Yuanshan is a little-known hidden hiking location in Shenzhen Longgang district.   Upon entering you will feel you’re in the wrong place as it is a run-down abandoned-looking place.  However, this adds a lot to its charm and character I feel.

Little worn out and run down / image courtesy of Joe Macpherson

After entering the main gate, I suggest heading to the temple first, you can go in but you can take a look.  And on the left-hand side of here, you will see lots of shrines/pagodas which have an old eerie feel about them. I have never seen anything like this in Shenzhen.

Old style pagodas/shrines of some kind/image courtesy of Joe Macpherson
Nice temple / image courtesy of Joe Macpherson

After the temple, follow the sign for ‘trails’  it’s a long paved road that goes to a restaurant and store.  You should be able to see the mountain looming in the distance.   

Yuanshan Peak / image courtesy of Joe Macpherson

Unfortunately, now the stairs begin.  

Usual Shenzhen hike stairs / image courtesy of Joe Macpherson
Some trails available / image courtesy of Joe Macpherson

The mountain is around 600M high and it does punish the legs a little, especially going down.  These are not typical cement stairs though, they are made from the rock available on the mountain and are surrounded by old trees, interesting geology, and even a cave or two.

Views of Yuanshan Mountain

The views could be impressive on a clear day, sadly this pic is from a smoggy day.  The cliff walk is very cool and something a little different to try. And provides some excellent photo opportunities. Yuanshan does give you a different view than you get at other Shenzhen hikes

Cliff Walk / image courtesy of Joe Macpherson
Some interesting geology and nature / image courtesy of Joe Macpherson

You can also do stuff like strawberry picking, go-karting, and other outdoor activities here. It is well signposted and you can explore without getting lost.

Egong Peak is the top/image courtesy of Joe Macpherson

Overall, I would suggest this hike as it is certainly something a little different.  Don’t come expecting the best place ever, but keep an open mind.



Henggang Metro line 3 exit A and get a short taxi/didi to

Yuanshan mountain scenic area

Entrance ticket is 15 RMB

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