Game Of Thrones Exhibition @Coastal City on Display Thru October

ShekouDaily   |   September 29, 2017

Big news for you fans of Game Of Thrones… HBO Originals is bringing a theme event of Game Of Thrones, for the first time to Coastal City in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. This free event, which includes props, costumes, AR scenes and more, started yesterday and will last about a month from Sept 28 to Oct 31. Aside from the Winterfell booth; which is being displayed from the first time, Coastal City reports that Shenzhen is the third city to hold this event after Beijing and Shanghai.

Three Booths To Visit

King’s Landing 

Check out the Iron Throne in the King’s Landing booth on the first floor of Coastal City. In the long corridor– Gems of power, an enormous amount of props, costumes are also on display; including replicas of the White Walkers headgear and the Hound’s Helmet


On the second floor of Coastal City, experience Winterfall through AR and watch the mother of dragons punish her enemies with dragon fire. If you come visit from Oct 1 to Oct 10, you also have a chance to win an iPhoneX, figurines and other items when you show your receipt that you’ve spent at least 800 RMB in Coastal City (some stores not included). While you’re there, check out Game Of Thrones street, where you can buy authorized Game of Thrones products, original Soundtracks, and grab a bite to eat.


Dragonstone is on the third floor where you can see Daenerys Targaryen’s jewelry and other items as well as purchase a figurine of her.

How to get there:

Metro: Line 2/11 Houhai Station E1 or E2 exit

Bus: Coastal City Station. 19, 229, B605, B839, B964, M209, M222, M299, M429, M430, M474, M475, M519, N24, N8

NOTE: We heard that VIPs may be at the exhibit on September 29th so it may be best to avoid going on this day.