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Now Shenzhen   |   August 28, 2021

Welcome to our Shenzhen Wiki. You can read, edit, write and contribute to articles about life in Shenzhen. There is still a lot to be filled in if you click on an article title and it doesn’t exist you will be asked to write it. Please help contribute to document life in Shenzhen.

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Depending on your needs and budget, there are numerous places in which you can enjoy shopping. From the cheap dongmen outlet to the more expensive and posher coco park shopping center. Many youngsters choose to shop in wanxiangchen shopping center located in luohu district just opposite the famous diwang buiding. However, with shops like LV and GUCCI etc, the price is inevitably high. Visitors of wanxiangchen can enjoy more than just shopping, there is a large ice-ring situated at the top floor on which people can skate, apparently, the biggest closed-space ice ground within guangdong province.

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