19th Macao City Fringe Festival

NowShenzhen   |   December 13, 2019

The 19th Macao City Fringe Festival, themed on “Boundless creation will show you around!”, presents two featured journeys of “Crème de la Fringe” in addition to a series of programmes and outreach activities, doing a deep dive into the city and going wild on creativity. Come join these activities where local artists lead performers from various places to travel across streets and districts in Macao, and enjoy together a journey full of fantasy.

Organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, the 19th Macao City Fringe Festival, themed “Boundless creation will show you around!”, will be held from 10 to 19 January 2020, featuring a total of 17 extraordinary programmes and 13 outreach activities, guiding the audience on a journey full of fantasy in the streets and alleys of Macao.

Tickets for the Fringe Festival will be available at the Macau Ticketing Network from 10am on 15 December (Sunday). Reservations can be made by phone and online from 12pm on the same day at the 24-hour ticketing hotline: 2855 5555 and the ticketing website at www.macauticket.com. Holders of BOC Multi-Currency Credit Cards or BOC Cards can enjoy a 12% discount on ticket purchases over MOP200. A 12% discount will also be offered to holders of a valid full-time Student Card, Macao Teacher Card, “OM Friends”, “CCM Friends” or “Friends of the Macao Chinese Orchestra” card, and a 50% discount to holders of a Macao Senior Citizen Card or Disability Assessment Registration Card. A 30% discount will be offered on every ticket purchase of any two programmes of the “Crème de la Fringe – Puppet and Object Theatre Festival in Coloane” in the same half day (This offer is only applicable to ticket purchases at Macau Ticketing Network outlets, but not applicable to online ticketing).

Registration for all workshops can be made online or by phone from 10am on 16 December on a first-come, first-served basis. Online registration can be made at www.icm.gov.mo/eform/event. For phone registration and enquiries, please contact IC through tel. no. 8399 6872 during office hours. For more information about the programmes, please visit the Fringe Festival’s website at www.macaucityfringe.gov.mo or the “Macao City Fringe Festival” page on Facebook.

Programmes and Outreach Activities

On Site – Body Playground 

9-11/1  | Thursday to Saturday  | 20:00-22:00 | MOP 50
Macao Conservatory  Room 3003

In addition to performances, On Site brings three workshops: Body Awareness and ResearchContemporary Dance Techniques: Muscular Conscience and Parkour x Dance. Participants can further explore physical possibilities, as well as learn from and exchange with the artists.

On Site – ImprovFlashMob 

# Dance, Physical Theatre

Let the body dance unfettered, in free improvisation

Dance improvisation is a spontaneous creation of movement without any rehearsals or choreographies. It is a true expression and release of the inner impulses, dancers move at will and heart-driven – not limited by time, space, theme or concept. Just dance freely anywhere and anytime. Without any preset and limitations, ImprovFlashMob is an event of dance improvisation that will surprise you!

Macao Murder Tour

Compass Association of Creative Theatre

10-13/1  | Friday to Monday  | 21:00 | MOP 80
Meeting Point: To be announced (Please provide contact information of participants upon ticket purchase. Details will be informed in due course by SMS.) 

A tour to Macao’s mysteries 

Life is full of uncertainty and accidents often happen in the blink of an eye. Macao Murder Tour offers you an alternative tour experience. 

Duration: Approximately 1 hour 

Performed in Cantonese

Binaural Dinner Date


10/1 | Friday | 19:00
11, 12/1 | Saturday, Sunday | 19:00, 21:00
Café Falala

Follow the voice, break the ice and look for love

Across the table, within arm’s reach is another human being. Is this the one? How many questions need to be asked before you feel like you are getting to know each other? In Binaural Dinner Date, a voice in your ear guides you through the perfect date. Part interactive performance, part dating agency, this performance invites individuals looking for love, or existing couples.

Following sold-out performances across the UK, Binaural Dinner Date is the latest production from ZU-UK whose work has won awards and nominations in immersive theatre, hybrid art and interactive technology, most notably, Hotel Medea, a pioneer in the field of immersive theatre.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes

Performed in English (Cantonese facilitator will be available for assistance during the designated session of the performance at 21:00)

Creating with Objects Workshop 

Creating with Objects Workshop

10/1 | Friday | 19:30-22:30 | MOP 50
Macau Flying Eagle Training Centre Conference Room

Macromatter takes things seriously, but not too – with play and curiosity as the driving force, Robert Leveroos, creator of Fragile, will lead a group through a series of exercises combining movement and objects. It is an introduction to the process of creating together a performance with objects. In the workshop, we will play around with various materials – and learn to listen to and take movement cues from objects. Participants will be led through exercises to create and share some short movement sequences in a low pressure, casual environment. 


Robert Leveroos (Canada) 

11, 12/1 | Saturday, Sunday | 10:30, 14:30 | MOP 120
Macau Flying Eagle Training Centre Activity Room

Creative interplay of paper and puppet theatre

Canadian theatre group Macromatter uses puppet cinema as the medium to create fantastical and poetic works. Macromatter’s unique pursuit in visual aesthetics coupled with its cross-disciplinary approach has resulted in productions of aesthetic beauty tinged with childish innocence. Its major creative brain, Robert Leveroos’ hand-painted 3D paper theatre is noted for its intense style. Through a mixed use of simple materials and picture books, light shadows, puppet manipulation and camera movements, he successfully explored and invented visual puppet cinema that stimulates audience’s rich imagination and inspires further artistic possibilities. This production has been staged at festivals around the globe, such as the World Stage Design 2017 in Taipei.

Melodic Fantasy 

Black Sand Theatre x Clube dos Amigos do Riquexó

11, 12/1 | Saturday, Sunday | 18:00 |Free
Casa Garden 

Unplug and get outside!

Melodic Fantasy is a multi-disciplinary performance for children to enjoy theatre, with puppets, actors and a lovely dancer, surrounded by the magical sound of handpan.

Like most children of the same age, Greta and her brother spend all the time on electronic gadgets. Their parents decide to put away all the devices, which makes the kids run away from home and their adventure begins…

[email protected]

Macau Artfusion x Macau Talent Academy Association

18/1 | Saturday | 15:00 
Jorge Álvares Square

18, 19/1 | Saturday, Sunday | 11:00
Meeting Point: Ruins of St. Paul’s

“Eye” see you

Nothing is quite what it seems, do you know where the real world begins and ends?

Through the “eyes”, the performance aims to immerse with people, culture, creativity, freedom and art. [email protected] is a kind of “moving art installation”, through the creative body movement, music and mobile art installation, audience are invited to look, see and feel with the “eyes”. It intends to make people know more about the place where they live. Join us and look at each other in a different way, and you will see what we really are!

Live Performance
18/1 Saturday 15:00 
Jorge Álvares Square
Duration: Approximately 2 hours

18, 19/1 Saturday, Sunday 11:00
Meeting Point: Ruins of St. Paul’s
Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Creator, Artistic Director, Producer and Costume Designer: Laura Nyögéri
Performers: Daê TeixeiraMafalda RamosFilipa Lima and Madalena Lopes
Production: Daê TeixeiraLo Iok Iong and Maria Gracinda Neves
Technical Director: Luís Bento
DJ: Raise (Paulo Reis)
Photography: António Leong

Fringe Exchange: Connect with Festivals  

19/1 | Sunday | 17:00-19:00
Dom Pedro V Theatre

If you want to perform abroad, you must not miss the chance to sign up for this year’s Fringe Exchange: Connect with Festivals. The Macao City Fringe Festival has invited Alvin Tan, founder and Artistic Director of The Necessary Stage from Singapore; Crystal Ding, Curator of Shanghai’s Xintiandi Fringe Festival; and Eddy Zee, Head of Performing Arts at Tai Kwun in Hong Kong. No matter you are an artist or an art group manager wanting to establish international contacts, or an individual interested in art administration or festival planning, you are welcome to participate to get the first-hand information!

Target Participants: For ages 6 and up
No. of Participants: 50
Registration on a first-come, first-served basis

Language: Cantonese, Mandarin and English, with Cantonese interpretation

Remarks: Participants of Fringe Exchange: Connect with Festivals could sign up for the closing gathering at Sky 21 Bar & Restaurant for free and meet face to face with artists and curators. 

To view the full Programmes and Outreach Activities, please visit: http://www.macaucityfringe.gov.mo/

Online Registration: www.icm.gov.mo/eform/event

Ticket Discounts

12% Discount for:

1.       Ticket purchases over MOP200 with BOC Multi-Currency Credit Card or BOC Card;

2.       OM Friends, CCM Friends and Friends of the Macao Chinese Orchestra;

3.       Holders of valid full-time Student Card (holders of local student card or Macao residents with overseas student card); ^

Holders of Macao Teacher Card.^

Discounts for the Crème de la Fringe – Puppet and Object Theatre Festival in Coloane:

Enjoy a 30% discount for every ticket purchase of any two programmes of the Crème de la Fringe – Puppet and Object Theatre Festival in Coloane in the same morning or afternoon. Crème de la Fringe – Puppet and Object Theatre Festival in Coloane includes the programmes Story Market, Nightwalk: Pourquoi? and Fragile; these offers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions and discounts.*

* This offer is only applicable to ticket purchases at Macau Ticketing Network outlets, but not applicable to online ticketing.

50% Discount for:^

Holders of Macao Senior Citizen Card or Disability Assessment Registration Card.

^  Each cardholder can only use one discounted ticket per performance. Cardholders are required to present the respective identity document for admission, otherwise the full ticket fare will be charged.


1.       Audience members are strongly advised to arrive at the performance venues 10 minutes before the performances start. The organiser reserves the right to determine at what time and in what manner latecomers are admitted;

2.       The show Doppelgänger of Pluto is for all ages; the show Story Market of Crème de la Fringe – Puppet and Object Theatre Festival in Coloane is suitable for audience aged 3 or above; the shows Macao Murder Tour, Binaural Dinner Date and The Cinematic Duo are only for audience aged 18 or above; all other shows are suitable for audience aged 6 or above. The Organiser reserves the right to request and examine the valid ID of any child to determine his or her age and to deny admission to any child when proof of minimum age cannot be provided;

3.       All mobile phones, beeping and lighting devices should be switched off throughout the performances;

4.       Smoking, eating, drinking or possession of plastic bags and/or objects considered dangerous is prohibited in the performance venues;

5.       To avoid undue disturbance to the performers and audience members, cameras and recording devices are strictly prohibited unless expressly authorised by the organiser;

6.       The Organiser reserves the right to change the programme, the cast of performers, performing date or time and seats at any time;

7.       In case of severe weather conditions, please check IC’s website, Macao City Fringe Festival’s website, Macao City Fringe Festival’s page on Facebook and IC’s Wechat account for the latest updates;

8.       Seating is not assigned and is available on a first-come, first-served basis;

9.       The Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government reserves the right of interpretation and final decision regarding any dispute concerning these terms.

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