Dr. David Cosman Brings His Chiropractic Services to Shekou

Nathaniel Johnson   |   September 1, 2021

David Cosman, Doctor of Chiropractic & Sports Science – Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

In China, the comfort-lifestyle for western expats includes food; familiar food. “It’s not home, but it’s good enough” some might say and Shenzhen is indeed blessed in that way. When it comes to health care, things get a little more serious with less experimentation. Finding and knowing a decent chiropractor in Shenzhen is a true comfort for many who limit themselves to western medications or find that their Chinese Traditional Medicine sessions didn’t help this time around.

Shenzhen Party is proud to introduce Dr. David Cosman and Dr. Edward Beesley, the new chiropractors at First Chiropractic Center in Shekou Shenzhen, located on Tai Zi Road near Sea World.

Chiropractic is mainstream health care, combining orthopedic and neurological diagnosis with advanced physical therapy. Chiropractors also mention that their care is preventative. Some patients drift to it when nothing else works while others use their chiropractor as their primary doctor for aches and pains.

Chiropractors have much in common, but many have niche expertise. David Cosman provides general soft tissue work and chiropractic manipulation, with expertise in Fascial Manipulation (Stecco Method, Level III), sports injuries and custom made foot orthotics.

Dr. Cosman practiced in Canada for eleven years before he moved to Hong Kong. He shares both the Hong Kong and Shekou clinic duties with Englishman Dr. Edward Beesley.

Dr. Cosman began his practice in 1984, working with elite athletes from the start. “I have been on a learning curve ever since. My steepest curves came at the beginning and just lately with my Level III diploma in Fascial Manipulation.” Always striving to get better, Dr. Cosman makes the best of his 30+ years of experience by learning and treating and now he is a regular medical seminar lecturer (with a medical translator) and workshop teacher on the subject of advanced rehabilitation.

David Cosman grew up an athlete in Canada under his father who was a Canadian national team swimming coach. While David enjoyed most sports, he was committed (with his fathers’ influence) to competitive swimming and switched to water polo when his father retired from the pool.

David’s high school football coach wrongly taught him that chiropractors were not real doctors and that they were dangerous. As a young health-conscious student and athlete, David encountered multiple crippled athletes and co-workers (at his summer jobs) and was alerted to the truth after these people avoided surgery while recovering quickly and safely with chiropractic care. David followed up on this, interviewing two very different chiropractors who explained the ugly politics and ruthless badmouthing of a fantastic method of health care. Since then David has enjoyed the natural work of chiropractors to stay balanced and healthy, and he has dedicated his life work to studying and sharing this natural and amazing form of health care through caring for patients and influencing many athletes and patients to become chiropractors.

David graduated from the prestigious Palmer Chiropractic College in Iowa.

During his first eleven years of practice in Canada, he spent much of his time as a sports team doctor, traveling in North America and Europe with track teams and with the Canadian national bobsleigh team. Being a gym rat from the 1970s, he combined experience in what athletes need, serving not only as a doctor for bobsleigh, track and field, speed skating and other sports but also as a strength & conditioning coach.

After dealing enough with the cold weather of Canada, he moved his practice to Hong Kong roughly twenty years ago where he worked with the HK national windsurfing and basketball teams. He says that he doesn’t coach, but he did coach two virgin ultra-marathon runners to first place trophies at Marathon Des Sables and Gobi. He mentioned that “Real coaching takes too much time and dedication. I respect a good coach, big time.” Dr. Cosman loves practicing and enjoys teaching and attending educational programs in China and other regions in Asia.

I asked David why he came to work in Shekou. He explained that the Shekou teachers who traveled to Hong Kong for treatment urged him to set up a clinic in Shekou. This worked out once his friends Max and Lucy (owners of First Chiropractic in Shekou) needed a chiropractor or two and brought the idea to him. David took a liking to Shekou and felt welcome. Now we have him, and his Hong Kong clinic associate Edward Beesley.

The clinic is open five days a week. Since the two doctors follow the same neuro-muscluo-skeletal and biomechanical models of assessment and treatment, patients can enjoy care from either or both doctors.

Beesley and Cosman are unique in that they blend physical therapy and chiropractic together. They blame much of the injuries on poor basics of technique; from walking and running, to golf, tennis, and dancing. Cosman refers the basics as the “science of the sport”.

His prescribed exercises are highly therapeutic and preventative, aimed to provide joint stability by methodically influencing muscle, fascia and nerve coordination throughout multiple functional segments in the body. For example, throwing a ball is a full body thing that requires coordinated activity starting from somewhere. Cosman teaches athletes and non-athletes alike, providing optimization in movement, rather than inefficient movement that can contribute to injury. This is a much different perspective on the excellent work that personal trainers or a strength & conditioning coach might oversee.

When you visit First Chiropractic in Shekou, you will be informed of the various methods and techniques available, and the doctors would justify their recommendations. The practice is clean and modern, designed by a top local architect. The treatment rooms are large, and equipped with G5 vibration machines and Neuro-Impulse tools for those who don’t appreciate “the adjustment”. The large open exercise area with high ceilings is equipped with balance balls, recumbent bicycle, yoga mats, a nifty stretching machine, and a sports science golf swing area.

Cosman has a lot to say, including, “To know sports injuries, you really need to be in the groove of things and understand how athletes move and work. Sometimes, the best athletes with perfect technique don’t know what their secret is regarding the science of the sport. That’s MY job.”

At First Chiropractic, they treat aches and pains of all kinds; those related to desk work, those with unknown cause (commonly related to old injuries) and sports injuries of all kind from fingers to the toes, not to mention typical back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Dr. Cosman is a true sports scientist who has worked with all manners of athletes including Olympians, high ranked professional boxers and MMA fighters, swimmers and divers, professional golfers, and he was the tour doctor and therapist with a number 1 tennis champion. That said, for your problems he is a good person to go consult with.

First Chiropractic Center is located in Shekou, Shenzhen near Sea World.

D106,Zhenxing Building,No.33 Taizi Rd., Shekou, Nanshan District,Shenzhen.

(Metro: Sea World, Exit C) 深圳市南山区蛇口太子路33号振兴大厦D座106

Phone: +86 (755) 21611733

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.chirofascia.com

600-800 RMB per visit

Initial visit is 800 and treatments afterwards are between 600 and 800.

Custom Made Foot Orthotics: 1500 – 3000

Fascial Manipulation and extended treatments: 800 to 1200.