Another Near 6-digit Win For American Teacher

Now Shenzhen   |   January 12, 2023

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Successful Case 21
Non-Renewal of Contract

Before officially going into this article, I would first like to wish all of you a happy 2023. This is the third year since my blog "Law In A Minute" has been established, and I am happy to announce that I now have nearly 15,000 subscribers! 
2023 has been a good year to me and I have published two new books, which are (finally) Business Law In A Minute (in English), and Company Law In A Minute, which is a Chinese book. You may order the book by scanning the QR code in the poster below - it will lead you to my assistant.

The amount of clients that my team has taken on in 2023 has also doubled that of 2022 - over 100 new clients this year, from 20+ countries. My goal is to double this number again this year, and with your help sharing my articles, I am sure even more expats in China may receive quality legal aid that they deserve!
Lastly, big thank you to Brandon for doing this testimony for me. I am sure it will help more expats in China understand the legal system and process here. In Brandon's own words, it was the easiest, breeziest experience he ever had!


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I was approached by an American teacher, Brandon in Shenzhen in July 2022. Brandon had been working for a school in Futian for nearly a year, when he was suddenly told by HR that he was let go. 


Obviously, Brandon was unhappy with such arrangements, so he decided to get some legal help and was recommended to me.


I took one look at the "Employee Separation Confirmation Form" and the sentences highlighted in red were definately bad for Brandon. That would mean no severance pay for Brandon, and of course that would be unfair.


However, HR was not willing to give Brandon his release documents unless he signed those documents, so I decided to go under "signing under duress", and convince the court that Brandon had no choice but to sign, or else he would be stuck in limbo without a new job forever.


I guided Brandon on how to fish for direct threats, and the reply we got from HR was exactly what I wanted. It was an obvious threat right above. 


Just one threat was good enough, but I wanted to be 100% sure, so I had Brandon keep fishing for additional threats, and sure it worked like magic. We got the evidence that we needed, and Brandon got his release documents.

A month later, Brandon had gotten succesfully employed and it was time for a lawsuit. By the end of October, we had finished gathering all evidence, like bank transfer records, work permit, wechat conversations and employment contract, and oficially filed the case.

Things turned out great and faster than I expected at this stage. The school knew the result would not be in their favour and wanted to cut losses, so they offered us a good amount for settlement. 

Brandon was happy with their offer so we immediately signed a settlement agreement that was stamped by the arbitration committee. Please note that if you decide to settle with the other party, make sure it is stamped by the court or arbitration committee. This way, if the other party does not pay up, we can apply for compulsory enforcment at court, where money is directly deducted from the company's bank account.