Extended Maternity Leave – Effective Today – Now 178+ Days

ShekouDaily   |   November 12, 2017

Relaxation of China’s family planning policy was expected to provide a partial solution to the challenges faced by an aging population and become a driving economic force; however, the implementation of the “two-child policy”, which took effect on January 1st, 2016, gave rise to many new questions.

To provide enforcement guidelines for dealing with these questions, Shenzhen lawmakers passed a significant provision on October 12th entitled “PROVISION OF SHENZHEN GOVERNMENT ON FAMILY PLANNING”; which will take effect today, November 12th, 2017.

One notable mention in this provision is that women can now enjoy at least 178 days for maternity leave! This, up from 143 days, includes 98 days set by state government and 80 days set by local government. If dystocia, obstructed labor, occurred or a cesarean was performed, women can get an extra 30 days of maternity leave. If giving multiple births, each additional baby gives the mother an extra 15 days of leave.