Extended Metro Operating Hours for Christmas & New Year Holidays

ShekouDaily   |   December 24, 2019

On the 24th and New Year’s Day, the Shenzhen Metro will extend its hours of operation by 1 hour. On the 31st, it will be extended by 1.5 hours.

In order to meet the travel needs of citizens during the holidays, the entire Shenzhen Metro network (including line 4) will be extended for three days on December 24, December 31, and January 1.

  • Operation will be extended by 1 hour on Dec 24 and Jan 1.
  • Operation will be extended for 1.5 hours on Dec 31 (approximately 1 hour for line 11; the same applies hereinafter) until 0:30 the next day.
  • Operating hours on Christmas Day, December 25 will remain unchanged. In addition, Shenzhen Metro will also provide additional trains on the 7 lines under its jurisdiction to provide citizens with safer and more convenient travel services.

  Source: 为了你,深圳地铁在这几天延长运营时间!还不快点进来看看!!