salted egg yolk and coconut x1, Red bean paste with nuts x1)

Grand Premium at CNY468.00

(White lotus paste with egg yolk x1, Red lotus paste with egg yolk x1, Red bean paste with nuts X1, Five nuts Cantonese style X1, Meat floss with shallot x1, Mashed winter melonx1, Red date paste x1, Imported red wine )

Grand Luxury at CNY668.00

(White lotus paste with egg yolk x1, Five nuts Cantonese style X2, Red bean paste with nuts X2, Meat floss with shallot x1, Imported red wine, Premium Chinese tea)

For enquiries and booking, please call: 18620875056 or +86 20 83961234 ext. 3198

About Grand Hyatt Guangzhou

Grand Hyatt Guangzhou is a five-star luxury hotel located in the new central axis of Guangzhou, China — the Central Business District of Pearl River New City.  Located on the 22nd floor, the hotel’s Sky Lobby offers panoramic views of Guangzhou’s Huacheng Square.  Grand Hyatt Guangzhou features 368 guestrooms and suites and five food and beverage outlets, including Cantonese cuisine at The Penthouse, buffet-style dining at Market Café and authentic western food at G Restaurant.  Experience a luxury five-star stay with our rooftop O Spa and Fitness Center.  Meeting and wedding planners can choose from more than 1,313 sq m (14,133 sq ft) of exceptional function space, including a Grand Ballroom, six meeting rooms and a sophisticated Business Center.

Place Name: Grand Hyatt Guangzhou
Place Address: 12 Zhujiang W. Rd., Pearl River New City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, P.R.C., 510623
Phone: +86 20 8396 1234



贰零壹捌月圆夜,广州富力君悦大酒店诚意打造五款 ˹悦˼ 礼盒,





(迷你流心奶黄 6 枚)


(至尊纯伍仁 1 枚、单黄白莲蓉 1 枚、黑芝麻 1 枚 、榄仁红豆沙 1 枚、金沙椰皇 1 枚、红枣蓉 1 枚)


(单黄红莲蓉 1 枚、单黄白莲蓉 1 枚 、至尊纯伍仁 1 枚、榄仁红豆沙 1 枚、红枣蓉 1 枚、葱香肉松月饼 1 枚、进口红酒 1 瓶)

雍华礼盒 :668

(至尊纯伍仁 2 枚、单黄白莲蓉 1 枚、榄仁红豆沙 2 枚、葱香肉松 1 枚、进口红酒 1 瓶、中式茶叶 1 盒)

查询及预定,请致电订购热线:18620875056 或 +86 20 83961234转 3198



酒店名称: 广州富力君悦大酒店
电话:+86 20 8396 1234


Mexican Food Like You’ve Never Experienced Before At Bésame Mucho

Mexican cuisine is one of the most loved foods in the world, and it’s not hard to see why there are so many restaurants now. As popular as these places are, outside of Mexico, they rarely truly represent what Mexican cuisine is. There are so many more ingredients, shapes, flavors, and colors. By looking deeper, you can find the real Mexico. At Bésame Mucho , you can try Mexican food like you’ve never experienced before.

From the moment I heard about Bésame Mucho, I knew I was in for something special.

The first thing that caught my attention was the location. Situated in the up-and-coming area of Nanshan, the restaurant is surrounded by the offices of the biggest tech companies in China. Bésame Mucho occupies a relaxing spot in the new Kaide Park shopping mall, just off the high street.

The restaurant boasts a cool outdoor seating area, which on the evenings is occupied with expats and locals alike enjoying dinner or just chilling with a couple of drinks. Inside, it’s clear that they are going for a modern, clean style. From the open kitchen and slick bar top to the windows the length of the wall and the second-floor stage that looks down on the restaurant. Think less family taqueria, and more hip bar.

The second thing that made me stand up and pay attention to the restaurant was the people involved. Bésame Mucho is the idea of Christian Saldaña. When it comes to introducing Mexican cuisine and culture, Christian has shown over the years that he is a true ambassador for his country. What’s more, the guy knows how to organize a party.

The third thing was the food. When I started seeing photos all over my social media of what was coming out of the kitchen there, I knew I had to get myself down to Bésame Mucho. These were dishes I had never seen before. There were so many vibrant colors and the sort of presentation that demands your attention. This was Mexican food, but not as we knew it.

So there we were, to find out for ourselves. After several looks of the menu, we still couldn’t settle on what to order. So, we deferred to Christian to decide for us. We were not disappointed.

The first dish to arrive was the Aguachile. This is a real seafood treat originating from the north of Mexico. They take fresh shrimp, marinate it in citrus juices and pulverized chili, and then submerge it along with onions and cucumber. Think of it like the spicier, older sister of Ceviche that you wish were dating instead.

Next up is the Tuna Tostada, but with a brand new makeover. The chef has taken this old classic and has given it a modern twist by completely inverting the presentation. Where the tostada should be on the bottom, here it is on the top, and the toppings are on the bottom. And what toppings they are. You have the freshest tuna and avocado marinated with a tangy Ponzu sauce along with carrots, cucumber, and spring onions. By the time I’ve finished, it makes me wish I’d been eating all my tostadas upside down all along.

As we finished off our Tuna Tostada, the next dish arrived. It’s the first time I’ve ever laid eyes on a Tlayuda, but I like what I see.  Originating from Oaxaca, It’s a large crispy corn tortilla topped with chorizo, grilled tomatoes, refried beans, onions, and homemade mole sauce. The tortilla can be easily broken up to share amongst a group and is a perfect party starter.

Of course, no trip to a Mexican restaurant can be complete without trying the tacos. The menu has six signature tacos and while reading the descriptions makes me want to order all of them, we end up limiting ourselves to the Carne Asada and Mayan Pork. The Mayan Pork drips with habanero chili, red onions, and lemon, which is so good it makes me want to order another just to wipe up the first with. Still, I think the Carne Asada has to be my favorite. The slices of grilled beef steak are really something else.

Finally, is our dessert, the Avocado Popsicle, which is a mouthwatering mix of avocado, dulce de leche, some lemon zest and dried berries, and the smallest amount of chocolate. In appearance, it looks like an ice pop, but it’s actually soft and can be scooped with a spoon much like a mousse. I think the Avocado Popsicle from Bésame Mucho is my favorite dessert in all of Shenzhen. For the freshness, for the creativity, for the originality, and quite simply, for the taste.

While as amazing as the food is – and it is amazing – Bésame Mucho is more than a restaurant. It’s a place for people to come and just hang out and meet new people.

If you are feeling lucky, then on Wednesdays you should head down to La Loteria nights. Think of it like bingo, but instead of using numbers, they use some cool retro illustrated cards with even cooler names. The games are free for customers to join and you can win anything from a drink to 10% off your bill and more.

On Thursdays, Bésame Mucho makes the most of its stage space with their Acoustic Session by Mark’s Music & Art Jam. Every week, some of the city’s most talented and creative musicians come down to jam and experiment. You may even catch Christian up there singing a tune or two.

Bésame Mucho is the place to be on Fridays. From 7 to 9:30 pm, there is an international meet & greet, where people hailing from all over the world can get to know each other. The evening continues with live music from 9:30 pm and then a Latin party from 10:30 pm till late, late into the night.

Bésame Mucho is not solely about partying though. Every Sunday from 4 pm, there is a free Spanish class available to customers. You can come, learn a few words, and then feel free to practice with Christian and the rest of the staff.

So come and stop by at Bésame Mucho. Experience Mexican food like you’ve never experienced it before, and stay to enjoy the fantastic company and, who knows, you may even make a friend or two you didn’t have before the evening had started.

Address:  Chuang ye Lu 3023 Ipark, Nanshan District 深圳市南山区南海大道,创业路3023号交汇處 凯德公园一号L1-06号铺

Opening Hours: 17:00 – 02:00

Tel: 13828721312

Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre 7th Anniversary

“Live Music & Gourmet Journey” Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre 7th Anniversary Appreciation Party was held on Friday 27th July at Melody Café of Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre.More than 100 guests attended the party includes IHG business rewards booker, media friends, and hotel guests.

Guests were invited to the party while enjoying complimentary drinks, canapés, fresh cooking buffet and listening to the live music from hotel Russian band.To continue celebrate the hotel 7th anniversary, Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre has planned a wide variety of celebrations and dining options for this festive season. Activated brand new Wechat E-shop for flash sales from 27th to 30th July, at the same time, F&B patrons can join Fortune Wheel Lucky Draw till 19th August. 2018. For more details please join hotel official Wechat: CrownePlazaLG

Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre

Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre is The Place to Meet, for work or holiday in your next visit to Shenzhen.. With tastefully designed guest rooms, a wide selection of world-class dining outlets, well-equipped fitness and meeting facilities truly make the hotel The Place To Meet.

Stay at Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre and let us host your next event in Shenzhen.

About Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts

Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts is an upscale brand located in major urban centres, gateway cities and resort destinations offering business travellers a high level of comfort, service and amenities.

It is also a dynamic hotel brand currently located in nearly 50 countries around the world. Truly international, Crowne Plaza offers premium accommodation, designed for the discerning business and leisure travellers who appreciate simplified elegance combined with the practicality of the latest features. At Crowne Plaza, guests can enjoy 24-hour business service, wireless high speed internet access in the lobby plus fitness and leisure facilities. Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts is the biggest international upscale hotel brand in China, with 71 operating hotels and 43 hotels in pipeline. For more information please visit

Place Name: Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre 深圳龙岗珠江皇冠假日酒店
Place Phone: (86) 755 3318 1888
Place Address: 9009 Longxiang Avenue, Longgang City Centre, Longgang District, Shenzhen 深圳市龙岗港区中心城龙翔大道9009号


Flash Sale丨Unlimited Seafood & Meat Buffet

Summertime is for Chilling & Grilling!

Fire up your summer nights with an unlimited freshly-grilled seafood and meat buffet – a perfect retreat for all the family,friends especially Seafood & Meat lovers.

Alenha is a churrascaria themed restaurant and it’s situated within the ground floor of the Shenzhen InterContinental hotel.
The restaurant has very exotic atomosphere, a very true discovery of Brazilian delights enhanced with extraordinary decoration, as you arrive you will have to walk past two buffet-style stands, these contain a number of salad, soup & dessert options . the soup options are Bazil Mixed Beef & Oxtail Bone Soup & Brazil Vegetable Soup.
We were not here for soups, not dessert, I mean we REALLY aren’t here for salads.

Summer BBQ Time 2018

Everything Stops for BBQ.

More than 50 kinds of food and 4 kinds of optional sauce for you.

Flash Sale

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Classic Brazilian Grill Buffet  CNY218 CNY382

Seafood &Meat Combination Buffet CNY288 CNY465

Griled Fresh Oyster

Brazil Style Roast Prawns

Banana Leaf Grilled Sole Fish Fillet

Roast Scallop Mussel With Special Brazil Sauce


What better way to enjoy the night than with UNLIMITED grilled seafood and NEVER-ENDING plate of juicy and tender BBQ meat?

Highly Recommended

Slow Roasted Beef Bibs With Crystal Salt

 (240 minutes)

Hot Sale 

Lamb Sirloin

New Zealand 8 Rib Lamb Chops

Beef Tenderloin

Lamb Leg

Black Pepper Sausage


Feel a bit guilty after eating too much meat?

Roasted vegeatables with special Brazil sauce taste really amazing!

Alenha Chef will bring the freshest Brazilian cuts of grilled meat straight here to your table as much as you want. We feature all your favorites and guarantee you will leave full and very satisfy.

Night Falls In Alenha

Forget Pressure During The Day

Listening To Passionate Latin Music

Let’s Make Food Jump Samba on the

 Tip Of Tongue.

Let’s Party!

Seafood & Meat Buffet

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Alenha restaurant invites you to join our summer BBQ buffet.A bustling culinary food hall, BBQ seafood buffet & meat original selections for every appetite. Selling price(Per Person)

Classic Brazilian Grill Buffet: RMB 218 net

Seafood&Meat Combination Buffet: RMB288 net


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Hike Your Heart Out in Hong Kong

Home to beautiful skylines, a multitude of tourist attractions and centuries’ old historical sites, Hong Kong already has much to offer the Shenzhen, Chinese and International Communities for fun times. There is a wonder and amazement to this territory’s nature, however, which can be explored and enjoyed by all those whose curiosities are inspired by the lush, green and mountainous expanses.  Shenzheners now have a group with which to enjoy hiking these mountain-forest outskirts of Hong Kong! Founded in 2017 by Vincent and Oswaldo, the Discovery group dedicates itself to immersing curious explorers into parts of Hong Kong previously unseen, and helps these visitors develop a love and wonder for nature, have fun, and share with others in community through hiking. While it is still young, Discovery Adventure Tours has proven itself to be very successful in these tasks. Its activities range from cliff-jumping, snorkeling, diving, surfing, hiking, and more! And, they have left several fun-lovers both satisfied and excited for future activities. Some of our fellow city-dwellers yearn for friendships after having just arrived from their home countries, and fresh air and exercise prove to be great aids in achieving friendship with others.

When asked what she thought of her experience with the Discovery Hiking Trips, Carla shared how she “really appreciated the opportunity to escape the city to do some exercise in some beautiful scenery, in the company of lovely and friendly people!”

Wang Zai is also happy to be in the group because he wanted to meet people in different industries from himself, as well as enjoy the sun and nature.

Some people, previously not so interested in hiking, have now become hooked by its allure and fallen in love with its beauty. Echo is one of those captured individuals; she previously thought hiking was just a boring outdoor activity. Now, she has been swayed! She goes every month to see these views of the city from the top, and her beautiful photos even convince her friends to join her on later excursions. She thinks the trips are “totally worth it,” she likes to stay after the hike to swim at the beach, and keeps being surprised by Discovery’s events every time. Several individuals interviewed express similar sentiments to Carla and Echo, in which they feel happy to have a social outlet combined with both new and existing loves of hiking outdoors.

Of course, there are these social and natural elements of the Discovery hikes. But, another very much appreciated factor in these trips is that….things are just taken care of. The logistics are planned out, meeting points are developed and people can follow plans laid out by the group’s creators. Vincent, one of these head-honchos who scopes out good-quality and safe routes, feels the trails the group goes to are particularly beautiful and gratifying for the hike-lover. He also makes sure to inform both oldies and newbies (author’s term) in advance of the different difficulty levels of these hikes to prevent either boredom or over-exertion, depending on the individual.

Ivan, who heard about the hiking tours through Oswaldo, “was interested in going to a Hong Kong Beach to swim and live in a tent, dance and eat BBQ!” Sounds like a good kind of life, eh? He goes on to say,” Hiking makes you see beautiful scenery, helps you keep fit. I enjoy the trips very much, [and] feel attached to the people with whom we usually go.” Friendships, fitness and fun: Ivan knows where it’s at.

 Carla went on to share how she “really like[s] that [she] just has to be at the meeting point at a specific time with walking shoes and everything else is already organized and taken care of.” Liliia shares Carla’s sentiments since she feels, “as a foreigner, to go to Shenzhen or Hong Kong countryside is very challenging.” For her, Discovery is a really good way to learn about new places and still not get lost in the process. Getting lost sometimes is fun, but Liliia, we feel your pain.

And now, happiness! Oswaldo, the marketing magician both behind and in front of the scenes, wanted to be able to bring foreign friends, Chinese friends and Hong Kong beauty together in a workable way. Both organizers create a streamlined experience for adventure-goers, and logistics are addressed and taken care of in advance.

All of these perspectives leave you excited and tantalized, yes?! Well! Discovery Tours has something exciting for you in store!! We can’t just tell you about it without offering a change to experience it, right? The group will be hosting yet another hiking trip this coming July 29th, where you can get your chance to meet new people, have fun, explore nature, and get in touch with Hong Kong’s natural beauty! Oswaldo, Vincent, and the group’s several members are excited to meet you and create some good times and good memories. To get in the loop about future events, Discovery Group has its very own WeChat group, and their contact details is provided below.  So! Join the group, have some fun in the sun, and LET’S. GO. HIKING!

Harmony Jones

Oswaldo wechat ID: osloor  Phone: 13380386829

Vincent wechat ID: ywh0665 Phone: 13510154421

Long-press the QR Code, tap “Extract QR Code” to Follow “Discovery” on Wechat for more information.

Take a step forward to hike:

The Beauty of Moonlight Hilton Shenzhen Futian Moon Cake Launch Party

With the delightful moonlight, “The beauty of Moonlight” Moon Cake Launch Party was held at Hilton Shenzhen Futian. Hilton Shenzhen Futian crossover with LI SHAN invites guests to taste our six flavors of moon cake and six flavors cold brew tea. Moon cake pair up with cold brew tea is a newly style of the trend this day. Moon cake might taste greasy at the end; but a cup of refreshing cold brew tea will solve it. The highlight of the two brands crossover is the perfect annotation of “home”. In this festival season we invite you here celebrate with us and stay cozy just like “home”.

The simple and exquisite design of the moon cake box shows elegance and brightness. With its blue and pick as the background of the box, a laurel tree with fruitful fruits looks like to guide the rabbit to come back its home way across the barrier. Grass tulips look like the fairies and singing in the ears joyfully.

Hilton is launching the new box to bring the heartfelt mid-autumn wishing to you and your families and friends. Enjoy a memorable mid-autumn festival with Hilton signature moon cake, the flavors maintain traditional yolk lotus seed paste and nuts, also add in modern ingredients such as creamy cranberry, Cantonese oolong tea which is a perfect interpretation of Hilton innovative concepts based on rigorous food making process. Passing Hilton mid-autumn wishes to relatives, friends and loved ones, order now enjoy up to 40% OFF via Hotel Official WECHAT Shop, just scan QR code below:


夜色微醺,流光溢彩,深圳大中华希尔顿酒店携手梨山举办“月光美人”中秋月饼品鉴会于深圳大中华希尔顿酒店23楼Mr.Wong酒吧举行,当晚邀请现场嘉宾共同品鉴6款经典月饼,以及6款梨山冷泡茶, 月饼搭配冷泡茶全新搭配理念。本次两个品牌的完美结合,突出了“家 ” 的 概 念,中秋佳节,月圆饼圆,人满家满。我们期待与您一起探索味蕾在在人月两团圆之际,品尝视觉味觉双体验的浓情月饼,带给您无限温情感受。




Place Name: 深圳大中华希尔顿酒店 Hilton Shenzhen Futian
Place Address:  Tower B, Great China International Finance Centre, Shenzhen
深圳市福田区深南大道 1003 号大中华国际金融中心 B 座
Website:  Hilton Shenzhen Futian’s Website
Place Phone:  +86 (755) 21308888

Startup Mentor & Entrepreneur Daniella Santana

Written by Peter Fenton

Startup mentor and entrepreneur, Daniella Santana, first arrived in Shenzhen in 2005. The vibrant Brazilian has high energy, a generous spirit and real insight into the challenges foreigners face operating a business in China. Recently, Peter Fenton, from Evertop Legal Solutions, caught up with Dany between her keynote addresses, master of ceremonies duties, and running her own business.

Shenzhen Party (SP): What was your first impression of Shenzhen?

Daniella Santana (DS): When I first arrived in Shenzhen, there was not much going on in the city. The foreign community was very small and most of the people were in the export business. In those early days, I left and came back to China twice, but now I have lived in Shenzhen for a decade.

Shenzhen is a great place to start a career. Compared to some cities, there are still plenty of great opportunities for those who can offer certain skills and services. If you come to Shenzhen to start a local business, you have a great chance to succeed.

The rapid development of the city is what impresses me the most. When I first arrived, there was only Line 1 on the metro, which was half the length it is now. Today, the metro has 11 lines. The city now has a wide variety of restaurants, bars, five-star hotels, and lots of business and networking events.

SP: You have a wealth of experience in logistics and assisting companies with OEM. Based on what you are seeing, where do you see the trade opportunities in Shenzhen at the moment?

DS: Shenzhen has diversified and developed. The city has had a great number of startups, both in tech and in hardware, working on all kinds of projects. In terms of trade, the market with the most potential is to import products into China for the country’s growing upper and middle classes. The domestic consumer market is booming, especially for high-quality goods and healthcare products.

SP: You facilitated the first TEDx event in Shenzhen. What interested you the most about the TEDx experience?

DS: TEDx was one of the best experiences of my life. A few years ago, I decided I would like to give a talk at TEDx, but I could never have imagined that one day I would help to put together, what has so far been the best TEDx event in Shenzhen. Held at the Shangri-la Hotel, we had 150 people attending the event, with top speakers coming from all over the world including London. It was the first time that the foreign community could attend a TEDx event in Shenzhen.

What I loved most was, firstly, to organize my first ever live TEDx talk, and secondly, to provide the foreign community with a TEDx talk in English, which for many of them would also be the first time they attended such an event.

SP: What do you see as the opportunities and the challenges for women in business in China?


DS: China is far ahead of many other countries and also gives more opportunities to people, no matter their age, race, or gender. As long as you can deliver a good job, you can have the world at your feet.

There have been few instances where I felt it was difficult to do business as a woman in China. Most of the experiences here have been overwhelmingly positive and have helped me to get to where I am in my career today. I don’t think I could have achieved what I did, if it wasn’t for China.

China inspires you to be an entrepreneur. There are so many opportunities to open your own business here, and this is very inspiring and empowering for women. In China, it’s very easy to meet and develop relationships. You may meet someone at a networking event today and next month you could be starting a business or working on an amazing project with this person.

For instance, we have the first international Female Book Club of Shenzhen since July last year. All the books are free and we read one book per month then meet at the end of the month to discuss what we have read.

All the books are meant to help the women with their development, both in their business and their personal life. This non-profit event has helped and inspired many women to start a business or to get back into business after many years of being a stay-at-home mother. For me, this is a great source of inspiration.

SP: You recently addressed the Cross-Border Summit in Shenzhen. What was it like and which topics did you address in your presentation?

DS: The Cross-Border is a great initiative from Mike Michelini, which helps entrepreneurs and business owners to fill in the gaps for those who have a cross-border business in Asia. It covers quality control, logistics, Amazon, import/export, among other important topics.

Additionally, I also recently participated in the first “women only” fireside chat alongside other amazing women who are doing incredible things in China. I was very flattered to be invited this year. We talked about the challenges women face in business, how we got to where we are, and we gave a few tips for female entrepreneurs on how to get started and how to pursue their dreams.

SP: You also assist with Startup Chile. What opportunities do you see Chile has in China?

 DS: At Startup Chile, I mentor female entrepreneurs on manufacturing in China and business development for the Asian market. Startup Chile is the number one accelerator in Latin America, and my idea is to help as many startups as I can to not only enter the Chinese market, but also create their prototypes and products here and export them to Chile.

Due to the free trade agreement between both countries, products coming from China are more competitive in Chile, and the same applies to Chilean products going to China such as wine, blueberries, and avocados. Also, I have been working closely with the Chilean Consulate in Guangdong to increase awareness of Chilean products in Shenzhen.