9 kids’ activities and prizes at the health fair

ShekouDaily   |   April 25, 2018

The Shenzhen Health & Wellness Fair is just around the corner with nine fabulous children’s activities happening all day in the kids’ play area on Saturday, May 5th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The kids’ play area is more than a space for supervised free play and exploration. Kids who complete the four challenges throughout the stations win a free toy! There are also free gifts for adults too with an end-of-the-day prize draw, so families will want to stay tuned!

1. Become a doctor. Led by the host venue Vista-SK, this activity prompts kids to think medically. Challenge #1 is here! Be a doctor to pass the anatomy challenge.

2. Face painting.

3. Storybook reading in Chinese. Led by Co-talk, Shenzhen’s leading Chinese language learning academy for all ages, storytelling with Mandarin teachings will be a laid-back reprieve for a busy day. Challenge #2 is here! Memorize three Chinese characters with Co-talk teachers to pass the reading challenge.

4. Dress-up and photo shoot in traditional Chinese garb. Co-talk will be bringing in colorful historical costumes for pretend play, as well as for getting some stellar selfies.

5. Crown, flag, and maze design and making. Kids tap into their creative energies to conjure items of their own making using various materials. Challenge #3 is here! Make one of these three items to pass the crafts challenge!

6. Play-dough station. Led by JEC Early Years Centre, play dough provides a safe place for creative free play.

7. Mini soccer games. Supervised by Five-Star Sports, this area will be an energizing practice in foot-eye coordination. Challenge #4 is here! Play a game of mini soccer to pass the soccer challenge.

An end-of-the-day prize draw will also be held for all fair guests who complete the Prize Draw leaflet by visiting various vendors. Prizes include therapeutic candles, gluten-free noodles and rice, free exercise sessions, vouchers to Shenzhen restaurants, and more.

Whether a kid or an adult, be sure to sign up to RSVP for a free goody bag via the QR code below!