Tourist Attractions in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District

Now Shenzhen   |   August 24, 2021

Nanshan is one of 7 districts in Shenzhen and located in the southwest area of the city. It was known as “Nantou” in former times and the Xin’an ancient city in Nanshan has over 1,700 years of history. Today, Nanshan covers a pretty large area of 189 square-kilometers and has a population of around 1 million people. It is a mix of traditional and modern cultures. It offers the 11 million tourists that visit the area a great variety of things to see and do. Here are a few of the highlights of Nanshan’s tourist attractions.

Window of the world

Window of the world allows visitors to see replicas of the world’s famous sights and buildings in miniature. The scale used is 1:5, 1:15 and they also have some life-sized buildings too. In just one day you can admire such sights as the Eiffel Tower, Tower of London, Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Pyramids, the coliseum from ancient Rome, Angkor Wat of Cambodia and many other great attractions.

Window of the world has many special festivals during certain times of the year like Cheery Festival, Indian Culture week, World Dance and Singing Gala and an International Beer Festival.

Travelers advise wearing a comfortable pairs of shoes as you will do a lot of walking and carry a map of the park to follow their recommended route. They also say to beware of people claiming to be Feng Shui Masters who will approach you and ask for money.

Getting there:

By Subway: take Shenzhen Metro Line 1 at get off at Shijiezhichuang (Window of the World) Station.

By Bus: From the railway station, take sightseeing bus 1 or bus number 11.
From the airport take bus 327 which goes directly there.
From all other areas of Shenzhen you need to take one of the many buses to Shijiezhichuang or to Baishizhou Station and walk aroud 300m.

Xin’an (Nantou) Ancient City

Xin’an is the largest historical attraction in Shenzhen with a history dating back almost 2000 years. A town has been on the site for over 1,500 years and you can still see relics from the ancient past hiding among modern skyscrapers and buildings. Two of these attractions are the Ming Dynasty wall and town gates. Just outside the gates you can find the historic Guang Yu temple.

Getting there:

You can take the following buses to Xin’an Ancient City: 301, 311, 337, 310-315, 78, 201, 204, 102, 77, 36, 42 and 227.

Happy Valley

Happy value is a very modern adventure theme-park that was built at the cost of 1 Billion Yuan! The park is huge at 350,000 square kilometers and has 9 distinct zones – Spanish Plaza, Cartoon City, Adventure Mountain, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-La forest, Hurricane bay, Sunshine Coast, Maya Water park and Happy Train, a train high up in the air. The different areas offer audience participation, sightseeing, entertainment and cultural interests.

Happy Valley is the number one tourist attraction in Shenzhen (as voted by travelers on the Trip-advisor website). It has some of the top attractions in Asia such as a UFO and Space Shuttle ride, the first suspended roller coaster in China, Maya Water Park and a “4D” Cinema.

Getting there:
Happy Valley is very close to “Window of the World” so you can follow the directions above.

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