Overview of 10 Blocks with Distinct Cultural Features in SZ

Shirley Liang   |   February 8, 2021

SHENZHEN Blocks with Distinct Cultural Characteristics Award Ceremony was held at Nantou Ancient Town on Tuesday, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported Wednesday.

Wang Qiang, the city’s publicity chief, and Vice Mayor Wu Yihuan attended the ceremony and awarded the first group of blocks.

In 2018, the city government drew up its plan to upgrade and renovate 10 blocks with distinct cultural characteristics as part of the city’s efforts to build itself into a culturally significant city with a global view and a modern civilized city that demonstrates the country’s soft power.

Dapeng Fortress

The fortress built in 1394 will be built into a world-renowned cultural heritage town and a demonstration area of culture and tourism.

Dapeng Fortress. Photos by Liu Xudong

Nantou Ancient Town

The walled town facing Qianhai Bay has a history of nearly 1,700 years. It is known as a cultural root of Hong Kong and Macao.

An exhibition hall at Nantou Ancient Town. Wang Haolan

Dafen Oil Painting Village

The artistic village will be built into an international art block featuring exhibitions and sightseeing.

An artist paints an oil painting work at Dafen Oil Painting Village in Longgang District. SD-Agencies

Guanlan Printmaking Base

The base is composed of an ancient Hakka village and a modern national art institution. It will be built into a cultural landmark integrating local culture, ecological tourism and art experience.

Gankeng Hakka Town

The small ancient village with a history of 300 years was home to the Yao people and later developed into a Hakka village. Ancient buildings with Hakka characteristics and Guangfu style are well preserved.

Dalang Fashion Town

Formerly known as a garment hub in Shenzhen, the town covers an area of 776 hectares. It will be built into an international fashion capital with the advantages of women’s fashion brands and fashion technology in Shenzhen.

Dawan Residence

Covering an area of 15,000 square meters, the Hakka-style village has a history of nearly 300 years.

A kylin dance performance is staged at Dawan Residence in Pingshan District. Liu Xudong

Shekou Sea World

The large tourist attraction will be built into a fashion port boasting four themes: globalization, fashion, coast and culture.

OCT Loft Creative Cultural Park

Reconstructed from an industrial park in late 2004, it will be built into a landmark of significant cultural value to the world.

Huaqiangbei Technology, 

Fashion and Culture Block

The shopping destination is renowned for its electronics market, and for being the cradle of Tencent.

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