Children’s World (Nanshan)

Now Shenzhen   |   September 1, 2021

There are 2 Children’s World shopping malls in Shenzhen: Children’s World (Huaqiangbei) & Children’s World (Nanshan).

Children’s World store located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen City Road, South of oil for a two-story home, located in the Nanshan Cultural heart of commercial center, adjacent to the southern oil Cultural Plaza, Nanshan Bookstore, Walking Street, Haiya Department Store, a King brand, Friendship City Gome, a new good such as a complete commercial facilities. Has a large garden surrounding the house, schools, kindergartens, pedestrians, such as weaving, Nanshan south sector investment, business in prime locations. 

Children’s World, Nanshan branch in April 12, 2003 grand opening, Nanshan District, is the largest operation of the first children 0-15 years of age, high-quality brand-based shopping, entertainment, science, performance, competition, services children’s specialty stores in one, is accompanied by healthy growth of children from birth to the full range of shopping centers.
One at the mall, on the second floor is also supporting a culture of entertainment and leisure facilities; the second floor of the city opened a children’s play, children’s photography, so that the taste of the whole child into the world of marketing high concentration of family fun.

Children’s World, Nanshan branch operating principle is to meet the material needs of all children’s healthy growth and spiritual needs. Around this purpose, children’s stores in the efforts of the world the opportunity to Nanshan, by the majority of customers, parents and children at home.

Children’s World, Nanshan branch to open business, the implementation of standardized management of the business model, commercial implementation of unified planning and cash register, unified image management, focus on pre-sale, sale, service for our customers to create a good shopping has become environment.

Children’s World, Nanshan branch in the growing child has a professional management team, all positions in the market, faithful in all aspects of due diligence, and gradually worked out a market for children’s world of professional management.

Children’s World, Nanshan branch opening, with the majority of tenants tide over the crisis, experienced a “SARS” the most difficult period, which operate in nine months, turnover gradually increased steadily.

Opening Hour: 9:30-22:00

Place Description (Chinese/中文): 儿童世界南山分店于2003年4月12日隆重开业,是南山区首家规模最大的经营0-15岁儿童中、高档次品牌商品为主的、集购物、娱乐、科普、表演、竞赛、服务于一体的儿童专业商场,是陪伴孩子从出生到健康成长的全方位购物中心。 在商场的一、二楼还配套了文化娱乐、休闲设施;二楼开设了儿童欢乐城、儿童摄影等,使整个儿童世界营销分为品味高、家庭趣味浓。 儿童世界南山分店经营的宗旨是要满足儿童健康成长所有物质需求与精神需求。围绕这个宗旨,儿童世界南山分店在努的机会,深受广大顾客、家长及少年儿童的好评。 儿童世界南山分店采取开放式经营,实行规范化管理的经营模式,商场实行统一规划、统一收银、统一形象、统一管理,注重售前、售中、售后服务,为广大 顾客营造成了一个良好的购物环境。儿童世界南山分店拥有一支在不断成长儿童专业的管理队伍,在商场的各个岗位、各个环节里尽忠尽职,逐步摸索出一套适合儿 童世界专业市场的管理模式。 儿童世界南山分店开业以来,与广大商户共渡难关,经历了“非典”最困难的时期,在九个月的经营里面,营业额逐渐稳步上升。相信在新的一年,在大家的共同努力下,儿童世界南山分店一定会成为南山区专业主题商场的升级牌。
Address & Contact
Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 儿童世界
Place Address (English/Pinyin): The 1st and 2nd floor, Qingchun Jiayuan, Nanyou Avenue, Nanshan District
Website: Children’s World (Nanshan)’s Website
Place Phone: +86 (755) 2609 2881