FREE Admission to Shenzhen FC Finals at Shenzhen Stadium

ShekouDaily   |   November 2, 2018

Put on your red cheering suit and watch the final battle for free!!!

Shenzhen Kaisa Football Club will usher in the finals of this season’s League A.

In order to give back to the support of the majority of fans, the Club will hold free viewing events.

If you wear the red clothes of Shenzhen Football Club (any year) and are a follower of our official Wechat account (QR Code below), on the day of the game, you can pick up a free ticket for the match!

1 ticket per person

Pick up time: 03/11 13:30 – 14:30

Pick up location: Shenzhen Stadium. South door. Xingmei ticket sales stand.

Saturday afternoon

Put on a Shenzhen Football Club fan together

They see our red color

Shout out the strongest cheers