Coconut Chicken Review by Kimchi

kimchi   |   September 2, 2021

Summer is officially starting now in Shenzhen. We all knew that coconut is one of the most popular fruits in summer and chicken is the regular dishes in our daily cuisine. But, what if I ask you to combine the coconut and chicken in a hotpot? The taste is amazing and it’s only in Shenzhen, which is called the coconut chicken . 

润园四季椰子鸡 Season Coconut Chicken was first restaurant, which created the coconut chicken in Shenzhen and it is one hotpot restaurant in fashion also healthy style. I have heard Coconut Chicken for a long time from my friend Yang and saw it on other friends post photos on Wechat several time already. It did arise my curiosity and interest in it and I think I must have a try in person! 

However,never misunderstand! Coconut chicken hotpot doesn’t mean to put the whole coconut with chicken in the hotpot. Actually it is a combination of the fresh coconut water and wenchang chicken(文昌鸡 Wéng chāng jī). After 15 water boiled, you could taste the nutritional soup first and then eat the chicken meat.It’s absolutely a fresh feeling that you have never tasted before!

I also ordered their mini wild orange from Hainan(海南野生桔 Hǎi nán yě shēng jǘ), which tasted sweet with a little sour flavor.In my opinions,it’s a good choice to add it in the soy sauce with chilli, while you are having the chicken. It help you to open up your appetite again

Beside the coconut chicken hotpot, there is another popular dish here. Potted rice with dried meat(腊味煲仔饭Là wèi bāo zǎi fàn), a common traditional cuisine which is original from Guangzhou. After one small mouth taste, I fell in love with it! It’s different from rice we eat usually, this rice gets special tasty flavor.The good quality rice with perfect humidity in pot,dried meat merges its flavour with shredded scallions and ginger into the whole. My god, I’m sure I’ll be back here again. But it’d better be finished quickly before it gets cold.




Cost:85 RMB/head

View the Changrun Coconut Chicken(Seaworld) listing for address and more contact info