Bargain Finds: Cheapest Electronic Market in Shenzhen

Now Shenzhen   |   August 24, 2021

When in Shenzhen, stumbling into good deals is so common it’s almost considered a norm. If you’re in the lookout for the cheapest electronic market in the city, SEG Plaza is the place to be. Just to give a quick overview, this expanse of a commercial center is nestled at Huaqiang Bei Lu corner Huaqiang Zhong Lu. It was originally composed of two separate buildings: the larger structure, rising eight levels, is filled with electronic parts and gadgets; the smaller one, which has four floors, has more stock of techie devices that cater for both local and foreign enthusiastic buyers. Recently, a third building called SEG Digital Market was added into the miniature district, offering DVD players, smart phones and a host of other music equipment.

It is not hard to get their just locate yourself on our Shenzhen map once you have found the Huaqiangbei area you can then reference a Shenzhen map made especially for makers so you can find all those much talked about electronic components stalls selling either the hottest components or the hard to find electronic components.

Easily considered the cheapest electronic market in Shenzhen, going to SEG Plaza means you’ll have to be quite observant – that is, if you want to get even better finds. It’s worth taking note of, for instance, that you can haggle for more attractive prices if the product you’re eyeing doesn’t have a tag attached to it. If you need electronic components or other electronic devices in quantity for your hacking projects, then you probably have even more bargaining leverage.

Not so surprisingly, the largest electronic market in Asia can also be found in Shenzhen. It’s in Hua Qiang Bei, and it has an intricate tangle of modest booths and shops that sell everything from manufactured electronic chips down to the most popular line of computers and laptops. Due to the enormous choices laid out for prospect buyers, it can be quite difficult to finally arrive at a decision on which particular item to buy. On the other hand, that’s also one of the most highlighted features of the place – its very affordable rates combined with a long list of options. If you know exactly what you want, then it’s a safe bet to take advantage of post-service sales, where the prices are slashed even lower. The sellers at Hua Qiang Bei are known to be quite amiable too, so you likely won’t be disappointed with the customer service. That’s definitely a great way to cap off an already good shopping experience in Shenzhen.

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