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Professional teacher—Natural Mandarin

Natural Mandarin Training Center___Learn Mandarin the way nature intended. Natural Mandarin training center is like a deep breath of fresh Chinese mountain air in the congested world of Shenzhen Mandarin language training schools. Here you will learn Mandarin the way nature intended. Natural Mandarin training is a boutique educational academy, not a sales machine masquerading […]

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Shenzhen Shopping Malls and Retail Areas

Photo from Shopping is perhaps the main reason people flock to Shenzhen, China. The chance of picking up a bargain or using refined haggling skills to get cheaper goods is just too good to pass up for many. This article highlights some of the different shopping areas you can go – whatever the budget. […]

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Guide and Tips for Luohu Commercial City Shoppers

Spectacle Frames and Prescription Lenses The asking price for branded spectacle frames (like Tag Heuer, Dunhill, Silhouette, etc) will be anywhere between RMB 290-1,000. You can haggle them down to just RMB 30–80. Prescription lenses are available for RMB 100 or less. Transition lenses (lenses that can darken in sunlight) sell for RMB 130 or […]

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Top 12 Theme Parks in Shenzhen for a Fun Family Time

Hey, if you are considering planning a family outing to celebrate? Here’s an introduction to the main theme parks in Shenzhen that both you and your kids will find entertaining: [Window of The World] ( Only in China can you witness imitation and replication at its best. Featuring world-famous landmarks in miniature scales, this theme […]

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Beaches in Shenzhen

Summer is coming back to Shenzhen! Sunshine, blue skies, seashore, beaches, cool beers and bikinis…they are going to be the themes of our life again. Have you started to plan where to go for the weekends? Beyond question, a beach is a good choice. Shenzhen is a coastal city with a 257 kilometer long seashore […]

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Best Places for Expatriates to Live in Shenzhen

The largest concentrations of expats in Shenzhen are in Shekou, OCT and Coco Park (Futian CBD) although there are pockets in other places in Futian such as Honey Lake and in Luo Hu. Why are Shekou, OCT and Coco Park the best places for expatriates (expats) to find apartments? ShekouSkekou has about 10,000 expatriates out […]

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Living in Shenzhen as an Expat

New to the City of Shenzhen? Wondering how much a loaf of fresh bread and a litre of milk will cost you in the Markets of Shenzhen? Then read on for some tips and price ranges that you will expect and should look out for when living in Shenzhen. Out of three hundred international cities, […]

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Shenzhen Border Crossings Information

NOTE: As of February 28, 2020, Shenzhen Shekou Port has announced plans to make the adjustments to the ferry service during the coronavirus epidemic, Please visit our article What Borders between Shenzhen and Hong Kong are open for more information. •Huanggang Port (皇岗口岸) Hours: 24 hr Getting there: 4, 9, 23, 26, 35, 47, 109, […]

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Window of the World Shenzhen

OverviewShenzhen Window of the World, one of the most famous Shenzhen attractions, is a theme park with large-scale cultural tourist spots. It’s located next to Shenzhen Happy Valley, in Overseas Chinese Town (OCT), a beautiful bay covering an area of 480,000 square meters in the western part of Shenzhen, jointly established by the Hong Kong […]

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Nanshan Book City

Nanshan Book City is located in Nanshan District. Hours: 9:30- 22:00 Address & ContactAddress and contact information:Chinese and Pinyin Name: 南山书城Place Address (English/Pinyin): Shenzhen Nanshan Commercial and Culture Center (the crossing between Nanhai Avenue and Haide Second Rd.), Nanshan District.南山区商业文化中心区南海大道与海德二道交界处Website: Nanshan Book City’s WebsitePlace Phone: +86 (755)

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Where to Find a Dinosaur Experience in Shenzhen?

Photograph by Brent Deverman Petrified Trees have been shipped to Shenzhen China’s Fairy Lake Botanical Garden to make the world’s largest Petrified Forest. A great place to have a Jurassic family picnic. Dress like the Flintstones for maximum fun. botanical garden Built in 1997, the forest covers 20,000 square metres (4.94 acres) with a variety […]

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Coconut Chicken Review by Kimchi

Summer is officially starting now in Shenzhen. We all knew that coconut is one of the most popular fruits in summer and chicken is the regular dishes in our daily cuisine. But, what if I ask you to combine the coconut and chicken in a hotpot? The taste is amazing and it’s only in Shenzhen, which […]

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Let’s Viet

Let’s Viet is located in the Link City, Futian CBD. The excellent location attracts lots of white collars to have lunches. The decoration is nice with strong Vietnamese style. Some pictures that are telling about Vietnamese life are hung on the walls. Some of them are took by the owner. The dishes provided are nice […]

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OCT Art Salon

OCT Art Salon is the first art gallery cafe in Shennan Avenue, between the art museums. A charming and cool hideout and immerse yourself in a creative atmosphere. To promote contemporary art in Shenzhen forward, OCT Art Salon is the vision of a modem, international platform to explore, to create rich fashion, creative, artistic and […]