Double Typhoon Trouble for China this Week

ShekouDaily   |   September 12, 2017

UPDATE: As of September 14th, forecasts from the Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau, the Hong Kong Observatory, The Japan Meteorological Agency and Weather Underground all show both typhoons moving further away. In fact, weather forecasts for this weekend predict sunny days through the entire weekend. We’ll update this post if anything changes.

Two back-to-back Typhoons will be hitting China this week. TALIM is expected to make landfall tomorrow, the next is expected Friday.

TYPHOON #1: Super Typhoon TALIM
Potential Super Typhoon TALIM, with wind speeds as high as 131-155 mph (211-250 km/h), is expected to pass north of Taiwan Thursday and hit China near Zhejiang Province late night Thursday or early morning Friday. At those speeds, TALIM may reach the Super Typhoon strength, equivalent to that of a Category 4 Hurricane.

According to the HKO’s Tropical Cyclone Track Probability Index (BETA), as of September 11th, there was less than a 10% chance that TALIM will pass over Hong Kong; however, the subsiding air will bring hot temperatures to Hong Kong during the latter part of the week. That means is going to be a hot week for us.

TYPHOON #2: Tropical Depression MARING
Moving into the South China Sea today is Tropical Depression Maring. Although not very powerful yet, the HKO forecast today at 2pm that MARING will reach Typhoon classification with winds as high as 120 km/h (75 mph) as it approaches Hainan on Friday.

Correction: the mph wind speed conversion was corrected to 75 mph. 

According to the HKO’s Tropical Cyclone Track Probability Index (BETA), as of September 12th, there was 10-20% chance that Maring will pass over Hong Kong. It is still too early to tell how this will affect weekend events; such as ShekouDaily’s Summer-End BBQ Party at the Hilton’s Eden Garden Rooftop Bar on Saturday. We’ll post updates, cancellations and other details here as they become available.