Cancelled Bus Routes and Other Changes to Shenzhen City Buses

ShekouDaily   |   July 30, 2018

According to the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Commission, the first round of bus line adjustments planned for 2018 have been implemented. 5 lines were added, 26 were changed; and 42 cancelled; however, not all greatly impact the travel of most expats in the city. Below are some of the main changes that started from June 30th to take note of.

Photo: Shenzhen Special Zone Daily Liu Yujie

All bus lines to the airport have a fare of 10 yuan

The Airport Line 4 and Airport Line 7 are respectively adjusted to E31 line and E32 line, and the fare is lowered to 10 yuan.

Changes to 60 bus line numbers
In response to confusion apparently caused by some of the numbers, 60 bus lines  have been renamed following a more standardized naming convention.

Bus Routes Cancelled

In order to avoid the waste of public resources, a number of bus routes with small passenger flow and strong alternatives were cancelled. The cancelled lines are: 28, 242, 635, B911, B629, B816, B615, B910, B900, B927, B859, B946, B958, B778, B874, B637, B872, B889, B890, B894, B897, B906, B907 , B908, B914, B930, B938, peak line 82, peak line 85, peak line 100, peak line 111, peak line 112, peak line 113, peak line 116, peak line 117, peak Dedicated Line 121, Peak Line 126, Xiwan Park Holiday Line 2, Xiwan Park Holiday Line 3, K538 Shajing

Source: 重磅!6月30日起深圳60条公交线路改名!2018年公交线网大调第一波!