Good Mood Foods to Give You a Dopamine Boost

Now Shenzhen   |   March 30, 2022

Boost your mood with healthy and yummy snacks!


We know these past few weeks haven't been easy.
With the recent COVID outbreak and being in lockdown, it seems never-ending. We feel you, we're really over this 2020 repeat.
So while you might be stuck at home and feeling a bit down, and just munching on junk or giving yourself full access to an open bar to ease the boredom and frustration of lockdown, only to wake up the next morning with an inevitable hangover.

We crave foods that boost our dopamine levels for a short while — only to leave us wanting more. So the next time you’re feeling moody and not looking to wake up with regret, consider eating these hormone-balancing foods to give you the boost you need during 2020 (too)!

Good news! We have found the perfect healthy and yummy bites with Nogogo to help us get through these tough times!

Veggies Sticks and Hummus

Hummus is the perfect healthy snack that includes important nutrients such as fiber, protein, folate, magnesium, potassium, iron, and vitamins.
It also has a low glycemic index so may help to control blood sugar levels.
Check out their homemade preservatives and additive free hummus range with flavors ranging from original, pesto or spicy hummus.
Pick up some pre-washed and pre-cut veggie sticks to dip it in!



Don't reach for the candy when you're feeling blue! All it will do is increase your blood-sugar levels, followed by a crash. For a healthier alternative, opt for dark berries like blueberries instead. They're full of natural fiber and loaded with antioxidants.
Fresh or frozen, pick the most convenient and do yourself some good!


Raw nuts

Raw nuts are rich foods, high in vitamins and minerals that your body needs.
They’re also full of antioxidants and help in weight loss according to many studies.
Almonds can help raise “good” HDL cholesterol and decrease the “bad” LDL ones. Eating nuts can also help to reduce long-term inflammation.
So, what are you waiting? Start munching on some today!



Perfect on the go!
Rich in protein with a low glycemic index, it’s the perfect alternative for the fitness enthusiasts out there.


Another ready-to-eat option is raw bars made of raw fruits, nuts, and seeds.
Healthy, delicious, and convenient!


Gluten Free and Vegan Range

Another reason we love Nogogo is that they focus on all types of diets whether it is Gluten Free, Sugar-Free, Meat-free, etc.
They have an expanded range and we particularly love their Gluten Free and Vegan offerings.


Nogogo Logo

Nogogo are THE imported grocery experts! They’ve everything you need with 3,000+ high-quality products delivered directly to your doors.
They understand your needs, and pride themselves on bringing you the highest-quality food and service every day.
So, what are you waiting for?

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