Culinary Use of Red Dates in China: Effected by History

Harry Fozzard   |   September 1, 2021

China red dates or what are known to some as jujube or jujuba is a two-seeded prune like fruit that appears to be thick-skinned and meaty. The tree on which they grow has been largely cultivated in the Indo-Syrian belt or the vast geographical connection of China, Korea, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Israel and the southeastern portion of Europe by introduction of migrant settlers. The red date tree can withstand any torrent weather; hence, it has been easily adapted as a farm craft in these regions.The red dates in China have been discovered to have lasted on earth for almost 8000 years already, originating from the Zhou dynasty. In the succeeding years, the China red dates and chestnuts have been recorded to alleviate famine in the country during the Qin State, hence it has become one of China’s major crops. China red dates offer a variety of usage in terms of cooking and medicine. Some regional growers cultivate the tree to afford themselves of the therapeutic effect of the fruit, while others are fond the china red date’s culinary use.

The culinary use of red dates in China varies from region to region and even needs. The red dates in china are usually eaten as a snack or served with tea for an afternoon relaxation or for guest accommodation. Some teahouses in Shenzhen offer sweetened tea syrup that contains jujube fruits or they are presented in packet teabags that can be bought for home consumption.

They are also often fermented into vinegar to be used as condiments in the future. Red dates in China culinary use may not necessarily include the raw fruit, but the processed fruit like the vinegar for seasoning and spice. The preservation of red dates in China for wine production has also developed to be quite an industry in the local area. The red date wine can be served to enlighten an evening dinner or to grace a social gathering. In some regions, china red dates are processed as juice, and the by-product is believed to be a good kidney cleanser.

The red dates in China culinary use is all year round. If they are not served as a refreshing drink during the summer, during winter they are preserved or jammed and offered as dessert or a pastry filling for the sweets lovers. The red date can also be eaten sun-dried or fresh, depending on your need.

In other countries red dates are processed to be made into candies or they are sundried to perfection and used for sweetened snack or are served as a movie snack. They are also best for chutneys and pickle preparations. In Africa for instance, the red dates are made to pulp and eaten with sweet pastries, while in Venezuela the fruit is popular for its addictive alcoholic concoction.

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