Shenzhen Travel Cards (Shenzhen Tong)

Now Shenzhen   |   August 25, 2021

When Traveling on the metro or bus, the best idea is to purchase an electronic travel card, this card allows you to by pass the hordes of people waiting to buy tickets at the station; also using this card gives you a small discount on every trip traveled. To buy a card you just go to the ticket booth at the station or 7-11 stores and tell them you want to buy a shenzhentong ka, usually you will pay 100rmb, which will be a combination of a deposit for the card (you will receive this deposit back once you surrender the card) and the amount you can use for tickets.

When you purchase a [[Metro]] or Shenzhentong Travel card, ensure you keep the receipt with the ID number of the card on it. In case of theft or misplacement of the card, you can go to the ticket booth at the station and cancel the card, and if you have the receipt on hand you can also receive the balance, minus the deposit, of the card back