Foreigners in China

Now Shenzhen   |   August 25, 2021

I came from Singapore and have been in Shenzhen and Shanghai for about 7 years. Here I have known not only Chinese but also many foreigners (from Europe, America and Australia etc.)

I realize that quite many foreigners here have the wrong idea that they think Chinese girls like to marry them (so that could get the so called ticket to their countries). That might be true for a few Chinese girls. But actually most Chinese girls prefer to marry Chinese men because of easier communication and their parents (who don’t hope their daughters to live too far away from them). Besides, most of the foreigners here are not rich while quite many Chinese girls prefer to marry rich men. That’s why some Chinese girls didn’t want to have further relation with foreigners after realizing some realities.

It’s not difficult to have a normal Chinese girlfriend, but it’s difficult for foreigner here to have excellent or beautiful Chinese girlfriend. Because, in recent years, more and more western men prefer to marry Chinese women since Chinese women normally are gentle, nice and have better body figure etc. Therefore, the competition now is stronger while there are already so many Chinese men here (Totally Chinese men are more than Chinese women in China’s population).

As we know that China had the great history (China was one of the best and powerful countries in the world about 200 years ago). If don’t live in China long enough, it’s not easy for a foreigner to really understand the Chinese people while they are so many and different from each other. However, some foreigners like to judge things easily (they normally made the judgment according to a few things or people that they have seen or just heard about). Some of them always like to criticize and say bad things about China or Chinese people. Why? Normally it’s because of two reasons: 1.They had unhappy or bad experience in China (maybe they are not welcome in China.); 2.They are jealous or afraid of China’s rapid development.

Every country has its own problem, China too. But every thing has bad side and good side. Nothing is absolutely good or bad. How to see things it depends on the person’s mind. (Normally evil mind makes the person see evil side. Vice versa.)

As we have seen, our world is becoming more and more connected or mixed, it’d be better for people from all over the world to learn to understand each other in a correct way, and try to see good aspects (instead of bad aspects) more from other countries and their people. By doing so, this world would be more peaceful and have better development.