Hiking To The Edge and Back

NowShenzhen   |   February 18, 2019

Hong Kong is a special place, and it can be difficult to put into words what makes it feel so special.  One of its great aspects is the pristine and varied nature on offer, and through Discovery this is at our fingertips or rather I should say out feet. The most recent adventure was ‘suicide cliff’ at Kowloon Peak.  Now this is not a very nice name for an area, but when you get there you will see that although unpleasant, its most certainly an apt name.

We left bright eyes and eager, chit chatting on the bus and even had a KTV treat from a late arriving hiker and the time flew by.  The bus weaved and twisted its way up the narrow road towards the peak, and with thick clouds of fog it was like something out of a horror movie.   But we arrived safe and sound in quick time and off we got ready to rumble.

The hidden trail that Vincent lead us on was a nice surprise and a real natural hike.  Walking on mud trails, and through the fog made me feel like I was back in my home country of Wales, a real treat! It was a bit slippery and wet, but that added to the fun, and at times the grass was up to my shoulders or higher.  You won’t see this kind of hike in Shenzhen.   The trail continued for an hour or so, it was challenging but not so difficult, and some great nature shots along the way.  After we popped through the grass we were at the helipad and it was time for lunch.

After we were nourished and watered it was onto the ‘suicide cliff’.  This would normally give breath-taking views of the vista below, but due to the fog we couldn’t see much.  However as we descended down the cliff the sky cleared and sun shone through, providing us with the great views that Hong Kong hiking is all about.  It was quite surreal having such changeable weather, even with just a few metres difference in altitude.  One minute wind is howling though your hair, the next minute you’re getting sunburned.  Only in Hong Kong would that happen!

Of course, with such great views on offer, and with the cliff dangling so close to your feet, pictures are an absolute must!  And boy did we take some pictures.  Group ones, individual ones, serious ones, funny ones, pretty much all types.   And as you’re standing above the panorama, clouds whirling around, gazing at the urban jungle below you, you really do feel a rush of exhilaration and adrenaline that makes you feel alive.  It was truly a marvel that will always be remembered.

The details

Bring 2 liters of water, there is nowhere to buy water on the mountain top.

Ditto, snacks & food.

If you take the stairs, then sports shoes will be okay.  If, like I did, you take the trail through the grass I recommend hiking shoes as it’s slippery with uneven terrain.

Phone power bank, in case phone dies and you need it in an emergency.

Difficulty is 4/5,  not for beginners, but also its not overly challenging.

Want to go?

At Choi Hung MTR station, walk along New Clear Water Bay Road and Fei Ngo Shan Road to the peak’s observation deck, which offers a wide-sweeping view of the cityscape.

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