Start your Dental Treatment this National Holiday

vipdentalclinics   |   September 22, 2020

Struggling to find the time to take care of your oral health? The holidays offer the perfect opportunity.

Finally get around to taking care of your oral health by making an appointment at VIP Dental this National Holiday. The Brazilian dental clinic will be opening during the holidays on Thursday 1st October and Wednesday 7th October. At VIP Dental you have access to all major dental treatment with top foreign dental professionals.

VIP Dental is a group of 250 dental clinics in Brazil, and opened its first China location in Shenzhen in 2020, with more locations to follow across the country in the near future.

Orthodontic Aligners Treatment

Forget the hassle of metal braces and lengthy treatments, and experience the latest orthodontic aligner technology available at VIP Dental.

Orthodontic aligner treatment is not only much faster than braces, but they are also more comfortable to wear when eating and cleaning your teeth.

All orthodontic treatment is carried out under the supervision of Dr. Bruna Rabaioli, our resident expert who is a certified Platinum Invisalign Provider.

Whitening Promotion

VIP Dental has an unbeatable whitening promotion package just for you

Here at VIP Dental, we’ve put together a package of all the treatments you need to have whiter teeth.

The first item in the package is a professional cleaning. At VIP Dental, all procedures, including professional cleaning, are always performed by a dentist and not an assistant. So you know you are always receiving the highest standard of expert service.

The second item is laser whitening. A gel with a high whitening power is used to ensure that your gums are protected properly during the procedure.

The third item is a tailor-made plate mold along with a personalized home whitening kit, so you can continue to use at home. The whitening gel in the kit has a lower potency so has not to harm your gums and should be used according to the provided guidelines.

All of these procedures would normally cost RMB3,950, but are now available for only RMB2,000.

Just make sure to make the most of this amazing package while you can, as this promotion is for a limited time only.

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