4 Podcast listens about the Shenzhen’s Startup Scene

We have curated a four podcast episodes below around the startup scene in Shenzhen, China. Check out and listen to these choice episodes to learn about what companies and personalities are hot in the startup ecosystem.

Shenzhen Superstars book on Asia Tech Podcast

Asia Tech Podcast has an interview with the writer of the book Shenzhen Superstars. Get some audio insight and stories about the startup scene in Shenzhen from hardware hacking on Huaqiangbei to software startups in Nanshan High-Tech park.

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Johan Nylander also on China Business Cast

China Business Cast also has an interview with the author of the Shenzhen Superstars book where you can get additional insights from the previous interview including details on The Greater Bay as Johan’s next book project.

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Shenzhen Innovation with Benjamin Joffe at HAX

Original from Technode and Chinatechtalk.

Shenzhen is know for its innovation in the hacking hardware scene and the startups around it. Technode interviews Benjamin Joffe from Hax. One key take away is that many of the startups that were targeting the B2C consumer space are now pivoting to target the commercial sector. If you can build a robot to do a task the ROI is easy to calculate.

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What the Shenzhen startup scene is like with Greg Curtin

skyscrapers near a pond of Shenzhen in China, a landscape with red and canary pillars

Greg Curtin talks about the Shenzhen startup scene from 15 years of international experience and understanding of how tech firms launch products through the PR firm he works for in the immigrant and innovation capital of China.

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Audio is a great way to catchup with what is going on in Shenzhen and learn about all the new business opportunities in the young city that is not about manufacturing anymore but is now about innovation.

Shenzhen and Asia Podcast sites

WeWork co-working space coming to Shenzhen, now hiring

The unicorn of co-working spaces is coming to Shenzhen

co-working space
co-working space

When we were looking to relocate our new office, we found that WeWork is hiring in Shenzhen. WeWork has four Shenzhen job openings on their website at the time of this writing. With the dearth of co-working offices in Nanshan district we hope that WeWork brings the cool office concept to Futian first.


List of WeWork Jobs in Shenzhen

We are excited to have the gold standard in startup office space coming to Shenzhen. It could be very convenient for those border hoppers that work at WeWork Hong Kong and need a space for their sourcing expeditions in the Greater Bay Area. Will also be convenient for those China NakedHub customers that are now part of the WeWork family. We have not heard an official opening date yet. In the meantime check out the office resources below:


Finding events in Shenzhen: Are there any any up-to-date WeChat groups or websites?

Someone on Facebook asked a question regarding where to find the most updated events for restaurants and places that show sports etc. happening in Shenzhen. They were asking is there a WeChat group or website for events.

Wanted to highlight the hard work our Shenzhen team has been doing to provide the Shenzhen community with the richest event experience.

Comprehensive, updated daily over 220 upcoming events

Our Shenzhen event calendar is the most complete directory of events for all ages in Shenzhen from sports to family to food and even major concerts in Hong Kong. I just checked yesterday (4/22/2018) and we had over 220 upcoming activities. Our staff is always encouraged to ensure we have the right mix of small and large events both commercial and community driven.

Free events calendar and organizer outreach

Over the last six months the staff have been increasing our outreach to more and more event organizers in Shenzhen and it has shown a noticeable effect of quantity and quality of events on the event calendar. Many of the the events organized in Shenzhen we are media partners. If organizers promote ShenzhenParty.com on their events, we give the events the extra oomph and highlighting they need to succeed.

Anyone can post events on the event calendar for free as we want this to be the most complete event offering in the Shenzhen greater bay.

It is simple to post an event from your desktop computer just register an account on ShenzhenParty.com and then after verifying your email and logging in just navigate to our event posting form, fill in the fields and upload a visual.

Event organizers just need to wait a day or so as our moderators review them to prevent spam and duplicates.

I am too busy to post events

If you are a business and don’t have the time to post your events you can purchase a business membership and you can offload some of the work to our account managers and get additional exposure on our off platform channels.

Event Distribution off of ShenzhenParty.com

The most interesting events are republished on our WeChat “shenzhenparty” and email newsletter. Our site also links to the Shenzhen Party Facebook page and Shenzhen Meetup group where you can follow and join events on those platforms if you prefer.

Behind the scenes

Thanks especially to Wendy our event editor, Monica, and Becky for curating our event calendar. If you have questions or want do do a media partnership with your event please contact us.

Other resources

Congrats to Mambo on their 1 year anniversary serving Mexican food

Just stopped at Mambo and noticed they made it through a full year. Congrats to them on serving great Mexican cuisine with creative flair. It is a difficult feat for most Shenzhen restaurants.

Tacos at Mambo
Tacos at Mambo

Located in Shuiwei it is a fun place to meet some friends and nibble on their 7 kinds of tacos. Reasonably priced wine by the glass and other creative cocktails are on the drink menu.

Fajitas at Mambo
Fajitas at Mambo

Now that Trafalgar has opened across the street it is a good destination area with Evil Duck and Braceria Pugliese on the parallel street.

Chicken Skewer
Chicken Skewer

Original Review of Mambo Mexican restaurant

Shenzhen #9 in the top cities for tourists in 2017

Shenzhen continues to be in the top ten cities for international tourism on the Euromonitor top 100 city destinations ranking list staying at #9. Around 12.6 million international tourists visited Shenzhen in 2017. According to the report the number of tourists to Shenzhen is set to increase to 15.3 million in 2020 and 20.5 million in 2025.

No doubt the new high speed train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen is going to increase this flow of tourists and lead to increased hotel bookings.

Many international arrivals come to Shenzhen for business or tourism.

Transporting Money Across Hong Kong Borders: What Are the Legal Limits?

On July 16th 2018, you will be limited to bringing 120,000HKD to Hong Kong without declaring it when crossing the border from Shenzhen by ferry, train, airport etc. Previously there was no limit of the amount of cold hard cash you could bring into the Hong Kong Special Administrative region.

This now explains the plethora of currency exchange shops all around Hong Kong and the many Bitcoin ATMs.

The “Cross-boundary Movement of Physical Currency and Bearer Negotiable Instruments Bill” is being put in effect as an anti money laundering (AML) protection.

It is not clear at this time if this covers crypto currencies and if you need to declare your Bitcoin Wallet.


If you have more than 120,000HKD worth of currency then you should take the Red Channel and make a written declaration.


This law applies no matter how you get into Hong Kong however if you take the following borders you can take the Red Channel and declare:


If you do not declare your currency you could end up with a penalty for up to two years in prison or a maximum fine of 500,000HKD.

China Customs Cash Limit

When crossing back into Shenzhen you still need to remember that you are limited to 20,000RMB or 5,000USD equivalent before you have to declare at the Chinese customs.

Full details of the SCMP.

Details of many countries customs cash limits. (As of this writing not updated for Hong Kong)

Question: Is there any prohibited products you can’t bring when entering Hong Kong?

Blockchain Tourist in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s financial center status along with its location next to the crypto currency weary mainland makes it a popular area for those interested in blockchain and digital currencies. Influentials in the crypto ecosystem often stop by. If you are in the crypto space it is an ideal destination to fly to and make some connections especially if you can spend some extra time touring Shenzhen.

Genesis Block

A dedicated over the counter electronic currency exchange trading floor. Use cash to convert to many crypto currencies. There are also many ATMs outside.

Bitcoin ATMs

Hong Kong is dotted with bitcoin ATMs as well as ATMs for converting physical fiat currency into other digital currencies such as buy cash and Etherium and Bitcash. ATM fees are not always transparent and some ATMs are 24 hours and some are not so research closely before you go.

Blockchain meet ups

Blockchain events in Hong Kong happen all the time and you will find them on meetups or eventbrite.

Blockchain Conferences

Attend Blockchain conferences such as Token2049. The first instance of this conference sold out very quickly. It is a sure thing that more Blockchain conferences will be organized here.

Podcasts to Prepare yourself

Lots going on with Blockchain in the ASIA region and here are some podcast interviews to get you started.
 Jason Goldberg on Simple Token 
 Jehan Chu on Hong Kong and Crypto Currencies
 Max Ward OpenPort Logistics 

What should I have for dinner tonight in Futian?

Our friend asked us for dining recommendations in Futian district for dinner tonight. Here are some suggestions we came up with.
 Butao Ramen  – Popular Ramen chain from Japan that just opened in the Ping’an building.
 Mambo  – Mexican fare in the Shuiwei village area
 Braceria Pugliese  – Italian food from a real Italian owner always keeping the quality very high.
 Kitchen Rouge  – Mauritian Chef with a fusion mix of cusines.
Have a glance at more Shenzhen restaurants in our restaurant listings.

Major League Baseball to open flagship store in Hong Kong

Just saw that in Hong Kong’s Central area, Major League Baseball (“MLB”) will be opening a flagship store. Guess this is to complement their baseball academies in China. In our quick search we could not find any details about the opening online. Will it actually sees baseball sports equipment or just team fashion?

Where to play baseball in Shenzhen?

ShenzhenParty.com and Community

Reid Hoffman had a great master of scale podcast episode with the founder of Flickr about community. Caterina Fake gives her philosophies on online communities and expands on it in Online communities gone bad.

This made us think.

How is ShenzhenParty.com doing with community?

We have the following community touch points:

After listening to the podcast above, please send us feedback info@shenzhenparty.com on how we can improve the Shenzhen community. You may also message us on Facebook, WeChat “shenzhenparty” or Twitter.

PACF mall restaurants in Ping An Finance Centre

Dining options are now available in the new PACF shopping mall located at the base of Ping An Finance Centre. The tallest building in Shenzhen is now lit-up and welcoming customers for dinner and lunch. It is just across the street from the mall so popular even cab drivers can say the English name: Coco Park Shopping Mall.

Four of the new restaurants opening have been Michelin-starred restaurants in other cities.

Notable eateries come from Chicago, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Din Tai Fung

This Taiwanese restaurant that is often mentioned on CNN Travel including one of the 20 best franchises for travelers.


This classic Chicago steak house makes its first appearance in Shenzhen. It adds to the many steak house options such as Grange Grill

Butao Ramen

In year 2013, Butao Ramen has won “ The Best Japanese Restaurant Rewards” of OpenRice for three consecutive years; besides, the Causeway Bay shop has also been awarded “The Best Restaurant in Causeway Bay” two times in a row. In the same year, Butao Ramen received “U Favorite Food Awards” three years in a row from U Magazine, and got his maiden “100 Cuisine | The best food in Hong Kong” award. Meanwhile, Butao first time received the recognitation of  “The Best Ever Dining Award – Japanese Ramen 2015” of Weekend Weekly Magazine in 2015. Now finally, we have the first Butao Ramen in Shenzhen!

Paulaner Brauhaus

German Beer will be brewing here.

Opening soon by the looks of the photo. Paulaner Brauhaus crosses the city from Shekou to brew up some German beer in PACF mall.

The Butcher’s Club

Hong Kong burger specialists The Butcher’s Club announced they will be opening their first outlet in Shenzhen. Since the announcement says late 2017 looks like they are behind schedule but this is normal for these openings. The Butcher’s Club has procured a 1967 Citroen H Van all the way from France and will park it on the terrace of the restaurant used as a bar to serve drinks. No doubt the Shenzhen club will love it for their WeChat moments.

When I’m craving for a burger in Futian I will have to think thrice among Baia Burger, Mash and Butcher’s Club to find the best burger in Futian.

La Maison D’Éléphant

Looking up from base of tower

Looking up at the Ping An Finance Centre

The Ping An Finance tower will be a beautiful site to sit under drinking cocktails this summer as these outlets open up.

More about Ping An Finance Centre

Chomping on Xinjiang Yangrouchuan’r in Shenzhen

Every couple months I have to go to get lamb BBQ (羊肉串) at my preferred Xinjiang restaurant. Yidigudeqing Restaurant is located in the Honey Lake holiday village restaurant area. The restaurant has a variety of lamb dishes and key being the lamb skewers. The restaurant is organized into yurts. One main public one and other private dining rooms.

Lamb dumplings great with vinegar
Fried bread and Lamb

The main dining room is usually a good choice even on the weekends you don’t have to wait for a table. The place is easiest to find if you get the taxi driver to drop you off at the back of Honey Lake holiday village. Of course you can take the metro too and walk all he way through to the back.

Address Details from Dianping:
More details

CNN: The Sea World Culture and Arts Center opens in Shekou supported by V&A Museum

CNN, published an in depth article about the finished 200 million dollar collaboration with the V&A Museum and China Merchants sitting on the sea in Shekou, Sea World. Just hop on the Shekou Ferry from Hong Kong and it is a short cab ride away.

Shenzhen is fusing design, art and technology in unprecedented ways.

Read the full article

2016 Hotelier Awards Shenzhen Nominees and Winner

In working with the Shenzhen hotels extensively for the Shenzhen Wine and Cheese Club, I have seen the tremendous amount of effort that the hotel staff all the way up to the General Manager put into our event. The amount of behind the scenes work to pull together a quality menu and get the space ready for the event is enormous.

Now for the third year in a row, there is an awards ceremony that honors the hard work of the staff from the top to the bottom in the five star hotels ShenzhenParty.com works with as well as throughout Asia.

I attended the BMW Hotelier Awards organized by Riviera Events to cheer for the Shenzhen nominees. I know they have been working their butts off to make a great experience for their hotel guests and events.

Co-Founder, Stephane de Montgros, noted on the night that “The platform has developed tremendously over the past three years, from celebrating brilliance amongst the hoteliers in Greater China, to now recognising a wider audience, by including the ASEAN region and with a mission to start developing the younger generation. We are thrilled with the way The BMW Hotelier Awards has been received in ASEAN, and tonight shows how wonderful it is to be able to spread the word and highlight these outstanding individuals.”

This was one classy event held at the brand new The Parisian Macao casino on the Cotai strip of Macau. This hotel has just opened and it was a perfect chance to see the ornately decorated hotel and of course the replica Eiffel tower.

Night Shot of the Eiffel tower replica in The Parisian Macao
Night Shot of the Eiffel tower replica in The Parisian Macao

About 400 guests showed up in black tie attire for the event. Riviera Events arranged a classy event paying attending to all the necessary details that would impress a 5 star hotel staff member. They had the right champagne, Moet and Perrier Jouet, excellent food presentation, and the right live entertainment in between the faced paced award announcements.

Out of the full list of potential Shenzhen winners there was one winner from Shenzhen and that was Norma Yan Manping from the Marco Polo Hotel Shenzhen for Owner Representative of the Year.

Winner of Owner representative of the year, Norma Yan Manping from the Marco Polo Hotel
Winner of Owner representative of the year, Norma Yan Manping from the Marco Polo Hotel

The full list of winners is on the BMW Hotelier Awards website.

Shenzhen Nominees

Below is a full list of the the contenders for the various award categories based in Shenzhen.

Nicholas Tse
General Manager
JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Bao’an

John Burger
Cluster General Manager
Hilton and Double Tree by Hilton Hotels, Shenzhen Area

Christine Zhao Rui
Director of Human Resources
The Langham Shenzhen

Shirley Zhou
Director of Human Resources
Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai

Linda Li
Online Manager
Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai Information Technology Hotelier of the Year

Lawrence Lee
Director for Information Technology
Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen

Auric Li
Owner Representative
Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai

Doris Deng
Owner Representative
JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Bao’an

Norma Yan Manping (Winner of Owner Representative of the Year Award)
Deputy General Manager and Owner Representative
Marco Polo Shenzhen