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Peking University HSBC Business School

Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) is located in Shenzhen, as part of PKU Shenzhen Graduate School. Almost half of our faculty members are international and all of them have overseas experience. All classes are taught in English. PHBS also operates two dual degree programs with Chinese University of Hong Kong and National University of […]

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The HKUST MBA curriculum is designed to develop your ability to operate successfully in a global economy, and manage effectively in the Asian context. There are two main components: required cores (~65%) and advanced electives (~35%). Required CoresThe required cores cover areas in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Operation Management, Organization Behavior, Strategy, Communications. They are arranged in […]

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Meet our Teachers | Science & Technology Faculty

The quality, experience and commitment of your teacher is the single most important factor in the academic success of any student. We are proud to introduce our colleagues, all of whom are experienced, inspirational and proven in teaching the British curriculum. 教师的资质、经验和奉献是学生学业成功最重要的因素。让我们引以为傲的是我们的教师团队,他们在英式国际课程教学方面经验丰富,擅于启发学生。 Our native-English speaking teaching staff are recruited from leading schools around the world, […]

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Chinese chopping their hands off on NOV11

A lot of Chinese people are going to chop their hands off this Wedmesday because It’s 11.11, crazy online shopping day! 剁手(duò shǒu= to chop off someone’s hand)is a new word to express the regret after impulse spending. On November 11th, there will be a lot of discounts on platforms like Taobao and Tmall. And a […]

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Da Wan Qu Yi Hao Cruise Ship Schedules

“Da Wan Qu Yi Hao,” China’s first comprehensive high-end sightseeing cruise in the Greater Bay Area, will be put into service starting Sept. 1. The cruise will take residents and tourists on a voyage along Shenzhen Bay while they get together with friends and family for sightseeing and entertainment. Built by China Merchants Shekou Holdings […]

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Make Your Fall Better with These 5 Things

You may have felt a slight change in the weather, a cool breeze here and there, seen PSLs (pumpkin spiced lattes) on Starbucks’ menu, or eaten some mooncakes during Mid-Autumn festival – all signs that fall is upon us. To get into the fall spirit, you’ll need some preparation. Get these fall essentials with the […]

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Calligraphy contest for expats calls for works

Registered contestants demonstrating their Chinese calligraphy skills. The Fourth Oriental Cup Chinese Calligraphy Contest for the International Community kicked off at Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery in Futian District last Wednesday. The contest is now collecting calligraphy works from expats living in China. The contest is hosted by Futian’s publicity department and Shenzhen Oriental Art Gallery […]

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Video | City launching brand-new promo video

SHENZHEN is launching a new promotional video for the city, reinforcing the image of Shenzhen as a thriving and vibrant international metropolis of openness and diversity. The video, themed “Shenzhen in Depth,” invites the audience to embark on an over-three-minute tour, through visual and auditory stimulus, to explore the “depth” of Shenzhen following the flowing […]

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Sign up for expats Chinese talent competition

REGISTRATION for the 11th Shenzhen Expats Chinese Talent Competition is now open to expats who can speak Chinese and can demonstrate a Chinese talent. Applicants must be expats who live in Shenzhen or other parts of the Pearl River Delta region. Additionally, applicants must be at least six years old and Chinese must be their […]

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Shekou Legal Center Mental Health Opening

SHEKOU  Foreign Legal Assistance Center, said to be the first public legal service platform for expatriates in Guangdong Province, opened in Shekou, Nanshan District, on Thursday, September 24th. The center, managed by the Shekou Subdistrict Office and Shenzhen Municipal Justice Bureau, will offer nonprofit legal consultation, legal aid, notarization, and tax and visa consultation services […]

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Learn Chinese from Chinglish

It’s fun to listen to non-native speakers speak English. But if you pay attention to the mistakes they make, you might find interesting rules from those mistakes and learn a lot about their mother tongues. Today, we’re going to talk about some very typical Chinglish sentences, explain the reasons and find the Chinese grammar rules […]