Combining Work and Life Together?

David Ho   |   September 4, 2019

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. – Henry Miller

Shenzhen is a city with the fastest pace of life. As famous art critic John Berger says, “Every city has a sex and an age which have nothing to do with demography”. Rome is feminine, London is an urchin, and Paris is a young man in love with an older woman. As to Shenzhen, I think, must be a man in his twenties – young, energetic, sometimes also chills to enjoy the fun of life.

However, running a small start-up, I was too busy to appreciate the beauty of this city. Everyday when I crowded in the metro, I always wondered when I could find a corner that belongs to myself, an apartment and office where I can work comfortably and often get together with like-minded people, a cozy working space where partners can help each other, a little nest where I can spare my leisure time with family and friends after work, a corner where I can watch outdoor movies, barbecue, and get drunk without worrying about commuting the next day.

Such integrated working-living space may be a dreamland to every freelancer or small-scale start-ups. Luckily, during a chance, I became one of the few ones that could settle at a home like this in Buji, Shenzhen.

This villa is an integration of working, relaxing and entertainment, with a simple but also modern style. You will immediately fall into the cozy and convivial atmosphere as you step into the house. Just imagine working on your laptop with your partners in the beanbags, with a can of beer in your hand… how fascinating it is!

On the second floor, there is a square table just perfect for team discussion, and an open area for teamwork. There is also a personal studio, which can provide a relatively quiet and private office environment.

The third floor is a completely open space. This seemingly small space can fully satisfy our daily needs of leisure and entertainment. In your free time, you can gather with your friends and barbecue, play badminton, or fly your drone, etc. There is Wi-Fi and VPN provided in the villa, with which you can also enjoy movies in the nightlight.

This post-modern office space has won the favor of my partners, as in this fast-paced city, it seems so hard to have such a comfortable place to combine work with leisure. You can climb the Jigong Mountain with your partner, or go to the temple and pray. Here you don’t need to worry about alienating from your friends, family, or losing yourself. You will be encouraged to be a modern one who can enjoy life and work at the same time. On the weekends, you will no longer be annoyed with what takeout to order – just cook and reward yourself with a delectable meal.

Various functions

Except for co-working, our villa is also available as venues for various occasions. For example:

– Co-living

– All kinds of parties (e.g. cocktail/barbeque party)

– Cooking event

– English corner

– Reading club

– Small-scale new product launch

– Holiday event

– Coffee/wine tasting

– Flower arranging art

– Yoga meditation

– Small-scale art gallery

We have successfully organized events such as barbeque parties and experience-sharing sessions. We also run activities like dumpling making and ink/body painting, for which you can check out our Airbnb Experiences. If you would like to experience, just scan the QR code below for our Airbnb page, or contact us through our WeChat (375471249).

Dumpling making experience:

Ink and body painting experience:

Our events

The team-building event that we organized for an Indonesian company
Airbnb Experience for a family from the US
Airbnb Experience for a couple form Russia.
“Zongzi” making class on the dragon boat festival

Contact us if you are interested in our villa. Give us the chance to share a different kind of life with you.


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