Do you like living in Shenzhen??

Now Shenzhen   |   August 31, 2021

Hey guys, any help or opinions would really be appreciated here.. I’m asking this question because I’m thinking of moving there, heard some good things about it from a few people but also a couple not-so-good things.. Here’s my situation: I lived in Beijing for 5 years and looOOooved it for about the first 2-3.. the nightlife, friends, parties, culture, etc… but then I went to Dali for a quick spell and after returning to Beijing didn’t see it in the same light.. over the years I lived in all the main problems got worse and worse.. here’s what’s bad about Beijing.

1) Weather: Summer’s are so hot, especially living in a ‘concrete jungle’ and walking around in a shirt n’ tie in plus 40… then comes the winter, where it’s bloody cold and very windy..the only good time to be there is spring/fall of which both are too short!

2) Pollution: Yes, it was always smoggy, but seems these days you can barely see 10 feet in front of you..the pollution is just horribly unbearable.. so couple a super hot plus 40 summer with a blanket of humid pollution makes just going outside horrible

3) Traffic: Roads are so clogged it takes hours to get anywhere…public transport not so good either as buses are on the same clogged roads as taxis and the subway is just soo packed, smelly, dirty, etc… and riding a bike just means breathing in all the vehicle’s exhaust… so there’s really no good way to get around beijing.

4) Housing prices.. 3 years ago i was paying 2800rmb/month for a 90+ sq/meter 2 bedroom… now it’s more than 4000rmb/month for a 40 sq/meter studio (bachelor suite).. every year my rent goes up but my place gets smaller!! (and this is in the same community so it’s not a matter of I’ve moved somewhere nicer). that’s the big things.. I just dont think beijing is fit for living anymore but i cant really find a better alternative in China..but that being said i still love China for so many other reasons and have NO plans to leave soon.. so I heard…please tell me if this is true.. that Shenzhen pretty much has blue skies most days (not much pollution), the traffic is good, and it’s by the sea which is lovely..ohh, and i love the cantonese style food.. so seems maybe shenzhen would be a good place for me..

..please leave what you think is good/bad about shenzhen in your opinion and do you think what i posted above is accurate about shenzhen?