SEG Plaza: The New Face of Electronic Shopping in Shenzhen

Now Shenzhen   |   August 23, 2021
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About a decade ago, the first name that pops to mind at the mention of electrical gadgets was Akihabara. Recent years, however, saw several changes in Shenzhen. Now, electronic shopping is by far the best in almost only one place, and that’s Huaqiangbei and the cluster of electronics malls including SEG Plaza. Don’t worry about getting lost you can look at the Shenzhen Map to find the general area and then download the Shenzhen hardware hacking map for a detailed map of all the electronics shops for makers in Huaqiang North. Once you get get in the SEG Electronics market it is an intricate maze of seemingly endless stalls offers practically everything related to technological devices, making it a destination in itself for any computer and electronics enthusiast. SEG Electronics Market is actually housed in the tall building SEG Plaza with several levels, all brimming with modern merchandise.

First-time visitors may be disappointed at the modest façade of the structure. But one only has to step inside to be proven wrong. The deceptively simple exteriors needlessly give way to an area so huge it is relatively easy to get lost. There are mountain full of tapes, IC’s, mobile phones, laptops, processors, memory cards, USBs – just about any modern gadget and accessory, actually. Apart from the abundant supply, what makes the place very popular is the affordable prices. Tourists can gamely haggle for discounts, especially if there are no specific or known brands in the equipment.

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It’s particularly difficult, if not downright impossible, to pinpoint just a few shops within the SEG Plaza area. Instead, the best thing to do is take your time in going around the commercial center; you won’t run out of choices as far as bargaining options are concerned. If you happen to be unfamiliar with the area and you need a landmark, Shanghai Hotel is just a few meters away. If, after all the walking and haggling you find yourself depleted of energy, there are popular fast food restaurants scattered about to help you revive. Chances are, after you’ve down a burger and soda, you’ll be more than ready to head back and continue your shopping spree.

Once you’ve really had enough, you can try walking a couple of blocks to the Shenzhen Bookstore. As with the SEG Plaza, you’ll find it a pleasant surprise that the goods here are offered at very affordable prices. Even if you’re already loaded with shopping bags, you might still be tempted to grab a paperback or two in the foreign (English) book section. It never hurts to have a good book in hand, after all.

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