Could this Mean the End of the Beijing Bikini?

ShekouDaily   |   July 5, 2019

As the summer temperatures rise, some people may be tempted to raise their shirt a bit or even take it off completely. If you’re one of those people, be careful, your picture may appear in the local paper or you may even be fined. 

The China Daily reported yesterday that residents in Jinan, Shandong province were told by city officials to keep your clothes on no matter how hot it is.

Those who go topless or barefoot in public areas such as parks, squares, buses and scenic spots are now a target of the city’s office of civic enhancement; which aims to regulate public modesty during summer.

“Media outlets under the city’s administration have been urged to set up special sections that expose people who topless in public, the notice said.”

Risk Being Exposed Publicly

Citizens who go topless and barefoot have been asked to put their clothes and shoes back on. Anyone who has refused to do so risks being exposed publicly, the article said, and in extreme cases they will be fined; however, so far no violators in the city have been fined or exposed.

There was a similar notice issued back in May in Tianjin where a fine of 50 yuan ($7) to 200 yuan was specified. The reported that a man surnamed Gu was issued a 50 yuan for being shirtless in public on May 17 in the city’s Jinghai district, and another man surnamed Zuo, received the same fine on May 22nd for immodesty.

Reference: No matter how hot it gets, keep your shirts, shoes on