New Rail Network Is Great News For Bao’an

Cian   |   April 16, 2019

Great news for Bao’an residents – and for people in Shenzhen in general – as it was recently announced that the Guangzhou-Dongguan-Shenzhen intercity rail link is scheduled to open this September. The line will greatly improve transport links to the rest of the Pearl River Delta (PRD) from Shenzhen, especially from Bao’an.

The new line is 76 kilometers long and has 15 stops, 4 of which are in Shenzhen, 10 are in Dongguan, and 1 in Guangzhou. The train will operate at a speed between 140 and 160 kilometers per hour, and has a capacity of 1,200 passengers.

The Route

Stop Location
Shenzhen Airport Shenzhen
Shenzhen Airport North Shenzhen
Heping Shenzhen
Shajing West Shenzhen
Chang’an Jinsha Dongguan
Chang’an Xiabian Dongguan
Humen Trade City Dongguan
Humen Railway Station Dongguan
Houjie Dongguan
Shatian Dongguan
Hongmei Dongguan
Wanghong Dongguan
Wangniudun Dongguan
Zhongtang Guangzhou

Why It Will Be Useful

Massively improves transport links to rest of PRD for Bao’an residents

Previously, residents of Bao’an would need to travel to Shenzhen North railway station to catch the high speed train. To get to Guangzhou or Dongguan by train meant also going to Shenzhen North, or even further afield to Futian or Luohu. The only other way to take public transport was to take the bus, which was considerably slower and less reliable than the train. Now, those in Bao’an can travel to the rest of the PRD much more conveniently.

Connects to Guangzhou Metro, direct to East Railway Station via Guangshen

The new line connects to the Guangzhou metro at Xintang on Line 13. From there, travelers will be able to travel to Guangshen and on to the East Railway Station in the center of Guangzhou.

Connects to Dongguan Metro, direct to Dongcheng and Nancheng

There is even greater convenience for those travelling to Dongguan. The new line connects to the Dongguan Metro at both Humen Railway Station and Houjie, both of which are on Line 2 and go direct to the downtown districts of Dongcheng and Nancheng.

Connects to Humen Railway Station, direct to high speed train network

Not only does the Humen Railway Station stop connect passengers to the Dongguan Metro, but also links to the high speed rail. From there, passengers can travel by high speed to all over China.

The Next Steps

The first round of testing is scheduled for May 1st, followed by a second round on July 1st. Authorities are currently targeting to open the new line on September 30th, just in time for the Golden Week celebrations.

There are also plans to extend the line even further. The network will expand to Qianhai in Shenzhen and to both the East Railway Station and Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou.

Keep checking Shenzhen Party for the latest developments including ticket prices and journey time announcements.