Aquarium Supplies in Shenzhen

NowShenzhen   |   November 18, 2009

Could anyone kindly inform me the location of a good aquarium and fish supplies here in Shenzhen?  Thanks

aquarium shops in Shenzhen, China

Hi, I will be arriving in Shenzhen during February 2013 from Guilin on the way to Hong Kong. As my train gets in early in the morning I have decided to spend the day in Shenzhen, specifically to do some shopping in aquarium shops.

Can anyone advise me where is the best place to go in Shenzhen where there are aquarium shops, also if its not too much bother, I would be really helpfull if someone could provide the address in chinese so I can give it to a taxi driver.

I know there are some shops below one of the Walmart stores, are there any others, I think I read something about a flower market?

I am specifically looking for a Maxspect Mazzuma P LED light unit, these are about 900 GBP, (8,750 RMB) in the UK. I know the company that make these is based in Shenzhen, I am also looking for other equipment such as dosing pumps etc, obviously I am not looking for livestock as it would be impossible to get it back to the UK alive.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards