[Photo Review] Craft Beer Fest Crafted A HOT Weekend

NowShenzhen   |   July 4, 2019

It has been a super-hot weekend in Dongguan, but people found a way to cool down with the HERE! 2019 Craft Beer Festival at Country Garden Guangdong 33 Town.


In two days, around 2000 people consumed flows of craft beer and tons of delicious food. It was a great pleasure for the vendors, sponsors and organizers to see that participants enjoyed and shared different beers and foods together. They all socialized with a glass of beer in hand. 


Bands and DJs made it unforgettable for our partygoers. Not just the tunes, but the interactions lit up the crowd. Ben and WEPM jammed together without any planning. They were more than just performers but creative musicians who were definitely having fun at our craft beer festival!


Games and the WooHa Beer Olympics generated cheers and laughter from all. This Blows and Baby Rattle might even become the two hit games in Dongguan.

游戏,尤其是呼哈啤酒奥林匹克吸粉无数,尤其是This Blows和Baby Rattle应该要成为东莞未来一段时间的最in游戏了。

HERE! wants to give a big shout-out to our co-host, Country Garden Guangdong 33 Town, and sponsors- Aoka, Didi, Sea’s Young, ShenzhenParty.com, WooHa and YYL. We also want to recognize our food vendors- 900° Barbecue, A-ONE, Big River, Destiny Coffee, Kuo Brewing Lab, Pizzeria Calzone, RC3 Brewpub, Uptown 26, Verano, and breweries- Big River, Bravo Brewing, Brew Hardcore, Cheer Bar Brew House, E.T. Brewery, Kuo Brewing Lab, Mo Brew, Ray Brewhouse, RC3 Brewpub and Reclusive Brewing. Thank you to everyone for their support and all their efforts. Congratulations to Big River for winning “The Most Sales” and a free beer machine provided by Aoka!

在此我们由衷感谢大家的支持和协助:协办方碧桂园广东33小镇,赞助商恩平市奥卡饮料机械有限公司、滴滴快车、狮子洋飞航、ShenzhenParty.com、呼哈啤酒、育医林,食物商家900°烧烤工场、A-ONE体育主题餐厅、大美江精酿啤酒吧、命运咖啡馆、阔、必萨乐、利成堡精酿啤酒餐吧、Uptown 26西餐厅、夏天创意餐厅,精酿啤酒商大美江精酿啤酒吧、保霖精酿、Brew Hardcore、嬉啤室精酿啤酒屋、E.T.Brewery、阔、沫酿餐吧、暗光精酿、利成堡精酿餐吧、隐酿手工啤酒。大美江精酿啤酒吧因为最佳销量而获得了由奥卡提供的免费啤酒机一台!恭喜!

Let’s take a tour through the fantastic photos. Looking forward to seeing you again next year!


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Check out the video and photos from the first day of the Craft Beer Festival. 点击查看精酿啤酒节第一天的精彩视频和照片。

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