Cold front to sweep China. Weather Forecast for Shenzhen this week.

Monica Zhou   |   October 8, 2021

News from Xinhua that cold front is to sweep China in the following three days, and Shenzhen will be affected as well.

Descriptions are quoted as below:

“A cold front will sweep across most parts of China, from west to east, over the next three days, and will bring rains and sandstorms, Sunday’s weather forecast said.
Temperatures will drop by up to 16 degrees Celsius in some regions, the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) said.”

Weather Forecast For Shenzhen this week:

March 14th (Monday), cloudy with 15℃ to 28℃.

March 15th (Tuesday), rainy with 12℃ to 23℃.

March 16th (Wednesday), cloudy with 11℃ to 17℃. (the coldest day of this week)

March 17th (Thursday), cloudy in day time and rainy in night time with 14℃ to 18℃.

March 18th (Friday), rainy with 15℃ to 19℃.

March 19th (Saturday), rainy with 16℃ to 19℃.

March 20th (Sunday), rainy around 20℃.

The statistics above are from:

Keep warm and take care yourself.