Best Hotpot Restaurants in Town

Now Shenzhen   |   August 24, 2021

Winter in Shenzhen is getting colder and colder these days. Eating hotpot with friends undoubtedly is a fun and yummy thing to do. I want to introduce you some of my favorite hotpot restaurants in town here. If you like them, add them to your food and drink’s list.

One of my favorite hotpot restaurants is Wu’s Old Pot Hotpot (吴记老锅底麻辣火锅). Almost every time I go there for a hotpot, I need to wait for at least half an hour. However, you can leave your mobile phone number there and they will call you when your RSVP No. is close so that you can go shopping nearby while waiting. If you order a spicy hotpot or spicy-light combined one, you can enjoy a free flow of duck blood and tofu. The spicy hotpot there is really yummy! Consumption per person is about RMB 60.

Wu’s Old Pot Hotpot (Coastal City Branch)
Wu’s Old Pot Hotpot (Coco Park Branch)
Wu’s Old Pot Hotpot (Central Walk Branch)
Hai Di Lao Hotpot Restaurant (海底捞火锅) is famous for its considerate services. If you need to wait for a table, you could have lots of entertainments at the waiting area, like pokers, free manicure, etc.. When you are eating, you still can enjoy a series of services, like watching a performance of “changing face”. The food provided there is ok. However, you would like to come again because of its excellent services. What’s more, this is a 24-hour hotpot restaurant in Shenzhen. Consumption per person is about RMB 100.

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (InTown Branch, Shenzhen)
Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (Nanshan Branch, Shenzhen)
Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (Youyi City Branch, Shenzhen)
Qian Wei Shuan/ Delicious Hotpot (千味涮) is a normal but ok one for hotpot. You can easily find it in different big shopping malls. The space among tables might be a little bit limited. My favorite hotpot there is the tomato soup one. The flavor is just right – not too sour or too sweet. It won’t make you feel too greasy if you are a meat-lover. Food is delivered soon after you sit down. Consumption per person is about RMB 60.

Qian Wei Shuan (KK Mall Branch)
Qian Wei Shuan (Link City Branch)
Qian Wei Shuan (Coco Park Branch)
Qian Wei Shuan (Holiday Plaza Branch)
Hualong Chongqing Hotpot City (华龙重庆火锅城) is strongly recommended by a foodie. This is an authentic Sichuan hotpot restaurant in Luohu district. If you love spicy hotpot, this is the one you should not miss. The inside environment is clean and it is spacious. Everything you order comes in a big dish and tastes fresh. Consumption per person is about RMB 70 to 100.

Ben Hot Pot is a Taiwanese hot pot restaurant, offering small hot pots for each individual. The taste of their hot pot is comparabily light, Besides fresh vegetables an meat, it also has various roasts, Australian beef, Cheese Pepper, streaky pork roasts are their features.

Do you have a favorite hotpot restaurant in Shenzhen? Don’t forget to write it in the comments below!