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Recruit your English-speaking team

We have upgraded our job section and are welcoming all companies to use it as a recruitment channel for English speakers. Our Shenzhen sites have always attracted a great mix of English speaking Chinese, Overseas Chinese Students and of course Expats. Our site acts as a natural filter for attracting top talent English speakers. Now […]

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A Luxury Long-stay Haven in Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen

Would you like to experience a high-end life here,in the heart of Shenzhen business and financial district? Where you can find a perfect location for business, shopping, and entertainment. Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen serviced apartment offers you a functional and luxurious home away from home.  The residences have a functional layout offering ample space to work, relax […]

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SIS CARES Community Information

Shekou International School (SIS) 2020 Summer Scholar Program at Jingshan Campus was a hit! SIS students from nursery to Grade 8 had the opportunity to participate in our academic-themed program, centered around the fundamental principle of learning and surrounded by their friends. “The Summer program was special this year because we have never had a […]

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Shekou International School (SIS)

Shekou International School (SIS) is a private, co-educational, not-for-profit school located in Shenzhen. SIS has provided our international students Nursery to Grade 12 with the highest standard of education for over 30 years. Our highly qualified faculty and staff are committed to providing excellent learning opportunities to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of […]

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Grand Hyatt Shenzhen Marks The Completion of Phase One Of Hyatt’s global Care & Cleanliness Commitment

Focus on Wellbeing Experiences and Appointment of Hygiene & Wellbeing Leader; Phase Two to include accreditation by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council Following its Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment announcement in early May, Grand Hyatt Shenzhen announced the completion of the first phase to support the Group’s Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment goals. Grand Hyatt […]

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The Shenzhen Graffiti Wall

Hidden away in a park in Luohu lies a big piece of Shenzhen creativity that most of its 14 million inhabitants don’t even know that it exists. And that is the Shenzhen graffiti wall. Over 1km long wall, completely plastered with all forms of graffiti art, from tags of the artists to popular culture figures, […]

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Orthodontic Aligners! Best Technology To Align Your Teeth

What is Orthodontic Aligners?什么是正畸校准器? Orthodontic Aligners is a clear aligners system consisting of a series of transparent, plastic trays used to adjust teeth. They are clear alternatives to fixed clear braces for adults and teens. 正畸校准器是由一系列透明的校准器系统组成,由一系列透明的塑料托盘组成,用来调整牙齿。对于成人和青少年来说,它们是固定的透明的牙套的明显替代品。 Benefits of Orthodontic Aligners正畸校准器的好处 Compared to conventional braces, Orthodontic Aligners provides:与传统牙套相比,正畸校准器提供: A more comfortable treatment : clear aligners are removable […]

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NSIC | A must-read guide for new expats in SZ

2020 brings a new addition to your library. After spending countless hours compiling, translating, and reviewing the most useful and essential information, we are proud to present this guide for expats in Zhaoshang Sub-district. Since this book is quite thick, as it is jam-packed with resources, let’s take a quick look at what it has […]

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Metro Lines 6, 10 scheduled to open in August

THE trip between Futian Checkpoint and Shuangyong Station in Longgang District will take 45 minutes after Line 10 is scheduled to open this August. For the past two weeks, the operator tested Line 10 by running 16 trains, without passengers, along the line between 6:20 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. on schedule at 4-12 minute intervals. […]

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GZDOC 2020 is Calling for Entries

GZDOC 2020, which will be taking place on 14th-17th December, 2020 in Guangzhou, is now open for submissions. You can submit your latest films to compete in the Golden Kapok Award Competition, to schedule a Golden Kapok Screening – Premiere in Guangzhou, or to enter the copyright trading platform DOCSHOP. If you have great ideas need to be fulfilled, GZDOC International Pitching […]

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Chengmei International Medical Clinic 深圳成美港湾诊所

Shenzhen Chengmei International Medical Clinic is a private clinic established through a joint-venture between The First ChengMei Medical Group and Hong Kong Precision Medical, LLC. Our operational model mirrors that of modern private Hong Kong medical clinics and integrates multidisciplinary medical resources and partnerships while following an evidence-based strategy for diagnosis and treatment. Some of […]

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Hakka history in Shenzhen

As covered in previous articles there are some interesting historical sights in Shenzhen if you know where to look. These include Dapeng Fortress and Chiwan Emperor’s Tomb.  My most recent visit was to another that falls into this category, Crane Lake Hakka House. Odds are if you’ve been in Shenzhen or South China long enough, […]

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Lady Eleanor Holles International School Foshan

Lady Eleanor Holles International School Foshan is an exceptional British curriculum day and boarding school, opening in September 2020. Welcoming boys and girls from 10 to 18 years, the school brings together the best of a British boarding school education to Foshan, a dynamic city in the heart of the Greater Bay Area of Southern China.   […]

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3 Ways To Cool Down This Summer

Summer’s here! Most of us love this time of the year as we unpack our BBQ sets, enjoy brunch with family and friends, and spend lots of time basking in the sun. It does get a little too warm at times so let Sam’s Club share three ways to cool down this summer! #1 Drink […]