Fall in Love with the Lavo for Five or more Reasons

Monica Zhou   |   October 8, 2021

As a connoisseur for wine, it’s lucky I could “rejuvenate” my “romance” with Zonin Prosecco last Saturday. It was presented by Lavo a new, stunning high-end Italian bistro and lounge in the CBD of Futian, with which you will fall in love for five or more reasons.

To get closer to her, you will be attracted by elegant surroundings there, not only the luxury yet low-key decoration, but also the cozy ambiance. If you appreciate this temperament, you will be easily shocked at first sight.

To open her veil, you should make sense of quality foods crafted by Mr. Gianni Lacalendola. Taste the crispy baguette slices topped with cherry tomatoes and Roquette lettuce (烘脆面包片配樱桃蕃茄火箭生菜) as your antipasti and try the Squid ink Tonnarelli with a mixed seafood sauce (海鲜酱烩意式黑墨面) or home-made Agnolatti dumplings filled with Ricotta cheese and spinach served with Goegonzola sauce and Roquette lettuce (意式云吞包菜力可它芝士配戈贡佐拉芝士酱) for the main course. Then you will surprisingly meet the Sous Vide Suckling Pig (意式烤乳猪) and spoiled by a piece of blueberry cheese cake (蓝莓芝士蛋糕) later. Please treasure these occasions at your leisure and with sensitive perception since only the best materials are offered to stimulate your palate.

Don’t be too amazed if you are still awake. To feel her heart, you should also taste the fine wines, even the best cigar in Lavo. As I began my first dining there with free flow of Zonin Prosecco and Zonin Asti and feeling crazily fond of both wines, I think you can easily find out The One you will go mad for. There is the largest selection of single malt whisky in Shenzhen in the cellar You can order other spirits and cocktails, too. For lovers of cigar, the rich Cuban Cohiba from the Humidor will wait for you at the corner if you desire it. Feeling seductive?

To enjoy unique moments at Lavo, you can’t miss the music with memorable melody and chance to breathe an acoustic breeze there. After your meal, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the live vibe from jazz to soul, bossanova to funk, blues by musicians from all over the world (from 9:30 pm, Monday-Saturday).

To keep a long-term relationship with Lavo, you must understand the gorgeous life style she stands for. Lavo has defined itself as one of the top Italian restaurants in Shenzhen and aims to become the place where food lovers come to dine, where wine lovers come to drink, where whisky lovers come to explore their palates, where music lovers come to entertain and where cigar lovers come to taste. The fantastic venue is perfect for both daytime guests and nighttime lovers to find solace.

Wanting to fall in love with the Lavo? Why not go to:

Room 1B, Floor 1M, Kerry Plaza Tower 3, Zhong Xin Si Road, CBD Futian, Shenzhen

Reservation Hotline: +86 755 8899 9676