Shenzhen Extends Isolation Period to 21 Days

David Ho   |   January 7, 2021

SHENZHEN has strengthened its COVID-19 containment measures for cross-border travelers, extending the quarantine period to as long as 21 days, Shenzhen Economic Daily reported yesterday.

All travelers from overseas have now been required to be isolated for a period of 14 days at hotels in Shenzhen before being transferred to the seven-day community-administered isolation as per a notice released by the Guangdong provincial pandemic prevention and control headquarters, the Daily report said.

An inbound traveler from Hong Kong to Shenzhen is seen at the Hong Kong side of Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint in Nanshan District. DT News

During the 14-day isolation at a hotel, travelers entering the city from overseas will take a total of four nucleic acid tests: 

  • The first three on the first, seventh and 14th day, respectively.
  • The fourth at the end of the community-administered isolation.

For those coming from countries and regions where the new variant virus has been found including the United Kingdom,

  • They will take four nucleic acid tests on the first, fourth, seventh, and 14th day, respectively , during their hotel quarantine.
  • And a fifth one will be given on the 21st day at the end of the community-administered isolation.

Meanwhile, such isolation measures as “7+7 isolation” and “2+12 isolation” have been canceled accordingly. Special situations involving children and the elderly, as well as hospital patients, handicapped people and pregnant women shall be reported to the pandemic prevention and control headquarters of the corresponding districts.

During the seven-day community administration period, no quarantined people shall leave their homes in principle; in case a need to leave arises, they shall report to the liaisons of their respective communities, and strictly wear facial masks during the whole process, and shall not go to any large gatherings.

Inbound travelers are seen at Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint. China News Service

A letter of termination of isolation will be issued to them upon the completion of the community-administered isolation.

The new rules are also applicable to those who have already entered the city and are in isolation.

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