20 New Restaurants Come to Sea World, Shekou

Now Shenzhen   |   August 26, 2021
Photograph by Alfred Chan

Baia. Restaurant. Bar. Grill

Lovers of beauty and lifestyle, direct your sails to BAIA. Restaurant. Bar. Grill, the absolute darling pearl of Seaworld’s marina bay. Dive into a sea of authentic Mediterranean flavours with only the freshest ingredients and spices we have to offer.

Pacific Coffee

Pacific Coffee is a chain store serving Italian espresso based coffee in American sizes in Hong Kong, Macao, Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia. It is one of the greatest chain coffee shops in Hong Kong, and it always aims to offer the Perfect Cup to customer at anytime, at anywhere. Now they are opening up in Shenzhen, and why not just come and enjoy your coffee experience with Pacific?

Inout (Eatery · Cafe · Bar)

Inout serves New Chinese Food that is the fusion of traditional Chinese food, southeast Asian food and western food. The design of Inout is also a good mix of creativity and arts. You can sit down and enjoy your food while looking at different artworks in the cafe.

Element Fresh

Most famous for great salads, sandwiches, juices and smoothies, Element Fresh also offers a variety of Asian dishes and a creative dinner menu. Every year since the first Element Fresh restaurant opened its doors in 2002, readers of popular magazines have awarded us top honors for our food and service.

We are passionate about bringing fresh food to you.

Yes Thai Cuisine

Yes Thai Cuisine initially started in 2006 and its food is very popular from the begining. It obtains the honor certificate of “THAI SELECT” issued by the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand and the tittle of “Best Meeting Place” issued by Modern Weekly, now Yes Thai has had nearly ten restaurants opened or planed including the one in Seaworld of ShenZhen.


Here you can relax and immerse in the quiet beauty of tea.
Close your eyes. Feeling light tea slowly through the tongue. Savoring the sweet taste of taste and charming. Vigorous finish. Dancer in the mouth unrestrained. Memorable and earth natural blend of tea between the Need By Alexandra Ballet. Share with insistence on quality and sincere intentions of each cup of bubble tea from Taiwan intentions.

Vii Cafe

Food & Drinks are a great journey! This is the concept and slogan of Vii Cafe. We think that the world is like a huge book. And to read this book, you outta be traveling all the time! To meet and know people and to meet and know yourself is what a journey is about. The theme of Vii Cafe is to travel, to always be on the road. We offer delicious food from around the world.

Food of the Good Old Days

Food of the Good Old Days is now open! Brought together by Joye from the famous catering family and MAP, U.S., Food of the Good Old Days aims at creating an International food chain. Try their authentic healthy Anhui food now!

Carefree Hotpot

Carefree Hotpot, where you can let loose and eat and drink as much as you want in the carefree atmosphere you share with your friends and family. Hotpot definitely gives you more choices – whatever you want in your pot, you got it! Carefree Hotpot – “freedom of choice, freedom of life”! Come eat at this exquisite, Asian style hotpot place!


Latina is a well loved Brazilian barbecue buffet restaurant, both by its customers and the media. In 2006, when the vice president of Brazil visited Shanghai, Brazilian Consulate in Shanghai held the welcome gala at Latina, Shanghai. It’s aiming at showing people worldwide the culture of Brazil through Brazilian barbecue. Every Latina has Brazilian cooks, and live Latine band performance. It’s a perfect combination of food, drinks, friends making and fun!

Sorabol Korean Cuisine

Sorabol Korean Cuisine is a traditional high class restaurant with over 30 years’ history from Korea. It’s named the most popular Korean restaurant in Hong Kong. For an authentic taste of Korean cuisine in Shenzhen, you would most definitely want to come here!

Alla Torre

Alla Torre is now open! You can enjoy fine wine and authentic Italian food by Italian cooks here! They have a traditional oven for fresh pizza, all kinds of homemade pasta and Italian desserts!

Caffe Bene

Since the first Caffe Bene from 2008, the brand has expanded into the biggest chain cafe in Korea with more than 1,200 locations worldwide, including Korea, America and other countries. It not only offers coffee, but also provides you with fancy tea products, juice, waffles and cakes! Come have a look!


Simplylife serves freshly baked handmade European style breads, pastries and simple eats.
Less is more at simplylife. We practice our mantra of doing fewer things well by combining the freshest ingredients with our unique style of cooking expertise.

Kafelaku Coffee

Civet coffee is one of the world’s luxury goods with less than 500 pounds’ output a year. Kafelaku Coffee breeds their very own musk tigers for their products. Because of the extremely complicated processing technics, it’s recognised the rarest, most unique and expensive coffee.

Faigo Hot Pot

First founded in Shanghai, Faigo Hot Pot makes sure their kitchens only offer fresh seafood available in the daily market. In terms of beef and lamb, only the premium cuts are served. Last but not least, they ensure all hot pot soup base is consistently derived according to its standard recipes. Check out this new and hit option!

Healing Cafe

A healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy life and Healing Cafe has something to offer! Natural and reasonably priced food and drinks! A healthy lifestyle is what Healing Cafe is trying to sell and represent. Come sit down and enjoy a relaxing time here!


A/T is now open! Let your taste buds follow the tasteful place that is A/T. Here you can have the authentic taste of Xibei food.

Come check it out!

Take Seafood Market

High protein, low fat and the changing diet of people makes seafood really popular these days. Take Seafood Market is bringing imported seafood from all over the world to you. Norwegian oyster, tuna from North America, White wine from Euro… You can find a lot of fresh imported fancy seafood here, come have a look!

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