Easy Bacchus: Makes the wine easy & fun for everyone

Cian   |   May 14, 2019

Easy Bacchus is the passion of French wine lover, Cecilia. They offer one of the best wine selections in town – with each bottle chosen personally by Cecilia – and organize customized events. Easy Bacchus making wine tasting relaxed easy and fun for everyone.

Cecilia, or the “Shenzhen Wine Lady” as she has come to be known, has studied wine for a number of years. During that time, she has studied at the renowned Hotel School in Paris and has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things wine related.

As Cecilia studied more and more, she realized that the way wine was taught was too technical and complicated for many people. Most of us like to enjoy wine in a casual setting. It could be a party with friends, a meal with the family, or even just savoring a bottle alone one evening. All too often, however, wine is explained to us in a much more formal way using a vocabulary that can feel alien. Cecilia wanted to find a way to communicate with people about wine that was relatable and interesting.

So, Cecilia founded Easy Bacchus and developed her patented multisensory wine labels to help guide people on a journey through the world of wine to find a bottle that suits their tastes.

You can easily choose the perfect wine for you by following the icons on a bottle of Easy Bacchus wine. You will find clear and understandable information about the wine such as, the aroma, the intensity of the wine, what dishes to pair it with and which occasions to open it on.

Once ordered, your wine will arrive the following day along with the multisensory label, with its “scratch & sniff” patent. Scratch and sniff the label to help you appreciate the aroma of the wine better and understand if it will be strong or soft. The multisensory label can be scratched up to one hundred times.

Cecilia’s growing selection of fine wine originates from France, but has expanded to include other renowned winemaking regions of Europe, South America, and soon also South Africa. The inventory changes with the seasons and evolves as Cecilia shares with you the new discoveries she makes in the world of wine.

Scan the QR code to follow the official Easy Bacchus WeChat shop and buy your favorite wine including the Easy Bacchus multisensory label:

Easy Bacchus is also available to organize specially tailored wine education and tasting events for Corporate and Individual packages.

 Easy Bacchus Corporate wine events can be organized for team building, customer events, or annual parties. They can be the perfect way to bring a team together or to entertain a valuable client or shareholder.

 Easy Bacchus provides two packages, offering either standard or premium Easy Bacchus wines. Cecilia will arrive with a selection of Easy Bacchus wines, glasses, and snacks. Invite your colleagues, clients, or guests and enjoy a relaxed few hours of wine tasting and education.

Easy Bacchus Individual events can be held in a wide range of locations from restaurants, bars, co-working spaces, or even at home. Feel free to open your doors for a private dinner or party with friends or family.

In a relaxed environment with a friendly atmosphere, Easy Bacchus offers some truly special wine to taste. Typically, they are red and white wines, but sometimes rosé or sparkling. All wines offer different characteristics, originate from different regions, and, of course, are easy to drink.

During the event, Cecilia shares knowledge and experience on wine including tasting, serving, pairing, storage, and much more. She has plenty of funny stories and interesting anecdotes about wine and uses pictures, videos, and an accessible vocabulary.

In the near future, Easy Bacchus will offer events about how to read a wine label and how to make wine.

There is also the opportunity to sample authentic French cuisine at an Easy Bacchus event and Cecilia also comes into restaurants to pair dishes from the menu with the Easy Bacchus wine range.

Easy Bacchus, each event is tailored to your needs exactly.

Easy Bacchus also offers gift cards as the perfect present for that associate, colleague, friend, or family member that loves to learn about new wines.

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