Xichong Workers Resort

Now Shenzhen   |   August 29, 2021

“There are two resorts in Xichong – Worker Resort and Spcialist Resort. Worker Resort is open to the public while the Spcialist Resort is not. Rmb 15 are charged for per person for the Worker Resort. Tourists can access the beach with a lane inside.

Remarks by tourists: many tourists, fine sand and bad water quality.  

Activities: Swimming, Camping, Fishing, Boat Rides,  Beach Volleyball, Outdoor Activities, BBQ. 

Address & Contact

  • Chinese and Pinyin Name:  深圳溪涌度假村
  • Place Address (English/Pinyin):  Xichong Workers Resort Beach, Yanba Express Xiyong Exit, West Gate (first gate), Xichong Village, Kuichong Town, Yantian District, Shenzhen 518119, China 中国广东深圳市龙岗区葵涌街道溪涌村(盐坝高速公路溪涌出口即是西门),溪冲工人度假村
  • Website:  Xichong Workers Resort’s Website
  • Place Phone:  none