How Can You Transfer Your Work Permit/Residence Visa?

David Ho   |   March 27, 2020

Any time we change a job, the procedures and bureaucracy are the hardest part. Do you know how to deal with Work Permit/Residence Visa Transfer? 

Step 1: Existing work permit under your current employer must be cancelled

Current employer must prepare the following materials:                

  • Release letter/Contract termination letter
  • Application Form for Work Permit Cancellation

Step 2: “Transfer Work Permit” OR “NEW application of Work Permit”

“Transferring Work Permit” requires that your residence visa is still valid, and provided that your current employer is willing to assist in the process. Current employer must provide the following materials:  

  • Release Letter/ Contract termination Letter/ Recommendation Letter
  • “Cancellation of Work Permit Notice” issued by the Governmental Bureau after your work permit cancellation application is approved.

After that, you would need to provide the following materials for your new employer:

  • Copy of passport
  • “Cancellation of Work Permit Notice”

“New application of Work Permit” is required if your current employer decides to cancel your residence visa or your residence visa is expired. If your residence visa is expired, you would need to apply for a “30 days Stay Visa”, your new employer will then need to submit your new work permit application within this period. You would need the following materials for your new employer:

  • Release Letter/ Contract termination Letter/ Recommendation Letter from previous employers
  • NEW Police Clearance Check (Canbe obtained from China if you have been residing in China for the past year with a valid visa)
  • Evidence of Entry/Exit Stamps from China borders, and Valid Visas throughout the year during your employment
  • Authenticated Copies of Qualifications AND/OR Certificates OR NEW Police Clearance Check from your home country
  • NEW Health Check
  • Copy of Passport
  • Passport-type E-photo selfie (with white background)