How to Apply Internet in Shenzhen?

Now Shenzhen   |   August 24, 2021

As Internet becomes an indispensable part of modern life, it makes it an important issue to deal with when you move to a new place. How could we handle this quickly and easily in Shenzhen?

First, select an Internet service provider.
In Shenzhen, there are three main Internet service providers – China Telecom, Topway and Great Wall Broadband Network. They provide different service packages. However, the packages listed on their official websites or flyers might include other services that you probably don’t need, like mobile phone or TV service. It is better to dial their service hotlines and enquire about the single Internet installation service. When you choose an Internet service provider, you should consider your own requirements, like speed, price and location sometimes. It is hard to say which Internet service provider is the best. However, according to some users’ feedbacks, China Telecom seems to have earned a good reputation.

Mr. Chan, who is an IT- lover, he thinks China Telecom is the best for southern China. “According to my experience for almost 1 year in China, China Telecom is the best for all my customers” said by Mr. Chan. As for speed, 4M is enough for general family usage. If you play online games a lot, 4M definitely is not enough. If your location has been covered by fiber-optic cables, you also can choose to install fiber-optic cables Internet service. You need to call their hotlines to check whether your location is covered by fiber-optic cables. However, Topway cable doesn’t provide fiber-optic cables Internet service. And when you call the hotlines, make sure you can speak Chinese or you have a Chinese friend to help you. In our tests China Telecom had a selection on their phone system for English but it led to a dead end.


China Telecom: 10000

Topway: 96933

Great Wall Broadband Network: 33000999

Annual Service Fee (RMB/Year):

2M 4M 8M 12M 16M 20M 30M 50M 100M
China Telecom N/A 1760 1760 1980 N/A 1980 N/A 1980 1980
Topway 990 990 1375 N/A 1980 1100 1375 1650 1980
Great Wall Broadband Network N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 960 N/A 1080 1280

1.You could also pay monthly, detail prices can be checked on their official websites (you can click the hyperlinks above).

2.Any rates are subject to changed without prior notice.

Do they provide Modem terminal services?

According to different service packages, they provide different modem terminal services.

Company Services
ChinaTelecom 1.Fiber-optic cables: RMB 240/Modem for rent, no extra change. 2.Non-firber-optic cables: free AD wireless modem for rent.
Topway 1.RMB 100/Modem for deposit and free to used.
Great Wall Broadband Network n.p.f

The above table is only for general case. For special cases, you are suggested to check their official websites or dial their hotlines for enquiry.

Second, apply for Internet Installation.
After select an Internet service provider, you need to apply the installation service. There are two ways to apply the service – online application and application via hotline.

What materials are required for the installation.

1.Detail address

2.ID numbers/ Passport numbers

3.Bank Account Numbers

How long does the installation take?

After successful application, Internet service providers will send out a specialist for on-site installation service within 24-48 hours. The installer will call you to arrange an appointinment for onsite installation. Below is a table of available times each company’s installers are available:

How long Working Time Working Days
ChinaTelecom 24H 8:00AM – 6:00PM | Mon.- Sun.
Topway 24H 9:00AM – 9:00PM | Mon.- Sun.
GreatWall 24H – 48H 9:30AM – 8:30PM | Mon.- Sun.
If you want to use wifi service, you can install a wireless router.

Maintenance Service
You can dial the service hotline of your Internet service provider for any maintenance service.