Be Happy with Bee Happy Ecological Honey

Now Shenzhen   |   March 31, 2023

Hello! We are Bee Happy Ecological Honey. We are a family bee farm from a mountainous village called Donglin Village 东林乡 in Jiangxi province. My father is the bee-keeper. Through “Bee Happy” brand, we want to bring ecological honey to your table and we aim to cultivate awareness of healthy living and sustainability in China as bees are vital for our ecosystem.
大家好,我们是Bee Happy原生态蜂蜜农场。我们的蜂场位于江西省九江市武宁县东林乡。在大山深处,环境优美,远离居住人群。因此,蜂蜜的质量不一般。“Eat Healthy, Bee Happy” 是我们的理念,旨在探索健康农副产品的发展及生态的平衡。

Since our establishment, our honey has been welcomed by locals and expats. We are active in multiple wellness exhibitions and sustainable events. In March 2022, with Bee Happy, we participated booth exhibition at the American Consulate Guangzhou featured Women entrepreneurship. You can also read our story on That’s Beijing magazine.
自创建以来,我们的产品深受中外好友的喜爱。许多参会和可持续发展有关活动上可看到我们的身影。 2022年我们也作为女性创业者身份参与了美国领事馆的妇女节摊位展示活动。你也可以在英文杂志That’s Beijing上看到我们的报道。

Eat healthy has profound impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. We hope people will start to pay attention to what they eat and choose carefully. As ancient Chinese saying said: “sickness comes from the mouth”. We believe that food has direct connection with one’s happiness.

We would like to make sure that you get a chance to taste our eco-honey when you read this article, just like every time when I visit home, my father makes sure that I bring the freshest honey with me. Hence, every purchase of 1000g of honey, you now can get 20RMB off.